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Star Killer is out of this world with a distinctive smell and taste that can provide a relaxing and soaring high. Winning top prize category at the 2016 Cannabis Cup awards, this mighty strain was created by combining the epic Skywalker OG, with the mysterious Rare Darkness #2. It takes a little bit of skill in growing your deep forest green leaves that show off trichome full flowers, with bright orange hairs. Keeping an eye on the plant’s PH and temperature levels whether you are growing indoors or out ensures an awesome harvest. If you are growing indoors the SOG method proves best to get the most flowers out of the limited space you are growing in. The wondrous effects of this strain will sweep you away with its unbeatable recreational and medicinal sensations. Allow your body to drift away to better days as its sedative qualities will leave you pain-free and relaxed to enjoy a good night’s rest. By providing your plants just a little bit of love and attention, you could be reaping the benefits as this strain provides glorious yields.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 28%
CBD Percentageless than 2%
Indoor Yield450 to 550g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time9-10 Weeks
NotablesCannabis Cup Winner 2016: Colorado
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Fatigue, Inflammation, Insomnia, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Happiness, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Lemon, Pine, Pungent, Skunk, Spice
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Star Killer Seeds For Sale USA

Imagine transporting yourself into a whole new reality that persuades you to forget all of your troubles and float you to new highs, all the while your body is slowly oozing into the floor. If this sounds like a dream come true, then Star Killer Fem is your new best friend. Winning the top prize category at the 2016 Cannabis Cup awards this bold mostly indica high strain is a strong contender for any marijuana connoisseur. The win cemented its name in history and turned this killer strain into the star it is today. It was created by combining Skywalker OG, a well-known strain, with Rare Darkness #2. The latter, as its name suggests, is extremely rare to obtain and mysterious, providing rich and beautiful aromas to show off to its lucky user.

An enigmatic strain, Rare Darkness #2 is a treasure that is shrouded in a cloak of mystery. The grape flavor combined with its down to earth effects makes it an exceptional strain. With dramatic purple flowers, this tantalizing bud promises to drift you off into an effortless slumber that will knock out even the most hardcore insomniac. Respected in the medicinal and recreational world for aiding anxiety, depression, and stress, this strain offers painkilling and sedative abilities that will melt away chronic pain. The taste of this strain is hard to ignore with sweet berries and an earthy background that is strikingly aromatic and enjoyable to the senses.

Skywalker OG is a powerful and mostly indica strain and it provides a relaxing high, just like a beautiful day out on the beach, resting in the sun, ready for a glorious nap. This strain produces a little taste of sativa that stimulates the senses and hits with a blast of THC that generously relaxes your entire body. Growers love this strain for its dark olive green wiry pistils and dense white trichomes that glow proudly in the sun. This strain is quite strong, and a couple of hits is all you need to feel a sense of intriguing euphoria, allowing you to unwind on the couch, after a long and stressful day. Taste a spicy herbal mix of flavors as it hits your taste buds when inhaled, and when exhaled, diesel notes are left as a wonderful aftertaste for a well-rounded experience. It is enchanting to smoke in the evening, while you watch your favorite film, or read a comforting book before its powerful sedative effects settle into a peaceful sleep.

Grow with ease knowing your seeds are feminized to ensure only female seeds grow in your fabulous crop. This removes the pressure for beginner growers because you will not have to worry about the sex you are going to grow. Breeders ingeniously found that stressing a female plant during its vegetative state will allow that plant to self pollinate. Once matured that plant is then used to fertilize the rest of the crop. This process creates 100% female seeds that have no male genetics. It is not ideal growing male seeds because when they pollinate other plants around them, those plants then produce more seeds with a less potent yield. When you are looking to grow a fantastic crop and seed-free harvest, feminized seeds are the way to go.

The potent Star Killer will send you into a trance-like state that will take away even your worst troubles and sink you down onto the couch. This euphoric kick of THC coming in at 29% will send you into a relaxed state. It is a perfect evening nightcap at the end of the day. When enjoyed in moderation its strong kick can put you right to bed. Feel a euphoric and blissful head high and fill your thoughts with a low mental fog that will allow you to forget all of your troubles after a session with this killer strain. That feeling will melt through your entire body and before you know it you will be completely relaxed on the couch with not one worry. After a while, this strain acts as a sedative that will drift you off into a blissful rest with no groggy feeling in the morning. If you are a beginner, smoking this strain a puff at a time is very important, as too much can cause a user to feel paranoid with its powerful effects. To really enjoy what Star Killer has to offer with its well-rounded taste, and blissful effects, take your time and allow the sensations to slowly creep in.

What Makes Feminized Star Killer Strain Popular?

Star Killer is an impressive strain that’s so potent and powerful, usually only a couple of hits will send the most experienced smokers into low orbit. For those who aren’t Star Wars nerds, Starkiller is one of the most powerful characters in the entire franchise, and this bud is named after him rightly so. This strain also gained its name partly from its parent strains, Skywalker OG, a well-rounded indica hybrid named after another star of the franchise, and Rare Dankness #1, a balanced new-age indica hybrid with a long lineage of other strains. This strain has an incredibly high amount of THC, with the highest tests showing up to 30%, and none are immune to its effects. With this weed, no matter how strong you are with the force, it’s only a matter of time until you end up in a pile on the couch or in bed. Another reason why this strain is so popular is its relatively easy growing experience. While being a photoperiod strain will cause growers to pay a bit more attention to this plant’s conditions, it’s also an indica hybrid which means it will be smaller and less of a hassle to direct vegetation growth. It also has a very high average yield, anywhere from 450g – 650g per square meter. With all of these qualities, Star Killer makes a great cash crop or an ideal strain for someone trying to make sure their stash is fully stocked for a long time to come.

Killer Star Feminized Medicinal Uses

Star Killers is renowned for helping with many medical problems that medicinal users may experience, with the most success being found by those with psychological ailments. This strain is said to help with nearly all of the effects of depression, daily anxiety, to more severe symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness, or trouble staying asleep due to the effects of insomnia, or the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. It also possesses anti-inflammatory effects, helping some with pain such as soreness from exercise, post-surgical recovery, and the pain experienced from some disorders such as Crohn’s disease or fibromyalgia. Those who have troubles with psychological effects present in their day-to-day lives rely on strains like Star Killer to help them stay calm and relaxed after working a long day or experiencing a lot of stress. Recreational users have something to love as well, with this strain having an extremely euphoric and calming effect on nearly every user. Those who have taken a couple of hits of Star Killer will taste a deliciously fruity, berry flavor with some lemon and citrus notes. A happy high follows that you just can’t kick for the rest of the day. Afterward, a long, low high can be expected as you move into the nighttime. This strain is best enjoyed after the sun goes down. Taking some Star Killer and waiting a few hours will result in a long, deep rest. We recommend setting an alarm because with Star Killer you’re bound to sleep in no matter what.

Star Killers Strain Review

Star Killer is an incredible strain all around, from growing to harvesting. This particular strain has gone through many different iterations to get to what it is today, with its parent Rare Dankness #1 going through at least four different re-breedings with different strains, such as Ghost OG, Chemdawg, and Triangle Kush. All that work hasn’t gone unnoticed, as Star Killer is a delightful seed to plant, grow and harvest. Growing can be a relatively easy process as long as beginners do their research. This is a photoperiod plant, and it will require different light levels during different phases of its life. Knowing how your plant will react to different levels of light will help you tweak and refine just how much vegetation you get out of the first phase of growth, which will determine how much flowering you get out of your second phase. After your harvest is completed, you’ll get an aromatic bud with colors of purple, deep green, and orange-yellow tendrils, covered in trichomes. The aroma gives off a sweet, candy-like profile of assorted berries and lemon or citrus fruits, with a pungent and earthy aftertaste. Just a few puffs of this strong strain will render you euphorically couch-locked, while even the strongest munchies may not be enough to get your muscles moving again. A long, relaxing night will come afterward, with high chances of an early bedtime. This strain is very accessible to everyone but will be better enjoyed by newer smokers in small doses.

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We work with our technical teams to make sure that our online purchasing process is as simple and streamlined as possible. If you’d like to purchase cannabis seeds from a Grade-A seed bank, Weed Seeds USA is where you should start. Begin by adding seeds to your cart, creating an account on our website, and checking out through your cart. We ask for only the necessary information needed to get your seeds to your door, and we accept many different methods of payment, including debit, credit, and even Bitcoin, among many other forms of cryptocurrency. You can rest assured after giving us only the required information that we pledge to never share your information or sell it to anybody, ever. After completing your order, your package will be shipped straight to your mailbox no longer than two weeks after purchasing. It will come in a small, discreet package, that won’t be recognizable by bystanders. The whole process takes no longer than five minutes, and after you’ve done your part, you can prepare your growing space at home, whether in the greenhouse, outside, or on your patio, while we do the rest of the work. Don’t worry about what corner of America you live in, because we ship anywhere in the country, and we guarantee it will take two weeks or less to get there. If you have any questions about your transaction or order, our friendly customer support team will be happy to help you through the contact form provided on our website at Weed Seeds USA.

How to Germinate Star Killer Photo Fem Seeds

Just as Killer Star is easy on the grow and the smoking, it’s just as easy to germinate your seeds. It requires only a few steps to get started, and we’ll give you all of them right here. You need just a few household items to germinate seeds. While preparing your area, you’ll need paper towels, a surface such as a dinner plate, and some water, either distilled, purified, or tap. The only other thing we can recommend is a pair of tweezers, which will help reduce the chance that you transfer a pathogen to your seed or damage it. After you have your items, wet a piece of the paper towel, only enough that it’s not dripping, then place it on the plate. Place your seeds from the package onto the plate, then cover it with another damp paper towel. Put on top of that an object such as another upside-down plate. Place your setup containing the seeds somewhere that is dark and warm, and check on them every so often to make sure the paper towel is still moist. While checking your seeds, if you see taproots, which will be small, white roots poking out of the bottom of your seeds, they are ready to be planted, and you can transfer them into your growing medium of choice. Weed Seeds USA offers a germination guarantee, so you’re certain that all of your seeds are sure to sprout.

Is Killer Star Strain Easy To Grow?

Star Killer is considered easy – moderate to grow. Many factors go into this, but generally speaking, this strain will thrive for anyone who does a bit of research on the topic, regardless of their skill level with growing. One of the qualities that novice growers should watch out for is Star Killer’s tendency to have a sensitivity to soil pH levels and water pH levels. You should try to make sure you are using as neutral of a soil and watering routine as possible to keep your plant’s lush leaves and buds from burning as a result of a mineral burn. Temperatures ranging on the high end will also leave this plant unhappy, so heavy regulation of heat is also recommended. The Sea of Green (SOG) method is the most recommended way to grow Star Killer, as it’s an indica hybrid strain, and will often grow much more compact and outward than strains of other varieties. The SOG method requires you to trim and train branches in such a way that they grow across into each other while packing plants tightly into one space while growing. This will ensure that they make use of as much light as possible. This particular strain is a photoperiod strain, meaning that it has two phases of growth, vegetative growth and blooming. These phases require different levels of lighting, with its first growth phase requiring up to 18 hours of light per day, and the second growth phase requiring around 12 hours of light per day.

Star Killer Seed Bank

The dedicated growers, researchers, and geneticists that work with Weed Seeds USA help us every day to ensure Americans have access to some of the highest-quality seeds the cannabis seed market can offer. Our services help these Americans every day to pursue a passion, new hobby, or even to meet their medicinal needs in a natural, organic way. If Star Killer isn’t the droid you’re looking for, we have over 500 seeds available in our seed bank that we encourage you to browse. Our wide variety of strains contains everything from auto-flowering to photoperiod plants, which will guarantee that you find something that you will enjoy both growing and experiencing the finished product of. If you’d like to give breeding a shot, we offer many strains of regular seeds, meaning that there is no sexing done. This will allow you to create your own strain between any two parents, giving your weed unique effects created by you. With so many different strains made available by many different breeders, there is bound to be something you’ll love. If you don’t know what you want yet, don’t worry. We categorize every seed so newer growers aren’t overwhelmed by the selection. Using our search tool, you can choose filters from anything between THC or CBD content if you’d like a certain strength, a smaller or larger size of yield, or even certain medical conditions that a specific strain has said to aid users with.

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Weed Seeds USA wants growers of all experience levels, whether novice or expert, to know that they will never be left in the dark when it comes to the fine details of growing good cannabis. With our services helping so many Americans every day with their cannabis seed needs, we aim to make the process as easy and intuitive as possible. We have a large customer support team ready to handle any request, whether you don’t know what strain to start with, or if you need to know what pH your soil needs to be. We also have an extensive description of each strain on its product page, and a small guide to go with it that will tell you all about how to germinate and grow each of our seeds. If for any reason you’d still like to talk to one of the team members at Weed Seeds USA, we offer multiple different ways of doing so. You can contact us by phone at 1 (844) 807-1234, any time between 9 am – 5 pm CST during the week, Monday through Friday. If talking on the phone doesn’t work for you, you can also send us an email through either the contact form on our website or at Create A Support Request, where we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. If neither of these options works into your schedule, we also offer a callback option on our phone line.

Growing Star Killer Photoperiod Female Strain

Stunning to grow indoors or out, Star Killer can easily reach up to 4.5 feet outdoors, but also can do exceedingly well indoors as well. This cannabis strain is somewhat difficult to manage as it does have sensitivities towards a high PH level, and high temperatures. It is important to keep an eye on your dazzling plant to ensure it grows just right. When cultivating indoors, a popular way of growing is the Sea of Green (SOG) method which is rather extraordinary when growing in a small room, tent, or closet. By using this technique, plants are kept quite small by changing the light shifts after a quick vegetative state to promote your plant to start flowering after just a few weeks. The look of this growing method takes on the visualization of a glorious sea of green flowers, as using high and low-stressing training techniques can promote your bud to compete for the top which allows the best nugs to shine, for the highest chance of growing a large yield in minimal space. A remarkable sight to behold, the plant has deep forest green leaves that radiate with vivid violet sugar glistened and trichome full flowers draped in orange pistils, which are quite mesmerizing.

Star Killer Photo Fem Cannabis Flowering Time

Get ready for a rewarding harvest indoors or out, as Star Killer shows off its densely large nugs for a flowering time of 9-10 weeks, which is longer than most strains. If you are growing outdoors, this plant loves a Mediterranean-like climate, and if you are growing in the north, make sure to harvest no later than mid-October to avoid the cold. If you have kept a keen eye on this plant’s PH and temperature levels, you will be rewarded with thick buds covered in bright orange hairs, with chunky trichomes, covered in a sticky resin. After 9-10 weeks of flowering time, Star Killer will provide 1.63 ounces of syrupy marijuana that is ready to be trimmed, dried, and hung. Growing outdoors has many benefits, including how much weed you can obtain by growing one plant. When outside with mother nature, this strain can deliver a dazzling yield of 21 ounces of sweet bud per plant.

Medical Benefits of Killer Star Photoperiod Feminized Strain

This mostly indica strain is a heavy hitter when it comes to the medicinal benefits as the list goes on to what Star Killer can help with. Thanks to its high THC content and its psychoactive compounds this strain will offer relief from mental and physical pain. When smoked, a euphoric head high will take over that will help ease the mental burdens of depression and stress, filling your mind with a cloudy haze that allows you to forget what was oppressing you. which provide. Fantastic in treating gastrointestinal disorders, and muscle spasms, its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties will leave you pain-free. It helps induce relaxation in muscles and calms the mind, making it easier for you to go to bed at night. Known for its strong sedative properties, Star Killer provides a full night’s sleep to even the worst insomniacs.

Common Effects, Flavors, and Fragrances

Star Killer’s effects are intense. With a potent THC content of up to 28%, which is astonishingly high and not for the faint of heart, a little goes a long way. Feel a gentle and caressed mental stimulating buzz that will uplift your mood even after the worst day. Kick back and relax as its smooth buzz will slowly make its way down through the rest of your body starting from the top of your head and working its way through to the tips of your toes. Feel your mind and body soften as you chill out on the couch and wait for its sedative properties to caress you into a full night’s rest.

The lovely flavors that Star Killer gives are refreshingly delicious as when inhaled, a sweet taste dances throughout your tastebuds with hints of lemon and candy. When exhaled, spicy flavors harnessed with earth are left as an aftertaste. The aroma of this strain is just as splendid with scents of earth, skunk, and pine, which can be smelled as soon as you open the bag, and when lit, sweet Kush fills the air for an inviting mix of flavors that will leave you wanting more.

Buy Wholesale Star Killer Photo Feminized Seeds in the USA

Over the years change has swept across the nation when it comes to the exciting world of industrial, medicinal, and recreational commercial-grows. We are changing with the tides by offering a little bit of financial ease to our wholesale customers, and to anyone looking to buy in bulk.

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Starkiller Photo Feminized Wholesale Seeds

If you are a commercial or industrial grower who is looking to save a little money when buying wholesale, we are thankful for your work and dedication and offer all of our seeds at a wholesale price, which is ideal when buying in bulk. We have all of the seeds you have ever wanted to plant for the most glorious garden possible. Order your kind seeds wholesale and worry no more about ever running out or having to re-order, as you are now free to come up with whatever new award-winning strain you were brave enough to create.

Killer Star Photoperiod Fem Seeds For Sale Online

If Star Killer has caught your eye, then come check us out at to see all of the other amazing seeds we have to offer. Once you have found the perfect strain suited to your every need just let us know. We will get back to you with a confirmation, and set you up with our secure payment method. In only a week, you will be opening your safely delivered seeds with a customer satisfaction guarantee. If you would like to talk to one of our expert representatives feel free to call 1-877-807-1234 and we will be happy to assist you. Here at Weed Seeds USA, we have created an online seed bank that provides an easy-going experience with a selection of the finest award-winning seeds, sourced from only the finest cannabis seed breeders.

Similar Seeds For Sale in the USA

It is an exciting time for cultivating marijuana as laws are constantly evolving throughout the US and the interest in growing has never been more popular. For that reason, we might run out of your favorite strain. Do not worry, however, as we have many similar seeds that you may just grow to love.

Stardawg Photo Fem provides an intense cerebral buzz with a high THC content of up to 21%. This mostly sativa strain uplifts the mood with overall happiness to ease even the most daunting tasks. It is a great pick me up for its dazzling aroma of sweet lemon diesel that is sure to leave its user in heaven.

Zkittlez Photo Fem is a strong indica dominant strain that tastes like sweet candy. It provides a stimulating and uplifting sensation, with its indica effects leaving your body completely at ease. Unwind and relax at the end of the day with this strain.

Gorilla Glue #4 Photo Fem is a fan favorite and winner of the L.A Cannabis Cup and Michigan Medicinal Cup awards in 2014. A strong 50/50 hybrid, its effects promise an even balance of feeling uplifted and completely relaxed for a perfect weekend of doing nothing.

OG Kush Photo Fem dazzles the taste buds with a lemon flavor just like sweet lemon drop candies. This strain is one of the most popular and well-known, but it is not so easy to grow. This has not stopped cultivators, however, as being one of the most well sought after and rewarding strains in the world.

Sour Diesel Photo Fem provides an unreal and distinct sour lemon that is deliciously welcoming to whoever has the opportunity to smoke it. A great wake and bake strain, as you will not feel let down with its powerful sativa effects, it can get you through even the most challenging days.

Big Bud Photo Fem

A fan favorite for its dense large buds in a relatively short period of time. Get your