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The Blockchain And Why Weed Seeds USA Customers Care

Use MaidSafeCoin To Pot Buy Seeds

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 9, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with MadeSafeCoin From weed-seeds.com

Choosing MaidSafeCoin as your primary cryptocurrency for buying cannabis seeds from WSUSA is a smart move for many reasons. This is the right type of crypto for those who like to play it safe, since shopping with MAID removes many risks associated with other cryptocurrencies and offers security to digital exchange. Weed Seeds USA always wants you and your online seed experience to be as safe as possible, so we advocate for any financial platform as devoted to securities safety as the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network itself, the builders of MaidSafeCoin. Our multi-stage eCommerce platform provides privacy and, since MaidSafeCoin was designed to be the most secure and anonymous digital currency on Earth, with censorship resistant communication, limitless scalability and zero transaction fees, this little token fits perfectly into the professional-level platform of Weed Seeds USA. Once you have selected seeds and are ready for checkout, be sure to read through your order one last time to make sure you have what everything you’re looking for. This is a good time to add any last-minute gift ideas or coupon codes and, when you are happy with your order, confirm and carry on. Selecting MaidSafeCoin from the cryptocurrency options at the next window only takes a click and, once it’s highlighted, simply reconfirm your order. Paying with cryptocurrencies like MAID will bring you deals on seeds and even freebies. That’s how much we appreciate you paying in crypto, and we like to reward our clients. Once you have confirmed that you are ready to pay with MAID, you will be guided to an address which you then load into your wallet. From there, all you have to do is add the appropriate amount of MaidSafeCoin to the withdrawal bar, along with your email, confirm the withdrawal to Weed Seeds, and that’s it. Verification from your Ethereum provider, such as Bittrex or HitBTC, is part one of the final push toward payment confirmation. Part two is the CoinPayments confirmation email and that generally arrives about the same time as verification from your service provider. MaidSafeCoin transactions are approved on our end either the same day or the following, and after that all you have to do is get ready to receive your new order of top shelf cannabis seeds. An option for those who are already set up on Coinpayments is to simply copy the dollar amount of your order, use the Weed Seeds $PayByName address in your CoinPayments account and send funds directly. We will match the email address associated with the order to the one associated with the payment and Bob’s your Uncle. For those who may be new to cryptocurrency trading, it pays to know that the network you need to use in order to pay with MaidSafeCoin is Ethereum or Bitcoin and you will need to purchase it before you have access to buying MaidSafeCoin. The process, however, is simple and, once you get it set up the first time, subsequent payments are a cinch. So come on down and see how you can have it MAID with Weed Seeds USA.

What is MAID: The Pros of MaidSafeCoin To Buy Seeds

MAID, or MaidSafeCoin, is a cryptocurrency operating on the SAFE Network. Years before Bitcoin, CEO David Irvine and a crew of researchers, tinkerers, developers and other inventors and enthusiasts developed the SAFE Network and MaidSafeCoin to be the safest and most secure, most scalable and censorship resistant form of digital currency, and it takes no more than a credit card to get started. The team wanted to create a private and anonymous, decentralized financial world in which the users had full control over every aspect of their purchases, without being subjected to financial investigation or corruption of data. When shopping marijuana seeds for sale at WSUSA, using MAID to pay the bill offers a number of pros and not so many cons. Privacy is important to our clients, and MaidSafeCoin was developed with privacy in mind. The minds behind MAID endeavor to protect not only your financial transactions, but they understand the desire to protect thoughts, ideas and information on the whole, and that’s what MaidSafe provides. Nobody sees your transaction but the parties involved, information is stored on a secure and anonymous network rather than a blockchain, the details of which we will discuss in later sections, and the SAFE Network uses shuffling security protocols to ensure the details of your transaction are never exposed to investigation. Once you sign up for the appropriate exchange and get familiar with your account, there are many ways to purchase MAID, including debit and credit accounts, even your own apple wallet or other cold storage wallet of your choosing. Weed Seeds USA offers bonuses to those who pay using MaidSafeCoin and other cryptocurrencies. The cost associated with MaidSafeCoin transactions is a fraction of what the big banks charge and the information is impossible to track. There are more bonuses than anonymity and potential for high market returns, but we offer deals on our cannabis seeds for sale. Sometimes we throw in free gift packs of our choice, and we offer enormous discounts when you shop with crypto as well. The comprehensive transaction records provided to you by your Ethereum provider, as well as those which arrive from CoinPayments, ensure that you have a start to finish record of your digital transfer for safe keeping. All of it is backed up by a private peer to peer MESH system, so when you shop with MaidSafe at Weed Seeds, you help to promote a decentralized financial system. This philosophy is the driving force behind some of the most lucrative coins on the market and MAID is part of the pack. Potentially the most important point about cryptocurrency on the whole, is that it supports the decentralization of big banking systems, thus putting the power of digital finance into the hands of the people who use it. This may sound a bit like the premise of a post-utopian sci-fi picture, but those who are familiar with MaidSafe and other cryptocurrencies see the benefits of being in charge of their own online transfers, and some see huge returns. Though there are fees associated with each transfer you make, MaidSafeCoin does not carry any inherent transfer fees on its own, so the basic percentage your service provider charges is the only extra you will have to pay. This fee is still going to be less than bank born international currency transfers, so the benefits of choosing MAID when shopping for weed seeds for sale at WSUSA just keep piling up. Whether you want pot seeds for sale for breeding new strains in the lab or whether you want straight up magic beans to blow your mind, choosing MaidSafeCoin to get your hands on our stellar selection is a SAFE move.