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Buy Marijuana Seeds Using Bitcoin Cash

Trade BCH For Cannabis Seeds

by Neal Brown . Updated: June 3, 2022

Buying Cannabis Seeds with Bitcoin Cash From weed-seeds.com

Using BCH to Buy Seeds

You know when you visit weed-seeds.com that you are going to get the best seeds in the country. But just in case you didn’t know, buying cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA with Bitcoin Cash is the easiest and most anonymous way to get your hands on our selection. Not only is Bitcoin Cash its own fork of the original Bitcoin, but its blockchain, which we will discuss in later sections, is stronger, more secure, more accessible, and transaction times have been greatly decreased. You can purchase Bitcoin Cash through any currency, debit or credit, tuck it away in your offline wallet or use it directly to purchase your seeds. Using BCH cryptocurrency to get your hands on America’s best seeds doesn’t require high transaction fees like the original blockchain, so the sky’s the limit on what you can save using Bitcoin Cash. Additionally, because there are so many individuals choosing BCH, it is a secure way to perform transactions. BCH provides financial safety, and since there is nobody monitoring your activities, there is no record of what you have purchased using this particular cryptocurrency. Where Bitcoin runs on a 1mb blockchain and Bitcoin Cash runs on a 32mb blockchain, the potential for a greater number of transactions to move through the system quickly offers a big bonus to BCH users. All you have to do to get the ball rolling is sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange platform, verify your account, have your wallet ready to scan QR codes for delivery of funds and you are already on your way to voting for BCH. Adding BCH funds to your digital wallet is simple once you have it set up. First, you set your account up with funds, purchase USDT (Tether) with your USD, and then you can buy Bitcoin Cash. Once you have purchased Bitcoin Cash, you can choose to save it, trade it or use it all on our top shelf collection. Regardless, it is there and ready to help you complete swift and secure online transactions. Scroll through our selection of well over 500 strains, fill your cart and hit checkout. Confirm your shipping address and continue. Select the Bitcoin Cash option, apply whatever coupon code you may have and click the Complete Order link. You will be presented with a QR code to scan and now is the time to pull out your crypto wallet. After that, all you have to do is send your crypto down the chain. Once you confirm your order, when paying with BCH cryptocurrency, payment is received and verified within 24 hours. Orders are shipped by the next day and your awaited package will arrive in as little as a week. Once you have this set up for the first round, there is no need to go through it again the next time you order our seeds. When you use Bitcoin Cash to purchase weed seeds from weed-seeds.com, you become part of a global community which holds each other accountable to user integrity, ease of payment and the decentralization of banking networks worldwide. Hop onto the train of the future and lead the charge in the good fight toward financial freedom when you use Bitcoin Cash at Weed Seeds USA.

What is BCH: The Pros of Bitcoin Cash To Buy Seeds

Many growers throughout America like to keep their search a private one. This is why using Bitcoin Cash is proving to be a wise choice for anyone looking for the best cannabis seeds for sale. Shopping with BCH at Weed Seeds USA has a lot of pros, but let’s first take a look at what Bitcoin Cash actually is. BCH, or Bitcoin Cash, is a hard fork of the original Bitcoin. This is due to the fact that there were many consumers of original Bitcoin who were happy with the small block sizes because they felt it provided safety and security. There were fewer moving parts and limited potential for damage. The block size was tiny, just 1mb. Much like the weed seeds for sale in our seed bank, as the popularity of Bitcoin rose, more and more users were making transactions. Though cannabis seed markets just keep on growing, the low bit rate coupled with the booming consumer demands placed on Bitcoin plugged up the blockchain. The blockchain, made up of what was becoming thousands of transactions per second and growing, was getting more and more backed up with every minute that ticked by. People were then paying astronomical fees to be able to jump the queue, not too cool for the average citizen hoping to make a timely transaction. For this reason, some Bitcoin enthusiasts suggested increasing the size of the blocks from 1mb to 4 or 8mb. This generated a rift in Bitcoin support and Bitcoin became an investment, kind of like gold, oil or marijuana seeds for sale. So a number of individuals and groups got together to make Bitcoin Cash. It was meant to be a new, more affordable form of cryptocurrency which would enjoy a larger block size, faster transactions, tighter security and lower fees. What this also did was help to decentralize the network. If more people are using the currency on bigger blocks, the more servers would be in operation. Thus, improving product transfer and accountability and putting the power of finance back into consumers’ hands. When this stuff starts to make sense, the pros of using this BCH cryptocurrency to buy seeds become apparent pretty quickly, especially since it is one of our most preferred transaction methods, along with Zcash and Dogecoin. Using BCH is speedy, and once you sign up for your exchange, you are good to go. Using BCH to purchase the pot seeds for sale at Weed Seeds USA is fast and anonymous, as in no banks are going to be tracking your transactions, an important point for many of our nation’s pot professionals. Also, with the cryptocurrency platform at Weed Seeds USA, once you’re all signed up, you can use debit and credit to pay with BCH. All you have to do is make sure you have the correct amount in your account and that’s it. Another bonus to BCH is that, the more people use it, the more it’s worth. So in actual fact, you are doing your own business promotion when you use it, much like mining raw minerals, processing them and selling the final product as well, through which the returns can really be great.