White Moscow Autoflower Seeds

Moscow White Auto is Weeds Seeds US new autoflowering hybrid of White Russian, the Original Lowryder, and ruderalis phenotype additive, giving it those easy growing, autoflowering traits for that next level Siberian boost. A high performance autoflower ruderalis/indica/sativa blend that delivers a blowout blizzard of blissful, euphoric dreamy, delirium. Showcasing snowy white crystalline, 15-20% THC drenched trichome nugs so thickly frosted you’ll think it snowed in your garden overnight. The White Russian heritage definitely shines through with the added bonus of a quick automatic two-week ruderalis flip to flower vegetative cycle. It’s definitely worth giving this Siberian born beauty a try.

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Strain TypeHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD Percentage< 2%
Indoor Yield200-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield60-150g per plant
Flowering Time8-10 weeks
EffectsCreative, Euphoric
Aromas & FlavorsEarthy, Fruity, Pine, Sour, Spicy
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene

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Weed Seeds US White Moscow Auto Fem seeds are the next evolution in new autoflowering ruderalis hybrids. The ruderalis phenotype evolved in the vast Siberian wilderness by adapting to short growing seasons, low intensity northern light, and harsh climates to produce a strain that is robust, hardy and automatically flips from vegetative cycle to flower all on its own after just two weeks of growth. This miraculous pheno has changed the cannabis cultivation industry in more ways than one, taking some of the OG greats to the next level as far as time saving and easy growing plants that can take a beating. We are excited to offer this White Russian autoflower ruderalis cross to bring you White Moscow Auto, which can now be purchased in our 100 Autoflower Seed Pack along with some of our other new autoflowering hybrids. Getting your hands on this exceptional specimen is as easy as one, two, three clicks of the keyboard. You can buy White Russia in our always popular 100 Autoflower Seed Pack if you want a variety of seeds to compliment your purchase, it’s as simple as that. Coated in its name sake frosty snow white, resin drenched trichome crystals, this hybrid – indica ruderalis hybrid offers the best of both worlds. Still with all the great characteristics of the White Russian and Lowryder strains but the added easy growing, tough, resilient ruderalis traits make her an ideal beginner plant. Being of Siberian blood, she can handle a little neglect and bounce right back to produce some prominent, central frosty cannabinoid heavy colas and a plethora of heavy, dense, solid size nugs. Great for simple growing methods such as straight up soil in pots, and with a simple feeding schedule anyone can enjoy her beautiful bounty come harvest time. Be sure to have a solid carbon filtration system in place though as this one is some seriously stank dank!

How to Germinate White Moscow Auto Fem Seeds

Growing White Moscow Auto Fem from seed is a quick and simple process that anyone can achieve, so don’t be intimidated if this is your first go around. White Russia is an easy growing strain, great for novices and beginners, and our quality marijuana seeds have a high germination rate. All that’s needed to bring those little beans to life is just some simple home instruments such as sterilized tweezers, paper towels and a basic Tupperware container. With those three things on hand, you are good to go. It’s best to germinate seeds indoors as there is a much higher chance of success if they are protected from the elements. These little seedlings can be vulnerable to cold weather, pests, molds, and other pathogens. Placing them in a safe, warm, damp, sterile environment indoors is the safest bet to avoid any negative outcomes. Find a covered container, line with damp paper towels, place your little seeds gently inside, always being sure to never touch them with your bare hands, add another layer of damp paper towels on top, cover, and keep warm and moist. They require a damp, humid environment at all times, so be sure to check and spray with water every few hours to keep them from drying out. Temps should be as close to 77°F as possible and relative humidity levels at 70% to 90% for optimum results. Once you see those little tap roots peeking out of the seed pod it’s time to gently transplant them into their next growing medium such as peat moss pucks or perlite. This is when they will require a cool, blue/white light spectrum, ideally using LED or fluorescents, as they don’t give off too much heat and promote vegetative growth. Now just let your little sprouts spread their wings and fly.

Growing White Russia From Seed From Seed At Home

Being an easy and versatile autoflowering strain geared toward the novice grower, we suggest a simple organic soil with added vermiculite for porousness in pots for cultivating White Russian autoflower seeds. Once your seedlings are ready to transplant, they should appear stalky, have thick stems and bright, vibrant green leaves. A small to medium stature strain, it’s a good cultivar for Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen Of Green (ScrOG) growing methods, utilizing many smaller stature plants packed into tight indoor spaces creating a field-like Sea of Green effect. (ScrOG) is similar, only adding a wide mesh screen topper as a way to support the plants as they grow. Once in the vegetative stage your little plants will need decent air flow, higher humidity levels and a nitrogen heavy, potassium rich nutrient regime. Placed under an 18/6, day/night, bluish white light spectrum to encourage fast vegetative growth, and boost those big fan leaf photosynthesis machines until the plants reach approximately two feet in height. Be very mindful not to over water as cannabis also needs periodic dry periods to allow for oxygen uptake through the root system. Approximately two weeks in, when your plants reach the end of their vegetative cycle, they will automatically flip into the flowering phase. Switch your timers to a 12/12 light/dark flip, a predominantly red lighting spectrum and turbo charge those babies into ultra-frosty, Siberian bud production factories. Switching to a potassium rich fertilization schedule with low nitrogen content is the final step. Now it’s just a simple matter of waiting eight to ten weeks for those Russian White wonders to turn into the spectacular frost covered snow white beauties they are famous for. With yields of up to 200-400g/m2 indoors she’s a solid producer, and beginner growers will seem like pros right out of the gate.

Flowering Time For Moscow White Autoflower

Moscow White Autoflower will basically do her thing when she is ready to start pumping out those pernicious potent buds. Automatically flipping into flower after two weeks, she’ll be on her way. Switch her feeding schedule to a potassium rich nutrient mix, change out the lighting to a summer/fall red hued spectrum, a 12/12 day/night cycle and she’s good to go. When growing indoors, make sure you are set up with state of the art filtration systems because she’s a super stank little one. Outdoors, White Moscow will do her thing, just let nature take its course and regardless of the seasonal cycle, in two short weeks she’ll flip into flower on her own. With a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, expect a solid crop out of 60-150g per plant of medium-sized, dense, fluffy buds covered in frosted trichomes come mid-September, early October. Closer to harvest time there are some signs to look for, such as the amber colored trichomes beginning to appear, indicating a higher cannabinoid resin content. Once approximately half the trichomes have turned from a cloudy white to a nice golden amber color the plant is at peak harvest time. This is when the cannabinoids have the highest THC to CBD ratio. It is said that the more amber red the trichomes the calmer the high, the more opaque white the trichomes, the stronger the high. If you wait too long to harvest, those little pistols will turn dark brown and fall off, then you have lost the resinous cannabinoid THC effects, so make sure to watch closely and not miss your plants peak harvest window. Known for producing snow peaked mountains of sparkling, frosted nugs, giving this White Russian a solid 48 hours of total darkness before harvest will boost that final fresh frosting to the next level.

What Makes White Mosco Strain Popular?

At one time White Mosco was named the strongest weed strain in the world and won Best Overall category at the Cannabis Cup in 1996. Now an autoflower hybrid, not only is she one of the all-time greats but also an easy to grow, automatically flowering dynamo which will grow pretty much anywhere in pretty much any conditions, barring maybe straight up Siberian winters, but even then we wouldn’t be surprised. Indoors or out this one is a hardy, resilient, take no prisoners Russian warrior. Highly suggested for the novice growers she is very forgiving. Even with a multitude of rookie mistakes this one takes a punch, gets back up and keeps on going. If you want great results, an incredible frosted beauty of a bud producer and some of your very own homegrown super stinky sticky-icky, this is the one for you. Also boasting an exceptionally high Ocimene terpene content, which not only helps the plant defend itself from pathogens such as molds, pests and other diseases, it’s also a remarkable medicinal in its own right. Research indicates Ocimene inhibits the SARS virus, which in today’s worldwide pandemic environment is one huge benefit and another great reason to bust out that bong and pack a nice solid bowl of this Moscow medicine. There’s evidence that Ocimene may also have anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsant properties that can help in preventing seizures, along with analgesic and decongestant effects. A huge part of her popularity are the next level, crystalline white, resin drenched trichomes that make White Russian buds look like a field of green covered in a fresh blanket of snow on a cold winters night. They really are a sight to behold, a winter wonderland of THC to warm one’s soul and cure ones ills in a cold, harsh world.

Fragrance, and Flavors of White Moscow Auto Fem

With a powerful, dank, skunky smell, White Russia is no subtle wall flower, not one for a casual puff in the park when you are trying to stay on the downlow. People will smell this baby from blocks away. Not the smoothest smoke in cannabis land, she can be a bit rough around the edges with that direct, blunt, Russian personality which comes off a tad harsh at times. Though don’t underestimate her, she’s definitely got her soft side with the extremely fragrant, fruity sweet, lavender undernotes. Common for the white strains she makes up for her harshness packing a 20%+ THC potency, amazing cerebral highs and off the chain medicinal benefits, definitely worth the burn when it comes to those euphoric, relaxed, mood enhancing sensations. Heavy on the Terpinolene, which can have an overpowering, lemon pledge type edge, this lemony pine, sweet and sour scented, relatively pleasant, citrusy-herbal terpene is an acquired taste. It’s known to be used as a low-cost fragrance ingredient in strong citrus and pine scented household products. Caryophyllene terpenes balance the skunky aroma with some softer, beautiful, earthy, herbal, rosemary and clove scents, adding in a taste of the exotic. Floating in on waves of a light lavender scent, Ocimene imparts an interesting, sweet, woodsy-rose mix which makes it a popular ingredient in perfume. Myrcene, always present in genus cannabis, shows up with the well-known fruity, citrus profile familiar to pot aficionados worldwide. Though this one may not be the subtlest of smokes, we suggest partaking of her powerful stones and mighty fine curatives using your favorite water bong to break the edge and allow those sweet flowery undernotes to shine through. You’ll find there’s a nice balance between the fruity tang and spicy edge that makes for a great all-day smoke.

Effects of White Russia Autoflower

Moscow White is one medicinal powerhouse of curative terpene traits, but if you’re looking for that creative, euphoric, relaxing high and mentally stimulating, energetic, uplifting boost, you’ll find it in this Siberian beauty. An all-around mood enhancer and powerful love drug, you’ll feel like you’re soaring on a pink cloud of happy go lucky almost MDMA type highs. Inspiring and energy boosting to boot, you’ll burn through that procrastination project before your second rip off that bong, three hours later and you’ll have your entire bookshelf color coded. Ocimene, generally considered an uplifting stimulant providing that extra boost, along with its strong anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, is also known to help prevent seizures. Then there’s Caryophyllene, one of the first cannabis derived compounds other than THC and CBD that is shown to bind directly to our endocannabinoid receptors. Classed as a terpene, it has a fundamentally different structure from other terpenes in the way it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in humans, thus sometimes treated as an atypical cannabinoid. Caryophyllene, or CB2, is responsible for some of the psychoactive effects associated with THC. A powerful therapeutic for inflammation, pain and osteoporosis, it’s considered directly beneficial for colitis, arthritis, diabetes, anxiety, depression and Alzheimer’s disease. Shown to slow tumor growth, cancer cells and modulate stress-related genes, it’s also being studied as an anti-aging compound and has been proven to extend the lifespan of some organisms. Orally bioavailable, it’s also a very beneficial medicinal in edibles. There are just so many amazing benefits to this cannabinoid/terpene compound it’s impossible to name them all. Terpinolene, said to be a powerful antioxidant that can also be used as a strong sedative, is reported to boost metabolism and have dramatic effects on oxidative stress levels and mortality rates. Truly a life expansion powerhouse, White Russia is in a class all its own.

Overview of Moscow White Auto Fem Stats

An absolute winner in the world of marijuana medicinals, this one is a potent curative that has the potential for some ground breaking new anti-aging technologies. A terpene profile that targets a long list of ailments but extremely focused on antioxidants and anti-aging stresses to the human body, smoking this Russian wonder weed could be the holy grail. Anxiety, stress and depression don’t stand a chance against this mood enhancing natural antidepressant. Creative and euphoric blissful highs that last for hours, lovely sedative effects mixed with an inspiring energetic high make for strange bedfellows, but somehow it works. A 20% THC profile and a higher than average < 2% CBD content creates a powerful curative that is said to be highly effective for PTSD, severe anxiety and mood disorders. This amazing Russian indica/sativa/ruderalis hybrid can be picked up in our American seeds online catalog with just a few simple steps. As easy to grow as it is to buy, the ruderalis pheno hybrid gives her that hardy resiliency and automatic photoflip after just two weeks in vegetative cycle. This saves you time, effort and money over the more complicated photo reg strains. Pulling a solid 400g/m2 indoors she’s no slouch, and outdoors this northern bred beauty can produce up to 150g per plant in just 8 to 10 weeks. Famous for those mountains of thickly frosted, snowy white, crystalline nugs that send one into states of otherworldly bliss, with potent aromas of fruity, spicy earthiness, she’s truly a special breed. A terpene profile of some of the most powerful cannabinoid compounds yet discovered, Ocimene, Caryophyllene and Terpinolene, come together to create one crazy combination of curatives that restores, revitalizes and seems to be the proverbial fountain of youth. Smoke this one for a few years and 50 may actually become the new 20.

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  1. Rowena

    This has got to be one of my favorite strains to grow and keep on hand. It gets me moving.. I’m not too lazy, I feel happy. I can get things done for sure..

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White Moscow Autoflower Seeds

Moscow White Auto is Weeds Seeds US new autoflowering hybrid of White Russian, the Original Lowryder, and ruderalis phenotype additive, giving it those easy growing, autoflowering traits for that next level Siberian boost. A high performance autoflower ruderalis/indica/sativa blend that delivers a blowout blizzard of blissful, euphoric dreamy, delirium. Showcasing snowy white crystalline, 15-20% THC drenched trichome nugs so thickly frosted you’ll think it snowed in your garden overnight. The White Russian heritage definitely shines through with the added bonus of a quick automatic two-week ruderalis flip to flower vegetative cycle. It’s definitely worth giving this Siberian born beaut