Strawberry Haze Female Seeds

Rich with strawberry and mixed fruit flavor profiles, blended with musky earthy notes and delivering a high that elevates and uplifts consumers beyond what you’ve come to expect, Strawberry Haze is a delight to all the senses. Those who have had the pleasure of puffing this very special leaf know its potency and are probably aware of the rarity of this strain. Warm and inviting, wrapping itself around your world, it sets stress free. Get your Strawberry Haze female seeds right here from WSUSA and ride the mighty train to glory in the grow space.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 600g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 800g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Happiness, Uplifting
Aromas & FlavorsStrawberry, Sweet, Tea
TerpenesOcimene, Terpinolene, a-Myrcene

Strawberry Haze Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Weed Seeds USA has over 500 strains, but when you want something extra special, these Strawberry Haze feminized seeds are for sale all across the USA. Simple to raise, this Haze serves up a nice intro to the family and is versatile enough that indoor growers have an easy charge while outside, this marijuana can become a monster. Reddish brown nugs boasting bright green leaves and recesses, covered in a blanket of perfect crystals, make their way into the world quickly after the flip. 20-22% THC is an average test and the < 1% CBD Strawberry develops is perfect for dulling the sharp edge of pain. This is an award winner and considered a very rare strain, it coats the consumer in comfort and elevates the execution of creative tasks. This is a good weed for ADD and ADHD and is mood boosting enough that stress and depression are easily assuaged. Throughout this article we outline the germination process and point out a few growing tips and tricks. We also dive into the yield and effects, and we take a look at what makes this Strawberry Haze the special sativa that it is.

Germinate Strawberries Haze Female Weed Strain

If your goal is to grow gobs of groovy Strawberry green to help you brave the storms of daily living, first you must germinate Strawberry Haze female weed strain seeds. Don’t worry, this is not a tough task and you just need a couple household items to do it well. You want to clean your seed starting area so it’s free of any bacteria or pathogens which may infect seeds or their starting medium. To coax a root out of your seeds, simply apply warmth and mild humidity. Some growers use moistened paper towels, some soak a seed overnight then plant it, and some choose a combination of the three. The point is not to saturate a seed or allow it to dry out during the germination process. When a seed gets too wet, it rots. Conversely, when it is allowed to dry out in the middle of germination, your seed will almost certainly die. Once the root comes out of its shell, planting that seed as soon as possible is the safest bet. No food for the first couple weeks while your seeds establish, and your sprouts will be in great shape.

Grow Strawberry Haze Sativa Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Growing a Haze has historically been a big job. They can become huge when left to do their own thing and can raise more than eyebrows with the neighbors. Those who do like to garden Strawberry Haze sativa hybrid seeds rather than manage a controlled environment, are going to need a long season, pre-season prep, and it is helpful to make as many branches as you can by topping the apexes early. In a perfect outdoor environment, fem strain seed growers generally see 600-800g per plant by mid-October. Taking Strawberry Haze inside, it can be controlled through Screen of Green (ScrOG) training methods, which will not only maximize the potential potency of the buds, but it will balance them as well. A finely tuned ScrOG can grab 500-600g/m2, which is no small number, no matter how experienced the grower. Haze colas are notoriously massive, so ventilation is imperative, especially for those who choose to grow in a greenhouse. Take care with the vegging and training of Strawberry Haze, be attentive and dedicated to its care and feeding, and in eleven weeks from the flip you will be one happy herbie.

Why is Fem Berry Haze Marijuana Seed Popular

Female Berry Haze marijuana seeds are something indeed, but why they are so incredibly popular is a question with no single answer. Bred by Arjan Roskam through a combination of Northern Lights #5, Swiss sativa, Kali Mist and Haze, this was for ages an impossible strain to find. It is gaining in momentum and on the West Coast this thing is a staple. This genetic melange is considered one of the easiest to grow of the entire Haze lineage and at the 2005 Green House Panel, this bud took first place. We do expect to see Strawberry Haze bag a few more as the seed gains in popularity throughout the States, and for now, Weed Seeds USA is ready to deliver these beans right to your door. The high THC count of this strain makes it euphoric, inducing creativity and easy execution of bright ideas, but it is not over the top. Simple to grow and easy on the brain, there are few as smooth as this blend. Strawberry, mixed fruits, hashy sweetness and a musky earthiness are part and parcel for this hazy wonder and there is little burnout to speak of.

Flower Time For Strawberry Haze Feminized Weed Seed

Strawberry Haze is an incredibly beautiful strain to watch mature. Like all strains, its life cycle can be delineated into sections, such as germination, seedling, veg and flower. The germination phase generally only takes a day or two, and for seeds to break the surface requires just an extra three or so. So the first week is spent on making sure the sprouts get the best start. Next is the vegging phase, and this is where growers get to set the plant up for packing on pounds of puff. Depending on how you’re growing your plants, this section of the life of your Strawberry Haze can take anywhere from two to four months to affect. In a ScrOG, you need at least a couple months to make the most out of the screen, whereas you need to start seeds inside early to grow this beast outside, and Mother Nature has all the say as to when your plants flip. Controlled environments deliver world class buds in 9-11 weeks. Outside gardens grow differently and will veg until the light changes mid-summer, and these plants are ready for harvest by mid-October.

Strawberry Haze Feminized Sativa Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Haze family strains are world famous for being some of the most intoxicating of the cannabis world and Strawberry Haze has a lot to offer those who would take on the challenge. These feminized sativa hybrid seeds deliver an experience more uplifting and focusing than many strains, the buds you grow offer creativity, inspiration, psychological relief and physical comfort. Initial highs are complex and intriguing, illuminating hues of color we generally miss and engaging consumers with the world around them. It is easy to get into artistic or otherwise inventive endeavors and this strain will keep you going for hours. The strong start balances out over time, leading consumers gently into the afterburn. But unless you overmature your nugs, there is little couchlock to speak of. Some consumers find themselves thrown into laughter and high spirits, some find solitude more rewarding, and others find Strawberry Haze to be a more social creature. Regardless of what your own personal style is, this sweet and satisfying strain offers effects that change faces and lead the imaginative consumer to think of new and exciting ways to stand up and change the world.

Strawberry Haze Photo Fem Review

Strawberry Haze Photo Fem is a sativa dominant hybrid, born of a blend of NL #5, Kali Mist, Haze and Swiss sativa. A California local, Strawberry Haze is formerly rare, hard to come by even for professionals. We at WS have tracked this Haze down and are proud to add it to our collection. This seed is easy to grow, and it does very well inside or out. Plants do get massive though, approximately ten feet, so training is imperative to both control over this beast, as well as to affecting an award-winning harvest. This is possible as well, since Strawberry Haze is an award-winning strain, and the simplicity of caring for her is grounded enough for anyone to enjoy. Sweet Strawberries, mixed fruits and berries, earthiness and hashy blasts are all there to please puffers and the high is incredible. Giggles, intrigue, inspiration, creativity, connection and productivity are on the menu for those who consume this strain. There are few ill effects, save dry eyes and some pressure around the head, both common to Haze. Finally, this is a morning and early afternoon strain, anything past that and you may miss out on some sleep.


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