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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 7, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Monero From weed-seeds.com

If there’s one thing you can count on as a loyal customer of Weed Seeds, it’s convenience. We’ve combined our quality seeds and customer service with the ease of paying for them discreetly with cryptocurrency. When it comes to our seeds, we provide vivid and detailed descriptions on each seed so that you have all the pertinent information you want to see such as what you’re ordering, where it came from, the THC and CBD percentage, flowering time, expected yields, and wellness benefits. We even give you the breakdown of the aroma, flavors, and terpenes that you will experience from each plant you purchase from us. When you purchase your seeds from our seed bank you get fast delivery times, which means you can go from buying to planting your seeds within a week. We provide information on how to germinate your seeds, how to feed and set your lighting, and how to get the best out of your harvest. The best part is that you have the ability to make these payments privately and securely. We offer a variety of convenient payment options such as the ability to pay with credit or debit card, paying directly from your bank account with Instant ACH, and by using Zelle or Cashapp. If you’re really concerned about your privacy and don’t want your transactions traced digitally for one reason or the other, you can choose to pay by snail mail using cash or check. However, we have a much better, faster, easier, and more secure way to pay privately, and that is by paying with crypto. Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency or digital asset that is based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers. This decentralized structure allows these assets in the form of digital coins to exist outside of governments and central authorities such as the bank, and is widely referred to as blockchain technology. There are many options to choose from when it comes to paying with cryptocurrencies, and one of the most secure options you can go with is Monero. Monero is a private, secure, untraceable, decentralized currency. It uses a cryptographically sound system that lets you send and receive funds without your transactions being easily tracked on the blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin and other blockchains, transactions in the Monero blockchain does not reveal where the funds are going or where they came from, providing anonymity and making the currency completely fungible. Fungible assets simplify the exchange processes, as fungibility implies equal value between the assets. Any money sent in a Monero transaction is hidden by RingCT, short for Ring Confidential Transactions, which is a special feature of the platform that hides the specific amount of funds exchanged, giving you an extra layer of security and protection. This makes buying cannabis seeds with Monero from Weed Seeds as private and hassle-free a process as it possibly can be.

What is XMR: The Pros of Monero To Buy Seeds

XMR is the acronym for Monero, like BTC is for Bitcoin and ETH is for Ethereum. It was established in 2014 with a simple yet important purpose, and that is to allow absolute discretion when making transactions. The overall goal is to allow payments to be made speedily without the worry of being tracked. If sending a fax is equivalent to paying with a debit card, then paying with crypto is a bonus akin to sending an email, except with XMR it’s completely anonymous, giving you the safety and peace of mind you need.  It’s like they’ve always envisioned that you’d be able to purchase your cannabis seeds for sale without fear of being traced, tracked down or harassed for buying the seeds to fulfill your dreams. Monero embodies what decentralized finance represents, which is enabling financial empowerment rather than limiting you to rapidly dropping value of the dollar due to inflation. Weed Seeds recognizes this purpose and utility and are beyond thrilled to offer XMR as a payment option. Based on the principles of the founders that created Monero, ease of use and efficiency is the second priority of the coin, with the first and biggest being privacy and security. Such level of privacy means there’s no paper trail linking you to a purchase you made. It won’t appear on your bank’s financial statement, it won’t appear in your credit card history, and the local weed police won’t show up at your door with a receipt wondering why you needed to purchase marijuana seeds for sale. XMR can be purchased on a number of exchanges by using your debit card, credit card, or by trading it for another cryptocurrency that you have in your wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is an app that allows you to store and retrieve your digital assets. There are numerous wallets that you can download from your app store, or even directly to your desktop. There are a couple of distinct differences in how you can store your coins in a wallet. The most common is known as a hot wallet, which is a wallet that’s always connected to the internet, and it allows you to store, send, and receive tokens. These hot wallets are linked private and public keys that help facilitate transactions and act as security measures. Some hot wallets are engineered in a way that allows you to make purchases directly from the wallet by using your keys, which makes it easy to get your pot seeds for sale from WSUSA. The other kind of wallet is a cold wallet, also known as a ledger, offline wallet, or hardware wallet. A hardware wallet is one that is not connected to the internet, and therefore it’s protected from unauthorized access such as cyber hacks and other vulnerabilities. This makes it even more secure than a hot wallet, and you can store your crypto in your ledger and keep it with you at all times or put it in a safe place. In the event you have your Monero in a cold wallet, and you wanted to purchase some weed seeds for sale, you would need to physically have your ledger on you in order to access your tokens. You will always have the ability to monitor the value of your tokens since that information can be found on any number of exchanges, you simply need to know how much you have so that you can do the proper calculations.