Sweet Kush Female Seeds

If you like Sweet Tooth and OG Kush, you are bound to fall in love with these Sweet Kush female seeds. Kush demands a bit of experience, but the balanced nature of this strain makes it easy. Juicy berries, sweet cherry candy and lemon are all present in the bouquet and the effects of this sweet seed are immediate and impactive. Instantly transforming the forlorn into giggly and blissful cannabis creatures, Sweet Kush encapsulates everything you love about weed. Hit up Weed Seeds today and lay claim to a true OG rock star.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Balanced
THC PercentageUp to 19%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor YieldUp to 500g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 600g per plant
Flower Time7-9 weeks
EffectsAroused, Energizing, Hunger, Talkative
Aromas & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Floral, Honey, Kush, Lemon, Pine, Sweet, Tea

Sweet Kush Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

The Sweet Kush Feminized seeds we have for sale at Weed Seeds USA are some of the finest examples of a balanced Kush strain we have ever known. Offering high germination rates right off the bat, these seeds quickly establish and grow into plants so pretty that your mouth waters every time you visit the grow space. Buds pack on weight after just a couple weeks of flower and hit a perfect 17-19% THC and < 2% CBD in just nine weeks from the flip, or by late September. Sweet Kush is so balanced it becomes versatile in the grow space. Choose to train these plants however you like, offer it dedicated care and appropriate feeding schedules and you will reap high rewards. Sweet Valley Kush is also a colorful plant, and nugs cure beautifully into deep purples and greens, caked in powerful and terpene rich trichomes. We dedicate ourselves to the best in the business and we love these seeds. We love our clients as well, so we do our best to inform. Read further to find out about germination, growing, yield and effects, and find out what makes this leaf so stunningly popular.

Germinate Sweet OG Female Weed Strain

This Sweet OG Female weed strain is famous for its simplicity, compared to other Kush cannabis grows, and it all starts with germination. To germinate Sweet OG, you just need to remove the seed from storage, gently open the packaging and air the seeds. Prepare an environment that is humid but not wet and make sure that your seeds can breathe. What needs to happen is for the moisture to pass through the shell and be absorbed by the embryo, without soaking or over saturating either. When the process goes right, shells open and taproots emerge. When it goes wrong, however, seeds rot. The whole process only takes a day or two, and since roots die in the light, germination must be affected in the dark. Check your germination bundle every few hours to ensure seeds are not soaked or drying out, and that they have enough air. Within 48 hours of you introducing your Sweet Kush seeds to this type of environment, they should germinate. You will know because a root will be coming out the end of each seed. Protect this root, plant the seed, add water and light and get ready to grow.

Grow Sweet Kush Balanced Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Assuming germination comes off without a hitch and sprouts have broken the surface, you are now ready to grow. For the first two weeks or less, plants require a low nutrient medium. This helps them establish roots without being inundated with elements which may burn the young fibres. After this period of setting up the seedlings, you are in veg. This plant should be transplanted to a twenty-gallon pot for Screen of Green (ScrOG) training and let to re-establish, or clones may be transplanted to quick pots for a four week veg in Sea of Green (SOG) style grows. Either way, this plant needs lots of good food, high light levels, and ventilation is critical to both strengthening stalks and preventing moisture buildup within the flowers. Indoor growers have been known to bag 400-500g/m2, while seeds sown outside under a Mediterranean type sun grow large and deliver 500-600g per plant. Though the Kush lineage is uber popular, it is not necessarily resilient, so outdoor growers need to provide protection. This strain is super-fast though, so there should be little worry over your buds rotting due to weather.

Why is Fem Sweet OG Kush Marijuana Seed Popular

The name Kush has been around since the dawn of the discovery of Hindu Kush in the mountains of Afghanistan, and since then there has been a growing number of Kush strains, each one of them stunning in its own unique ways. The Sweet OG Kush feminized marijuana seed has become the star that it is because of its brilliant balanced nature that lends well to many techniques. Whereas Kush is notoriously difficult to parent, Sweet Kush is much simpler, inviting even novice growers to try their hand at raising greatness. The fragrances are of sweet strawberry and other fresh and dried berries, sweet cherry and sugary lemon candy crunch. Flavors include earthy notes and hashy undercurrents, smoke is light on the lungs, and you can feel a difference with each exhale. This bud also exhibits some color when grown in cooler temperatures, and the purples and rich greens, fiery pistils and cakes of resin make anyone’s mouth water. The high is happy and dizzy, giggly and creative, leading consumers to lands of bliss with ease. This is a seed for everyone to try and WSUSA delivers to everywhere in America.

Flower Time For Sweet Kush Feminized Weed Seed

Sweet Kush feminized weed seeds are some of the fastest Kush genetics in the game. This seed germinates within the first day or two, establishes over the following week, and as seedlings mature you can start to train them almost immediately. So this is the first two weeks, and after that this strain is so speedy that you need to remain on top of your ScrOG or it will quickly become out of control. A couple months of training inside is all this plant needs to generate the structure necessary to see ideal harvests, and once you flip, it’s just 7-9 weeks until all is said and done. Those who choose to grow this Kush outside are in for a treat, though this strain does require a stable environment. It is fast enough that those in continental climates and Northern latitudes can finish it before the weather kicks in, so long as you have started seeds inside a bit early. In an ideal season, Sweet OG Kush plants finish by early to late September, depending on when you plant, and the CBG, THC and CBD counts can be managed through choosing earlier harvest times.

Sweet Kush Feminized Balanced Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

The balanced hybrid effects of Sweet Kush Feminized cannabis seeds is something we think every kind of enthusiast would love. We only carry strains we believe in, and this is most certainly one of them. Those looking for an instant hit, a sudden change in perspective and a strong dose of a good time are going to find relief in these seeds. Giddy and giggly, Sweet OG consumers are often so uplifted that they don’t care if they make fools of themselves. Companionship elevates the Sweet Kush experience, and the outcomes of artistic endeavors are always supercharged through the addition of this uplifting and inspiring strain. Consumers feel blissful and engaged, and warm tingling sensations commonly creep up and down the spine and throughout the nervous system, tickling the already uplifted flower fan. The indica side of this Kush is strong though, and once the high starts to wane and the stone starts to take over, the pace changes form energetic and upbeat to slow and steady, focused and relaxed. Physical effects include a lack of aches and pains, freedom from headaches, freedom from fatigue and the promise of sedation.

Sweet Kush Photo Fem Review

Throughout this article, we have taken a look at the lineage of Sweet Kush Photo Fem, we have reviewed some of the ways this seed behaves in indoor and outdoor grow spaces, cracked the egg of effects and pointed out why others find this seed so sweet. This is a balanced hybrid blend of Sweet Tooth and OG Kush, it offers high germination rates and grows super-fast. This strain is good in either sea or screen grows and SOG rotations can become some of the speediest in the industry. Hauls regularly clock in at between 400 and 600 grams or 14 to 21 ounces per plant or ㎡. The bouquet of cured flowers extends through the berry and cherry range, landing on lemons, earth and hash, and there is a special twinge in the nose when you get a sour phenotype. This strain is incredibly popular for its fast-flowering times, ease of management and for its incredible effects. Bliss, laughter, joy and creativity form the foundation of the high while later stages introduce the consumer to what it means to get high on Kush. Trust WS for all your Sweet Kush seed needs and get this impressive photo fem delivered today.

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