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If you are looking for an energizing strain to reach for in the afternoon, Trainwreck is a superb choice. This potent bud offers a boost of motivation to get you through that midday hump, with some pain and stress relieving properties to boot! The psychoactive effects are pretty impressive so you may want to reserve the use of this herb to a time when not a whole lot is expected of you. Adding this strain to your homegrown stash allows you steady access to its awesome flavors and effects and luckily, the plants are not too tricky to cultivate. When you purchase quality seeds with high germination rates, like the seeds through Weed Seeds, you are sure to have a joyful growing experience with tantalizing results.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-650g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Pain
EffectsCalming, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Lemon, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesPinene, Terpinolene, a-Myrcene

Trainwreck Seeds For Sale USA

This strain has a unique backstory that gave it its name. Two brothers were secretly growing weed in a small town in California towards the end of the 20th century. A train came rolling through their neighborhood, derailed and crashed near their home. Aware that this meant a fast-approaching visit from the police, the brothers destroyed their stash except for one plant which was the original Trainwreck plant that eventually made its way to breeders who have since made it readily available to the masses. Trainwreck is a powerful, sativa dominant strain that took three landrace strains and turned them into an awesome, well-loved hybrid. Stimulating effects are delivered from the Thai and Mexican sativa strains, while the Afghani indica brings a sense of calm. THC content, on average, sits at a moderate 15%, which means the profound recreational and medicinal benefits are delivered on a mellow and manageable psychoactive high that can be tolerated well by most tokers. Though, note that some tests have shown levels as high as 25%, so always best to approach your herb with caution! The best way to make sure you always have access to this delightful strain, is to grow it yourself. Thankfully, growing Trainwreck Fem from seed is not all that difficult. The addition of the Afghani parent led to a sturdy and resilient plant that can be grown by one with any level of growing experience.

The fem in the name of this strain refers to the seeds being feminized. Regular, or natural, weed seeds grow into both male and female plants. In the early stages of the plant’s lives, the cultivator will want to monitor and decipher which plants are males. If one is looking for seedy yields for future grows, they could leave the plants to do their thing. However, if one wanted the females to be free to develop the dense, sticky, curable nugs for smoking, they would have to weed out the males before they had a chance to pollinate. Feminized seeds are seeds that were grown by stressing a female to pollinate other females. The result is big yields of seeds with pure female genetics. When you purchase feminized seeds, you can rest assured that each seed you plant will grow into one of those bud producing ladies. Buying feminized makes for an easier growing process and ensures the best yield, making this an ideal choice for a novice grower.

This would be a great addition to any homegrown stash, and if you would like to know that you are getting supreme quality seeds with pure genetics, buy through us at Weed Seeds. We are dedicated to sourcing our seeds from reputable and experienced growers. We have a huge selection of different seeds, all of the same epic quality. We keep our seeds and ship them in certain conditions, so we are able to maintain their viability and guarantee their germination upon arrival into your home grow operation. However, we offer more than just premium products, we also have excellent customer service. Our educated team is available to answer questions or address concerns at any step of our home growing journey. From helping you choose the best seeds for your unique needs to finding the ideal methods to ensure a hefty harvest of healthy buds, we are here! Reach out through our contact form or give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

What Makes Feminized Trainwreck Strain Popular?

Trainwreck’s origin is the stuff of legends. Apparently two brothers growing in Northern California in the 1970s had their crop of E-32 threatened by a derailed train. They had to move as much of their crop as they could very quickly in order to prevent it from being discovered by authorities. Legend has it that, upon sampling one of the salvaged plants, one of the brothers commented that the high felt as intense as a train wreck.

For a long time, the only way growers could get their hands on this notorious plant was to buy clones as no seeds existed. It’s possible that the current seed genetics are thanks to another famous northern California grower, Eric Heimstadt, who may have resurrected the seeds in the Emerald Triangle. Unfortunately, the notoriously secretive Heimstadt died in 2009 before he could reveal whether the rumours were true. The seed resurrection of Trainwreck is also attributed to growers from Amsterdam using AK47 genetics.

Trainwreck has been notoriously hard to grow since its days as a clones-only lineage. While you’ll have your work cut out for you keeping up with its nutritional and pruning needs, the reward is a bushy and towering plant that’s rumored to reach up to 15 feet in height! If you’re planning on cultivating this one indoors, it is best to give it plenty of room.

Trainwreck also packs a powerful punch. Those unfamiliar with high-THC strains might be left feeling like they’ve been hit by a train. Seasoned users will delight in the psychedelic, euphoric, rollercoaster-like come-up that dissolves into a graceful analgesic.

Train Wreck Feminized Medicinal Application

Train Wreck is famous for its varied medicinal applications to treat both aches and pains as well as low moods. Users with depression, ADHD, PTSD, and everyday stress love Trainwreck for its positive vibes and engaging high that encourages activity, focus, and chatter. People who suffer from inflammation, migraines, and arthritis swear by Trainwreck as a painkiller that doesn’t lead to brain fog or an energy zap. Folks who are going through chemotherapy love it for its ability to stimulate the appetite while the Kush genetics ease body pain. It’s also been suggested that Train Wreck might make a great aphrodisiac for women.

There’s a lot of differing opinions about how Train Wreck does when treating anxiety. It’s possible that it comes down to a difference in tolerances. Sativa-lovers with a higher THC tolerance seem to find the uplifting and euphoric qualities of Train Wreck worthwhile for lifting them out of anxiety. Less experienced users, however, may find themselves overwhelmed with the energetic and psychoactive qualities of the Train Wreck high, leading to racing thoughts and a jittery energy that makes anxiety worse. Nevertheless, Train Wreck seems to be touted again and again as a great medicine for treating anxiety because of its overall sunny disposition.

Users report common and minor side effects from smoking Train Wreck, such as dry mouth and eyes. There’s also a risk of dizziness that comes with smoking too much. Medicinal users suggest smoking a little bit at a time and prefer it as an afternoon buzz as opposed to evening or morning use.

Train reck Strain Review

Different batches of Train reck have varying amounts of THC with anywhere from fifteen to a whopping twenty-seven percent! Our genetics generally produce around twenty percent THC, with a very low CBD content of less than one percent.

Train Reck genetics produce massive plants that grow both bushy and tall. Buds are long and dense, with skinny leaves and plentiful resin. Flowering time is between seven and nine weeks, and the yield is substantial at 3 to 6 oz a square foot indoors, or between 500 to 650 grams per plant.

The bouquet on the buds has both a citrus sweetness as well as an earthy, pungent undertone likened to a forest of cedar trees. Smoking it brings out the pepper and pine of the major terpenes including pinene and myrcene. Included in the mix is plenty of linalool, limonene, and phellandrene that add an earthy citrus depth. Its unique bouquet and ample resin production makes Train Reck a popular strain to use in edibles and the manufacturing of concentrates and other 710 items.

Train Reck hits like a hot shot freighter. This isn’t the strain to clear your mind, but one that rockets you into a psychedelic and creative headspace before the analgesic effects of its indica ancestors start working their magic on any muscle or joint pain. You might want to keep to just a few inhales of this heavy hitter. Recreational lovers of this strain suggest using it to enhance the experience of parties, hikes, bike rides, and lovemaking.

Buy Trainwreck Photo Fem in the USA

Trainreck is one of several Top 100 strains whose parents emigrated to the USA to have beautiful children. The truly cosmopolitan roots of Trainwreck are from Mexico, Afghanistan, and Thailand but she’s a Northern California girl through and through. What better way to show your excitement about the future of the homegrown American cannabis industry than to support a domestic strain from Weed Seeds USA?

When you buy from us, you can be sure that all our products are treated with the utmost respect and held to our uniquely American product standards. From customer service and order placing through filling and delivery, we’re checking it twice at every step of production. You can reach our website from any time zone but buying domestic means that you’re probably within a few hours of our CDT live customer service hours. Receiving our shipments is a subtle experience, as our packages lack the gaudy, obvious marijuana branding of many of our competitors, so you won’t have to worry about some sneaky weasel swiping your package. Buying domestic also ensures that we’re all working within the same legal and currency frameworks.

Speaking of which, our American customers will appreciate our wide variety of payment options. We accept Zelle and Venmo platform and debit card payments if you email us at Create A Support Request. We also accept credit cards through Mesh. We’re also excited to offer cryptocurrency payments using Dogecoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

How to Germinate Trainwreck Photo Fem Seeds

While there are all kinds of ways to germinate, the paper towel method has the highest rate of success and it’s the one we recommend for Trainwreck seeds. This method involves keeping your babies on a flat, waterproof surface like a kitchen plate in between two damp paper towels. It takes about one to six days of keeping your seeds in a warm, dark space until each Trainwreck seed has cracked open to reveal a little root, and maybe even baby leaves called cotyledons.

Using distilled or bottled water is suggested, to prevent any unwanted microbes from getting involved in the process. You may also want to use a spray bottle to wet the paper towels to avoid getting them too wet. A good rule is that if there are puddles or standing water on your plate, your towels are too wet. You’ll also want to ensure that the paper towels remain sufficiently moist throughout the process, so check on your seeds regularly and don’t let the towels dry out. It’s also important to make sure the seeds are spaced out enough to be comfortable so keep them an inch or so apart, and consider using tweezers to move them around. The order of operations is to acquire your plate, get your paper towels damp, put one on the plate, space out your seeds on the paper, get the other paper towel damp, put it on the seeds, and leave the seeds in your warm, dark spot. Check on them regularly and wait patiently for your little baby Trainwrecks to sprout.

Is Train Wreck Strain Easy To Grow?

Train Wreck is considered hard to grow due to both its tendency to develop hermaphroditism and its exceptional size.

Train Wreck does well both indoors and outdoors. Keep your plants away from frost, and between sixty-five and eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit with no more than fifteen degree difference between day and night temperatures. Indoors, the Screen of Green method is recommended. Use mesh screens to keep the canopies of bushy plants down, so the plant grows laterally instead of vertically, increasing and equalizing their access to sunlight. Check out our article on it for more information.

Without the Screen of Green, Trainwreck plants average around seventy eight inches tall! They benefit enormously from strategic pruning just as the plant starts to get bushy. Focus your efforts on lower branches as branches in low light will divert important resources from flower production later in the growing process. Some experts even suggest cutting off the topmost cola at least five days before flower production begins to stimulate a race for the top in surrounding branches.

Keep an eye on nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus throughout the growing process. During the vegetative stage, use an organic fertilizer. Growers also suggest starting the flush stage where you stop giving nutrients and provide the plant with nothing but clean water for a week which is earlier than might be intuitive, since Trainwreck loves to flower early. Keep it happy and your yields will be an impressive 500 to 650 grams per plant!

Trainwreck Seed Bank

Weed Seeds USA carries over five hundred different kinds of seeds for uses as varied as souvenir seed collecting, personal cultivation, and wholesale mass production. We pride ourselves on carrying genetics for a variety of growing types including autoflowering, feminized and regular style, photoperiod seeds, fast seeds, high CBD seeds, and high THC seeds. We carry genetics specifically for growing indicas, sativas, hybrids, and even ruderalis’ for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse growing. Many of our seeds are labelled as being great for 420 production and 710 creations. Trainwreck, for example, is great for both! We sell Trainwreck in autoflowering, photoperiod, and fast versions which are all feminized to prevent hermaphroditism.

Trainwreck comes from a famous family of landraces that include an Afghan indica and Mexican and Thai sativas. If you’re looking to collect the whole family, we have Afghan seeds in autoflowering and photoperiod feminized varieties. We also carry Mexican Haze photoperiod feminized, Mexican Red Hair autoflowering feminized, and CBD Mexican photoperiod feminized. Our Thai varieties include Purple and Chocolate photo and autoflowering feminized seeds.

Trainwreck has kids! Our favourite is Kandy Kush. Also called Candy Kush, we sell both photoperiod regular and feminized seeds. Keep a lookout for Trainwreck’s other ancestors, Pineapple Express, Purple Trainwreck, Pineapple Trainwreck, and Tangerine Trainwreck. If you’re looking for something outside of the family but similar, check out our selection of AK47, Skywalker Ghost Kush, Grandaddy Banner, and Shiskaberry genetics. Whatever you need, if we don’t have it, it’s not worth having!

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We love helping people access the new and exciting world of cannabis genetics. We really mean it when we implore you to call or email us with any questions you might have. Our customer service line is open from 9am to 6pm CDT from our headquarters in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Give us a call at 1 844 807 1234. We’re happy to help you navigate your order, answer tough questions, or even just double check your research.

The internet is a marvelous thing and never before have Americans been able to access libraries of weed information from the comfort of their own couches in the middle of the night so definitely take advantage of it! Our website is always being updated, and we provide a wide range of articles related to cannabis growing and culture. If you’d rather write out your question and send us an email, we can be reached at Create A Support Request. We aim to answer your questions in twenty four to forty eight hours. We’re happy to accept all kinds of non-cash currencies including debit, Zelle, and Venmo if you email us. We also accept credit cards via Mesh platform, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin, and Ethereum. Send us an email and we can figure it all out.

Whether you’re looking for a few souvenirs for your collection or a wholesale package to start a warehouse with, Weed Seeds USA wants to be your provider. We love flexing our customer service skill muscles for anyone who might benefit from them. Get in touch today!

Growing Trainwreck Photoperiod Female From Seed

Ready to get growing? There is a reason the brothers had so many plants to destroy with the imminent visit from the authorities, this bud is easy to cultivate! The plants can provide successful and abundant yields in or outdoors. They get to be quite big, reaching a height of 7 feet and sprawling laterally as well. They have robust roots and stalks that are more than capable of supporting the weight of their buds. Mostly these babies require basic maintenance, including trimming and pruning to manage their massive size. An indoor grow operation might be best, especially for a new grower, as the plants thrive in warm, sunny conditions that may not be consistently offered in the fickle arms of mother nature.

If you opt to grow indoors, keeping the room temperature between 69 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit will help these plants flourish. Using hydroponics, where nutrients are carried to the plants roots through flowing water rather than soil, will also contribute to the success of your grow. Pairing hydroponics with the Screen of Green technique will optimize your production. This is where multiple plants are grown in close quarters. The canopy of the plants is expanded and regulated with a mesh screen, which allows for better light penetration and airflow to the lower limbs and their developing buds. If all goes well, you can collect as much as 2.3 ounces of resin rich nugs per square foot!

Growing outdoors is an option as well. Like was mentioned, they can suffer a bit in temperature shifts. But if you live in a fairly consistent, warm and bright climate, an outdoor grow operation can be wildly successful. When all goes well, you can anticipate harvesting an impressive yield of up to 28 ounces per plant!

Flowering Time For Trainwreck Photo Fem Marijuana

The Trainwreck strain seeds will produce some vibrant green nugs that are adorned with peach-colored pistils. These beauties will reach maturity and become ready to harvest in as little as 8 weeks or up to 10 weeks. If you are opting to grow in the garden, your harvest will be ready for collection in early to mid-October. These are photoperiod bloomers, which means they rely on light adjustments to move from their vegetation stage into their flowering process. Indoor grow operations require bulbs and timers to encourage the plants to bloom. However, this process occurs naturally in the great outdoors, as the long, warm summer days shorten to bring in the fall. Harvesting before the extreme temperature shifts and the first frost of fall will protect your plants from damage.

Train Wreck Photoperiod Feminized Cannabis Medical Application

Trainwreck Fem does more than offer a mental and physical boost to the recreational user looking for a little burst of energy to approach their day, it also boasts a slew of health benefits. The uplifting, energizing and stress relieving high can support symptoms associated with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The therapeutic potential is not limited to the psychological though, there is evidence of this strain’s use in battling physical health conditions as well. There are patients who have found relief from physical pain with the use of this bud. Some also find the energetic properties helpful in combating fatigue.

When you choose marijuana to soothe your health conditions, you are getting a natural, often organic product that offers few adverse reactions. Traditional pharmaceuticals come with a long list of potential risks, but pot use is limited to just a few which are mostly manageable. The most common inconveniences from the use of Trainwreck Fem are dry eyes and cottonmouth. Both of these discomforts can be mitigated by staying hydrated. Sip away on a tasty beverage before, during and after your sessions to avoid getting too agitated. Other potential side effects are confusion or anxiety. These are usually reserved for people with THC sensitivities or for when the recommended dosage is ignored. Moderate use will yield the best results, so approach this powerful herb with some mindfulness and enjoy the ride.

Fragrance, Flavors, and Effects

The effects from Trainwreck are predominantly cerebral and psychoactive. The potent buzz goes straight to the dome, sending the smoker soaring for hours. The high is euphoric and floods the mind with creative juices and new ideas. Taken in the right amount, this herb can give a profound boost of energy that will help motivate you to tackle several tasks, potentially all at the same time! There is 35% indica in the genetic mix, so the relaxing properties are still strong in this one. Expect the tension soothing effects to wash through the physical body without bringing on lethargy or laziness. Overuse may lead to some serious couchlock and introspection though, so start slow and see how this bud hits you before carrying on.

All these awesome effects are delivered on smoke that smells like earth and wood that is highlighted with hints of bright and tangy citrus. The odor is mirrored in the flavor. The palate will be enlivened with bursts of lemon and the taste buds left with lingering spice. Delicious!

Buy Wholesale Trainwreck Photo Feminized Strain Seeds in the USA

If you are one of the kind souls who grows on the larger, commercial scale for the benefit of those who do not have the space or legal freedom to grow their own plants, we have good news! We, at Weed Seeds, have a great selection of seeds available in bulk as well. As you sift through our selection, you will find that each strain option comes with a detailed description similar to this. Whether you are looking for award winning options that are guaranteed to fly off the shelves, or obscure, new to market strains to expand your repertoire and intrigue your customers, we have you covered. Our wholesale seeds are sold at reduced prices and have high germination rates so you can feel confident in your investment and ability to keep those shelves stocked. We hope that the ease of ordering through our online shop will allow you more space and time to tackle other important business tasks like tending to your plants or checking in with your clients. Our goal is to make the many recreational and medical benefits of pot use accessible at every stage of production and distribution.

Find Trainreck Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

When you choose to buy your bulk Trainwreck seeds through Weed Seeds, you will receive awesome discounts for superior quality seeds. Trainwreck is a great choice for a commercial grow, as you will likely have adequate space for the plants to reach their full production potential. They are easy to cultivate and provide big yields, so you will have no trouble keeping up with your customers’ demands. Get started by adding these seeds to your shopping cart and in just a couple weeks you can start growing this powerful bud!

Train Wreck Photoperiod Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

Alright, alright, you get it. The Trainwreck Fem strain is awesome. So, how do you go about ordering some already!? Well, it has never been easier to order seeds than it is in our technological age. You can browse through our catalogue of premium seeds, make your selection, and pay all from the comfort of your couch. We offer several methods of payment that are secure so you can feel safe in your purchase. We also deliver in unmarked packages, so that your purchase of our superior weed seeds stays our little secret. Between our quality seeds, our germination guarantees, and our awesome customer support, you will not be disappointed when you opt to make the few clicks that will bring these seeds right to your doorstep. Get started on your home grow today!

Similar Seeds For Sale in the USA

If Trainwreck is not quite cutting it for you, do not fret! Weed Seeds has a huge catalogue of quality seeds. Here we will go over a few alternatives that have similar THC content, but with different flavors, effects and growing requir