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Monster Cropping Cannabis – Monster Cropping Weed

Grow at Home with Monster Cropping

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: September 27, 2021

Monster Cropping Marijuana

If you’ve been growing marijuana plants for a while, chances are you’ve tried your hand at least a few advanced training techniques. Monster cropping is a relatively new cultivation technique, though, and even experienced growers have often yet to try their hand at it. If you’ve got a little bit of experience under your belt and you’re looking for a way to continuously harvest big, dense buds from your plants without keeping a mother, this technique might be for you.

What Is Monster Cropping?

Also known as “flowering clones,” monster cropping is a plant training method that lets growers take down continuous harvests without having to devote space and resources to keeping mother plants. It involves taking budding clones and setting them back to the vegetation stage to create more plants with more colas. Once you get the hang of monster cropping, you can also combine this technique with other types of plant training such as ScrOG to increase yields even more.

How Does Monster Cropping Work?

Monster cropping is different from more traditional plant training techniques in two crucial ways.

  1. Most high-stress and low-stress training occur during the vegetative stage, but you’ll need to monster crop when your plants are already flowering. If you do it right, the controlled stress will promote the development of a bushier structure, complete with extra colas.
  2. While most high-stress training techniques are designed to increase growth on the plants being pruned, monster cropping creates entirely new clones. Since it doesn’t influence the growth of your current crop, you’ll still be able to pull down a good harvest from the plants you’ve monster cropped.

The reason that this training technique is so effective is that it takes advantage of plants’ natural defenses. Like most plants, cannabis plants alter their growth characteristics when they encounter environmental stressors. In this case, the new clones respond by being switched back to veg by developing a bushier growth pattern.

Is It Worth Monster Cropping Plants?

There’s an ongoing debate among serious growers about whether monster cropping is a worthwhile training technique. The problem is, while it’s very effective when it works, monster cropping can be unpredictable. You’ll need to evaluate the pros and cons of this training technique carefully before deciding if it’s the right solution for your situation.