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These fantastic seeds will produce a plant that will give you some awesome buds. The mellow high, the creative flow, and the energizing effects alone are something to wonder at. This strain has been pleasing people for 20 years. If the recreational uses are not enough to give this a good name in the industry, then the medicinal ones will. The effects of this organic elixir can help someone experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression find relief. The ability of this plant to uplift the mood of the user is spot on for helping with these issues. Stress drains away, as do anxiety and depression. Let us not forget about the pain inhibiting effects of this plant. Migraines, arthritis, and day to day aches will disappear so that you can have a great day.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-450g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400-500g per plant
Flower Time9-10 Weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Happiness, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Pine, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

White Russian Seeds For Sale USA

The award winner White Russian Fem has been cultivating a good name for itself in the last 20 years. This strain was created in Holland using the well-known White Widow and AK-47. White Widow brought the euphoric and creative high portion and AK-47 added in the relaxed and chill feeling. These fantastic traits together bring you the hard-hitting 20% THC that is mellow yet energizing. A great way to start your day, this strain will get you moving but not over stimulate. After a toke or two, you will feel alive and ready for your day.

The therapeutic properties of this strain will pick up any mood and chill out your stress, making it an all-natural way to deal with mental health issues. Even if you are just having a bad day, a session with this herb will be a good pick me up. It will whisk away those negative emotions for a much-needed breather, or a little creative inspiration. A bowl of this will send you into some psychedelic moments to get those juices flowing.

This hybrid strain has been highly sought after by many users over the years, both recreational and medicinally. It is still growing in popularity among younger crowds, especially with its ease of growth and multiple uses. We are happy to have found a breeder that can make sure we have this excellent stain for you to purchase.

Still going strong after 20 years, this strain still dazzles. Due to its popularity, you may have trouble finding the much-desired buds in your local dispensary, but we have the seeds ready to go so you can grow your own dank buds. That the seeds are feminized makes this plant even more of a pleasure to grow. These seeds are an all-female seed that means less trouble in your garden. Feminization is accomplished by separating 2 female plants and putting them under stress. The females begin producing pollen, and the breeders cross-pollinate them. The seeds produced are only female seeds. This process makes harvesting marijuana much easier. If you have a male in your garden and it pollinates the females, the potency of the buds is lowered, and you end up with buds that are full of seeds. However, all-female seeds eliminate the process of weeding the males out, saving you time and money.

What Makes Feminized White Russian Strain Popular?

White Russian is the offshoot of two award-winning strains. Not to be outdone by its parents, this strain has taken home first and second-place Cannabis Cups. A well-developed lineage from around the world is what makes this well-balanced fifty-fifty hybrid strain so popular!  Although coming from indica parents, White Russian is considered a hybrid weed. Pleasing THC levels on the lower end can run from a mellow 16% to 17% but can get high as 22%. Hovering around 20%, the THC gives it a good harmony between moderate and intense feelings. When you first experience the aroma of White Russian, you’ll encounter a fragrance that’s sweet and creamy just like the cocktail. It also harbors earthy and lemony undertones. The appearance is often described as being airy, wispy-haired, and light-colored, but don’t be fooled by its ethereal formation because there’s nothing but dense potency with these ladies.

The intriguing fragrance and flavors of White Russian come from the presence of the six distinct terpenes. Together they result in not only its citrusy tones and floral tastes, but also its woody and loamy scents. This pungent combination is one you won’t soon forget and will easily recognize again. White Russian takes between nine to ten weeks to finish flowering inside and plants finish around mid-October outdoors. These perfumed powerhouses can grow to almost eight feet when cultivated outdoors! And while they can be reared indoors, they’ll still be particularly towering. Some training will be required, plus you will need a lot of space to accommodate these characteristics.

Russian White Feminized Medicinal Uses

White Russian has been considered a medicinal plant due to its very substantial, long-lasting effects, considered more cerebral than physically incapacitating. A popular cultivar, White Russian has established itself as a useful tool in managing many ailments. It has been reported that it can be helpful for patients who deal with chronic stress, letting them relax their minds and their bodies for an all-encompassing break from the weight of the world. This extremely fragrant strain may also demonstrate effectiveness in treating those who are burdened with mood conditions. This strain may allow these individuals to find inner calm, creating a more positive perspective. Medicinal clients have reported White Russian’s robust strength helpful in alleviating feelings of hopelessness and tension, as well as giving them the energy to overcome chronic exhaustion.

Because of its efficacy in the medical realm, this skunky aromatic hybrid can be widely used in the treatment of different pain conditions. You can use it for an all-natural treatment for chronic migraines, backaches, or joint pains, while headaches and other minor maladies might also be addressed with the aid of White Russian. This fruity cannabis has also been employed to support those suffering from symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and PMS. This is one sweet strain that may have the ability to restore some quality of life. It does come with side effects like dry mouth and eyes, typical of any marijuana, and like any strain, overconsumption may lead to paranoia, munchies, and drowsiness. The silver lining to this strain is the benefit of appetite stimulation, particularly for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

White Russians Strain Review

White Russian can be a stoic strain, taking a relatively standard time of nine to ten weeks to harvest in a healthy indoor setup. And after all of this, it can be anticipated to yield an ounce and a half of stunning flowers per square foot. This strain appreciates a warm and temperate outdoor setting with plenty of sunlight. With these conditions expect to be ready to harvest around the middle of October, looking at yields around seventeen ounces per plant. Russian White Photo Fem is easy enough to cultivate with some patience and effort and is a fairly resistant strain that proves flexible to most conditions. The trainability of its height makes it both flourish and become less high maintenance than other strains.

Retaining around 20% THC content, this strain is a fine balance between mild and radical. It is perfect for afternoon consumption, also making it suitable for beginners and cannabis aficionados alike. Considered one of the strongest weeds in the world at one time, this spectacularly scented strain produces medium-sized, lime-colored, fluffy flowers that become frosted with trichomes after five weeks into flowering. These tall cultivars are consistent plants and their dense, very resinous flower tops denote their strong indica heritage. Distinct flavors and perfumed profiles during both vegging and flowering will have the garden smelling divine. These flavor profiles make White Russian outstanding for live resin production. Where some flavors get lost rather easily within other concentrate forms, live resin enriches these tenfold.

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White Russain is one of those strains that do well for large-scale cultivators in search of a staple variety. When you buy our seeds in bulk, we bring you big savings and saving money signifies higher profit margins. Experienced cultivators know White strains are enduring, and easy for professionals to cultivate, while also an excellent proving ground for the novice looking to up their game and their grow yield. Weeds Seeds USA is your proud American distributor of premium seeds all across our fine country. We’re serious about quality, so we guarantee viability and germination for our valued customers. Skim our virtual seed bank for superior selections and use our protected payment platform for simple secure processing using Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, debit, all major credit cards, Venmo, and Zelle.

Weed Seeds has pages filled with growing information and seed descriptions to help you get the best start. Our first-class seeds are handpicked and packed in secured unmarked packaging before shipping quickly and discreetly to your door. Your confidential information always stays with us and is never distributed to third parties or other organizations. Weed Seeds has all the photoperiod feminized souvenir seeds any cultivator or collector could want at prices that make changing crops less time-consuming and costly. Planting seeds is one simple way to start strong phenotypes and another important rationale for buying in bulk. We guarantee germination, discretion, quality, and service to our customers all over the US. Growing should be fun and seeds should be what they claim to be.

How to Germinate White Russian Photo Fem Seeds

Almost every grower has their preferred germination method, and we like the paper towel method because it works. Place two sheets of paper towels on a large clean plate. Lay them evenly so they don’t hang over the edges. Fill a spray bottle with purified water and moisten the towels. They need to be wet but not soaking. Using tweezers, place your White Russian seeds carefully on the damp towels. Space them evenly apart with at least an inch to develop. Loosely lay two more pieces of paper towels over the seeds and spray them generously with water. When everything is wet, cautiously pour off any excess water that may have pooled under the paper towels. Place another clean plate over the first to form a dome shape and leave them in a place both dark and warm between 68°F and 86°F. A drawer or closet will suffice. Check for signs of drying out and mist the towels if this starts to happen.

White Russian seeds need total darkness, as they would underground. Germination can sometimes take up to twelve days, depending on temperatures and shell thickness. With a perfect environment and patience, seeds will show signs of germination in the form of a tiny, thin, half-inch-long taproot. The sooner each delicate seedling is placed in its new cultivation medium, the quicker it can grow! Very attentively use tweezers to transfer the seedlings one by one into small, deep holes in the soil or your chosen growing medium, placing the seed’s tail down first. Mist the soil with the spray bottle lightly to wet it and watch it turn into wonderful White Russians!

Is Russian White Strain Easy To Grow?

White Russian photoperiod feminized seeds yield tight, powerful buds wrapped in resin. This stunning strain can be cultivated indoors or outside, but a more prudent finishing time of nine to ten weeks is achieved through indoor control. While this easy – moderate to grow cultivar isn’t recommended for novice users, it can be conquered by novice growers. These durable plants are capable of thriving in a vast array of elements, without a considerable amount of maintenance, and are rather resistant to pests and molds.

Unlike its name, this Russian only tolerates cold but is accustomed to temperate climates with constant sunlight to produce the most pleasing results from outdoor cultivation. White Russian’s seventeen ounces per plant yield is generally ready by October. Indoors, this strain’s workable height and flexibility make it ideal for small spaces and setups. A remarkably low ratio of pale leaves to sticky flowers means less time spent trimming during their vegetative stage. The Screen of Green (ScrOG) is an excellent method to employ with White Russian Photo Fem to manipulate the branches to grow horizontally, instead of vertically across a screen or sturdy netting. This allows the plants to create more flower nodes that in turn, reveal more increased exposure to the light source. This technique should not be confused with Sea of Green (SOG) methods traditionally utilized in indoor growing setups to maximize cannabis yield. The ScrOG is a fantastic option because it can be utilized both indoors and out, to enhance the grade of the final buds.

White Russian Seed Bank

White Russian has such frosty buds you’ll think you’re staring at a snow-covered forest in the backwoods of Russia. Growing these plants is a delight for their terpenes and distinctive pungent flavors and aroma. Being such a beauty to bring up, sometimes this crystal-covered queen sells out. Not to worry, Weed Seeds carry over 500 other amazing strain varieties in $4.20 deals and our resinous high-yielding 710 seeds. Our comprehensive categories of autoflower, feminized, photoperiod, regular, and fast flower seeds can be explored by growing difficulty or environment, taste, medicinal requirements, THC or CBD strength, and so much more. We have classic indicas, soothing sativas, and new hybrids to expand your collection or cultivation, all courtesy of dependable American breeders to add to their reliability.

There are a few strains that make suitable comrades to White Russian in terms of characteristics. White Widow x Crystal Meth Auto Fem, a potent, easy to grow, skunky flower equally recreational and medicinal is just as delightful. This immense yielding 19% THC strain can see over two ounces a foot squared. Another substantial yielder outside is CBD White Widow 1:1 Photo Fem. This superb medicinal strain has matching 8% THC and 8% CBD levels. Consumers get all the incredible benefits of a CBD plus the amazing manageable White Widow high. It is ideal for daytime use for chronic pains because daily consumption won’t impede tasks. Yields can get up to an unbelievable fifty ounces a plant outdoors, and just under two ounces per square foot inside. The taste isn’t harsh like medicine and its divine citrusy lemon, sweet spice, and faintly floral aromas make this elixir easy to take when you are not feeling well.

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Our supportive cannasultants are ready to handle concerns and can offer help with ordering. Contact them through our online form or anytime at [email protected] They’ll do whatever it takes to find the perfect seeds to meet your growing or collecting needs. Our dedicated representatives know our customers are the backbone of what we do, so they do everything possible to provide the service to keep clients satisfied. Patrons are invited to peruse our blogs and posts with explanations and information to go from seeds to smoking, plus many topics to improve various types of operations and processes. Weed Seeds USA proudly serves America by supporting our people and sustaining our economy. Whether you’re foreign to growing marijuana, a long-time traveler on the silk roads, or from a cultivating dynasty, we’re a powerhouse when it comes to supplying only the highest quality seeds.

Growing White Russian Photoperiod Female Strain

As an easy growing plant, this is a must for your list if you are just beginning to grow cannabis. This strain does not need a ton of nutrients to thrive and grows to a height of 3 to 5 feet. The shorter size makes it a good candidate for indoor growth, as long as you are up for a little pruning. It will develop long branches with few leaves until you switch the lighting to 12 hours of light and 12 dark. That is when the pruning will come in, ensuring proper ventilation throughout the plant.

Using the Sea of Green method, (SOG) can help you harvest even more buds. To have this work well, you will need a minimum of 4 plants. They need to be potted in small pots so the plant will not grow large. Once you have 4 or more new plants ready, put them under grow lights for a light cycle of 18 to 24 hours for a full 2 weeks. When that period is complete, set them up on a 12/12 light schedule. This will make the plants fill out and flower. While the plants stay small, the collective harvest is more significant. This method is also excellent if you only have a small space to grow.

Where you will really hit the jackpot is growing this outdoors. Finding a mostly sunny spot in your yard that stays dry is the best place to plant. It likes a Mediterranean-like climate and will thrive if you can provide this sun lover a tropical home. You will be able to leave these plants to grow alfresco, being nurtured by mother nature. This plant offers much better yields outdoors.

White Russian Photo Fem Strain Flowering Time

When employing the SOG method for growth, you will likely punch things up a bit during the 8 to 10 week flowering period. When the harvest comes around, you will collect 1.15 to 1.47 ounces of nuggets per square foot.

If you are planning on putting this in the outdoors, you should plant it in May or after the last frost. When the third week of October has come, you should be able to harvest. You may have to wait another week, but the nugget count you get will be worth it. In the great outdoors, this will produce 21 to 28 ounces of bud per plant.

Russian Photoperiod Feminized Marijuana Medical Benefits

If you are suffering from mental instability or have painful medical conditions, this strain can help you get the relief you are looking for. Anxiety and depression can be challenging issues to live with. Both take a toll on the suffer and those around them. This strain is excellent for daytime use because the mild high will mean that you will be able to get a few things done and will not be couch-locked.

When it comes to arthritis and migraines, this strain can relieve your aches and pains. giving you back mobility and enabling you to think about something else. If your chronic health issues have been keeping you inactive, you may now be able to dance, play music, or go on that long hike.

This plant has a higher than average CBD count. Also known as cannabinol, it is the component in marijuana that helps with medical conditions but does not get you high. This compound has been proving useful to reduce seizures, and people with epilepsy have been getting good results by using it. CBD is also known for helping reduce the size of tumors. This is especially helpful in cases where the tumor is inoperable.

Typical Effects, Flavors, and Fragrances

From the moment you spark this up, you will smell the distinctive skunk smell throughout the house. This is not one of the most pleasant aromas in the cannabis world, but it is not the worst either. Toking, this will add the spicy and fruity flavors into the mix, giving it a more pleasant taste.

The smooth ride you get from this might not be expected with it having a 20% THC level. This strain will have you feeling energized and cheerful, making it a nice bump in the morning, especially if you have not had your coffee yet. After a few minutes, you will feel your mind open up, and clarity slides in, giving you the ability to have clear and concise thoughts. If you are the creative type, you might consider working on your next project or composition. As the day rolls by, you will find that the high turns more into a body buzz where you start to feel a sense of peace from head to toe.

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If you are interested in buying just a seed or two of White Russian Fem, you might have noticed that it can get a little costly. As a grower, distributor, or retailer, buying the seeds you need in more significant quantities has become a more challenging proposition. The cannabis scene has changed quickly as the laws in each state open up more opportunities for both medical and recreational use. Of course, as the demand has become more significant, the price per seed has steadily increased. Breeders are busy growing the seeds needed to meet the increasing demand. This makes it a great business to be in, but for everyone else, it means paying more money and smaller profit margins for them. Running a small business is tough work in the first place. Take retail stores for instance. Even if selling seeds is only a tiny part of your business, the rising cost takes money out of your pocket. Likely if you carry seeds, you also have other cannabis-related products. You know higher seed prices means that you will pay more for the products made from the plants.

With all the work you are doing to keep your doors open, the long days, being a bookkeeper, a purchaser, and all the other things you do, worrying about your bottom line is not something that we think you should have to do. This is the reason that came up with a bulk buying program. The more seeds you need, the cheaper the seed is. If you are a grower looking to expand your business, then we can supply seeds that will help you do that. Visit our bulk buying page to get in on the great deals.

White Russain Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds Near Me

With the change in laws for cannabis consumption has come a jump in the use for industry. Because the cannabis plant is so useful for making a variety of things, growing it is a big money-maker. The seeds are full of nutrients and can be used to make oil. The stalk can be manufactured into plastics, rope, fibers for clothing, and more recently, different kinds of construction materials. Commercially, the sales of products made from this are booming. When moving to an industrial purpose, though, the number of seeds needed is astronomical. That is something that we can handle with our bulk buying program. We are prepared to fill your order.

Russian Photoperiod Fem Seeds For Sale Online

When you are looking to purchase White Russian Fem from us, you can rest assured that you are buying high-quality seeds. We get our seeds from the most dedicated breeders in the industry. To back that up, we have a germination guarantee should something go wrong with the seeds you receive. When looking through our catalog and deciding on a strain you want, simply put them in your cart and when you are ready, go to the checkout. There you will put your card number into the secure online payment system and pay for your items. Your order will ship in a couple of days and your seeds could be there in under a week, depending on your location.

Similar Marijuana Seeds For Sale in the USA

If you can imagine a field of white, filled with joy and happiness, that is what you would have if you grew all the strains below together. When experienced cultivators observe a garden full of plants that are completely covered in white crystals, they can not help but be amazed. They will know that in most cases, it means the strain will give them greater psychoactive and potent healing effects. It is rewarding to experiment with other strains, so we came up with the list below for you to peruse.

Part of the glorious parentage of White Russian Fem, White Widow Auto Fem is a great alternate choice. This fine strain has similar medical uses and effects, just add in a pinch of happiness here with a 19% to 25% THC and 0.08% CBD. The flowering time is a short 6 to 8 weeks like most auto-flowers, but the yield is slightly small. Indoors you are looking at 1 to 1.47 ounces per square foot, and outdoors, harvested in October, it will produce 2 to 2.8 ounces a plant. This is a great candidate for SOG, which we spoke about earlier. If you have not heard of auto-flowering, it is a trait from the ruderalis strain. The trait allows the plant to flower at a certain age, not via light. It eliminates having a complicated lighting system.

The White Widow x Crystal Meth Auto Fem strain is another auto-flower that you can count on for fun and medicinal applications. This strain is unusual in that it has a high yield where most do not. You will get 17 to 21 ounces a yard squared, with no lighting to mess around with. The outdoor yield is much about par with most others at 1.7 to 3.5 ounces per plant. The high is similar to the others and has an adequate level of THC at 19% and CBD at 0.5%. This is an easy plant to grow and has a citrusy but skunky flavor.

A whopper of a producer outside, CBD White Widow 1:1 Photo Fem is a tremendous medicinal use strain. The matching 8% THC and 8% CBD mean that you get all the great benefits of a CBD strain and the astounding White Widow high that is more manageable during the day. This is ideal for people with severe chronic medical conditions because daily dosing will not impede daily tasks. If you can believe it, you will get 17 to 52 ounces a plant outdoors. It does quite well inside, too, yielding 15 to 17 ounces per square yard. This one also tastes divine, with its citrus, lemon, sweet, spicey, and flowery taste.

White Widow Photo Fem<