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Written by Neal Brown . Updated: April 12, 2022
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Marijuanas Seeds For Sale

To anyone searching for marijuanas seeds USA, that is, weed seeds born and bred in the good old red, white and blue, you have come to the right spot. We have marijuana seeds for sale ranging through all cannabis species and subspecies. Soothing indicas and speedy sativas, complex hybrids and autoflowers are all right here, ready to go into your collection. With Weed Seeds USA, you have selection, security and top shelf customer service, and all of our seeds are one hundred percent American.

People enjoy growing and collecting seeds for many reasons. For those who grow, planting seeds, selecting your favorite phenotypes and starting perfected rotations is something to work towards and, once set, are practices which can pay handsomely. Weed can be expensive, especially when you’re already paying out the nose for prescriptions. Growing your own is also therapeutic, exciting and needs a bit of attention, so anyone stuck at home can dig into the pretty awesome new hobby of purchasing and growing cannabis seeds. We offer strains for all experience levels and desires, and they are always available through your account.

If you are one who dreams of becoming the best seed supplier in your region, Weed Seeds can help you get there as well. Impress those around you with your skills in seed selection and storage. Some of our seeds are rare, hard to find anywhere else, and you might be the only one with the seeds people drool for. Timeless creatures from around the globe, raised and perfected for American soils and climates is what you get here. Your collection’s categories can include award winning strains dating back to the first Cannabis Cup, monster medicinals, rosin-ready strains, rainbow genetics, male/female, landrace genetics and more, and they all await you here.

We also offer hemp seeds so low in THC that they can be grown legally and, if you happen to land on one which is a bit high in this restricted cannabinoid, it can be harvested early to ensure legal yields. Some of our medical seeds are so charged with CBD that an early harvest is not too much to ask. The fibres of these plants can go to industry while their flowers can be used to make topicals, concentrates, edibles and other wonderful creations. Some of these processes can be managed on the farm which, after an initial output, see hemp farmers doubling down and shining throughout American medicinal markets.

Our eCommerce platform is set up in such a way as to have you through the labyrinth and checked out in no time. We offer singular or wholesale purchase options and your online shopping experience and all your information is guaranteed safe from predators. When you partner with Weed Seeds USA for your future seed selections, know that we have your back, we offer helpful information and are supportive of your pursuits. Any time you call during business hours, you will be greeted by someone who not only cares about marijuanas, but who also wants you to have an easy experience.



Marijuanas Seeds


Buy Marijuanas Seeds Online in the USA

Marijuanas Seeds For Sale

Marijuanas Seeds USA

What is Souvenir Marijuanas?

Souvenir marijuanas are not really a thing, but souvenir seeds sure are. These are the same cannabis seeds as all the rest; however, it is the intention behind ordering seeds which makes them either legal or illegal, and ordering them strictly for novelty purposes gets us all around the wall. Whatever your intentions, in order to understand the necessity for souvenir seeds, we must first look at the state of these nuggets throughout our nation. Don’t worry, though things can get sticky, the dreamy day is coming where we won’t have to think of new ways to navigate the man.

Thanks to the introduction of the recreational capabilities of cannabis to farmers from our friends in the south, blanket prohibition fell over America in 1937. Over the ensuing decades, weed would find its way peacefully into the hearts and minds of approximately half the country. Though our neighbors to the north have completely legalized cannabis and many of our states have as well, delta-9 THC remains illegal at the federal level. This means any seed with the potential to raise a plant containing more than 0.3% THC is prohibited under law. This doesn’t mean they are illegal everywhere though. States have their own say, and many say go for it. The issue lies in shipping and cultivation.

For this reason, we offer our selection as souvenirs, novelty or collector’s items. We love to hear about collections popping up all over the country and we are always behind anyone who wants to spread the love as far and wide as possible. We say collect seeds and await the day when you are allowed to grow, and flower your way to peace of both mind and community. Our vault houses the best of the best, the most rewarding, most resinous and hardest hitting, both in recreational and medicinal arenas. With Weed Seeds USA, there is no going wrong.

What Types of Marijuanas Are There?

Though we offer a comprehensive cannabis glossary of some of the stickier terms to grasp, it doesn’t take an encyclopedia to know what types of marijuanas there are out there. Really, it depends on how you look at it. Whether you take a peek at the genetics of cannabis cultivars, the effects, habits and characteristics, color, size, timeline, nature or other, you’ll see something different every time. The short answer is that when you look at cannabis, the variations really are limitless.

From a genetic standpoint, cannabis is a genus of