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Anxiety, Depression and Marijuana

Medicinal Cannabis

Written by Neal Brown . Updated: November 25, 2021

Marijuana vs. Anxiety and Depression

Every generation born into an ever-modernizing society experiences a higher degree of overall stress than the previous generation. There is always more to do but only the same amount of time in which to do it. Constant and unrelenting chronic stress is not conducive to good mental health. In recent decades, chronic stress has arguably caused one or more anxiety disorders in large swatches of the population. Relief is in order.

Today, there are millions of people who are overwhelmed by societal and personal life trauma and that walk around each day laboring beneath a dark cloud of depression or at the mercy of merciless anxieties. An increasing number of studies show the controlled use of marijuana products, particularly those with the right balance of THC and CBD, may offer a way out of this dark maze.

True Health Is the Goal

For many generations, Americans were taught to look to the medical profession for guidance and support. Sadly, neither this industry nor its parent industry, Big Pharma, has done much to promote overall health. Instead, the medical industry focuses on pharmaceutical drugs to treat (not cure) symptoms of sickness and disease, not coincidentally making its stockholders a great deal of money.

Nature’s Way – Plants for Food and Medicine

The all-important topics of prevention, nutrition, food as medicine, herbs, supplements, alternative therapies – none of these guardians of authentic health seem to interest those in charge of the American health care industry. Big Pharma views marijuana production as competition, not as another industry that shares the goal of healing people and relieving human suffering. Because the same people that control Big Pharma also control world governments, we have a society in which growing a plant for personal consumption is illegal, but pharmaceutical products with side effects that include death are not.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Needs People to Treat

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry has the bullhorn in American medical politics. Remember, its primary goal is profit. The industry creates drugs to sell via prescriptions dispensed thru their dealers, aka medical doctors. These drugs may or may not help patients in their distress. Patients may or may not experience side effects. Of these, some may be worse than the original complaint. Physicians say if one drug doesn’t work that perhaps another will. They’re unperturbed by side effects that create more sick people. The pharmaceutical industry requires a steady stream of sick people to treat.

Marijuana as Medicine

Although it was not discovered until the 1980s, the human body is equipped with a communication and regulatory system known as the endocannabinoid system. This system of receptors is spread throughout the body, with concentrations of receptors in both the brain and central nervous system as well as in the immune system. Under normal conditions, the endocannabinoid system creates cannabinoids as needed. However, from the research available it appears evident that many people’s endocannabinoid systems benefit from supplementation during times of stress. Marijuana’s medicinal influence on the body is undeniable, but note that THC and CBD affect anxiety differently. Small amounts of THC appear to offer relief from anxiety whereas high THC consumption is associated with increased anxiety. Interestingly, CBD provides anxiety relief in all studied dosages to date.