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Now and then a cannabis strain comes along that lays waste to its predecessors and ushers in new levels of expectation. The White Widow indica hybrid is one such weed. This strain has been featured on the Hollywood screen and placed first in its rookie year at the Cannabis Cup. As a crushing 710 strain, White Widow is a prized candidate for hash production, and the fruity, floral, nutty, and herbaceous array of flavors makes for wonderful confectionery pursuits. These regular seeds sprout a male around fifty percent of the time, allowing dedicated professionals space and selection necessary to produce the perfect hybrid pot. Intense and trippy cerebral euphoria, uncontrollable giggle-fits, and thorough corporeal relaxation are all in store for those who parent and puff a male-free crop. The large harvests help the pros deliver the weed en masse that citizens are looking for. When you buy chronic seed from Weed Seeds USA, expect massive plots of pot.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 22%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500 - 550g per plant
Flowering Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Inflammation, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Focus, Happiness, Talkative, Uplifted
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Pungent, Woody
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

White Widow Marijuana Seeds For Sale USA

White Widow Photo Reg marijuana has proven itself, time and again. With a baseline of 22%, these are High THC Seeds, capable of wrapping a warm blanket around the mind and easing troublesome physical afflictions. Grows can see 450-500g/m2 in 8-10 weeks from the flip. Outdoor gardens do just as well, providing 500-550g per plant to those with a loving hand. When you buy White Widow Photo Reg seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds, you get the best. Our eCommerce platform is designed to keep your personal information safe and sound. We hand-select each order to ensure you receive the height of quality and viability. Shipping is nondescript and we make ourselves available to everyone who wants ongoing success. Weed Seeds USA is the cannabis seed distributor dedicated to your productivity, so give us a call, click through your account or stop by today for an uplifting seed shopping experience.

White Widow Photo Reg Seeds For Sale

Growing for a grow op or home grow, you will appreciate this stellar strain and, if you want to buy Male White Widow online, these Reglar Seeds will provide both the promise of high-test chronic and high-impact breeding possibilities. Weed Seeds USA works with professional breeding houses and strain designers so that we can bring every killer seed home to America. We work to protect these seeds according to the highest standards so that they remain viable long-term and so that they are ready to go whenever you are. Call us toll-free at Call US, send us a message, or simply access your account to enjoy security, selection, and anonymity. When you rock your grow with Weed Seeds USA, you are rocking out with the pros who care about the lifecycle of every seed.

Growing White Widow From Seed

If you want to plant White Widow and have chosen to grow from seed, Weed Seeds USA has your back from start to finish. Of course, those familiar with regular seeds know to separate all males as soon as they begin to show their true nature. Keeping boys in a dedicated tent or room will allow the grower to collect pollen without infecting female crops. White Widow girls can do well in a lot of conditions even if there are vast temperature fluctuations. They are also pest and disease resistant. Inside, we recommend a Screen of Green (ScrOG) for this beast, whereby plants are topped early and often, and the subsequent branching is woven throughout a synthetic screen to create flat lighting and balanced buds. Outside, some pruning for light and a bit of LST (low-stress training) will make for high-test harvests.

Is White Widow Photoperiod Regular Easy To Grow At Home?

To call this an easy pot to parent is a bit of a misnomer, but aside from having to pay attention, this is an easy plant to raise for anyone who’s done their research. The only part of this seed that demands dedication be paid is that they are regular or natural seeds, sprouting both males and females at an even ratio. Controlled environments should be kept at temperatures between 65 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit with plenty of fresh air. Humidity plays a major role in plant health and seedlings enjoy 75% and vegging plants around 60%, with a drop to 35-40% for the flowering phase. Prune unnecessary fan leaves and lower growth in favor of upper buds, provide high light levels and feed according to your crop’s wishes. Nitrogen and potassium will help your plants grow and develop structure, while phosphorus makes for stellar nugs. Chop when the thick layer of trichomes becomes milky, dry, and cure slowly and enjoy!

What Makes Regular White Widow Strain Popular?

Those in the mood for a face-changing 420 flower have won the big prize with this cheery cheeba. Euphoria-inducing, giggly and entrancing, exciting creativity and relaxation, White Widow is a real-deal strain. This ganja is a shoo-in for extraction, as her resin content makes her so sticky that cooks have multiple options. Grow ops looking to buy Male Widow online from Weed Seeds are in luck as these seeds deliver boys half the time. The other half is a fruity, floral, perfume-ridden flower guaranteed to grow well for those who care for their crops rightly. Recreational consumers are not the only ones who get to love this bud. Medicinal patients are in for multiple levels of relief. Breeders jump for joy at this strain’s pure landrace roots, making for stronger and more stable experiments.

Medicinal Application of White Widows Regular

White Widows Regular plants are guaranteed recreational and that is never up for debate. But their medicinal values go above and beyond what you’d think for such a booming afternoon bud. Those experiencing chronic anxiety and stress are instantly freed from their woes as White Widow’s potency makes its way through the system. There is no stopping happiness from taking over after a session with this strain. It can spark new ideas and allow the forlorn to feel like planning again. If pain is your nemesis, the relaxation experienced through just a few puffs of this magic plant can make you forget about the enemy. Oftentimes, patients who have found a flower that works are so overjoyed that a sudden and extreme rush of serotonin can deplete stores, so be careful! This effect is generally reserved for those who can’t stop toking, and those who dose responsibly have little to worry about.

Effects of White Widows

White Widows grow to produce a bud that is inherently relaxing and uplifting but not before taking consumers on a high-flying, giggle-inducing trip. A session with this strain is guaranteed to provide such a shift that the person you were before the puff becomes nearly unrecognizable.

Fragrances of Widow

Your Widow garden is sure to be rich with whiffs of citrus, coffee, and mixed tree nuts and it can exhibit notes of vanilla and wild herbs. We suggest filtration, as the White Widow flower begins with a fresh-cut grass smell, shifts into cotton candy, then overwhelms all spaces with the rich scents of high-class weed.

Flavors of White-widow

Oh, the flavors of White-Widow! Few weeds boast such a complex tongue as this one. Fruity, floral, and perfumy scents dominate but there are also notes of butter, caramel, earth, honey, and creamy lemon. Consumers are left satisfied and seduced, but beware, this leaf is so strong that we recommend delineating the flavors quickly or you may green out.

Microview of White Widow Seeds

Taking a micro view of White Widow is fun. This regular seed is the lovechild of landrace strains, Brazillian indica, and South Indian sativa, and acts as such through its incredible resilience. But there is more going on inside the genes of this flower. The terpenes and flavonoids of White Widow are vast and complex, and included in this array are limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene. These therapeutic terpenes make sure that it isn’t just a recreational strain by providing relief from inflammation and anxiety. The terpene array offers analgesic, antioxidant, and antibiotic properties. Also inherent to this combination of compounds are the relaxing and sedating qualities, making sure consumers get a rejuvenating rest. This strain is an apt accompaniment to daily self-care and, when used in moderation, it can relieve consumers of chronic anxiety and depression.

Buy White Widow Strain Seeds Online in the USA

White Widow home grown with the right care and attention can be one of the greats. When you choose to buy White Widow Photo Reg seeds online in the USA through your Weed Seeds account, you aren’t only supporting the cannabis cause. You get to contribute to a time in history where lawmakers are lightening up, prejudices are becoming relaxed, and people are getting the herbs they need to heal. By selling top-quality cannabis seeds we aim to serve the people of the United States. We source only the best seeds so that we can offer them to growers of all types, running grows of all shapes and sizes, indoors or out, everywhere across America.

Buy White Widow Photo Reg Wholesale Seeds

Weed Seeds USA is hip to helping personal and private growers, whether recreational or medicinal or both and we are also here for the professional grow operation. For America’s houses of mass cultivation, we provide wholesale opportunities. You can enjoy massive orders, free shipping, and ongoing professional support so that all of your present and future grows can be accomplished stress-free. See higher White Widow returns with a lower price-point. When you partner with Weed Seeds USA, you get a reputable, and knowledgeable company on your side which keeps you in the green and your returns on the up and up. Security is guaranteed and silence is our delivery method.

White Widow Seeds For Sale Online

If you have decided that these White Widow Photo Reg seeds are the pips for your next grow, then grow from seed with Weed Seeds USA and see why we’re the best. When you buy White Widow Regular online, you get our security guarantee, our vast selection of over 450 strains of the best weed on the planet, and, on orders over two hundred dollars, you get free shipping. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge, and we operate on Wave and Mesh platforms so our friends in all states can get in on what we have to offer. Shopping with Weed Seeds is a pleasurable experience, pain-free and rife with options. When you place your order, we hand-select your seeds and ship them discreetly and with love. When you buy White Widow from Weed Seeds USA, you’ll have every reason to celebrate.

White Widow Seed Bank

Weed Seeds is here for all US grow operations! In keeping with our White Widow Photo Reg profile, we have gathered a collection of Widow strains which not only outlines our dedication to providing a vast selection but which we hope will sate all growers needs. These are the high THC and Hybrid Seeds, feminized and medicinal strains that have proven themselves as potent plants. On offer in this White Widow seed bank is the all-girl version of our feature, White Widow Photo Fem. We also have many auto-flowering versions, including California Widow Auto Fem and White Widow Meth Auto Fem. For our medicinal consumers, we offer such strains as CBD White Widow Photo Fem. The professionals at Weed Seeds offer a selection aimed to please everyone and our top-notch service keeps citizens and professionals coming back for more. Trust Weed Seeds today and look forward to a greener tomorrow.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Regular White Widow

If you are ready to buy White Widow Photoperiod Regular online, contact Weed Seeds USA and we will get your order out to you faster than a Widow eats her mate. This White Widow Photo Reg seed is ready to go at a moment’s notice for every cultivation option, from breeding to bud production. We can be reached at Call US, form 9-5 CDT, Monday to Friday. Please feel free to call or click any time. We care deeply about the growth of all American weed gardens and that is why we make ourselves available to everyone from the beginner to the expert. Call or click today for White Widow and you’ll be growing in no time flat!

White Widow Marijuana Seeds For Sale USA

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