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Best Lights For Growing Weed Indoors

CLF Lights For Growing Weed

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: February 17, 2021

Optimal Lighting for Indoor Marijuana Growing

With cannabis becoming legal across a growing number of states such as California and Colorado, people are increasingly considering the prospect of cultivating their own plants. Some are doing so for personal use whereas others are more interested in growing on a commercial level. No matter the reasons for becoming a marijuana gardener, growing requires knowledge of a few key elements.

A Brief Overview of the Marijuana-Growing Essentials

From juicy, nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables to decorative flowers and greenery, all plants need certain basic elements in order to grow and thrive. Marijuana is no different. While some cannabis plants are hardy enough to survive harsh conditions, every strain is sure to produce higher, more potent yields in suitable environments. This means providing just the right mix of the vital requirements.

  • Heat: cannabis plants need just the right amount of heat to grow properly. When temperatures are too high, plants wither; if it is too cold, foliage cannot carry out the many processes needed to flourish. You could compare plants to people in this regard. In cold weather, we tend to curl up and try to conserve our own body heat and energy. When we are warm and cozy, we tend to stretch out and soak in the heat. In sweltering temperatures, though, we sweat and can easily succumb to heat stroke.
  • Nutrients: without the right vitamins and minerals, seeds cannot sprout and grow into healthy, mature plants. Potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen are vital nutrients for plants, but others are necessary as well in smaller amounts. These vitamins and minerals can come from soil, fertilizer, potting mix, nutrient-solutions, or a combination of sources.
  • Water: water serves a few important roles in gardening. For one, it aids in drawing in nutrients and distributing them to various parts of the plants. Water mixes with soil or other growth media. From there, plants’ roots draw in the nutrient-rich fluid where it can be used as needed. Secondly, water helps plants maintain their structural integrity, so they do not droop or wilt.
  • Light: lights help plants transform nutrients into food via a process called photosynthesis. If they do not have adequate amounts of the right types of light, they cannot metabolize all the nutrients they take in. When they are getting optimum light, though, the chlorophyll contained within the plants springs to action and keeps the metabolic processes going.

All these elements come together to help seeds germinate and grow into lush plants burgeoning with whatever fruits they are genetically equipped to provide. In the case of cannabis, this would be sumptuous buds ready to provide CBD, THC or a potent blend of the two compounds.

Exploring Common Types of Artificial Lighting

While each of those components is crucial to marijuana plant health, light and heat may well be the most fundamental factors in the growing equation. When those plants do not receive enough of the right types of light and heat, no amount of nutrients and water are beneficial. Plants grown outdoors get their light and warmth from the sun, but those cultivated indoors require a great deal more human intervention. Obviously states like Arizona and Florida are going to get a little bit more of these magic ingredients than places like Minnesota, where most growers are forced to adapt to the indoors.

Artificial light and heat provided through grow lights is necessary for plants that spend their lives inside. Standard incandescent bulbs will not suffice. Cannabis plants need a broad spectrum of light at various intensities. Only specialized lights can provide this type of control and diversity.

Marijuana grow lamps are available in numerous forms. They are designed to simulate the sun’s heat and range. Each type of grow light has its own distinct set of benefits and disadvantages.
Best Lights For Growing Weed Inside
Growing Marijuana With Compact Florescent Lights
Growing Cannabis With CFL Bulbs

Best Lights For Growing Weed Inside

Growing Marijuana With Compact Florescent Lights

Growing Cannabis With CFL Bulbs

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