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There is no greater feeling than sparking up a joint at sunset to hand water your small backyard cannabis garden. As you can imagine, thanks to evolution, plants are fairly well adapted at living outdoors! Indoor growing can offer certain advantages, mainly related to climate control, but outdoor growing has big benefits too. Firstly, you will get your lighting paid for in full thanks to our sun, and mother nature could also help you out with some of the watering as well. For a great compromise between indoor and outdoor cultivation, you can buy outdoor seeds to vegetate inside and flower out in the greenhouse.

From the massive inventory at our privately-owned outdoor seed bank, you can select from hundreds of different strains that are bred and hardened for growing outdoors. On average, outdoor grown seeds will develop into taller plants, but overall size and yield will depend greatly on the strain’s heritage. For example, a tall stretch sativa like Durban Poison will come out roughly twice the height of a shorter plant like our Autoflowering Blue Dream.

When it comes to photo-period dependent cultivars like White Rhino Photo Fem or Purple Haze Photo Fem, be prepared to tarp your plants a few hours before sunset or move them indoors if you want to trigger the flowering process early. If plants in the northern states are left to flower on their own in the late summer to early fall, the danger is that your flowers don’t fully mature before the first frost. This is why indica strains tend to grow well in the north, since they have a shorter flowering cycle. In the southern states, impending frost is not as much of an issue, so longer-flowering sativas can be a better fit. We stock an exciting collection of outdoor seeds for you to experiment with, no matter where you live in the USA.

What Is Unique About Outdoor Seeds

The long and short of this question is simple, there is nothing unique about outdoor seeds in general. Cannabis seeds are cannabis seeds and can be grown indoors or outdoors. Now, this does not mean that every outdoor grow is going to be flush with big buds just because it was started with ganja seeds. There are definitely going to be certain seeds that are better suited for outdoor growing or a particular climate. You might have ample space outdoors and be able to choose outdoor cannabis seeds that require a lot of space as they grow to be 15 feet tall or spread wide like the back of an IFBB Mr. Olympia. When looking at cheap outdoor seeds or expensive outdoor seeds to grow in your outdoor grow tent, they are going to look the same, for the most part. A bigger seed is not going to necessarily produce a larger plant or a larger crop, and vice versa.

When someone is trying to choose what seeds to use in a hidden outdoor grow or merely growing weed outdoors in all of its glory, they are going to want to keep a few factors in mind. Due to the natural and unpredictable elements of growing cannabis outdoors, strains that have strong natural resistance to pests and molds will be key. Nothing is worse than having a magnificent plant be ravaged by these mongrels. With the ample space that growing marijuana outdoors provides, a high yielding plant is going to be the best bang for your buck. Next, there is nothing worse than have a large quantity of subpar product so ensure that the strain has great potency to make all the effort worthwhile. Outdoor growing seasons are long compared to indoor seasons so a strain with superb effects is going to be essential as you are not going to be able to procure another harvest like you would be able to indoors. Lastly, a fast-flowering outdoor cannabis seed will help avoid any of the fall showers that come when the seasons change.

At Weed Seeds we have a wide assortment of the best outdoor weed seeds. Feel free to peruse the catalogue and then Contact Us for Outdoor Seeds.

Where Can I Buy Outdoor Marijuana Seeds?

The age old question of how to begin growing cannabis from seed outdoors. Finding a reputable online cannabis seed bank is going to be the first step in the journey. One might have thought that checking out a local cannabis seed breeder would be the way to go but this has gone the way of the dodo bird. Local breeders may be closer to home but are often going to have a limited selection and inferior products. Heading to a dispensary could be a source for marijuana seeds as well. Unfortunately, they are going to be met with the lack of selection that a local breeder has.

With the advancements in technology and logistics, ordering weed seeds online has never been easier. When you come to an American cannabis seed bank like Weed Seeds, you are going to get a massive selection of the best pot seeds available. Whether looking for Wholesale Outdoor Weed Seeds or some of the best strains for home cultivation, we have you covered. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are here to support you today on your journey of how to grow marijuana from seed outdoors.

Top 5 Popular Outdoor Strains For Beginners

Newbies are inevitably going to begin their cultivating journey by seeking out the easiest seeds to grow outdoors. There are so many outdoor marijuana strains that it can be daunting. Is it best to select American Seeds Grown Outdoors? How about seeking out European Seeds to grow outdoors? These are some of the questions that might come into play when browsing the plethora of information online. Thankfully, outdoor marijuana seeds do not need to be complicated. A couple basic principles are going to get you settled and on your way.

First, look for the resistance and strength of the plant. You are going to want something that will be able to fend for itself for the most part and not need a lot of coddling. Next, make sure to choose feminized seeds for your first kick at the can. Cutting out the process of sex identification and avoiding the risk of males pollinating the females which ruins your harvest will help to remove stumbling blocks and headaches. Next, a shorter flowering time is going to allow you to see quicker results which will help with the unknown you will be experiencing. The first signs of flowering stage outdoors may seem like an eternity so choosing a strain that is going to add extra time on to the back end is going to be torturous. Lastly, stick to something inexpensive. Mistakes are bound to happen so do not toss in a burdensome financial loss if the worst happens and your crop goes in the crapper!

At Weed Seeds, we have many fantastic seeds that sprout into amazing outdoor plants. A few of the most popular amongst our neophytes are Cheese, White Widow, Durban Poison, Super Silver Haze, and Blue Dream. All of these cannabis seeds and more are available right now. Come check out our easy to use ordering system and have the best marijuana seeds for outdoor growing delivered to your doorstep quickly, efficiently and most importantly, discreetly.

How To Properly Germinate Your Outdoor Seeds

Germination is the initial phase of the cannabis plant’s life. This is where the seed is going to form its taproot and turn into a seedling. Germination is going to need three specific conditions to be successful. It needs moisture, humidity and darkness. These factors are going to activate your seed and luckily, soil has all of these in spades. For those growing in warmer climates, you are going to be able to germinate your seeds directly in the garden beds or pots that you will grow in. Just remember that high humidity is vital during the seedling stage so starting in a polytunnel or greenhouse can be a great boost for your plants. Before you germinate your seeds, it is best to get some high-quality soil. Organic soil is often the preferred choice amongst veteran cultivators as it has synergistic fungi, nutrients and beneficial bacteria. Once the soil is ready, simply poke a hole in the topsoil. Put your seed into the hole you have just created and then cover it up with soil. Add a small amount of water and you should see the first shoots within 2-7 days. The seedling stage is going to last approximately two weeks. During this time, make sure that the little darling has humidity (around 70%), access to light and be sure to water sparingly.

For those in cooler climates where the outdoor conditions are not quite ready for outdoor germination, begin the process indoors. You can use two inch starting pots indoors and follow the method described above or even go with the rudimentary paper towel method. To use paper towels, all you will need are your seeds, paper towels and two plates. Soak two paper towels, but don’t have them dripping excess water, and place them on a plate. Place your seeds on these paper towels at least one inch apart and then place another two paper towels on top. Next, take your second plate and place it on top of the other plate to form a dome shaped apparatus. Make sure that the plates and seeds are kept in an environment that is between 70 and 90℉. Next, it is time to wait for the magic to happen. The process could take up to a few days and you will know they have germinated when you see the taproot appear. It is a single sprout that emerges from the plant. Make sure not to touch the taproot and keep the area sterile. Once the taproot appears, they are ready to be transferred to a small pot to begin their seedling phase. Once the weather begins to warm up outside, transfer your plants outdoors into your high-quality soil and get ready for the growing season.

Different Ways To Grow Your Outdoor Seeds

When buying Outdoor 420 Seeds there are going to be a few different options on how to grow them. You can opt to grow them in your backyard, in an outdoor grow tent or in a greenhouse. You could opt for a private and secluded area that is not your property but there will be less control over intruders and access to water.

Typical black nursery pots have been used for decades and still can be a great option, but some have begun using airpots. Some use grow bags but they have been known to retain pests and salts if not properly cared for. Some growers go for the highest quality organic soil while others simply go with the best soil they can afford. A cultivator can germinate their outdoor feminized seeds USA a few different ways. Some will use the paper towel method, others simply drop the seed into a shot glass of water while others are lucky enough to germinate directly in the soil, right off the bat.

Whatever method you choose when deciding how to plant cannabis seeds outdoors, the most important choices are going to be at the beginning of the process. First and foremost a grower wants to choose the best location possible. Secondly, they want to ensure they obtain premium outdoor marijuana seeds for sale from Weed Seeds.

Growing Basics For Outdoor Cultivators

If someone wants to get started growing cannabis outdoors or simply how to grow bigger buds outdoors, then this is the place to get started. The first thing you are going to need to do is gather the basic supplies. The first thing on the list is to get some cheap outdoor marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank like Weed Seeds. Next, you will need some containers, some soil, nutrients, supplements, a PH and PPM Tester, and a watering can.

Now that the necessary supplies have been gathered, you are going to want to find a suitable growing location. The perfect spot is going to be in a private area that will be undisturbed by others. The spot will also have easy access to water and finally at least 6+ hours of direct sunlight. Your backyard might be the best option. If this is the case, be sure that a high fence is in place to offer greater privacy. Once the perfect spot has been chosen you are ready to get started setting up your outdoor garden. You can begin by setting up your containers with soil. Fill them to the brim with loose soil and then bang them on the ground a couple of times to help pack the soil down. Refill it to the brim again and you are all set. Now that the local environment has been set up, it is time to germinate your seeds. There are several methods to germinate your seeds so choose th one that seems easiest for you. The simple paper towel method is tried and true and can be done safely indoors to ensure it is not disturbed. Once the tap root is formed you can transfer it into the container. When using outdoor autoflower seeds you can use a smaller container than photoperiod seeds as they will produce smaller plants. If you wonder how to plant seeds outdoors, fear not. Simply press down into the soil and create hole a few inches deep and carefully place the germinated seed into the soil and then cover. Next, it will be time to give it water to help foster the initial growth phase. Water your plant every 2-3 days and when they are seedlings you will water them as often as needed. You want to make sure that they stay moist until the root growth is adequate enough to support the top of the plant from drying out between waterings. Water can be used at full pressure out of the hose for 3-5 seconds.

The main nutrients that a cannabis plant is going to need are phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen. These are the macronutrients that will help them thrive. In addition to this, they will need supplemental nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and sulfur. The easiest way to obtain these nutrients is to buy fertilizer that already has these packaged together in a convenient and easy to use system. You won’t start feeding your plants until they are about 3-4 week old. Once it has entered the vegetative stage, you are going to slowly increase the amount of nutrients that they receive with nitrogen being the most abundant, followed by potassium and lastly phosphorus.

Once the flowering stage cannabis outdoors begins, you are going to change the ratios of your nutrients. Flowering plants are going to need more potassium and less nitrogen to create those highest yielding outdoor strains 2021 has to offer. The last thing you want to do before harvest is flush your plants a week before harvesting. Using ph-neutral water is going to force the plants to consume any nutrients that are left over which will help your final product be a more smooth and clean smoke.

Training Your Outdoor Marijuana For High Yields

If you let the plants grow naturally, they are likely to grow nice and tall with minimal lateral spread. This is going to be the perfect time to introduce a training technique to maximize the top canopy and produce an incredible yield. Helping your plant spread out laterally is going to allow for even more growth and maximize the number of flowering sites that are exposed to sunlight.

First, tie down the side branches so the vertical shoots are below themselves. This is going to help them spread out laterally and have smaller shoots grow upwards. Be careful to test out the strength of the branches first so that you do not snap off the top part of the shoot. A very popular method for tying down the branches is to use elastic bands. They are cheap, reliable and easy to work with. What could be better? When tying the elastic bands around the branches, be sure to make them loose enough so they do not create a severing effect. This also allows for enough slack that they can be adjusted as they grow laterally. Start securing them to the top part of the pot and slowly over time they will be extended to the bottom of the pot to maximize the amount of sunlight the branches receive.

Once this is done, you can move on to super cropping and stem snapping. Once all of the branches are tied down and the original top canopy is not recognizable, it is time to give it the new support structure needing to produce a massive yield. Simply break down the inner cell walls of the stems by squeezing, twisting or snapping the stem. This is going to release the growth repair hormone. This will create stronger branches for the long run.

Now it is time to F.I.M! Grab a clean and sterile pair of scissors. You are going to cut off 70% of the top leave to allow for the plant to focus its energy on the lower growth. The remaining portion of the foliage on the top will now grow in harmony with the rest of the plant. After a week you will notice a large impact on the plant from typing down, snapping and FIMing. After two weeks, you are going to remove the new lower growth and clear out the lower parts. You want it so that you can look down at the lower part of the plant and see a clear path to the stems and branches. Once this is done, you can let the plant grow back completely into a super monster that is going to bring a heavy yield. This method is going to have your plant be ready to maximize the flowering sites when the days begin to get shorter.

Benefits Of Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Many people ponder the merits when they ask how to grow cannabis outdoors. The first benefit to growing marijuana outdoors is that it is relatively low cost. You are harnessing the power of the sun which will not cost you a thing. You are going to need some fertilizer, high quality soil, seeds and either a small greenhouse or an indoor space to get them started. You are not going to need to deal with increased electricity costs, dehumidifiers, AC units and you can even collect rainwater to offset the cost of water. Large yields are commonplace when growing outdoors. Planting cannabis seeds outdoors is going to allow you to let the plant grow free and wild and spread its wings. It is not going to be limited with the amount of space that it has, and this can provide a major boost to the harvest. Outdoor plants have been known to provide over a pound of buds from a single plant. It is the environmentally friendly option. The sun and wind are free and naturally occurring. There will be no need to use a lot of power to run the fans, lights, and various other equipment needed when indoors. Remember, when growing indoors you are trying to replicate the environment that is outside. When growing outdoors, you are already in that environment. Lastly, it can be a ton of fun and incredibly relaxing. Ask any greenthumb and they will tell you that gardening outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air is a great stress reliever. Soaking up the rays and vitamin D while nurturing your plants will help you with your mental energy. To top it off, there is nothing more rewarding than eating a fresh salad from a home garden or in this case, smoking a joint that you grew yourself.

Challenges When Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Now that we have covered how to plant marijuana seeds outdoors, it is time to check in with some of the most common challenges when growing marijuana outdoors. One of the most common challenges posed to outdoor cannabis plants is the weather. There could be volatile winds that will batter and bruise your plant worse than a UFC  champion. There are typhoons, storms and droughts that make the underwatering or over watering catastrophic. Growing in a greenhouse can help navigate the weather. Another option is to use pots that can be moved easily when poor weather strikes.

Pests, Pests and more pests are a death sentence for any outdoor cannabis plant. A pest can be anything from a caterpillar, spider mites, aphids, to gophers, ants or fungus flies. Birds have been known to eat cannabis seeds before they get started and never allow you to start topping outdoor cannabis. To navigate the insect pests, simple pesticides or introducing natural predators are going to be your best option. Larger pests can be kept out with fences and scarecrows can keep the birds away.

Another problem could be a water shortage outside. If there is a drought you are going to lack access to water in some outside locations. Taking advantage of the wet and dry seasons in your area by storing and collecting rainwater when it is abundant will allow you to always have what you need. Having your plants in pots allows them to be moved out of the harmful storms.

Lastly, visibility is going to be an issue for many growers. Most laws and regulations do not allow for the marijuana plants to be visible to those passing by. A high privacy fence, greenhouse or other large trees and shrubs to conceal your plants is a great option to mitigate this disaster.

Finding The Best Outdoor Climates For Weed Plants

Cannabis plants can be very sturdy and resilient and have evolved to flourish in a wide variety of environments. Sativa plants have an airy bud structure which allows them to withstand hotter climates with more humidity. Indicas on the other hands are known for resinous and dense buds that offer an extra layer of protection from the elements in a cooler environment.

Some strains are going to be better for certain climates, while others are going to be more adaptable to a wide variety of environments. This does not mean that there is not a particular climate that is more suitable for your weed plants. Most cannabis will truly thrive in a climate that mimics the Mediterranean. This type of climate will experience warm to hot summers and mild autumn weather with little rainfall. In the United States of America, areas like Oregon, California and some parts of Washington State are going to offer these conditions most consistently.

The perfect climate might also depend on what type of plant you are wanting to raise. Sativa plants have genetics that allow them to tolerate hotter and more humid temperatures. They are able to handle a higher rainfall than indica strains. These are common in the tropical areas of the world. The problem with this though is that the tropics don’t traditionally have colder seasons which makes sativa plants flower for as long as 14 weeks which can limit their potential in an area with cooler autumns.

Indicas on the other hand are short, bushy and traditionally hail from the Middle East. They do not tolerate high humidity or a lot of rain. They also come from a region where there are colder fall months, so they have adapted to experience a shorter flowering season. This makes them great for areas that have shorter summers and cooler falls.

Ruderalis strains are world famous for being able to survive the blustery conditions in Russia and Alaska. They can thrive almost anywhere, but traditionally they produce a lower THC content. This is why they are often bred with more potent strains to increase THC content and make a resilient hybrid strain. These strains are also known for lightning-fast flowering and overall growth cycles.

All in all, when someone asks “how long is flowering stage outdoors”, the answer comes down to, it depends!

Managing Your Outdoor Marijuana Pest Problem

Cannabis is not unlike many other crops. It can unfortunately be at the mercy of various animals or pests who are on the hunt for a feast fit for a king. The most important step in knowing how to manage your outdoor marijuana pest problem is to know what the enemy is. Knowing your enemy is going to help you combat the problem in the most effective way.

Three of the most common pests to outdoor marijuana plants are spider mites, fungus gnats and aphids. Spider mites are a real pain to deal with and can be difficult to deal with. If you notice them, you can clean them off with a powerful hose, but be sure to skip this step if the plant is flowering. Another option is to use neem oil, largely popular because it is organic and is safe for use on flowering plants and vegetables. The most important part of the process is to ensure that you repeat it for several days to ensure that the mites and eggs are both gone. Fungus gnats are not going to eat flowers or leaves but they will damage the roots of your plant and weaken your plant as a whole. The females are going to lay eggs in the first couple of inches of moist soil. Without moist soil, they cannot reproduce so keeping the top layer of soil dry is a great deterrent. Another option is to place a cloth over your soil to take away a place for the ladies to lay their eggs. Aphids are extremely irritating and can be devastating to your plants and entire crop. They will eat the plants and also leave their feces which will attract ants and a whole new set of problems. Keeping beneficial pests around like lady bugs can help with aphids but using tomato leaf or garlic water can also get rid of them. You will make a solution where you soak tomato leaves or garlic and mineral oil in water for half a day to a full day. Strain the mixture and then spray it on your plant to get rid of these little suckers.

There are going to be countless other pests that could wreak havoc as well. If using pesticides, be sure to use organic bio-pesticides that are going to be safe for flowering and consumable crops. Keeping beneficial pests around to take care of these nasty parasites are also going to be your best friend.

Planning Your Outdoor Growing Schedule

When many cultivators get started, they have some common questions. They often wonder how long is flowering stage outdoors? They also want to know if there is a best temperature for flowering stage outdoors? Setting the right schedule and knowing when everything is going to occur will make the process smoother and more relaxed.

Many neophyte growers ask, when does flowering start outdoors? One of the most rudimentary understandings about cannabis plants is that many of them are going to be photoperiod strains. These require a change in light to transition from vegetating to flowering. This happens when the days begin to shorten, and nights become longer. Getting the timing right will allow you to maximize the exposure that your plants have to light during the summer months before autumn rolls around.

On the west coast, in places like Oregon and California, there will be a longer growing season than other hotspots like Washington state. The relatively warm weather throughout the year is going to allow for a longer season in California than Washington.

Keeping in mind a few simple times of the year are going to help keep you on track. The Spring Equinox will trigger you to start germinating the pot seeds you sourced from Weed Seeds. Make sure that all of your plants are outside and planted by the Summer solstice. While you might feel the desire to reap your rewards early, wait until at least the fall equinox to harvest your crops and make sure that everything is cleaned up, already dried out and cured well before the winter solstice.

For those that need specific dates rather than season guidelines, it is going to depend on where you live but a range of dates is going to provide a strong outline. If you have longer and warmer seasons you can have your seeds and plants started earlier, and those with shorter growing seasons will move towards the back end of the range. Make sure to buy your weed seeds between the middle of February to middle of April. Begin the germination process anywhere from the beginning of March to the end of April. Make sure the little darlings are moved outdoors and planted in the ground between the middle of May and the end of June. Begin topping outdoor cannabis between the beginning of June and middle of August and get ready for harvest anywhere from the middle of September to the middle of November.

Now that you know when to get started and how to navigate the stages of the growing cycle, make sure to head to Weed Seeds and get your hands on the very best pot seeds on the market.

Providing Outdoor Marijuana Plants The Right Nutrients

When you start growing Outdoor Weed Seed you may become overwhelmed with the process. Knowing which nutrients your plant is going to need can cause some PTSD moments related to your high school chemistry class. Not to worry though, here is a crash course in the basics for feeding your plants the right nutrients.

The macronutrients that you are going to feed your plants are going to be crucial. Nitrogen is a major player in the vegetative stage. Phosphorus will help produce large healthy buds. Potassium is going to regulate plant systems and keep it healthy.  Calcium helps keeps the cell wall structure together. Magnesium is the vital molecule in chlorophyll which is integral to the plants ability to generate sugar from photosynthesis.

Most fertilizer bags are going to have a ratio of the “Big 3”, which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium on the bag.

Other nutrients are considered micronutrients and they are going to be in smaller quantities and consist of the following elements: Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Chlorine, Molybdenum, Cobalt, Boron, Copper and Silicon. While they come in much smaller quantities, they remain vital to the overall health of the plant.

Growing Outdoor Marijuana Organically

The trend these days for any type of crop is to go organic. While there are drawbacks to this, like longer growing cycles or potentially less robust harvests, the elimination of chemicals or synthesized products can be very appealing.

Another benefit of going organic is that the fertilizers and nutrients tend to be more forgiving. One of the reasons is that they contain less immediately soluble nutrients. These elements are also beneficial to soil organisms. First time growers who choose soil are generally advised to go organic. While it might be easy to grab a bag of synthetic fertilizers, there are easy to find replacements as well that are cost effective to boot! Fish meal and blood meal are great sources of nitrogen. Bat guano and Bone meal are perfect phosphorus substitutes. Potassium can be found in Kelp Meal and Bone ash. Epsom salts are a fantastic option when you need magnesium and sulfur and dolomite lime is chalk full of calcium. If money is no option, there are plenty of premixed organic solutions as well.

The last thing to remember is that organic growing is going to live and die by your ability to cultivate a healthy and diverse population of mycorrhizae and soil microbes.

Tools & Supplies Required For A Successful Outdoor Grow

Having the right tools can be the difference between a successful crop and a failure. An experienced woodworker would never be without a router or table saw. A mechanic would never be without a set of wrenches. An outdoor cannabis grower should never be without the requisite tools of the trade either.

A thermometer and humidity gauge are going to be essential. Knowing the range of temperatures and humidity levels that your garden experiences in the light and dark hours is going to be essential to productive crops. A pH meter is going to be invaluable and allow you to take your garden to the next level. An underrated tool for anyone who is going to be spending a lot of time tending to the garden, is going to be a quality pair of sunglasses. Exposure to that much bright light can be detrimental if not properly protected. When you grow with regular seeds, there is going to be the frustration of dealing with male plants. Having a plant sex ID kit is going to save time, money and effort. Lastly, knowing the perfect time to harvest plants can be tricky. A grower is going to need to identify the perfect time by looking at the trichomes. The problem is that the naked eye is unable to discern a perfectly matured trichome from an underdeveloped one. That is why having a magnifying glass is going to allow you to see the perfect time to pluck those puppies and maximize your yield.

Common Outdoor Cannabis Problems

Growing cannabis outdoors allows one to grow inexpensively and utilize the natural elements. This means that it comes with its challenges though. Some of the most common problems experienced by outdoor growers are the following:

Heat Waves can wreak havoc on your plants. Be sure to provide them with shelter and a shade cloth in this event.

Damage from budworms is also common and it is best to check in the evening for these little suckers.

Not providing the right balance of nutrients is going to lead to poor growth and a disappointed grower.

Early winter storms are an act of mother nature and can’t be predicted. Be prepared by creating a shelter that can shield your crops in the event that they roll in.

Another problem that is being increased due to global warming is the potential to have drought or lack access to water. The most important way to combat this is be prepared. Ensure that you have a supply and take advantage by collecting rainwater when it does come in the off-season

Growing Outdoor Marijuana Seeds In Soil

Many growers will choose soil as their preferred medium for cost efficiency as well as abundance. You can use soil in pots or plant your seeds directly into the ground. Your soil is going to be made up of three basic consistencies: sand, clay and silt. A silty soil is the perfect growing medium though. It warms quickly, is easy to work with, has good drainage and holds moisture well. It is always recommended to get your soil’s pH tested to remove any potential headaches down the road.

First time growers are always recommended to get a potting soil as it will be the easiest type to get you through the growing cycle. It is pre-fertilized to remove any of the mistakes that adding your own nutrients can bring.

Grow Outdoor Pot Seeds In Alternative Media

If the soil you have natively is not going to be good and you prefer not to get your hands dirty the way traditional soil does, there are other options.

Growing in Coco/Perlite and enjoy the advantages of hydroponics with the ease of soil growing. You can choose rockwool that is beloved for its moisture retention abilities. Anyone who has been around marijuana growing will have heard of hydroponics. This essentially means, soilless growing. The medium for hydroponics could be perlite, rockwool or even clay pebbles. Hydroponics is more expensive but produces faster growth, bigger yields and full control over the growing process.

Growing Autoflowering Seeds Outdoors

To Order Autoflowering Seeds is simple and easy. Head to Weed Seeds and choose from the huge selection of outstanding strains. Growing these babies outdoors is fabulous if you want a fast harvest or live in a climate that is more unstable and harsh. They are going to remain small and inconspicuous which is an added benefit when you need to keep your marijuana discreet. When using autoflowering cannabis seeds outdoors, be sure that you are ready for how quickly they will produce a harvest.

Grow Feminized Seeds Outdoors

Feminized Seeds Outdoors should be at the top of any growers list. With so many areas having plant limits, ensuring that you have female plants to produce big, robust buds is going to be essential. Feminized seeds will allow you to maximize your yield and get the most bang for your buck.

Come check out the impeccable catalogue of premium feminized seeds at Weed Seeds.

Growing Regular Marijuana Seeds Outdoors

Whether you want to Buy Outdoor 710 Cannabis Seeds or simply kick it old school and grab some regular seeds, Weed Seeds has you covered. Using regular seeds in an outdoor garden brings back the nostalgic feeling of a throwback green thumb. Back when knowledge and experience counted for a lot and you tested your mettle against the elements. Enjoy the ability to sex your plants and remove males or simply allow pollination so that you end up with a boatload of seeds for future crops.

Grow CBD Seeds Outdoors

Outdoor CBD Seeds are less common than high THC seeds but gaining in popularity every year. Growing CBD seeds outdoors is a great way to ensure that you will have the medicinal potency that you need. These are going to grow exactly the same as any other type of cannabis plant, but with a slightly different bud profile. Grab all the CBD seeds you require at Weed Seeds today.

Finding The Best Quality Outdoor Marijuana Seeds Online

When scouring the internet for marijuana seeds, it can feel like staring out into the dance floor at a crowded nightclub looking for your girlfriend. Skip the phonies and come to the Home of the Best Outdoor Seeds at Weed Seeds. We have a knowledgeable and friendly staff who will get you situated and take care of everything you need. Browse the catalogue and let us know your favorites and we will handle all the logistics so that the seeds are going to show up on your doorstep quickly, conveniently and discreetly.

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