Sunset Sherbet Seeds

Sunset Sherbet Fem is an indica dominant strain that has high THC levels that can reach up to 20%. This plant can grow up to 6 feet tall and has a short flowering period of 6-8 weeks. For recreational and medicinal users, this strain has been known to have amazing effects. All the way from easing anxiety, depression, stress, nausea, and more, this strain has the ability to put almost anyone at ease. For the daily tokers, this strain will have your creative switch turned on and have you uplifted with relaxing vibes. Get prepared for some hardcore munchies because this strain has appetite increasing properties. The flavors are out of this world and deliver a sweet yet pungent taste. On the inhale you will taste the orange zest alongside the berry notes. As the smoke releases out of your lips, you will taste the diesel flavors, making you crave another fruity hit. It’s not recommended for first-time growers as it can be a bit finicky and need extra attention when it comes to location and growing. It thrives in sunny and Mediterranean-like settings and does not handle colder temperatures. Be ready to harvest these nugs in September.

Sunset Sherbet Seeds

Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield350-550g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450-550g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsFruity, Berry, Lemon, Orange, Sweet
TerpenesOcimene, Limonene, Nerol

Sunset Sherbet Seeds For Sale USA

When it comes to bright and flavorful marijuana, the name says it all for Sunset Sherbet Fem strain. This strain is 85% indica and 15% sativa and gives off a carefree high that users from around the world crave. With lineage from the Cookie Family, is it known to be one of the best hybrids created from the parent strain. The genealogy for this strain includes Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies. The combination of the 2 created a strain with stellar THC levels, delicious flavors, and potent effects. This strain is loved by recreational and medical users. For people who deal with the constant battles life has to offer, consuming this weed can help those worries go away momentarily letting you be at peace. Mood swings, depression, chronic pain, and more can be eased with a few tokes of this marijuana. Helping relieve many people every day, this strain gives comfort to those who give it a try. Sunset Sherbet Fem strain does not produce huge yields when compared to some other strains, but it is worth your time and effort to grow. Since these seeds are female, your chances of having any males in the mix are eliminated, saving you from having to pick out the male plants. The potency of this bud is unreal holding around 20% THC content but can reach up to 24% when executed properly. Giving off a cerebral high, this strain helps calm the mind and body.

When you order from Weed Seeds, you can be sure your cannabis seeds are coming from a trusted location. We offer a germination guarantee, and we make it as easy as possible to get your seeds delivered in no time. Achieve your own marijuana goals by getting started with this strain.

What Makes Feminized Sunset Sherbet Strain Popular?

Cannabis creations come in many forms, including live resin, distillate, isolate, edible, tincture and topical. But when you want a bud that blows your mind time and again, Sunset Sherbet is one very special flower. What makes the feminized Sunset Sherbet strain so popular is a big list, so read on to learn more about this fruity treat.

As for fragrances, this bud exhibits sweet and tangy orange, lemon and berries. There is a bit of a sour kick in the top of the sinuses and a deep whiff reveals hidden layers of herbs and spice. Though this strain is not considered a heavy yielder, it does house a rather impressive THC count and the terpene profile of Sunset Sherbet delivers instant euphoria. The terpenes are also reported to help with health and wellness. Though we are not doctors, we do know a thing or two about weed and, though all strains affect people differently, this one is known for its immediate ability to chill all consumers.

Another aspect of this weed that makes it stand out from the crowd is that, though it is a near pure indica, Sunset Sherbet takes anywhere from eight to eleven weeks to reach peak maturity after the flip. Manage this plant well and those terpenes and that huge cannabinoid profile will produce greatness. Simple to grow, hard-hitting, seductively sweet, gorgeous to look at, and able to quickly soothe the tough stuff, Sunset Sherbet is better than any scoop from the ice cream truck.

Sunset-Sherbet Feminized Medicinal Uses

Sunset-Sherbet feminized is fantastic recreational marijuana, however, recreation and medicine go hand in hand and this one boasts abilities beyond the superficial. How calming and relaxing a sunset can be to take in at the end of a long day. Imagine inhaling that majestic vista and allowing its glory to permeate every cell in your body. This is kind of what Sunset Sherbet feels like for many who consume it.

What we mean by that is that this strain is relaxing, above all else. Linalool, humulene, fenchol, nerol, limonene, and b-caryophyllene are the primary terpenes present. These chemovars not only grant the consumer access to psychological and physical relief but assist through a range of other benefits as well. These compounds can assist those combating cancer, improve lung function, give sleep to the weary, assist with digestion and pulmonary activity and can stimulate more intact cognitive abilities. This is just a scraping of what these terpenes can do, and we are sure you can find more as you puff this magic dragon.

All this looks like uplifted days and restful nights, free of pain and inflammation and bolstered by bursts of optimistic positivity. As the brain is stimulated and the body relaxes, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and tension seem to fade. These accounts are just some of the medicinal effects reported by our clients. Buy these seeds and try this strain out for yourself, and let us know what you find, and you might help others find increased relief.

Sun Sherbet Strain Review

Popularity points are relative. Medicinal characteristics shift throughout demographics, but there are some concrete truths about this incredibly tasty and tranquilizing strain. It grows easily, exhibits a small and branchy structure which is ideal for speedy clone rotations, and it is one of the tastiest and resin-crusted treats this side of anywhere. Let’s review some of the more solid characteristics of Sun Sherbet, so we can help you understand what to expect.

This is a 24% THC, low CBD strain, composed of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies, two incredibly popular strains in their own right. The ratio on this heavy hitter is 85/15 indica dominance, and she feels like it. Instant euphoria, focus, happiness, and increased awareness are common effects of this strain, as are relief from inflammation, pain, stress, and PTSD. This plant’s growability is considered easy to moderate and its structure lends well to multiple forms of training. Since this thing delivers well over a pound of sweet cheeba per specimen, the eleven weeks it takes to mature is worth it.

The trichome and terpene development inherent to Sunset Sherbet also make it a strain ideal for extraction. Clear distillates and tasty live resins are pressed and pulled out of this material for consumers everywhere to enjoy. Fruit, berries, lemon, orange, and earthy herbs are all flavors and fragrances present here and, when all goes well in the grow space, you’ll have up to twenty ounces per plant to chop, hang, dry, and cure.

Buy Sunset Sherbet Photo Fem Seeds Online

If you like the sound of our feature and want to know how to buy Sunset Sherbet Photo Fem seeds online, that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Of course, we dedicate our time to producing informative product pages and simple navigation, but when it comes down to it, we are here to sell seeds.

When shopping online, you want an experience filled with pleasure, security, service, ease, and comfort. You want your own private cart, safe and simple checkout, and speedy delivery. With Weed Seeds USA, you get all of these things and we are available Mon-Fri for a chat. We offer the highest quality souvenir cannabis seeds available in America. Offering strictly US-grown seeds, we feel pretty good about our chances to make America green again, and that’s where you come in. Create your own personal account, shop through a comprehensive collection of the most cherished strains in history, fill your cart and check out with ease.

We offer payment options including debit through Zelle and Venmo, credit through Mesh and we accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Once you place your order, our expert staff select your seeds, package them with care and get them out to you in a jiffy. Our packaging is nondescript, and your order should arrive within a couple of weeks. When you shop for Sunset Sherbet cannabis seeds with Weed Seeds USA, you shop with the distributor that truly cares about your success.

How to Germinate Sunset Sherbet Photo Fem Seeds

For your Sunset Sherbet seeds to turn into the big bag of buds you hope to grow, they must first be germinated. Germination is the process through which an ovum wakes up and starts to develop after a period of dormancy. This dormancy is brought on by winter or shifts from fall to winter and is reversed in the spring in most parts of the world. This process can easily be affected at home so you can grow killer cannabis, and here’s how.

Adding a couple of drops of rooting hormone or seaweed solution to a small glass of water will assist by providing minor trace elements during germination. Leave your sunny seeds to set in the glass overnight then gather a plate and a couple of paper towels. Fold one towel on the plate and pour your seeds over it, solution and all. Spread them out, lay the second towel over them, saturate it and pour off the remaining solution.

Place this package in a cupboard, maintain moisture and, in a couple of days, your seeds will see their first sunrise and crack open. At this point, you can consider your seeds germinated, and now, it is time to plant them according to the growing techniques you plan to employ. It is as easy as that, though you must be careful not to soak or heat your seeds or they will either cook or rot, neither of which are conducive to life.

Is Sunset-Sherbet Strain Easy To Grow?

We are super excited about a strain as versatile as this Sunset Sherbet indica. Chances are that if you are still reading this, you’re excited too, so let’s dig into how to manage this easy – moderate to grow marvel of marijuana.

First off, you want to set up your space for a Sea of Green (SOG) grow, unless you are planning to screen train a couple of plants in a tent or other small space. The SOG method is where you expand the canopy of multiple plants in the same plot to allow for maximum light penetration. These are feminized seeds, so finding perfect mothers shouldn’t present any issues. This strain is not stabilized, so there will be a few phenotypes to choose from, though most of them will exhibit similar characteristics. Clone the ones you like and get that Mediterranean environment dialed in. These plants establish and grow quickly, so keeping on top of pruning and training is important and, when they are the size and shape you like, flip.

Indicas are famous for being speedy, but this one is a little different and can demand an extra couple of weeks. Repeated exposure to cooler nighttime temperatures will trigger the release of anthocyanins, making the buds rife with a purple coloration. Ventilation is also of utmost importance for a sticky indica grow, especially since the dense colas easily trap moisture which can make your plant prone to infection. Remove the undergrowth from your plants to ensure the colas get the energy they need to develop well and, in a few weeks your efforts will pay off.

Sunset Sherbet Seed Bank

Here in the Sunset Sherbet Photo Fem seed bank at Weed Seeds USA, where we proudly offer over 500 of the most highly prized pods in the land, no grower or collector is left out in the cold. Of course, our feature can handle a bit of a drop in temperature, but that’s a different story and Weed Seeds USA wants you to feel right at home in our warm and cozy collection.

Sunset Sherbet is a fantastalicious indica boasting many impressive attributes and we offer many like her. The lineage of GSC is well represented here, though Pink Panties is still on our to-do list, and we house every variation and modification you need to grow the gold. Indica, sativa, hybrids of all ratios, high THC recreational and high CBD medicinal strains, 420, 710, and award-winning seeds by the boatload are all here, ready to go. We also offer beginner seeds and inexpensive seeds, auto-flowering, fast flowering, and feminized for your growing pleasure. Our seed bank also houses dozens of regular strains, so if it is breeding, phenotype hunting, or other experimentation you are hoping to pursue, the collection at Weed Seeds USA has all your bases covered.

With a virtual storefront designed for simple navigation and the security our developers can achieve, on top of our promise to continue to work toward your enjoyable and fruitful experience, you are at home with Weed Seeds USA. Call us up, shoot us an email or simply access your account and dig into our Sunset Sherbet seed bank today.

Contact Weed Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Sunset Sherbet Strain Seeds

We have covered a lot of ground here and, though we try to add every piece of information you need to make informed decisions, the truth is that this is a strain which must be experienced firsthand. If you have decided you are ready for this ultimate indica, don’t worry, getting your hands on these things is easy.

Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy feminized Sunset Shebet strain seeds today, either by phone at Call US, by email at Create A Support Request, or through your personal account. We only need a few basic pieces of information to get you started and, once we have it, you can bet the bank on the fact that we won’t sell it to anyone. Our business is seeds, not selling information, so your address, email, phone number, and banking information are locked up for your peace of mind. We are in the office from 9-5 CDT, Mon-Fri, and are happy to address any concerns, or questions you might have.

When you need a cannabis seed bank you can trust to have what you order, to get your order out to you quickly and painlessly, and to have that package arrive in one piece, packed with viable collector’s items, trusting Weed Seeds USA is no roll of the dice. Place your order today and in as little as a week, you could be in the middle of germinating your next crop of killer cannabis.

How to Grow Sunset Sherbet Photoperiod Female Marijuana

Growing your own marijuana can come with many advantages whether you are growing one plant or several. When you start with seeds from a trusted source, you know everything and anything that your plants will endure. Getting your cannabis seeds from other places can be sketchy especially if you are not sure exactly what you are buying. Giving your plants a healthy diet can be a huge plus for people wanting to be fully organic with their marijuana plants. When cultivating Sunset Sherbet, it grows to be a short yet stocky plant with regular-sized colas. It will develop bright orange pistils and shimmering trichomes will coat the nugs. These nugs also offer a dense layer of resin which is perfect for making concentrates.

During the flowering process, make sure to prune and trim often to make sure the plants have proper airflow. By doing this, it can help eliminate moisture from building up in the already dense nugs and can prevent it from growing mold. With barely any extra effort, you can get an increasingly bigger yield. If you want that extra purple shade to shine through, expose your plant to colder temperatures to give that purple haze for extra appeal.

This strain is easy to grow and only has a short 8-week flowering period. The yield is not as hefty as some of the other strains, but with a few tricks, you can improve your overall yield. The Sea of Green (SOG) method has been known to work wonders when it comes to cultivating Sunset Sherbet Fem. This is the method where you have many plants and offer a shorter flowering period. Keep the temperature around 78 degrees Fahrenheit and you can cultivate 8 ounces per plant.

If you are growing these plants outdoors, make sure they are located in a subtropical climate. Cultivating marijuana plants can be cost and time effective when you have an alfresco garden. By letting mother nature do most of the work, she can provide airflow, sunlight, and water. This strain is relatively hands-off, but you will want to look out for mold and pests if growing outside. You still need to keep an eye on your plants and keep up with trimming when necessary. Proper pruning keeps the air circulation through the plants preventing moisture build-up. These plants can grow up to 8 feet and yield up to 10 ounces per plant of potent buds.

Sunset Sherbet Photo Fem Pot Flowering Time

After ordering your cannabis seeds, take some time to determine where you are going to cultivate them. Whether you plant them indoors or outdoors, they will have a flowering period of 6-8 weeks until they are ready to harvest and dry. Patience my friend, harvest time is not far off. When grown outside, these buds will be ready to process in September and once you dry and cure them, your hard work will have paid off.

Medical Benefits of Sherbet Photoperiod Feminized Strain

Sunset Sherbet Fem stands out to the pharmaceutical world as it has powerful components that have extreme medical benefits. A terpene profile consisting of 9% Linalool, 9% Humulene, 11% Fenchol, 17% Limonene, and 32% Beta- Caryophyllene make this strain super potent. The high THC content has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties that play a huge part in the mental and physical effects. Lighten up your mood with a few tokes of this weed, and your stress and anxiety will flutter away like butterflies. The people who fight an everyday battle with stress, PTSD, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues can find hours of peace after consuming this marijuana. When you are stuck in a negative headspace, and you partake in a little puff of this smoke, all of a sudden you can see things from a very different perspective. If you had a rough day and you just want to get out of your head, this strain of cannabis will do the trick.

A cure for pain is a lofty wish. There are many drugs for pain but sometimes those substances we turn to for relief do us more harm than good. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties found in cannabis, patients smoking for their physical ailments can find hours of relief when consuming this all-natural herb. People who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, tension, and migraines find comfort after a session of this weed as it calms your nerves from head to toe. This strain can also bring relief to patients who have eating disorders or are undergoing chemotherapy.

Improved sleep is one of the prime benefits of using cannabis. It helps induce relaxation in muscles and calms the mind, making it easier for me to go to bed at night. Insomniacs can have a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed after using this strain.

Common Flavors, Fragrances, and Effects

Terpenes are the aromatic oils that give different cannabis strains their distinctive smells and the terpene profile of this strain contributes to its alluring aromas. Just like the ice cream parlor cooler full of fresh and fruity treats, Sunset Sherbet’s flavors are just as decadent. With a delicious combination of sweet berries and zesty orange, this mouth watering weed will have your tastebuds craving seconds. Underneath the sweet tooth is more of a pungent aroma thanks to the genetics from OG Kush. Be careful when you inhale your first toke as the smoke is known to be thick and rough. After you taste the flavors, the harshness will be forgotten, and you will crave another toke of this astonishing weed.

The aroma of this weed is much like the flavor, and that is nothing short of delicious. Near the end of the flowering stages, you will begin to smell the freshness of berries in the air taking over your senses. Then you will have an orange zest fragrance flow up your nostrils after getting nice and close to admire this astonishing bud. Once it becomes ready to harvest and cure it will have more of a pungent scent to it. The scent profile will have you excited and clamoring to give it a taste.

The effects are nothing but light when it comes to this strain as the cerebral effects take over one’s mind and body. For those who love an uplifting high, this strain is the one for you. Grab a pen and paper as your mind will be rushing with creative ideas. It will unlock your imagination and let it flow as the high peaks will make for a super enjoyable experience. For those who might need a little motivation in the day, this weed can help boost your energy. Those annoying things you were dreading to take on can be completed with a smile on your face after a session with this happy strain.

For the physical side, after the first few tokes, you will feel the effects almost instantly. It will begin with a little pressure behind your eyes, closing them just the slightest. As the effects start to flow throughout your body, the tension and pain will be released putting the limbs into relax mode.

Buy Wholesale Sunset Sherbet Photo Feminized Seeds Online

When you buy your seeds in bigger amounts, you can save yourself time, energy, and money. Ordering many seeds at once will mean you have seeds on hand whenever is necessary. For commercial cultivators, buying wholesale can be a bonus to your bottom line. Save the environment by reducing the number of packages that go in and out of the post office every day.

Find Sunset Sherbet Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

Buying one seed at a time can be costly and inconvenient for many cultivators trying to grow lots of dank marijuana. When you buy your cannabis seeds in bulk, there can be many advantages. Having seeds ready to go all year round is super convenient. Not only does it reduce the cost of each seed when you buy in bulk but for commercial growers, it can also save you time. For planet lovers, it’s more eco-friendly to buy in bulk as that means fewer packages. The constant back and forth of traveling time for the people delivering the seeds can also be removed from the equation by buying in bulk. By having fewer trips all around, can save time, energy, and money. When you buy in bulk you can be sure you will not run out of a product. Be the most reliable and coolest cultivator on your block when you always have mass amounts of dank weed available. Head over to Weed Seeds to check out the wicked deals we have on buying in bulk to save you time and money. We can have you growing in no time. The faster you get your order in, the sooner you will have potent marijuana to smoke.

Sherbet Photoperiod Fem Seeds For Sale Online

Ordering your cannabis seeds online is the new normal as local dispensaries typically do not have those rare strains. When you order your 420 seeds from Weed Seeds, you can be sure the seeds are germination guaranteed. This saves the stress from wondering if your marijuana seeds will flower and thrive. Thanks to our user-friendly website, we make ordering Sunset Sherbet Fem online easy peasy. We make the whole process from ordering to smoking a pleasurable experience. With our quick shipping and delivery, you can get your own marijuana garden started up in no time.

Similar Strain Seeds For Sale in the USA

After checking out what Sunset Sherbet Fem has to offer but want to switch things up a little, consider Purple Kush Photo Fem. Even beginners can give these weed seeds a try and have major success. Reaching up to a stellar 22% in THC levels, this weed is a heavy yielder and is a pleasure to cultivate.

Most have heard of the legendary Grandaddy Purple Photo Fem which is famous for its potent indica effects. Growers and users desire this strain for its strength and enormous buds. The delicious flavors and aroma as well as its unique characteristics are certain to have you wanting to get your hands on more. Luckily at Weed Seeds, we offer this admirable strain to join you in your cannabis journey.