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No need to keep playing roulette with online cannabis seed distributors, with this White Russian, all bets are off. A booming blend of AK47 and White Widow genetics, these fast and feminized marijuana seeds from Weed Seeds USA are certain to impress, again and again. Simple growability and large hauls indoors or outdoors make this an esteemed seed for all cultivators of the green. This weed is a wonder to behold with its high THC counts and complex terpene and flavonoid profiles. High-flying cerebral effects, intense euphoria, and a long-lasting relaxation will have you putting down the vodka and picking up the pipe. After a session with this herb, it can make a positive and powerful dent in some truly grave conditions, and medicinal consumers of many walks find this weed relieving. It is sweet and sour, pungent, spicy, citrusy, and skunky. Do yourself a favor and buy cannabis seed from Weed Seeds USA.

Order White Russian Fast Photo Fem Seeds Online

Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield300-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield350-450g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Pine, Sour, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

White Russian Fast Seeds For Sale USA

Buy White Russian Fast Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from Weed Seeds for a 20-23% money-maker. This weed is clocked-in at delivering 300-400g/m2 in 8-9 weeks and 350-450g per plant outside by October, but in some cases, certain growers have realized harvests of nearly twice these numbers. White Russian Fast Photo Fem cannabis seeds are available from Weed Seeds USA through your personalized online account any time you like. Call us on our toll-free number or stop by our Broken Arrow, Oklahoma storefront from 9 am to 5 pm, CDT, Monday to Friday. When you choose Weed Seeds for your White Russian Fast order, you choose the pros. We are dedicated to developing relationships with the world’s most experienced breeders so we can offer the world’s best seeds for delivery exclusively within American borders.

White Russian Fast Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

For professional grow operations or for those who home grow, this is a wicked little seed and, if you have chosen Weed Seeds USA for your next order, know that you are in good hands. The world of weed is a wonder indeed and these little pips house some of the most colorful and satisfying genetics on the market. The brilliant blend of Indian, South American, and Mexican landrace strains in AK47 come together with the inarguable euphoria and creativity of White Widow to create White Russian. The addition of ruderalis makes for a faster flowering cycle and the harvests can be upwards of half a kilo. Buy White Russian Fast Photoperiod Feminized online from Weed Seeds USA to taste the delicious delights of this capable comrade.

Growing White Russian Fast From Seed

This ganja is one of the greats, and if you have decided to grow from seed a White Russian Fast Photo Fem garden of joy, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you want to see some real color, this is the strain and some exposure to cooler temperatures will bring out even more. Feminization has made these little tanks capable of producing an all-female garden. These plants can be easily overfed, so watch your nutrient levels. Full-spectrum LED for the vegging cycle and 600w HPS for flowering is a recommended pairing, though running top-quality LED throughout is perfectly acceptable. Pruning is crucial to maintaining appropriate airflow and some LST (low-stress training) will boost the efficacy of outdoor gardens. Water when dry, watch for pests and diseases, and above all, have fun!

Is White Russian Fast Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Congratulations if you have chosen to grow this delightful and euphoric pot. You will need to have an idea of what type of atmosphere to provide to assist you in your efforts. If you have a hydroponic setup, your harvests will be quick and large. If you build your own living soil, you will enjoy supercharged terpenes and flavonoids. PH levels are important and hydro will require 5.8-6.5 while soil will need a pH of 6-7. Temperatures should remain between 65 and 80 Fahrenheit. As for humidity, though it’s necessary to be high for seedlings, dropping it to 35 or 40% exponentially towards the flowering phase, will mimic nature beautifully. This plant is incredibly colorful but exposure to cooler nighttime temperatures will activate anthocyanins, making for deeper hues. A high calyx to leaf ratio makes ventilation easy and this strain gets frosty, so watch for trichome perfection before the chop.

What Makes Feminized White Russian Fast Strain Popular?

If looking for the perfect chronic, there is no doubt as to the White Russian strain’s prowess in the popularity department. These Female Seeds sprout females by the hundreds, and growers have little to worry about, as far as males go. For those into the artisan strains, or a weed that boasts a high calyx to leaf ratio, White Russian Fast is it. As one can glean from the name, this strain is fast, ready in just 9 weeks. Those limited to their gardens can get excited about White Russian because this leaf seems to do even better outside than in a controlled environment, given the right conditions are present. Recreational tokers love the energizing and relaxing effects and medicinal consumers are in for a break from a wide range of troublesome and even life-threatening afflictions.

White Russians Fast Feminized Medicinal Uses

The White Russians fast feminized marijuana plant boasts many medicinal uses and can be easily grown in anyone’s garden, given the weather is on your side. Believe it or not, Anorexia Nervosa is on this strain’s hit list. Oftentimes this disorder can be soothed through the relaxing nature of this strain and for its ability to induce the munchies and crushing lack of appetite. The anxiety of daily debilitation, the torture of suffering psychological and physical disorders can be depressing with White Russians on your team, you can regain quality of life. Pain, stress, fatigue, and insomnia can all be eased through responsible dosing with this lovely leaf. Buy Female White Russian Fast online from Weed Seeds and enjoy an all-female garden that is easy to grow, and fun to cure.

Effects of White Russians Fast

White Russians Fast deals rightly with the anxious, inducing creativity and deep, relaxing euphoria. The mind swirls through new and uplifted horizons as the consumer tends to forget that they were suffering woes just a moment ago. Sedation is on the menu as sleepiness enters the scene and sedation takes hold.

Fragrances of Russian White Fast

Russian White Fast plants tickle the olfactory senses with twinges of citrus, earth, and pungent herbs and spices. Rotten rind brings an acidic bent and the hashy woodiness that lingers in the air after the exhale is guaranteed to highlight this strain’s deep roots. Buy Female Russian White Fast online from Weed Seeds USA and stink up your grow-space with this White Russian love.

Flavors of White-Russian Fast

If the fragrances and effects of White-Russian Fast have grabbed your attention, then you’ll love the flavors. That citrus kick is taken to new heights, the sweetness of a floral fruit bouquet digs deep into the taste buds, and the fibrous woods present in these flavonoids round the experience off with style.

Microview of White Russian Fast Weed Plant

When you grow from seed, you are taking charge of your health and wellness, so it is important to take a micro view of a strain like the White Russian. Aside from hailing from a White Widow and AK47 lineage, White Russian Fast pods contain the potential to flower a healing herb. Sweet and tangy limonene makes sure your lungs are functioning properly, absorbs and razes free radicals, helps prevent certain cancers, and promotes cell health, leaving skin looking younger and fitter. The terpene a-myrcene is citrusy and herbaceous, analgesic, antioxidant, antibiotic and can assist in getting a good night’s sleep. Spicy b-caryophyllene is adept at dealing with anxiety and depression, can treat IBS, and is anti-inflammatory.

Buy White Russian Strain Seeds Online in the USA

The White Russian garden can burst with color, grow rich in fruity and woody fragrances, and can see the grower harvesting up to 500 grams of top-shelf buds in just 9 weeks from the flip. Now we can achieve the same sativa aims in half the time and with White Russian, your American grows will be impressive for more reasons than just the timeline. Weed Seeds USA wants to get you these seeds pronto, so buy White Russian Fast Photo Fem seeds online in the USA from us and we will get your order to you in as little as a week. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Doge, and we work through Wave and Mesh so that all citizens have the options to use debit or credit. We provide secure shopping, payment and shipping, anonymous packaging, and a product that is ready to go when you are.

White Russian Fast Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

The professional cultivator can enjoy the Weed Seeds guarantees. Your grow ops will shine when White Russian Fast Photo Fem is grown under your expert care. The commercial hand can enjoy planting their wholesale orders without the fear of running out, minus the anxiety over the viability, and can get the price point they need to see more delicious profits. Wholesale purchasing from Weed Seeds USA includes hand-picked and custom-packaged orders, ongoing support for whatever you need, and the development of a business relationship you can rely on, long-term. Where your job is growing weed for the masses, our job is sourcing and selecting the best seeds available on international markets and bringing them home to the American professional. We work to serve your needs, so whatever it is you’re looking for, let’s have a chat and figure it out.

Grow White Russian Fast Strain Seeds

Home grown, with all the love you can give it, White Russian weed can be every bit as wonderful as the commercially grown stuff. Order these seeds from Weed Seeds USA and grow them indoors or outside. Employ a Screen of Green (ScrOG) and balance your buds with a compact, horizontal growth pattern or plant them a few feet apart outside and watch them flourish under the sun. Either way, these beasts frost up to something pretty, so make sure that you pay close attention starting around the eight-week mark. Drying should be performed in the dark and sixty Fahrenheit and sixty percent humidity with ample ventilation will ensure a long and productive process. Cure carefully and, when those nugs are dense and stinky, twist up and enjoy!

White Russian Fast Seed Bank

When you’re looking for something extra special for the next run in your home or commercial grow operation, know that Weed Seeds USA is here to provide you with all the options you could hope for. We have put together a White Russian seed bank for you, just in case our strain du jour just doesn’t do it for you. These are 710 seeds for creating your own edibles, extracts, tinctures, tonics, and lotions and, of course, we house a plethora of High THC% Seeds and Hybrid Seeds. We have on offer in our seed bank today, such names as White Rhino Fem and White Amnesia Fem. We offer strains with similar White Russian genetics, as well, like the ever-popular impetus for these blends, White Russian Fem. We also have rockstars such as the indica-heavy hybrid, Purple Kush X White Russian Fem, and the cerebral sativa, Bruce Banner X White Russian Fem. Regardless of where you are in America or your level of experience, Weed Seeds USA is here with a selection that is designed to serve all comers.

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Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy White Russian Fast Feminized online and realize the majesty of a dark rainbow of a strain, dank and delightful. Weed Seeds has all the White Russian Fast Photo Fem seeds you could need for your personal or professional grow op and we are here from 9 am-5 pm CDT, Monday to Friday, to provide you with the assistance you may need. Access your account, send us a message or give us a call at Call US.

White Russian Fast Seeds For Sale USA

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