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An appetizing and highly stoney strain, Yumbolt is a mysterious indica-hybrid discovered in the weed mecca of Humbolt county, California. Most reports point to a likely cross of Afghani and Himalayan landrace indica strains. The first impression of the high will blow your mind with potent and euphoric psychoactive effects and a soothing and palatable nutty flavor. This is a popular strain frequently sold out in dispensaries, so buying some Yumbolt Photo Fem right here to grow from seed is the only way to guarantee you will always have some of this famous 420 bud on hand to smoke regularly. For the average cannabis consumer, 18-24% THC is considered on the very high range, and even those who are daily 420 smokers will feel a noticeable body buzz that deeply relaxes and rewinds your stresses that get carried throughout the day. After buying your Yumbolt seeds from Weed Seeds USA, you can enjoy your final harvest after just 9-10 weeks of flowering time!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield300-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield350-450g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain, Stress
Aroma & FlavorsPine, Pungent

Yumbolt Seeds For Sale USA

While the origins of the Yumbolt Photo Fem strain go back to the 1970’s, the strain didn’t make huge public headway until it won the 2001 Cannabis Cup award for best indica strain that year. The best sativa strain that same year was Blue Haze Fem, another one of our extremely popular hybrid seeds at Weed Seeds USA. If you need some cannabis to help relax your mind and body, buy Yumbolt Photoperiod Feminized online and get to work cultivating your own stash that you can stockpile or sell. Home grown cannabis is a real treat to enjoy and can significantly bring down the cost of your monthly chronic bill. Of all the different classifications of cannabis seeds you could start to grow with, Fem Seeds make the work of growing relatively worry free and enable even the most inexperienced beginners to achieve great results.

Yumbolt Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

If you have the preconceived impression that you can just drive down the street to your local garden centres or weed dispensary and pick up whatever pot seeds are on your shopping list, guess again. While the seed itself is not a controlled substance, marijuana still carries a heavy tone of taboo that keeps many retailers from wanting to associate with 420 culture. The best place to buy weed seeds these days is directly online, getting you the best selection at unbeatable prices. We carry vast quantities of Yumbolt and other indica-leaning strains to provide our dedicated American growers with lots of variety. Let’s explore more details pertaining to the Yumbolt (or Yumboldt) strain specifically.

Growing Yumbolt From Seed

Any marijuana seed needs care and consistency in order to surpass the early stages of the plant lifecycle. You will want to germinate these seeds in a controlled environment, such as a damp paper towel in a Ziplock bag on the top of your fridge. This will be a nice warm location, out of direct sunlight, where the seed will not be subject to bumps or other physical disruption. Once a nice long white taproot emerges, you can transplant it into dirt (or another medium of your choosing) and grow the plant successfully indoors or out. Indoor growers are advised to keep the grow room temperature between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity around 40-60%. By the end of flowering, you should see a nice harvest of 300-400g/m2. If you live in a sunny and Mediterranean-like climate (like Humboldt, California), then each potted outdoor plant can support up to 350-450g. From the selection of Huge THC Seeds that we carry, the Yumbolt strain is a sturdy all-arounder that you can grow in a variety of methods – even hydroponics!

Is Yumbolt Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

When you decide to grow marijuana for the first time, it sure is nice to end up with some smokable product at the end of it rather than a sad weepy plant that doesn’t produce much bud. There is definitely a learning curve that will enable you to improve over time, but picking an easy to grow indica strain for your first round is best for your confidence and also for your finances. If you are the kind of person that struggles with scheduling and consistency, make sure you rely on an automated timer for the lights going on and off. With a photoperiod strain such as this, the light during vegetation isn’t as critical, you just need to give wood quality full-spectrum light and lots of it. Once the plants are big enough and ready to flower, you will need to maintain a steady 12 hours of light and 12 hours dark to get good results. Interruptions in this schedule (like turning on lights in the middle of the night) can confuse the plants and cause them to turn hermaphrodite. The only way to skirt around this requirement is to purchase Auto Yumbolt Fem which are much more forgiving around changing light cycles.

What Makes Feminized Yumbolt Strain Popular?

Winning the prize for best indica and getting your picture featured on the cover of weed magazines across the country is certainly a great start to winning any popularity contests. The name of Humbolt is also well known amongst the cannabis crowd simply because so much great quality pot comes out of that region. In general, our Hybrid Seeds are popular because of the ease of which they grow. Buy Yumbolt Feminized online for a hearty ganja strain that will give you a nice home grown stash to smoke on for many months to come.

Yum Bolts Feminized Medicinal Application

Not every form of medicine goes down as yummy as well grown Yum Bolts being vaporized at just the right temperature. The soothing smoke can almost instantly bring down high levels of mental anxiety and also lift your spirits out of a dark place of depression. Mental health is a fragile balance and getting the right cannabinoids in your system to restore harmony can feel like a lifesaving ritual at the beginning or end of your day. This plant grows high yields that can become any downstream medicinal product, like oil (710), tincture, or infused budder. When ingested rather than smoked, this strain is especially useful in treating pain from various sources, like injury, inflammation, or chronic nerve pain. Give it a try to see if it helps with your particular symptoms.

Effects of Yum Bolts

Getting jiggy with somy yummy sticky icky could be just what the doctor ordered for your night. If you need to prescribe yourself some magical goodnight medicine, then Yumbolt Fem is your jam. Initially, this is an energizing weed that may give you the boost to go through your home grow operation and inspect for pests and dry leaves. After an hour or that, your focus may start to wane, giving you the uplifting sense that you should head for the couch. The effects from this strain really finish off like a true indica, much like you would expect from other sleeper strains like Critical Kush Fem. There is no doubt that the Yum-bolt is a wild one that creeps up, so watch out.

Fragrances of Yum-bolt

Marijuana has developed a following of connoisseurs akin to the wine and spirits industries. In addition to fine flavor, true weed lovers appreciate a good nose on the bag when they crack open for their first sniff. There is no debating where this strain got its name with the deliciously spicy and earthy fragrance that comes off of these buds. You will almost want to straight up eat them, but the effects of these dominant terpenes (Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, and a-Myrcene) are far better off enjoyed through smoking or vaporizing the herb, not eating it. Buy Female Yum-bolt online and you will get to smell up your entire growing space with the yummy odor that wafts from the entire plant.

Flavors of Yumbold

The flavor of this strain may surprise you as it is not like your typical backyard pot. The Yumbold plant carries a complex earthy taste that has notes of black pepper and pine. A lemon zing may tickle the roof of your mouth upon exhale which leaves for a nice finish. If you happen to already have harvested this plant once or twice in your home grow you will know that despite smelling so good right away, the flavor will be best after drying and curing the buds for a minimum of 2-3 weeks.

Microview of Yumbolt Cannabis Seeds

Although each cannabis seed looks mostly the same at first glance, there are microscopic differences between different sativa and indica strains that a trained eye may be able to notice. When you receive your Yumbolt seeds in the mail and unpackage them, you should see a dark green shell with various tones of light green veins running throughout the pattern. Any cracks or visible damage to the outside surface means the seed likely won’t be viable. This is why we take extra care to package your seeds safely to make the trip to your mailbox without sustaining any abuse.

Buy Yumbolt Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Many garden plants you can just find in your local nursery or garden center, and this may be the case for marijuana plants many years down the road. As it stands today, cannabis remains illegal in a few US states, but the sale of seeds is still completely allowed. Buy Yumbolt Photo Fem seeds online in the USA and have them shipped to your home in Alaska, California, or Arkansas. The legalities of growing in your home state may impact how many plants you want to grow, and how publicly you share this information, but we are here for you no matter what.

Yumbolt Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

When browsing seed options at your local retailers, you may find you are limited to packs of ten, which may break down to as much as $10-15 per seed. At Weed Seeds USA, we encourage our large scale grow operations to buy in bulk as this saves you money and also builds consistency of always having the strains you need on hand when you need them. Buy Female Yumbolt online and you can access hundreds of amazing wholesale weed seed options, like Yumboldt Photo Fem or Auto Bubba Kush Fem.

Grow Yumbolt Seeds

Even those living in states like Arkansas and Missouri can now have equal success in growing cannabis indoors as anywhere else in the world. You can set yourself up with all the racks, pots, lights, and nutrients that you will need just by shopping online. Why not do the same with your seeds? If you have already decided to make the move to grow from seed, then you are in the right place. Fulfill the destiny of these specialty seeds and get them to flower to their full potential. You will be rewarded with the most stunning buzz you have experienced in a coon’s age.

Yumbolt Seed Bank

The word bank may instill fear in some hippies out there, but in our case, it is used to represent security and quality. We not only stock the most robust and viable seeds available, but also focus on keeping our customers’ information 100% secure and confidential. If you are a first time grow op owner feeling nervous about making the switch to our wholesale seeds, just take a peek at some of our reviews for popular strains like this Yumbolt or L.A.Confidential Fem. Ultimately if you want to buy Yumbolt Photo Fem seeds online in the USA, we are your friendly neighborhood seed bank who is equipped with the best selection and consistent availability.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Yumbolt Strain Seeds

Yumbolt from Humbolt is the best kind of weed, but you can now grow this epic US landrace strain anywhere in the country, thanks to our fast and flexible shipping options. You can place orders and pay online 100% on your own or call our customer service line if you require assistance at any point through the process at 1-807-844-1234. We even take many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Buy cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA and you will be pleasantly surprised with how easy the whole process can be. You should be seeing lots of Yumbolt Photo Fem popping up at grow ops near you.

Yumbolt Seeds For Sale USA

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  1. Christopher Graham

    “Got this Yumbolt seed as a bonus. What an absolutely beautiful plant. Long white pistils that show early in veg, dark green narrow leads, tight nodes, and seems to grow allll over the plant. Tangy fruity yummy smell. Develops trichomes pre-flower also, all over the sugar leafs.

    Responds very well too topping (dont top too early with this one though). Easily cloned, NOT thirsty. Low water requirements.

    I’m keeping a clone of this on my computer desk in veg in a small fabric pot just because of how beautiful it is, real treat.”

  2. Alex Barredo

    quick delivery, quality product. eberythign as decsribed. don’t really need more will recommend!

  3. Heather McBride

    Very high quality seeds.The best i think. I love their packs. second one i ordered this year

  4. Cole Feltis

    Excellent customer service. Got my beans on time .Now to plant them. Hope their stock is as good as their shipping.

  5. Donna Wright

    I got exactly what I wanted with the pack and it was delivered quick. The seeds are amazing and popped right away!

  6. Granty Yates

    Nicely packaged not damaged when I receive them fast germination very happy with them and showed up in a reasonable amount of time.

  7. Mike Wagner

    Excellent service! Many many thanks. My Yumbolt seeds order arrived safe, and pretty quick with great robust packaging. Cool! Cheers.

  8. Michael Jenson

    10/10 germ, quick shipping.. happy.

  9. Ken Tran

    The order was processed quickly and delivered in just a few days

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