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The Super AK strain is a potent option for a home grow that holds an 18-24% THC level. Paired with a < 1% CBD content and an abundance of terpenes, this powerful herb has the ability to send recreational tokers on a happy balanced high and to bring profound relief to medical tokers. The generous yields require little effort to bring to fruition and the hybrid buds deliver the ideal blend of euphoric cerebral effects and a deeply relaxing body stone. Buying premium seeds from Weed Seeds ensures you get pure genetics and a high germination rates on your superb seeds!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 24%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield550-750g m/2
Outdoor Yield120-200g per plant
Flowering Time9-10 weeks
EffectsPowerful, Euphoric
Flavors & AromasSweet, Spicy
TerpenesMyrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellendrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, Borneol

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Super AK47 is a genetic blend of the potent California Sativa and the indica dominant Afghan x AK47. The result of this innovative cross breeding is a balanced hybrid strain that has high levels of cannabinoids and a plethora of healing terpenes. This myriad of elements makes for an herb that instills a long-lasting and happy high, which is loved by both recreational and medical tokers. Those struggling with mental health issues, like depression and anxiety, that center around negative thought loops and emotions, may be particularly fond of the uplifting buzz! Creatives also seek out this option, as the flow of artistic expression will come through after a few small puffs. The plant’s genetics contribute to an easy cultivation experience which make this an equally enticing option for a home grower. It is resistant to mold and flowers relatively quickly, taking an average of two and a half months for the buds to become mature and ready for harvest. The beautiful plant will take on a small Christmas tree appearance with strong, flexible branches that can effortlessly support the trichome crusted buds. The flowers exhibit an intense, lime green color speckled with the intriguing contrast of bright orange pistils. The sweet, spicy aroma will lure you in for a toke and the bursting of citrus on the taste buds is sure to invite another puff. If you have a small home grow operation, you will be fine getting a single seed or small seed pack, but if you are growing on the commercial scale, you may wish to buy Super AK47 in our always popular 750 Autoflower Mixed Pack. You can select this strain as part of the pack while simultaneously stocking up on other options to satisfy a wider range of customers.

How to Germinate Super AK Auto Fem Seeds

AK47 Super seeds from Weed Seeds are sure to germinate thanks to their pure, premium genetics. Knowing that you will undoubtedly have success allows you to confidently approach this key step with any approach that suits you. The paper towel technique is a go to for new and veteran growers alike. Start by letting your seeds soak in water for a few minutes while you prepare their germination bed by laying a damp piece of paper towel on a dinner plate. From here, you will want to use tweezers or disposable gloves to carefully place your seeds on the towel. Separate them by about an inch so they have space to grow without tangling and then cover them with a second towel. Encase them by placing another plate lip down on top and wait a couple days for your plants to bust out of their hard, shiny exteriors! It is imperative that these towels are moist but not wet, so spritz them, only as necessary, to maintain the optimal humidity levels. Once your taproots have sprouted, you can transfer them into the pot or garden space where they will be nurtured into maturity. Make sure to move them with the utmost care, as they are delicate and could be damaged in the process. Try to keep from using your bare hands, as oils and other contaminants that might be on them could harm your seedlings and affect how well they mature and develop their buds. To avoid this risk completely, you could opt to use soil cubes instead. You need only press a seed into a cube, keep it moist, and when the plant sprouts, you can transplant the whole unit without needing to handle the new growth at all!

Growing Super AK47 From Seed From Seed At Home

These autoflower seeds are a treat to grow. The Super 47 strain is a mix of an Afghani strain that hails from the mountains in Afghanistan and a moisture resistant sativa strain from down South. Its partial roots in the harsher mountain environment have created a hardy, relatively low-lying plant that can take on more turbulent weather conditions with grace. They develop into a shape comparable to a fir tree and have a mid-range distance between the internodes so the buds have plenty of room to grow large and bulky! The fact the seeds are feminized further adds to the resilience and ease of growing. Spraying female plants with colloidal silver makes them develop the sac of pollen that is traditionally created by the male plant. Using this female pollen to pollinate other female plants results in yields of seeds with pure lady genetics. Every seed blossoms into a bud bearing female plant, so you need not waste your time, energy and resources nourishing plants that will not produce and need to be weeded out. You can reap some massive yields if you grow indoors and implement bud boosting techniques like the Sea of Green. By stretching the upper limbs over your plants out laterally, you can create open space for light and air to hit the low branches. This will increase the development of healthy bud sites and lead to more generous yields. If you choose to grow these beauties out in the garden, you will want to make sure to collect the buds by October. This is generally when the weather temperatures shift and become too cool for the plants to tolerate. Letting the first frost settle on your plants could ruin your harvest, so you want to get those buds drying before the cold snaps.

Flowering Time For AK47 Super Autoflower

One of the reasons folks opt for autoflowering strains like Super AK Auto is that they flower automatically depending only on how far along they are in their maturation process. Unlike photoperiod plants which need a curated light environment to flower, these babies will just go about their journey in any light conditions. Photo plants are nourished in their vegetation stage by receiving plenty of direct sunlight in the long, summer days. Once they have reached their height and breadth, they are ready to start flowering. However, they rely on the shift to the shorter, cooler days of fall to engage the process. The change in light hues alerts them that cold weather is coming to threaten their health and so they start producing. When you grow indoors, you need to recreate these conditions by using full spectrum white lights in certain time intervals, which can be expensive and time consuming. Auto plants require none of this. Providing long hours of bright light will assist them in reaching optimal health and the duration of exposure does not need to be adjusted throughout their life cycle. Plus, the ruderalis genes contribute some extra resiliency to your plants so that you can grow even more effortlessly. The flowers take between 9-10 weeks to become ready for collection, and you can determine their harvest time by the curling of their pistils and the creamy color of their trichomes. An indoor operation could yield a generous 550-750g/m2 and a garden grow a more modest, but still impressive, 120-200g per plant. Either yield will provide you with plenty of nugs for your home-grown stash and the shorter flowering time can assist you in having more than one life cycle in a growing season!

What Makes Super 47 Strain Popular?

This strain has an amazing scent and flavor and delivers far reaching effects and benefits to all those who opt to indulge in a session. At the root of each of these alluring traits is the impressive list of terpenes that reside in the sticky layer of trichomes that adorn the hefty buds of the Super AK plant. This is perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of this particular strain and is the main reason that people hunt for these exceptional cannabis seeds to grow in their home operations. As you nourish the hardy plants into maturity, their buds will start to shine with this healing layer. Pinene and limonene work to reduce stress and anxiety, while myrcene and humulene deliver powerful anti-inflammatory relief. Phellandrene is thought to act as an antidepressant and borneol works to improve digestion to aid with all the food you want to consume while riding out the high! These are just a few of the powerful healing ingredients that work together to make this herb the therapeutic marvel that it is, and the impressive combination is unique to this strain. It is common to find a few main terpenes, but the plethora available in this one plant is by far one of its most enticing qualities. Each of these elements bring a certain note to the bouquet as well. A mix of citrus fruit, earth, wood, spice, and pine is sure to lure you in for a session, well before the buds are even busted and lit up for the full experience to hit your taste buds and linger sweetly on your tongue. Though seemingly miniscule and insignificant, these particles are almost entirely responsible for making this strain Super, for recreational tokers, medical patients, and home growers alike!

Fragrance, and Flavors of Super AK Auto Fem

The exceptional Super AK pot seeds mature into healthy, hardy plants with dense buds that are coated with a thick layer of sticky resin. This sparkling coat is made up of tiny, mushroom shaped trichomes that hold a myriad of molecules called terpenes. These molecules have been the focus of many research studies over the past decades and are proving to have all sorts of therapeutic potential for medical patients struggling with different physical and psychological issues. The cannabis plant is host to many of these molecules and they each offer unique healing properties. This particular strain has an impressive list of terpenes in its make up, including Myrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellandrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, and Borneol. These ingredients are known for bringing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiemetic and other properties to the cannabis plant, but they also are the main contributor to the wonderful scent emitted from the plants buds and the flavor that hits the palate when the delectable nugs are smoked. The overwhelming experience in the nostrils and on the tongue is a delightful blend of sweetness and spice. Even before the buds are busted up and lit, they smell sweet and spicy, and the taste buds will be flooded with the same once the herb is inhaled into the mouth and lungs. Limonene adds a citrus twist and pinene brings a hint of invigorating pine needles to the mix. Eucalyptol, true to its name, offers a sharp eucalyptus scent and flavor and myrcene is the one responsible for the peppery spice. The combination is a force to be reckoned with and the flavor alone is a huge part of the draw for folks seeking to cultivate and toke Super AK.

Effects of Super AK47 Autoflower

The entourage effect is the phenomenon of powerful effects being delivered through a healthy mix of cannabinoids and terpenes. The high THC levels, mixed with a modest but significant CBD content and a long list of healing terpenes present in the Super AK47 plant make this a powerful option for recreational and medical tokers. Because of the potency, a few puffs of this bud is all you need to be sent into an euphoric mental state. The high is predominantly cerebral and has a long-lasting psychedelic impact. It is generally a happy experience that comes alongside a flow of creative energy that is optimal for crafty adventures! It happens to offer a little extra focus too, which means you can bring a deeper attention to whatever innovative task you take on. The indica effects will creep in before long and bring a deep, soothing relaxation into the muscles and joints. This is superb for managing aches and pains from a myriad of conditions, such as inflammatory ailments like arthritis and movement disorders like multiple sclerosis. The uplifting mental effects are not purely for the recreational toker either, the reduction of negative thoughts and feelings is applicable to those suffering from mental health diagnosis’ such as depression and anxiety. The effects tend to settle out and leave sedation in their wake. The culmination in sleepiness makes this a marvelous option for evening use. Allow yourself a couple hours after dinner to enjoy the buzz and then prepare to take in a movie or podcast while the relaxation takes hold and ultimately carries you off to bed. At some point, you will be hit with a case of the munchies. Have snacks close by as it is almost a guarantee you will not want to do more than reach your hand out by the time the insatiable hunger sets in!

Overview of AK47 Super Auto Fem Stats

Super AK is quite a strain. True to its name, it is indeed an exquisite cannabis option that delivers hit after hit of premium benefits to all those who smoke its sweet, citrusy and spicy buds. A few puffs of these bright green buds with their orange hairs are enough to have all the healing potential take hold. The extensive list of terpenes that the nugs hold bring a wealth of therapeutic value to an already exceptional recreational herb. The flavor profile is diverse and delicious, as is the enticing scent that fills your grow space far before the nugs are fully mature and ready for harvest. The high THC content, hitting upwards of 24% is sure to kick a session off with an unparalleled spacey and euphoric buzz, but it quickly settles into deep focus and innovative thought. Let the creative flow take over by indulging in a favorite artistic activity or wait for the creeping relaxation to move through your physical body and settle into the couch for a favorite cinematic adventure. Once the cognitive buzz wears off and the physical stone settles deep into the bones, it will not be long before you find yourself longing to hit the pillow. Let the rejuvenating sleep take hold and wake refreshed for a new day! This strain comes from award winning parents and offers a sublime mix of sativa and indica effects. The best of both worlds in one scrumptious, aesthetically pleasing bud, who could resist! If you are sold and cannot wait to get this bud growing in your garden, order single seeds, or a pack for your personal grow. If you want to buy enough to fuel a commercial grow, consider adding it into an order for a Weed Seeds 750 Autoflower Mixed Pack.

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Super AK Autoflower Seeds

The Super AK strain is a potent option for a home grow that holds an 18-24% THC level. Paired with a < 1% CBD content and an abundance of terpenes, this powerful herb has the ability to send recreational tokers on a happy balanced high and to bring profound relief to medical tokers. The generous yields require little effort to bring to fruition and the hybrid buds deliver the ideal blend of euphoric cerebral effects and a deeply relaxing body stone. Buying premium seeds from Weed Seeds ensures you get pure genetics and a high germination rates on your superb seeds!

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