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Purchasing Super AK seeds from Weed Seeds will give you a balanced hybrid that’s fantastic for using any time during the day. The medium high potency of up to 18% will give you a strong smoke that will still be fairly manageable. Yields of these seeds are extremely high at rates of up to 550 grams per square meter if grown indoors, and up to even a kilogram or more per plant if grown outdoors. The flowering time of these seeds is particularly short at only 8-9 weeks, giving you huge amounts of weed in very little time.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield400-550g m/2
Outdoor Yield800-1000g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Cerebral, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsPungent, Skunk, Spicy, Sweet
TerpenesMyrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellendrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, Borneol

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If you’ve been on the hunt for a marijuana strain that checks every box, Super AK is where you need to be. This balanced hybrid strain gives the best of indica and sativa genetics, giving you a high that’s invigorating and stimulating yet relaxed. You’ll feel a strong sense of creative motivation when indulging in this variety, as the sativa genes will get your blood flowing and possibly even give you new ideas. The THC is fairly high at a level of anywhere between 14-18% which will be a significant amount for anyone who isn’t a chronic stoner. The moderate amount of CBD at only around < 2% will provide a little therapeutic value but will mostly help to enhance the body high. Super AK can be a good choice for a medicinal strain if you are looking for something to help you cope with psychological issues. The uplifting effect of this strain can help fend off problems such as anxiety, depression or PTSD, helping to make any emotional weight a bit easier to bear. When it comes to yields, Super AK seeds are truly impressive performers. If you grow these seeds inside, you can expect a harvest of up to 400-550g/m2, a significant amount compared to other strains. In an optimal environment, growing these seeds outdoors can give you a huge amount of up to 800-1000g per plant. In addition, these are feminized seeds, which allows you to get the highest yields possible through the removal of male seeds. You can buy Super 47 in our always popular 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack if you’d like an opportunity to try this strain of seeds alongside a broad range of many other compellingly flavored, highly potent or extremely productive varieties.

How to Germinate Super AK Photo Fem Seeds

There’s only one near perfect way to germinate our Super 47 seeds, and that’s by using the paper towel method. This one way of germinating seeds has shown some of the highest rates of success, so we encourage you to use this option to get your seeds to sprout. You only need to use a couple different household items to complete this process. First, you need to get some paper towels, a dinner plate or other kind of surface, and some normal water. Your water can be from the tap as well as distilled or purified, as it won’t make a difference to your seeds. Begin by dampening a piece of paper towel and laying it on top of your dinner plate. Get your package of new seeds and move them right from the package to the paper towel. Be sure to leave about an inch or two between them, because they will need a bit of space to be able to sprout. After this, you can give them a bit of rooting solution or another kind of liquid fertilizer to help them along. Then, you can dampen a couple more pieces of paper towel, lay them on top of your seeds, then cover them so they are in complete darkness. The germination process will now begin, and it will take about seven to ten days for your seeds to begin sprouting. Once they do so, you can remove them and plant them into the growing medium. Using this process, Weed Seeds Super AK seeds will germinate at a rate of about 90%, which will be much higher than the average had they been planted without germinating properly.

Growing Super 47 From Seed From Seed At Home

This hybrid strain contains some strong genes from both sides of the aisle, taking on a profile of both sativa and indica genetics. This can affect how these pot seeds grow for the better, as they typically follow indica growth patterns. Because indica plants tend to be better suited for outdoor growing, these seeds will have many traits that will make them easier to bring to maturity. Their growth patterns will follow more of an indica form, which means that plants will grow shorter but larger in size. This can help you do some more efficient space management, especially if they are being grown indoors where you might be short on space for your grow room. The formation of the buds is also more similar to indica plants, so they will grow numerous, large and dense rather than the wispy and spotty pattern that sativa plants might take on. Because of these fantastic indica genes, these plants have also shown a bit of a natural resistance to worldly threats such as pests and disease. You can expect very large yields from these plants, which can be further increased by giving them more than enough time to grow in the vegetative period. AK47 Super plants can provide you with up to 550 grams per square meter if they are grown indoors. Should you grow them outdoors, you can expect significantly higher yields at levels of around 1000 grams or more per plant. They should be regularly fed nutrients and vitamins to get them to their maximum size, and you should also provide them with as much light as possible without burning the leaves. This will give them more than enough resources to grow as large as possible, maximizing the total harvest you can gain from these highly productive pot seeds.

Flowering Time For Super AK47 Feminized

Part of the genes that make these seeds so outstanding is their speedy time to bloom. The time that these plants take to reach full maturity does depend a bit on the grower, because these seeds are a photoperiod variety. This means that getting them to flower requires some extra input from the grower, in the form of changing the amount of lighting when the right time comes. You may do this whenever you feel is the best time, but it’s typically anywhere between three to five weeks into the vegetative growth stage. After this time, you should switch your lighting schedule to only about twelve hours per day. This can be a bit higher at around fourteen hours if you feel your plants are falling behind in their current conditions. Once this is done, you can expect the flowering period to last only about eight to nine weeks, a fairly short time compared to most other varieties. If you think it’s best for your plants, you may also choose to extend the flowering phase to get a bit more of a mature plant. This can help increase your potency and yield if it’s done properly but waiting too long may cause you to lose some potency and some of the aromas of your buds. You should look for signs such as the trichomes changing hue in order to tell when you should harvest your plants. The glassy coating of trichomes will turn more of a milky white when your plants have reached full maturity, so you’ll be able to tell exactly when the best time to strike will be. Once you see this frosty coating on the buds, as well as browning or curling of the pistils covering them, you should prepare to harvest your plants right away.

What Makes AK47 Super Strain Popular?

There are a few different traits about Super AK47 that makes it an attractive choice to many growers and smokers. One of the simplest reasons why this strain is so popular are the highly desirable effects it will give to its users. The balanced genetic profile will bring on a strong euphoric high that will come into a more deeply creative and invigorating stone. Because of the balanced profile, smokers are unlikely to feel much drowsiness or couch locking from this strain, although it’s still a possibility if you consume more than you’re used to. This variety is also a favorite for producing oils and extracts because of one of its special traits. The buds of Super AK plants will be much more resinous and sticky than usual, which can make extraction a much easier task, especially if it’s being done at home. This will produce much more oil using a smaller volume of bud, making this a highly efficient strain for extracting. It’s just as good for growing bud however, as the yields are absolutely massive and will give you more than enough weed for a long time to come. The medium high potency of up to 18% or more will be a significant amount for most smokers, and for the most chronic users, you can utilize some fertilizers during growing to increase the potency further. Growers also love this strain simply because it’s absurdly productive. Growing these plants outside in a good climate can provide you with over a kilogram of product per plant if they are in the right conditions. Even growing them inside will give you over half a kilogram per square meter, making them an exceptional investment for high amounts of bud despite the relatively little work needed during the grow.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Super AK Photo Fem

When you smell some of the signature flavors of a cannabis plant, what you’re really picking up on are the countless terpenes inside the buds. These natural compounds are found everywhere on earth in nearly every form of plant life out there. As marijuana is certainly a type of plant, you can find all kinds of terpenes inside these psychedelic lifeforms. Some of the most recognizable ones are alpha pinene and beta pinene, which are a couple of the most popular terpenes among smokers. That’s because they have the ability to bring on an extremely calming effect when you inhale them. They’re often found inside pine and cedar trees, which lends a distinct scent of pine to your bud. Other terpenes like beta caryophyllene or myrcene will typically have flavors that are more accurately described as spicy or herbal. These terpenes are found in spices and herbs such as black pepper, cloves or basil, which can enhance some of the flavors provided by other terpenes. Eucalyptol and alpha phellandrene can give a unique flavor to this weed, as these terpenes are both found inside eucalyptus trees. Limonene is another favorite of many smokers as it can greatly enhance the flavor of any ganja it’s a part of. This lemon-flavored terpene, as well as valencene, is found in the peels of all citrus fruits, giving your weed a tangy, sweet and skunk flavor. Alpha humulene and phytol, as well as borneol, can all be described with an aroma similar to many sweet, grassy or earthy plant life. These terpenes can be found in plants such as lemongrass, hops and thyme, making for a pungent, earthy and herbal quality. Among these flavors are many other minor terpenes that serve to augment the many aromas you’ll experience.

Effects of Super 47 Feminized

The effects of Super AK American seeds are one of the main reasons why so many growers and smokers choose to go for this strain. These plants will create a bud that provides the ultimate balanced hybrid experience, taking some of the best traits of both indica and sativa plants. No matter what your preference is, you’re sure to find this strain very enjoyable as it gives the user a preeminent encounter with good cannabis. The high strength of some buds of Super AK 47 will give you a very strong first couple hits. You’ll feel a potent euphoric feeling at first, which will take at least a few minutes to begin coming down. The high is very cerebral and can be felt mostly in the head, and many users have said you may begin to feel it more in the body as it starts to wear off. The heady high is strong but not overwhelming, and the strength will vary depending on just how much you partake in. The entire experience is undoubtedly relaxing, as the mix of indica and sativa genes paired with the high THC begins to uplift your spirits. Because this strain is rather energizing, some smokers may find a bit of trouble sleeping using this variety as a sleep aid. Despite this, it can be used any time during the day, either as a wake and bake strain or something to come down during the evening. The potency is mildly chronic, and will be more than enough for most smokers with very little danger of overdosing. If having a bit too much Super 47, you may feel sensations such as mild paranoia or anxiety, but these can easily be counteracted by being careful of your consumption and staying hydrated and fed.

Overview of Super AK47 Photo Fem Stats

The prime genetics of these seeds means that they perform extremely well in every way. You can often find THC levels of up to 18% or more with this variety, which can be further increased through proper care of your plants and feeding them regularly with the essential nutrients and minerals. This will help improve potency and your total yields at the end of the flowering stage as well. The THC levels are paired with a much lower CBD level, usually around 2%. The potency of this strain will make for a fairly heady and euphoric high once you begin smoking. This will eventually wear off into a more relaxing state, where you’ll feel an invigorating mind and body stone. This variety is often considered a creative weed, as many artistic types have found that it can help the creation of art or music much easier. No matter where you grow these plants, they are sure to give you outstanding yields at rates of up to 550 grams per square meter grown indoors, and up to 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors. The aromas consist of many different notes including pine, citrus or lemon, and a strong skunky and earthy quality. Since these particular seeds are feminized, you will receive only female seeds. This means that no male plants will be grown, which will almost completely eliminate the risk of your plants being pollinated, which can severely reduce the size of your yields. These are also photoperiod seeds, which will require the grower to keep track of their age and begin the flowering stage when they are ready. Weed Seeds carries many other fantastic strains in our catalog, and purchasing the 750 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack will allow you to try dozens of them.

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Super AK Seeds

Purchasing Super AK seeds from Weed Seeds will give you a balanced hybrid that’s fantastic for using any time during the day. The medium high potency of up to 18% will give you a strong smoke that will still be fairly manageable. Yields of these seeds are extremely high at rates of up to 550 grams per square meter if grown indoors, and up to even a kilogram or more per plant if grown outdoors. The flowering time of these seeds is particularly short at only 8-9 weeks, giving you huge amounts of weed in very little time.

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