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Buy Marijuana Seeds with Litecoin

Pay With LTC at Weed Seeds USA

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: June 7, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Litecoin From weed-seeds.com

Buying premium pot seeds has never been easier than it is through the Coinpayments option on weed-seeds.com. The Weed Seeds virtual seed bank offers more than 500 different top of line seeds for your easy browsing. You can find strains that will grow well in any environment and provide you with whatever stream of effects you desire. Whether you want a high THC option that will instill a psychoactive ride, a CBD laden option that will assuage symptoms of your health condition, or something more specific, like a berry flavored herb that will melt away the tensions from your day, you can find plenty of options through our virtual store. Not only is the hunt for the perfect seed over, so is the search for the fastest, most private, and least expensive mode of payment. While cryptocurrency, and the decentralized finance model that it is creating, are relatively new in the world, more retailers are getting on board with the system and offering it as an option for completing your orders. Weed Seeds has made cryptocurrency payments a preferred payment option and we continue to expand the recognized currencies that we accept. Litecoin, one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world, is on our list. It provides barely discernible fees, lightning quick transaction times, and complete anonymity for both parties. There are a few steps necessary to get you started, but once you have everything set up, your payments moving forward can be made with a couple clicks. Although it takes a little effort to get into the crypto world, it is worth it for the anonymity and personal power that decentralized finances allow you. All you need to do is sign up for an exchange that supports your chosen currency, verify your account with a couple steps, and add your Litecoin to your new digital wallet. From here, you fill your virtual shopping cart on our online store and click Coinpayments at check out. We provide a code that you scan and send funds to, and voila! Your seeds are packaged and sent to the address you provided. The only record of this transaction is coded so that all that can be seen is that the specific currency has traded hands, with no link to either party and no way to discern what the product purchased was. This privacy is valued by our customers and our team, so much so that we offer a bonus for choosing this option. When a few clicks can quickly and privately secure your access to superior pot seeds, it seems like a no brainer to invest some energy in getting your crypto journey started. Centralized banking systems, where your spending is recorded and monitored by a third party, incurs unnecessary fees and inconvenient wait times, both of which are bypassed when you opt to use crypto. You can get your hands on these grade A seeds, while also contributing to the movement from centralized banking to complete financial freedom!

What is LTC: The Pros of Litecoin To Buy Seeds

LTC was one of the first altcoins to hit the market and remains one of the most popular. It ranks in the top 20 cryptocurrencies and is adoringly referred to as the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It is a Bitcoin fork, which means that a fundamental change in the network’s protocol was applied to some of the original currency to create Litecoin. This occurred in 2011, and ever since, the faster, less expensive peer to peer payment system has gained and maintained an appreciative audience. As is true of all cryptocurrencies, this is a decentralized method of payment. Transactions are processed without a third party, so no one is monitoring, controlling or interfering with the transfer of your funds. This freedom from observation is particularly nice for those who are browsing the vast collection of marijuana seeds for sale on the Weed Seeds catalog. Knowing that you can pay for your selected strains without being under the watchful eye of the authorities is a wonderful perk for purchasing any item, but it is exceptionally nice when you are buying something that might be considered suspicious depending on the legalities of home growing in your area. Another perk to Litecoin is that it exists on an open-source network. This means anyone can see how it works and make upgrades to the protocol. This flexibility allows for innovative solutions to be quickly applied, which can create faster, cheaper and more efficient transactions. This malleability is responsible for the fact that the processing times for Litecoin versus Bitcoin is four times faster. This speed not only allows for more transactions per second to be verified and put on the blockchain, it also makes the system more secure as there is less time to interfere with the process. If you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your weed seeds for sale, you can rest easy knowing that the fast transaction times have your payment processed and your seeds being packed and shipped quicker than with any other method! Transaction fees are also considerably less with Litecoin. Each payment only costs about five cents, which is considerably less than Bitcoin or other methods and cryptocurrencies. When you are starting, or maintaining your grow operation on a budget, every penny counts! Some companies do not accept credit cards as a form of payment due to fees or other inconveniences. If you are hoping to collect points or need to buy before your paycheck comes through, paying with crypto inadvertently lets you pay with credit. You can buy crypto using your card and then put your cryptocurrency towards buying pot seeds for sale from weed-seeds.com. Plus, when you opt to spend your cryptocurrency here, we reward you with bonus seeds. This is the easiest, most efficient payment process for us as well, so we want to give you an extra reason to choose Coinpayments at check out. Buying cannabis seeds for sale can be an easy, inexpensive and rewarding experience when you choose to use Litecoin to pay for your favorite seeds.