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Mary Jane Rathbun, aka Brownie Mary, was a hospital volunteer and medical marijuana activist. Born in 1922, she fought until the day she died for the right to get well with weed. This wise woman was busted on numerous occasions handing out pot brownies to AIDS patients and was one of the driving forces behind the first San Francisco buyers club. Her achievements and legislative wins would pave the way for research into the medical potential of marijuana, thus germinating a seed that would later bear the medical markets we know today.

But weed seeds are not just medical and Mary Jane seeds USA means different things to a lot of different people, and when you need seeds, Weed Seeds USA has you from top to bottom. Cannabis is a big creature with many faces, captivating growers and consumers the world over through its near-limitless capabilities. If weed is a friend to you and you are looking to get into growing or collecting, Weed Seeds USA is where it’s at. We have more than 500 of the most widely appreciated strains in the country.

We work to provide the best and we supply both small and large scale orders, so that everyone in America can have the chance to bake like Mary Jane. Growers and collectors from all over the country come to Weed Seeds for our excellent selection, service, and security. Our experts know weed and we only purchase seeds born and bred in America. When you shop with us, you can be confident knowing that every seed you purchase comes from an American farm, was raised by American hands, and is therefore ideal for American growers.

We have seeds to match your climate and weather patterns, indoor and outdoor seeds, regular, fast, feminized and automatic. We offer indica, sativa, hybrid, medicinal, recreational, hemp and CBG varieties. We also offer starter seeds, beginner beans, and for those on a tight budget, one and two dollar seeds. We cater to those looking to bag an award-winner and, with every famous name from history and all their variations, our collection has all you need. We are always sure to offer seeds spanning all the indica/sativa ratios, all the different THC/CBD counts you could hope to grow and, since CBG is gaining ground throughout US cannabis markets, we offer some tips on those as well. Our selection is so jam packed it is enough to make your head spin!

We work with professional designers and developers to ensure our site and its performance are at their peak. Hundreds of simple to navigate product pages, straight forward drop-down menus with numerous categories, personal information security and speedy and direct shipping are all right here at Weed Seeds USA. We offer deals and coupons, ongoing client services, and we always guarantee your satisfaction. Our seeds are among the best in America and our client ratings prove it. If sweet Mary Jane has grabbed your senses and you feel the pull to parent the best in the business, trust Weed Seeds USA for all your best starts.

Mary Jane Seeds


Buy Mary Jane Seeds Online in the USA

Mary Jane Seeds For Sale

Mary Jane Seeds USA

What is Souvenir Mary Jane?

Souvenir Mary Jane is the term we are using to describe the kind cannabis seeds which we supply and ship to bless collections all over the country. Just as Mary Jane Rathbun herself was a near saint, fighting for patient comfort, it is the characteristics of the seeds we offer which are the reason behind her beliefs and actions. However, until cannabis is at least decriminalized at the federal level, our seeds must be sold as souvenirs only. It really is that simple.

It should be pretty clear why growers grow, but people collecting can at first sound a bit bonkers. No worries, it is thanks to good people collecting mountains of seeds that there are local seed banks popping up to help all you herbies out a bit. Good seeds are hard to find. It is a rare occasion indeed, scooping a single seed from a bag. Navigating the cannabis landscape can be daunting because some seed distributors can be hard to trust, especially if they do not offer guarantees. Their products can be old and you may end up with duds. When you need reliability, viability, security, and selection, Weed Seeds USA is the answer. We offer every type of seed an enthusiast could wish to collect and categorize.

Even if the federal government says no to cannabis cultivation, we say yes and that is totally okay. The legislation says no on delta-9 THC, so the country winks as it abides and develops delta-8, imports, and offers kratom, CBG, and all the rest. The point is that we are allowed to sell you souvenir seeds, seeds for collection, examination, and research. We offer these high-test novelty items for your amusement and, one day maybe, cultivation. How you classify them is up to you and, when you take care to store them correctly, your seeds will remain healthy and viable for a very long time. If you want some sticky souvenir ganja, you’re going to have to get your hands on some souvenir seeds, and we have all you can handle at Weed Seeds USA.

What Types of Mary Jane Are There?

For those new to cannabis, there is a lot to learn in just beginning to discover the complexities of such a prize. There is so much to learn that the whole enterprise can at times seem overwhelming. For those moments when you can’t tell which way is up, we offer our ultimate cannabis glossary however, to know what types of Mary Jane we have available, keep reading.

Landrace, pure indica or sativa, indica-dominant, indica-heavy, sativa-heavy, sativa-dominant, CBD, CBG, and others make up the types of cannabis available throughout consumer markets in America. This country was among the earliest to start breeding different strains and is one of the most famous for its cannabis culture and celebrations. This calls for every type of experience, and contained within the aforementioned list are the seeds for every form of physical and psychological freedom one could seek. Of course, you would do well to speak with your medical and nutritional professionals to decipher the range of terpenes and cannabinoids you need for increased wellness, before purchasing seeds.

Ratios play a major role in the rasta revolution as well. All of the different types of strains out there, indica, sativa, and hybrid, run on many ratios. Indica:sativa counts can be 80/20, 75/35, 70/30, 60/40, and they can be 50/50. Add ruderalis in the mix for an autoflower and that ratio shifts to absorb another twenty percent. This looks like 40/40/20 in a balanced auto, and so on. The same is true for THC:CBD ratios. You do not have to be a scientist to figure out what works best for you, but once you do, you will appreciate how a balance of terpenes, and cannabinoids can improve health and wellness.

What Are The Steps In Growing Mary Jane From Seed?

Marijuana seeds all require similar processes to grow top-shelf Mary Jane. Seeds are the beginnings of life, and they contain within them everything they need to get the right start. But they are small, dry, hard as a rock, and require a bit of care to get them going and even more to maintain their health. Following are the basic steps required so that you get the weed you want.

Germination is the first important step. This demands moisture without being wet, humidity without being swampy, and adequate oxygen exchange to take place without the whole thing drying out. Once your seed pops you can plant it and place it in your chosen medium. When a seed breaks open cotyledons will emerge. These little quasi leaves provide the germinated seed with the nutrients it needs for its roots to establish. Once set up, the seedling will start to draw minor nutrients from the medium so it can grow. Once those first leaves start to develop, your seedling has entered the vegging phase. Feed your vegging plants growing nutrients, rather than blooming nutrients, and this is also the time to start training plants.

A Sea of Green (SOG) requires only that the plant establishes as vegging before the flip to flower. This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. A Screen of Green (ScrOG) setup requires a little more from the grower. With this technique plants are grown through a mesh or screen. Transplanting from seedling to a vegging pot, then on to flowering pots is common practice, though unnecessary in some cases. Autoflowers are an exception to the rule since they don’t like to be disturbed. Once you are happy with the health and size of your plants, are satisfied with their training and development, flip photoperiod plants to twelve hours of light to trigger the flowering stage. Monitor humidity closely and watch for mites, feed blooming solutions, prune for vigor, and watch those trichomes appear.

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Can You Grow Mary Jane From Seed With No Experience?

Those with no experience may be searching for things like Mary Jane seeds.com to find the information they seek. We hope that this is not you and, if you have landed here, chances are you’re a bit sharper than that. Weed Seeds USA tries to supply new growers and collectors with pertinent information so that success can be enjoyed, even by those with no experience. By learning a few key tips, you are sure to rock out a successful crop as a newbie grower.

Growing Mary Jane from seed is simple, as long as you have the right gear, are willing to reach out to learn all you can, are humble enough to ask for help, and are dedicated enough to success that you are prepared for anything. Anyone with some cultivation experience will tell you that, though weed is finicky, it doesn’t take much to work wonders. You need a space that is impervious to light so that plants do not become confused during dark periods. Light is another consideration, and this is one arena where it pays to opt for quality over saving money. A humidifier/dehumidifier, fans, and extraction will make up your recipe for ideal VPD or vapor pressure deficit, something which has to be spot on or all sorts of problems can occur, and for which you can find charts online.

That takes care of the environment, but there is a whole other side to this machine and that is the medium. There are many mediums you could choose to go with, but the most common are a coir/perlite mixture, DWC or deep-water culture, and living soil. The type of medium you choose will dictate what nutrients you choose and how to run them. Nutrients are of utmost importance when managing Mary Jane, so you need to get them right. Research is going to be your best friend here, and there are many charts available describing overdose and deficiency and what to do about them.

How To Buy Souvenir Mary Jane Online?

Souvenir seeds are some of the hottest commodities in the country right now and we see their popularity continuing to rise. Throughout yesteryear, it was a nice surprise to come across a bag seed. These days you might be able to find some at a health food store or cannabis activist headquarters. Today, no self-respecting producer would ever allow a seed in their weed, so the would-be grower is left to search online. This can be a daunting enterprise, but with Weed Seeds USA you always have hundreds of options, and they are all top shelf and ready to go.

All you have to do is create an account. We know you might not feel comfortable offering your information over the world wide web, but we assure you that our developers have created a secure environment for you to shop in. A couple of minutes to set up your personal information, a few more to set up your banking stuff, and you’re good to go. We require no initial payment, we don’t send you endless solicitation emails and we promise never to sell your information to anyone, ever. No matter what your online shopping experiences may have been before, you are in good hands with Weed Seeds USA.

Given you have all your account information set up and you are shopping away, simply fill your cart with the seeds that suit your goals. When you are ready, our eCommerce section is built to help you checkout with ease. We accept credit cards through Mesh, and you can reach out to pay through Zelle, Venmo, or Debit. We also accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash, so if it’s a cryptocurrency you like to trade in, no sweat. Once you’ve placed your order, we package it lickety-split and get it out to you right away.

How To Learn To Grow From Seed Online?

Learning how to grow from seed is a big deal. It can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you will ever enjoy and, once you start, you will only get better with practice. Weed Seeds USA likes to help where we can, so we provide grow guides aimed at helping growers through early beginnings. But there is so much more to know, and it can all be found online.

For hundreds of years, papers have been written on the botany and management of cannabis. Those who grow hemp have thousands of years of trial and error to learn from and dozens of species to choose from. Science has discovered ideal light levels for cannabis creatures, light schedules, and intensities. It has also deciphered some of the trickier aspects of ventilation and extraction management and has outlined for us ideal combinations of humidity, CO2, and airflow. Experience has shown us how to make sure plants don’t get confused, how to train indicas and sativas, and how to manage mothering and cloning. All of this information is available online and all you have to do is keep on learning.

Many students new to the world of DIY opt for YouTube university. This is one of the largest search engines on the planet and it is packed with every type of data you could ever dream of, much you didn’t know you needed, and heaps you never knew existed. Google is the other side of things. Through this online platform you can find scholarly articles, cannabis news, blogs, podcasts, and, of course, you can find Weed Seeds USA. Learning online is easy, but it is a practical application that will make a great grower. Stick with it, absorb as much information as possible, stay prepared and you will stand a fantastic chance of winning the gold.

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What Are Feminized Mary Jane Seeds?

For eons, growers had to weed through the mess of both males and females to clean the space for buds to flourish and for seeds to be a non-issue. Cultivating regular seeds is not the type of money waiting pursuit the bud farmer wants to experience anymore, so we have the process of feminization. Once you find the phenotypes you like, they can be treated to produce feminized seeds. This process requires a young female plant to be shocked with silver to produce male parts, thus pollinating herself and all surrounding females. The resulting seeds are free of male genetics and are thus feminized seeds.

Where regular or natural seeds deliver a fifty-fifty split of both boys and girls, and it is almost impossible to tell which is which before the flip, feminized seeds give you near one hundred percent girls, every time. Feminization is fantastic news for those who just want flowers, and we have our friends in the Netherlands to thank for its discovery. Within the Weed Seeds seed bank, we offer hundreds of feminized seeds of auto-flowering and photoperiod natures, spanning numerous varieties. Our selection covers all ratios as well, CBD:THC, indica, sativa, and all the terpene combinations you could dream of.

Strains include, but are in no way limited to Godfather OG Photo Fem, Forbidden Zkittlez Photo Fem, and Critical Nicky Photo Fem, just to scratch the surface. As we have mentioned previously, we carry autoflower, fast flowering, award-winning, 420 and 710 strains a plenty, as well as feminized versions of some landrace and early cultivars. Whether you are just starting out or have been growing and collecting seeds your entire life, the selection of feminized Mary Jane seeds at Weed Seeds USA is specifically tuned to fulfill all flower fancies. Our seed experts are available for consultation, and we have enough to supply operations of any size.

Is There a Good Mary Jane Seed Bank?

If you have been searching for a good Mary Jane seed bank and have landed here by accident, know that Weed Seeds USA is a top customer-rated distributor of American-made cannabis seeds, spanning strains from all generations and every corner of the globe. We offer an extensive selection of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering versions of both past and contemporary rock stars, and they can all be purchased through secure transactions within your private Weed Seeds account.

We make ourselves available from Monday to Friday for calls and you can access our online experience any time you like. We make a point of consistently updating our information and upgrading our collection, and our developers make sure that you stay safe when you come for an online visit. It would take a month to read through all of our product pages, so we made drop-down menus for swift and efficient navigation. All of your account and payment questions can be answered through our FAQ sections, and we prioritize our customers’ needs by not only offering limitless seeds but by accepting an impressive range of payment options as well.

In the name of transparency, and though it may be obvious, we are not the only seed bank out there. Many companies operating internationally and within the US work diligently to supply consumers with the seeds they need. But for US residents who love this country, and wish to support American businesses and American economies, Weed Seeds USA is the very last word in pot fuelled patriotism. So again, though there are many seed banks out there when you want a reputable seed bank that supports the red, white, and blue of our good old American flag, trust Weed Seeds USA to answer the call of your inner wild.

Where Can I Buy Mary Jane Seeds For Sale

You can buy seeds online through the Mary Jane seed bank at Weed Seeds USA. Since you are already on your computer, phone, tablet, or whatever, open a new tab and type in weed-seeds.com. When we pop up in your new window, you will be presented with a seed distributor that has your best interests at heart. Navigating our online storefront is simple and can be executed quickly through our intuitive navigation platform. If you ever wonder where you can buy Mary Jane seeds for sale, trust the wonders at Weed Seeds USA.

Upon entering our site, you will see the words souvenir seeds. Don’t let this throw you off. Souvenirs are the legal term for kick-butt cannabis seeds. The green bar along the top of the page has a few sections, one of which is My Account, where it only takes a second to sign up. If all you want to know is whether we’ve got the goods or not, jump right into seeds. Hovering over our souvenir seeds, types of seeds, and deals sections will show you the types of pods we offer. All you have to do then is pick your section.

Some of our drop-down sections offer subsequent menus with quick references to the hottest commodities of the day. For the full list, simply click on one of the headings, select a subsection and find your favorites. With more than five hundred of history’s finest strains on hand and seeds enough to replant Eden, we are confident that you will always find what you’re looking for.

How To Germinate Mary Jane Seeds

Shopping with us is fun no matter what you might be looking for. We have so many seeds in our selection, clients have told us that regardless of how many times they enter our vault, every time there is something new popping out and staring them in the face. If you have surfed through our selection and chosen some seeds, have enjoyed our simple and secure checkout, and have received and opened your package, the first step to learn is how to germinate your Mary Jane seeds.

As there are only so many ways to germinate a seed safely, this is a perfect opportunity for you to get out there and start practicing your research skills. Germination is simple but we will give you a quick rundown for you to take out there into the world, to research, and to put into practice. It is important to understand what a seed needs to stay asleep. Store seeds in a cool, dark, and semi-arid environment, such as a blackout bag in a fridge. For a neat and attractive collection, some folks choose to display their seeds in a minibar or something similar. The main point is that seeds be kept cool, devoid of light, and just dry enough that they won’t absorb moisture, but not so dry as to kill the seed.

It must then stand to reason that, for a seed to wake up, it requires warmth, humidity, and light. If you guessed this, you are correct, though the light part can wait until the bean breaks ground. Through your research, you will most likely find that the paper towel approach is the one most widely promoted by professionals. This requires a couple of paper towels, some water, a plate, and your seeds. Lay the seeds between two folded towels, soak the whole thing, pour off excess water, and store it in the cupboard until the shells crack open and give way to a taproot. Adding mild rooting nutrients can help, but is unnecessary, and in a couple of days, your seeds should be ready for soil.

Place Your Mary Jane Seed Order Online Or By Phone Through Our Seed Bank TODAY

Growing weed is fun and collecting seeds through Weed Seeds USA is painless. We protect cannabis and, when you shop with us, we protect you too. Endeavoring to supply our beloved fellows with the seeds they need to see success in their pursuits brings us joy, and we are good at it. That is not arrogance, but confidence in what we are building here, what we have built, and what we intend to do for seeds in the future.

Placing your Mary Jane seed order online or by phone through our seed bank today will have you germinating seeds in as little as a week. Individuals and home-based practitioners have access to all the seeds they need while professionals managing massive houses of herb have access to them en masse. Larger orders see shipping coupons and for huge wholesale orders, we will even ship to Canada and Mexico.

You are free to access our secure online platform and eCommerce solutions twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and if it is a human you would prefer, we can be reached by phone at Call US. We are in the office from nine to five, central daylight time, Monday to Friday, where one of our staff members will be happy to address any questions you might have. We base our mission on integrity, service, selection, and security and are dedicated to maintaining all four. When you want to partner with a seed bank committed to giving cannabis a brighter future, you want Weed Seeds USA.

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Mary Jane Seed Bank USA

Mary Jane Seeds For Sale

by Neal Brown . Updated: December 29, 2021

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