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by Neal Brown . Updated: June 3, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Dogecoin From weed-seeds.com

There’s no need to find another cannabis seed bank if you’re a big fan of crypto. At Weed Seeds USA, you’re able to purchase high grade marijuana seeds entirely with Dogecoin. Because of the increasing demand for businesses to accept cryptocurrency, we’ve come up with a simple and easy method for you to order some of our seeds using crypto. You can do it right from our checkout, as the checkout will link you to all the necessary pages to complete the transaction. When you’ve completed an order with crypto, it’s shipped out just like any other one of our orders. There’s been several different potential evolutions of money in the pipeline throughout the years, but likely the most promising one is cryptocurrency. It’s a revolutionary new form of sending and receiving payment for everyday goods and services. It might primarily be digital, but enthusiasts have adapted several new ways of storing cryptocurrency as well. Some of these even allow for physical use and transfer of cryptocurrency, and these forms of storage are typically referred to as cold storage. With the new hype behind cryptocurrency, there are millions of people who already own a bit of many different types. This encouraged many businesses and organizations to begin accepting cryptocurrencies, usually referred to as crypto, as a legitimate form of payment. Bitcoin was the first crypto type to kick things off, as it quickly became one of the most popular crypto types out there. Now, anyone can create a wallet, acquire some crypto through any means and use it at a number of large-scale businesses, creating a new arena of financial opportunity and freedom. Weed Seeds USA is helping lead the charge into the future, and our seed bank accepts not only some of the most mainstream forms of crypto, but many small-scale coins as well. These are typically referred to as alt coins, which denotes all smaller and less popular crypto types. Doge Coin is one of the most popular alt coins out there, and there are likely millions of holders of this low price, accessible token. It’s a fantastic choice for crypto because it has a low starting price of only fractions of a dollar for a coin. While you usually never have to buy a whole coin of any one crypto, this helps give it some tangible value. Like many other crypto tokens, the coin was created in 2020 by an anonymous user. It’s simple to buy cannabis seeds with crypto, and one of the main reasons is because it’s so easy to get your hands on. All it takes to get some Doge is making a wallet and an account on an exchange. We focus on exchanges and acquisition of crypto in detail in another section of this article, but some of the exchanges that offer trading of Dogecoin include Binance, Gate.io, KuCoin and Coinbase Exchange. After you’ve gotten some Doge in your wallet, you can head over to our seed bank and complete a crypto transaction to receive some of our finest seeds.

What is DOGE: The Pros of Dogecoin To Buy Seeds

Using crypto to purchase seeds is an outstanding option of payment for many different reasons. Cryptocurrency has a wide range of benefits, and the more research you do on this unique form of currency, the better you’ll understand how it can help you buy goods or perhaps even weed seeds for sale. The first of these is that it’s highly accessible, and you can purchase your first bit of crypto through conventional means. Many large crypto exchanges, such as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, KuCoin and many others, allow you to fund your account or purchase crypto directly through the use of your debit card or credit card. This allows anybody who’s familiar with the most common forms of payment and transaction to purchase some crypto in order to buy marijuana seeds for sale. With the option of using a conventional card or bank account, you have one of two routes of getting your hands on some crypto. The first and simplest way is just funding your account on an exchange, then purchasing some crypto on the exchange. This is relatively easy, and you can watch one short video to learn how to place an order on an exchange. It works almost exactly like a stock exchange, charts and all, so there’s a parallel that will help those who are unfamiliar with crypto learn about how to acquire it. The second way, offered only by some exchanges such as Coinbase, is by purchasing directly. These exchanges will allow you to purchase directly with your card, taking out the work of placing an order. The way that this works is that you will choose a cryptocurrency you’d like and how much you would like to purchase. Then, the exchange will automatically place an order, known as a market buy order. After you’ve purchased your crypto from an exchange, you’re free to send it to any recipient or purchase some of our pot seeds for sale. Your purchase will only be recorded in your bank statements as a payment to the exchange, which helps keep your transaction information safe. It won’t be stored by your financial institution, and instead will be secured in the blockchain, a form of data storage that’s considered nearly unhackable. When you send crypto to a recipient or business such as Weed Seeds, there will be no official record on the financial details of the transaction. This allows any crypto user to maintain full privacy not only over their funds, but over everything they spend them on, even if it’s on WS cannabis seeds for sale. However, the use of crypto serves another equally important purpose of empowering the consumer. More privacy means less opportunity for corporations, banks and other higher powers to moderate and regulate the use of the end user’s hard-earned money. Additionally, when you purchase from Weed Seeds using crypto, we’ll knock some of the price off and send you a gift of a few free seeds for helping support the freedom that decentralized finance can provide.