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Use Ether To Buy Weed Seeds

Shop Weed Seeds USA With Ether

by Neal Brown . Updated: June 3, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Ether From weed-seeds.com

Why wait days to have a money order clear when you can pay in Ether and have your seeds sent as early as the next business day? Weed Seeds USA is at the forefront of the decentralized currency revolution, and we’re excited to help potential customers learn how to access our premium products with ETH tokens from the Ethereum network. Ether is one of our favorite decentralized currencies, and we’re excited to start exchanging Wei with you! It’s never been easier to buy our products using cryptocurrency, and it’s only going to get easier. If you need the fastest way to get our incredible autoflowering, feminized, photoperiod, or unsexed regular seeds to your door, the answer is paying in Ether! The hardest part of getting seeds from WS USA is deciding which of our over five hundred different strains of high-quality cannabis seeds you’re going to purchase. But don’t worry, browsing our massive range of strains is like window shopping at a really awesome mall thanks to our streamlined and easily searchable database of almost six hundred and fifty different types of seed, including sometimes multiple specific versions of the best strains on the market. We carry high CBG, CBD, and CBN strains for those who are not quite ready for our selection of high THC dank strains like Grandaddy Purp and Grease Monkey. Our checkout system is as easy as ordering take out from a delivery service, and when you use Ether to pay, the whole process goes even faster than normal. We ship most seeds the business day after the order’s payment goes through, and with Ether and other cryptocurrencies, that can take as little as an hour depending on the amount of gas that’s put on the transfer. Once it goes through, your seeds get sent out pronto and arrive at your door within five to fourteen business days, depending on how far away from our distribution center you live. Our seeds arrive as subtle little packages, packed to make sure your plant pills stay safe all the way from our highly skilled breeding and storage facilities to your door. If you’ve been reading our website, you’ll know that we provide dense information about all our products. By the time your seeds arrive you’ll be ready to start growing! Few other seed banks give customers the kind of detailed review and growing information that we do. With blogs on techniques, lighting schedules, growing medium, and growing in different regions and states, WS USA is on a mission to accurately represent how diverse and exciting American cannabis can be. Offering trade in cryptocurrencies is just one of the ways that we’re thinking outside the box. Once you’ve ordered from us once, you’ll wish you’d been buying from us and paying with Ether all along. After you’ve shopped with us once, you’re a member of our online community. Make wishlists of seeds to buy in the future, or review the ones you’ve already bought. WS USA is where it’s at!

What is ETH: The Pros of Ether To Buy Seeds

ETH is a cryptocurrency that uses a consensus of many machines with the same self-updating archive to verify every transaction with every piece of its currency. This is done using blockchain technology, which treats every exchange as a block and links them with previous and future trades in a chain of information. This method of keeping numerous, at least eighty thousand, copies of the same file on different servers makes transactions very hard to fake by just one machine. This eliminates a lot of the uncertainty of using a central banking system, which we traditionally rely upon to keep track of our fiat money, or national currencies.

Using blockchain technology to buy marijuana seeds for sale online is an even securer way to use money than using central banks. Hackers can’t get to your account if they don’t have your private key, and unless you give it to them, they’ll never find it! Unless you’ve used a field to enter an identifying name or script that can be used to track you through the chain, there’s no way for someone merely observing the blockchain to know what transaction is yours. While the debit on your Ether wallet is recorded, there is no real way of telling that you’ve bought cannabis seeds for sale with that Ether, especially since we are very discrete with our own wallet. Furthermore, when there is an anonymized record of that transaction on more than eighty thousand different computers, it becomes very difficult for someone to try and sneak in and reroute or fabricate another such transaction. This added financial safety of making your transactions incorruptible is one the best parts of using crypto. ETH is also one of the quickest ways to get your hands on our premium pot seeds for sale. With some extra gas added for incentive, it can take as little as a few hours for us to process your payment. If you’ve already got a wallet set up it can be as simple as paying like you would with a debit or credit card. If you’ve never used crypto before, it can take as little as twenty minutes to get started. When you buy our premium weed seeds for sale using cryptocurrencies, you can take pride in knowing that you’re supporting the establishment and evolution of decentralized banking, which doesn’t need the authority of a central bank or a national market to be verified. For people who are searching for alternative ways of making value in the world, this can be an enticing prospect, and one that we’re happy to offer to our customers. We also send you extra bonus seeds when you pay using ETH. That’s right! By using the fastest, most safe and secure and discreet way to do business with us, you actually earn a gift from us.  Don’t waste any more time using lousy seed banks that have non-viable seeds, inflexible payment options, inflated prices, annoying tariffs and exchange rates, and ridiculous wait times. Buy from WS USA!