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Yumbolt is an award-winning cross between Afghan and Himalayan landrace strains. The addition of ruderalis makes her autoflowering while feminization has taken the chance of males out of the equation. She will fit and grow pretty much anywhere and in 8-10 weeks, will produce up to 350 grams per square foot with a 24% THC level. She tickles the sinuses with a fresh berry and sweet pine-infused nose, while the fresh earth and spicy hardwood exhale defines her worldliness. This weed also makes great medicine, effectively crushing headaches, migraines, aches and pains, nausea, and sleeplessness, not to mention her apathy for depression. Trust Auto Yumbolt Fem to deliver the buds you are looking for, every time, without the fuss!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350g per square meter
Outdoor Yield100 - 200g per plant
Flower Time8 - 10 Weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Chrohn's Disease, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Pain, PTSD, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsPine, Spice, Sweet, Woody
Terpenesa-Humulene, Caryophyllene

Yumbolt Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

Taking home Best Indica in the 2001 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup with a 20% THC level and a super-charged yet balanced high, Yumbolt proved it has an attitude all of its own. Bred in California’s infamous Humboldt County in the ’70s through an inspired combination of Afghan, Himalayan, and generally unknown landrace strains, this one has some very special and very ancient roots.

The historical significance of Humboldt County should never be underestimated or overlooked. It is specifically due to the dedicated breeders and growers of the Emerald Triangle of Trinity, Mendocino, and Humboldt Counties that we have seed-free weed. During America’s hyper-invasive War on Drugs throughout the ’80s, marijuana freedom fighters from this region were instrumental in developing many of the indoor growing techniques horticulturists everywhere capitalize on today.

It is not confirmed, but Afghan landrace indica is suspected to be classified by Lemarck in the late 1700s. The story is he brought a bag of seeds from an assistant who had just come back from India and the weed he grew with them he classified as Cannabis Indica or, Cannabis from India. Because of the close proximity to the Hindu Kush Range, it may very well have been either Afghan landrace, Hindu Kush landrace, or a phenotype thereof stemming from a little further south. Little American history is known about this early Afghan weed except that it first arrived in California in the 1800s when Turkish, Arab, and Armenian farmers brought it with them in order to make ceremonial and recreational hashish. Afghan landrace and strains like it (Hindu Kush, Indian landrace) are matriarchal to all other indica strains, and Afghan is still alive in its ancient form even today. Used as a base to breed some super stellar strains like Northern Lights and Blueberry, Afghan landrace indica is known for its hard-hitting, sedative leanings with a sweet and spicy bouquet. When you smoke a 100% indica like this one, you can feel its age and sophistication, making Afghan a fantastic starting point for Yumbolt.

The number 2 ingredient is a bit of a guessing game. Given the timeline and what genetics Northern Californians of the Hippie Highway had to work with, we guess that they employed some breed of Mexican landrace sativa or possibly even the award-winning Skunk #1. The psychedelic cerebral stone found in Yumbolt is not characteristic of Afghan, or an indica for that matter, so we suspect it has some sativa in there. However, there is no contemporary knowledge base from which to posit our theories, so we can only go by what history tells us about the plant’s characteristics. Any way you slice it, the paring of these weeds has resulted in nothing short of perfection.

Breeders went a step further and crossed this stellar strain with Himalayan Ruderalis. Ruderalis is a strain of weed that has been discovered growing wild in the cold climates of Russia, Asia, and Europe. This strain adapted over the ages to protect itself by flowering out of maturity, not out of the shift in photoperiods and light temperatures required by your average ganja. Ruderalis is a little shorter, stalkier, definitely hardier, and generally fairly pest and disease resistant. As if Yumbolt wasn’t good enough, breeders took it up a notch to create a strain in which growers do not need all the bells and whistles necessary in more complex grows.

Stellar lineage and autoflower characteristics make for an awesome strain but why settle for good when you can have great. Breeders have taken this incredible strain and made it more grower friendly. Seed feminization is a process through which female plants are forced to produce pollen and that pollen is used to fertilize others in order to get seeds all but completely free of male genetics. With these feminized seeds, there is little to no chance that you will ever see a male plant. Wow! An autoflowering version of the award-winning Yumbolt with which cultivators do not have to worry about any males ruining the show. Now we have got a weed we can all enjoy growing and reaping the rewards of. Auto Yumbolt Fem is a high-powered, cerebral jumpstart to anyone’s psyche. This strain is known to calm, soothe aches and pains, oust sleeplessness and anxiety and generally uplift the user into an overall serenity generally associated with enlightenment. Being able to harvest this creature year-round in almost any condition is another strong bit of news to those who may only have access to a greenhouse or their garden. On the nose, she strikes notes of berries and sweet pine and she envelops the tongue in entrancing flavors of damp earth, hardwoods, and rare spices. Overall, this is a no-brainer award-winner and one of our favorites.

If you like what you see, visit Weed Seeds and order up some Yumbolt Fem strain seeds today. Simply let us know how many you would like and we will confirm your order, guide you through our secure payment options and you will be free to start planning that garden!

What Makes Autoflower Yumbolt Strain Popular?

There are many reasons why Yumbolt is so popular despite being a rather rare strain to just find at your local dispensary. This strain has a rich history, originating, in its modern form, in the famous Humboldt County in the 1970s. Humboldt County was a major birthplace for many new-age strains of weed, born from all different combinations of old world breeds. In the case of Yum Bolt, there is one parent that’s certain and another is unknown. Afghan landrace indica, which has had a hand in many popular new strains, is one parent, yet the other is a mystery, although it’s suspected to be possibly a Mexican landrace sativa, which was another common breeding strain at the time. It was then crossbred again with a ruderalis strain, which gives Yumbold its auto-flowering capabilities. This same auto-flowering ability is one of the reasons why this strain is considered very easy to grow. Aside from such an interesting background, this strain is on the stronger end, typically found at around 20% THC content, but 24% THC has not been unheard of for this strain. Additionally, Yumbolt is a strain that’s been said to have fantastic medicinal properties, and has been claimed by many medicinal smokers with chronic medical conditions as the one they rely on to help themselves live a more normal life. Topped with an irresistible smell of strong citrus as well as other notes such as spices and pine, this strain has gained a reputation for good reason.

Yum-Bolt Autoflower Medicinal Uses

People are using cannabis in myriad ways such as smoking, vaporizing, cooking, and ingesting oils so every user experience is different. Yum-bolt has been said by many medicinal cannabis users to have astounding medicinal properties that they swear by to live their day-to-day lives a bit more comfortably. A stronger THC content provides the primary relief from many pains and stresses while a more moderate CBD content provides longer-lasting physical relief as you ride out the rest of your session. Many reviews of this strain speak of their users not being able to get enough of Yumbolt when it comes to relieving the common everyday pains from arthritis and aching joints. It’s seen by many users as an organic, all-natural alternative to addictive narcotics to help them cope with sustained conditions like these pains or other ailments such as psychological disorders. Some users have found considerable success in using Yumbolt to treat any number of disorders like moderate to severe anxiety, depression, the uncomfortable impulses and compulsions brought on by obsessive-compulsive disorder, or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and panic disorder. Reviews of this strain vary on its potential to help with chronic pain, but many users say that they’ve found great relief with the help of Yumbolt for conditions like severe arthritis, fibromyalgia, and the symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Yumbolt has also gained a small reputation for inducing a very strong appetite, and many users recommend having some snacks around before you begin your session.

Yum Bolt Strain Review

Yumbolts is a great strain to get your hands on whether you’re after an easy growing experience, the finished product, or both. The work put into this strain by breeders along the west coast to make it into what it is today is clear when you grind up your product. From this strain, you can expect a simpler grow, as it is an auto-flowering and feminized strain, which will take much of the work off of the hands of beginner growers or those with a tighter schedule. Cannabis chemists who like to break it down will appreciate the terpenes found in this strain are typically a-humulene, caryophyllene, and limonene. These terpenes give Yumbolt a very strong aromatic profile that makes it smell like a freshly zested lemon. Following that is a woody or pine quality, as well as sweet berry or fruit notes and a distinct pungency. The buds you get from this plant are usually bright green with some yellow and orange coloring that may darken into browner pistils. The addition of ruderalis into this strain is what gives this plant its auto-flowering ability, and also helps it to stay as a smaller, stockier plant that will save growers who are tight on space. The high of this strain will hit you hard and fast with a buzzing, cerebral high. The effects are mostly felt in the head, but will moderately relax sore muscles and joints, and will quickly make users sleepy as it moves into the body.

Buy Yumbolt Auto Fem Seeds In The USA

Yumbolt is a strain with such a rich background that every bud could be considered a small nugget of cannabis history. This strain has refined genetics, taking the best parts of every parent and using them to its advantage. You can almost sense the work that’s gone into making this strain when you fire up a bowl of buds. If you’d like to experience this little piece of genetically engineered magic, Weed Seeds USA can help you. We make it easy for you to get these rare strains growing right in your backyard. All you have to do to begin is choose a quantity and add Yumbolt to your cart. Proceed to our checkout and be sure to check if your cart qualifies for our free shipping options. We take many different forms of payment to make it as simple as possible, such as credit, debit, and many different options for cryptocurrencies. All of the systems we use for payment are secured by the highest E-commerce security systems. When checking out, we ask you only for the information required, and we pledge to never share it with or sell it to anyone. After your order is complete, we ship out your discreet package. Our packaging is unmarked and non-branded, so your business stays private. You can order from us no matter where you reside in America, and most orders will not take longer than two weeks to arrive.

How to Germinate Yumbolt Auto Fem Seeds

The long history and cult reputation of this strain may make it intimidating, but thanks to its excellent genetics it’s been made to be simpler than ever to begin growing. This begins with germination, which takes only a couple of steps and less than a week of waiting. For Yumbolt Auto Fem seeds we recommend the paper towel method. You only need a few common items you can find around the house. You’ll need some paper towels, a small surface such as a plate, and some water, whether tap water, distilled, or purified. Start by wetting a piece of paper towel and placing it onto the plate. Then move the seeds directly from the package to the paper towel. Tweezers are always a good idea for this step as they help to prevent the accidental transmission of disease or damage to your new seeds. After you’ve placed your seeds, you can wet another paper towel and place it over top of your seeds. Check to make sure there’s no free-standing water under your paper towels, and if there is, drain it. Put another plate over the top of your seeds, then place it in a dark, warm area such as a cupboard or drawer. After one to five days, your seeds will sprout small roots called taproots. Once these taproots are about half an inch long, you can take them out of germination and plant them into your preferred method of growing.

Is Yum-Bolt Strain Easy To Grow?

Yumbolt has an elusive nature, often being sold out in many dispensaries and difficult to source from many growers due to better options for pure volume growth. Yumbolt does many things and it does them well, but one thing that it doesn’t ace is being a cash crop. If a very easy growth from start to finish that’s accessible by growers of any skill is what you are looking for then this strain could fit the bill. Many qualities make this a nearly autonomous strain, such as auto-flowering, which will cause Yumbolt to flower at a certain age during its growth rather than induced by a lighting change from the grower. These seeds are also feminized which relieves growers of the work of separating male and female plants to have a grow that bears a lot of flowers. Yumbolt will do well either indoors or outdoors as long as the ideal conditions are met. These plants will do well in the regular conditions, with an ambient temperature of around 70° to 80° Fahrenheit and relative humidity of 40% to 50%. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is best recommended for growing these plants, as they are shorter and wider. This involves placing many plants together and training plants throughout growth to form a single canopy, using cuttings from the undergrowth as clones for future crops. This method will optimize both space and lighting availability, which will be especially useful for commercial growers.

Yumbolt Seed Bank

Any stoner worth their salt knows that Yumbolt is a must-try strain. If it’s not quite what you’re looking for, however, we have over 500 other varieties of seeds in the Weed Seeds USA seed bank. This includes many different types of seeds that are bred to cater to certain growing needs, such as 710 seeds, which are seeds that will produce plants specializing in oil production. These plants will grow many buds dense with resin and very high in THC or CBD, which many growers who are pursuing the creation of extracts and oils will use for the highest production value. 420 seeds are the alternative of this, which are all other seeds that are bred more for producing viable flowers that will cure into drier, smokable bud. Auto-flowering varieties, such as Yumbolt Auto Fem, are the seeds that will produce plants that flower at a certain age, rather than relying on its owner to change the light levels. More experienced growers that want this additional factor for their grow op will want to look at our photoperiod plants, which offer much better control over the plants’ size and growth. Many seeds are also bred to contain very high levels of either THC or CBD, which may of course be crossbred with other strains to the grower’s delight. With all of these options available, Weed Seeds USA hopes to offer as much freedom to any grower as they wish for.

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With such an interesting story like Yumbolt’s to help shape cannabis communities along the west coast, it is no wonder marijuana is enjoying a renaissance! We make it simple to get your hands on these rare seeds that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Weed Seeds USA works with American breeders to breed and create these high-quality seeds so that you can take part in the craft right in your own home. We believe so much in the high standards of our breeders’ and growers’ work that we offer a germination guarantee, so you know that any seeds you may purchase from Weed Seeds are sure to sprout. When you spend with us, part of your dollars goes toward supporting these breeders that provide important services to the American people, alongside just simply loving what they do. We also believe that when your dollars stay American, it benefits everyone in supporting our economy. If you haven’t gotten to the checkout because you just can’t decide which seeds to begin with, we thought one step ahead. Take a look at the categories and filters we provide with every one of our product pages to narrow down your search. If at any point you have questions about your order or your online experience, our friendly customer support team would love to know about it. You can contact them by phone any time between 9 am to 5 pm CST, Monday to Friday. If this option doesn’t work for you, we can always take emails through the contact form on our website or at Create A Support Request.

Learn How to Grow Yumbolt Autoflower Female Strain

Because of the addition of ruderalis in this strain, she can grow pretty much anywhere. Inside, a Sea of Green (SOG) works wonders due to the stalky and bushy nature of this beast, and, because of her small stature, autoflowering strains can fit in a closet, crawl space, tent, or even your windowsill. This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. The SOG method is a favorite because it is a perpetual motion sort of process. After a couple of weeks of vegetation, plants are flipped into flowering. Lower branches are taken to be used as clones for the next rotation and the energy is focused toward the top. After a few weeks of some basic pruning and care, your crop should be a shining sea of shimmering colas. There is no need for fancy lighting, though a full-spectrum LED will boost potency and productivity. As long as you feed and water well and apply some basic pruning techniques, this is a no-sweat strain with very little that can go wrong.

Outside, a greenhouse is recommended, but not necessary. If you are going to employ some form of housing or protection, please also include proper ventilation as well. All weeds have the tendency to develop mold as they near the end of flowering if their environment is too damp, so this is important. In the full sun, this amazing little creature will work wonders and, because of its autoflowering nature and resistance to cold, any time of year is safe to plant this puppy. Though, if planting in cooler climates or months, it will benefit the grower to place her in a tunnel to keep the frost at bay.

When is the Best Time to Harvest Yumbolt Auto Fem?

Any time of year, all year, every year, you can harvest this lovely creature. This strain generally takes 8-10 weeks to come to fruition and, as long as everything has gone according to plan, should net you about 350 grams per square foot in an ideal SOG, or about 150 grams per plant outside in nature. Optimal outdoor grows will see any weed sprouted and growing by the beginning of spring with a late-September/early-October harvest. Because of the ruderalis characteristics, this one can handle a bout of bad weather.

Yambolt Autoflower Feminized Marijuana As Medicine

We could write a book on the magical upsides of nature’s medicine. There are books galore on the benefits of adding marijuana to anyone’s supplement regimen. We understand how traumatic chronic conditions can be and we sympathize. The day will come when one day you will be in pain or have some impending malady to deal with. We all grow old, we all get sick, and, eventually, we all die. Nothing is going to stop the circle of life, but Yumboldt can certainly make it more comfortable. Known to assist in the treatment of headaches and migraines, pain, and inflammation, this all-natural elixir has healing powers that come with next to no side effects. Nausea and sleeplessness associated with certain pharmaceutical or other treatments like chemo and radiation therapies can be lessened after a session with this little green plant. Because of the power of Auto Yumbolt Fem strain and her ability to oust pain, patients find that stress and anxiety levels are diminished. As well, patients who have suffered years of torment and are dealing with PTSD and depression from their disorders may find relief from this, too, as the potency of the plant decreases the potency of their afflictions.

We are not medical professionals and are certainly in no position to tell you what will work and what will not, however, many who have come before and found relief can attest to the divine healing will of the weed. We recommend consulting a medical professional familiar with the ways of weed in order to get the full picture.

Typical Effects, Flavors, and Aromas

You can count on Auto Yumbolt Fem to deliver the goods. Grown in ideal conditions, this strain has tested a 24% THC count. This is pretty high considering most weeds you find these days are around 15-18%. Consumers enjoy an instant heavy hit, followed by a rippling and cerebral high which eases into a full-body stone. Through a sweet pine and fresh berry infused haze, consumers are laid back and ready to be entertained. On the inhale, you will notice damp, clean, mossy earth and, on the exhale, ironwood and old spice. You can really taste the Afghan on that exhale, where the sophistication and genius of this blend really come through.

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We get the necessity of breeders and commercial cultivators to have ready access to their seeds. We understand that, when all that matters is generating that perfect strain or getting that potency just right, you need seeds. Any and all cannabis seeds we have ready for distribution, we also have in stock for wholesale distribution. Say goodbye to running out of seeds. Say farewell to trying to find the right distributor to get you your next batch and say hasta la vista to waiting for your order. Our speedy delivery will get you all the weed seeds you need so you do not have to be stuck without them. Also, buying wholesale online puts money back in the pockets of the people who matter, you the grower and you the breeder. We want all of you hard workers to be happy workers so we can continue to enjoy all the wonder weeds you supply us with. Without you, there would be no us.

Find Yumbolts Auto Feminized Wholesale Seeds

When you shop Weed Seeds USA, you get exactly what you need, all the seeds, without the fuss. Whether you are a retail, medicinal, or industrial commercial grower, we have you covered. To all the breeders out there delivering award-winning strains like Yumbolt, we want to help you focus on what you do best. Buy your seeds in bulk from Weed Seeds and forget you ever had anything to do but have fun.

Yambolt Autoflower Fem Seeds For Sale Online

With so many strains to choose from, finding the right seed for you can be a daunting challenge. That is why we provide helpful and informative product pages for you to peruse and choose from. When you have made your decision, let us know and we will get back to you to confirm your order. We will guide you through our painless and secure payment options and have your order to you in as little as a week! When you want Auto Yumbolt Fem strain seeds or any others, we are here for you. If you want to talk to one of our ganja gurus in person, call Call US and they will be happy to answer any questions you have!

Similar Marijuana Seeds For Sale in the USA

Alright, so sometimes there are occasions when we are simply out of stock. The marijuana industry continues to see a major change and with weed laws relaxing in America, it can be tricky remaining on top of such moments. You know how it is, here one day, gone the next. Just in case one of those moments has popped up like so many pesky male plants, here are a few autoflowering and feminized strains similar in characteristics to Yumbolt and perfectly suited to please you just as much.

Whereas many strains are bred with ruderalis to autoflower, Gelato Auto Fem breeders took Gelato and crossed it with an autoflowering strain of Girl Scout Cookies. Both of these strains are multiple award-winners. In fact, GSC is heralded as one of the strongest strains of all time while Gelato is one of the smoothest and tastiest. You cannot go wrong with this bodacious blend.

One of only a few weeds which have become a movie star, G13 Auto Fem was made famous by its appearance in American Beauty. Technically named Government Indica #13, G13 is a sweet, spicy, and creamy girl of conspiracy. The hard-hitting head high and rippling body stone make her a favorite the world over, after her somewhat black book beginnings. Trust the government to come up with a strain as fantastic as this then keep it illegal! Top secret rumors aside, take this weed in stride and have fun because she is definitely a winner.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto Fem should by now need no introduction. This Californian blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison made headlines from the moment of its mainstream release. Just as medicinal as she is recreational, users report an incredibly cerebral and psychedelic high accompanied by a full-body stone. This weed will take you up and lay you out, so get ready for the couch and some serious munchies.

Known for huge harvests of resin-coated, high-THC colas with a crushing stone, White Widow Auto Fem is a fantastic strain to try if you want a weed that works. White Widow has been around for decades and is still just as much an award-winner as she was through the inception of the High Times Cannabis Cup. When you want a weed you can trust for its lineage, its productivity, and its high, trust White Widow.

Auto Yumbolt Fem is our feature strain! We are sorry that it is out of stock atm, but please do not hesitate to give it a shot in the future. The way of this weed is always bright indeed!

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