Velvet Lushers Female Seeds

The indica hybrid Velvet Lushers female seeds from WS grow some of the most colorful plants in our arsenal, the intense and intoxicating effects are breathtaking, and the grow is an easy one. This strain exhibits a broad range of phenotypes stretching through the wheel of greens, pinks, purples and blues, even black, and the buds are always caked in a blanket of resin. Indoors or out, the flowering phase is a brief 65 days, and a sweet and sugary lavender and pine bouquet delivers a dreamy and down to earth experience.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 400g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 500g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsFruity, Mango, Sweet, Tropical
TerpenesLimonene, b-Myrcene

Velvet Lushers Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Velvet Lushers Feminized seeds are for sale everywhere in the USA, you can rely on Weed Seeds to deliver these top shelf beans, no questions asked. This seed is famous for its simplicity in the grow space. An indica structure and overall beginner growability make it manageable to even novice cultivators. Phenotypes vary from purple and green to black and blue and the intense copper fade is something to behold. Buds boast an average of 18-20% THC and the < 1% CBD content is just enough to dull piercing pains and induce deep relaxation. The unique terpene complex inherent to Velvet Gusher, smelling of sweet lavender and pungent woods, is known for its relaxing and sedative nature, though a blissful and focused experience is had by all. Taking a little longer than most indicas, this hybrid finishes in ten weeks, though the weight is well worth the time it takes to master. In this article we dive into aspects of germination, we look at what it takes to grow this divine dank, we touch on grow times, popularity points and the full range of effects. Read on to learn how you can make this seed shine.

Germinate Velvet Gushers Female Weed Strain

Germination is the process through which a grower takes a dormant seed and brings it to life for growing to the max. To provide Velvet Gushers female weed strain seeds an environment conducive to their getting the strongest beginning possible is the goal of germination and, though it does require exacting measures, it is a simple process. Sleeping seeds are so because they have been kept away from light, moisture and warmth. So that your seeds come to life again, you need to provide just enough of these, but not so much that your seeds rot. The higher the temperatures, the more impact the humidity will have, so keep temps around 65℉ and just enough moisture to create a humid environment, keep it in the dark, as in a cupboard, and in a couple days you’ll have roots. Once the seeds break open and a taproot starts to grow, you want to plant your seeds as soon as possible, so prepare their growing medium as soon as you start the process and you’ll be prepared for that special moment. Do not oversaturate seeds or dry them out, or germination won’t go as hoped.

Grow Velvet Lushers Indica Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

To grow a strain as absolutely stunning as is guaranteed with Velvet Lushers indica hybrid feminized seeds is like making dreams come true. This indica stays small, reaching only about three or four feet. This plant’s sturdy structure develops quickly, so if you are training through ScrOG techniques, you have to remain available for a certain portion of each day to manage topping, as well as the low stress training of subsequent branches. Those opting for an SOG grow find freedom in the fast pace of these flowers and colas on well pruned clones become massive, colorful, dense and sticky. Indoor growers regularly grab 300-400g m2 and outdoor growers who enjoy a Mediterranean environment see 400-500g per plant. With just a ten week flowering cycle, both vegging and flowering phases move fast, and this flower has the terpene and cannabinoid profiles to ensure a diversity of consumers can harvest according to their recreational or medicinal needs. The smell that fills the air close to the finish line is thick with lavender, pine and sweet incense, and there is no stopping that carpet of resinous trichomes once they start to flush out.

Why is Fem Velvet Lusher Marijuana Seed Popular

The female Velvet Lusher marijuana seed is quickly becoming a popular product, and WSUSA is happy to tell you why. Right off the bat, this thing is easy to manage. It germinates quickly and grows fast, offers options for how to train and it delivers large harvests and grand extract potential. The color diversity across phenotypes covers one of the broadest ranges you can find in weed, but the crystals are always top shelf. Genetics contained within this seed include Gelato #41, Triangle Kush, Animal Mints, Bubba Kush, Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. With a lineup like this, it is no wonder why Velvet Lusher is so unbelievably colorful and packs the capacity to take users on a complex tour of all that indica can be. Almost all of the strains that went into making this amalgam are multiple award winners, and there is no doubt that this velvety lavender ganja is going to bag its own fair share. Thanks to the team at Purple City Genetics, we have the opportunity to offer these seeds to everyone who wants to take a swing at magic, and we deliver to all municipalities within the United States.

Flower Time For Velvet Lushers Feminized Weed Seed

Growing an indica hybrid is generally about a ten week flowering experience, though there are some which take much longer. Once you go through the couple days of germination, the week or two of seedling development and after affecting a strong training phase, your buds only need 8-10 weeks from the switch to a twelve hour light cycle. Vegging phases vary, depending on whether you have cloned mothers and are going with a sea of green or have started a ScrOG and need time to build a balanced plant. SOG rotations generally need as little as four weeks to reach the right height and structure, while ScrOGs can require a little longer, about two to three months. Once that’s done, however, once the eighteen hour days turn to twelve, plants are good to go around the nine week mark. Outdoor growers in Northern latitudes should start seeds up to two months early inside to be sure that they allow for the flowering phase to be completed before harsh weather kicks in. Once the crop flips mid-summer, it takes approximately ten weeks to finish, and some protection may be a good idea.

Velvet Lushers Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds


When your Velvet Lushers feminized indica hybrid seeds are well grown, these plants are amongst the most impressive we’ve ever laid our eyes on. But the wow factor doesn’t start and end with looks, and they can still be deceiving. The colorful nature of this genus points to the complexity of the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, but the effects they deliver are anything but run of the mill. This is a sense-oriented strain, so physical tingles and jolts, fractal like color blends for the eyes, elevated hearing picks out the smallest sound and the flavors of this weed are amazing. Consumers quickly feel uplifted and get the sense that everything is just fine. Instantly fun, blissful and exciting, consumers are quickly relaxed and engaged with the world around them. Cherry and energetic, the high mutates into clear minded focus with a bit of a hazy twinge tingling rippling throughout the brain. This is an indica beast though, so as the high pushes forward, a heavy stone starts to replace the once high-flying euphoria. Not long after, the user starts to feel slow and heavy, the eyes want to close and the body to rest.

Velvet Lushers Photo Fem Review

We hope that we have painted a fair picture of Velvet Lushers Photo Fem. This strain is easy to get your hands on, thanks to Weed Seeds USA, and we are happy to deliver these souvenir seeds to any address within America. Velvet Lush grows with little extra attention, is open to being trained in whatever way suits your preferences and it finishes quickly. This Kush does well indoors or out, though it is not resilient to mold, pests or infection, and so protecting your crop or keeping the indoor space spotless will help prevent catastrophe. The range of color spans blues, greens, blacks, purples and fiery saffrons and the rich aromas are exquisite. Lavender, pine, lemons, eathiness, caramel, musky hash and a strong scent of gas, are just some of what epicures can detect. Just as powerful as the flavors and aromas, there is no stopping the high. Velvet Lushers hits immediately getting green lovers giggly and filled with gratitude. The bliss that accompanies a few puffs of these genetics is enough to transform negative thinking into a sunny day and caress and elevate consumers to incredible heights before laying them down for the count.

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