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There is no greater feeling than sparking up a joint at sunset to hand water your small backyard cannabis garden. As you can imagine, thanks to evolution, plants are fairly well adapted at living outdoors! Indoor growing can offer certain advantages, mainly related to climate control, but outdoor growing has big benefits too. Firstly, you will get your lighting paid for in full thanks to our sun, and mother nature could also help you out with some of the watering as well. For a great compromise between indoor and outdoor cultivation, you can buy outdoor seeds to vegetate inside and flower out in the greenhouse.

From the massive inventory at our privately-owned outdoor seed bank, you can select from hundreds of different strains that are bred and hardened for growing outdoors. On average, outdoor grown seeds will develop into taller plants, but overall size and yield will depend greatly on the strain’s heritage. For example, a tall stretch sativa like Durban Poison will come out roughly twice the height of a shorter plant like our Autoflowering Blue Dream.

When it comes to photo-period dependent cultivars like White Rhino Photo Fem or Purple Haze Photo Fem, be prepared to tarp your plants a few hours before sunset or move them indoors if you want to trigger the flowering process early. If plants in the northern states are left to flower on their own in the late summer to early fall, the danger is that your flowers don’t fully mature before the first frost. This is why indica strains tend to grow well in the north, since they have a shorter flowering cycle. In the southern states, impending frost is not as much of an issue, so longer-flowering sativas can be a better fit. We stock an exciting collection of outdoor seeds for you to experiment with, no matter where you live in the USA.

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