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Get ready for a sweet and sour orange lemon blast from some very serious bud. Growing these Sour Tangie Female seeds from WSUSA, you have the chance to produce some of the best Tangerine weed this side of the globe. Tangie and East Coast Sour Diesel form a strain staggering in its delivery and stunning in its effects. High THC makes for a hazy and psychedelic experience, and the terpene array uplifts and elevates the senses and the mind and lays waste to fatigue. Seductive, sour and intoxicating, Sour Tangie is very tough to beat.

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Sour tangie Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Weed Seeds USA offers Sour Tangie feminized sativa marijuana seeds for sale to everyone in the USA, and we deliver fast. This strain reaches 20-23% THC and provides a stupefying euphoria followed by energy, motivation, adventure and excitement. A < 1% CBD count combined with powerful terpenes makes sure that stress disappears, that perspectives are clear and elevated, and this weed works wonders on depression and social anxieties. Sour Tangie plants get massive outside, so they are not inconspicuous, and growing them in a controlled environment provides not only protection from the elements but it allows for growers to really get the most of their efforts. Large hauls of up to 650 grams per plant make this seed a treat come harvest. Aromas of lemon, orange, pine and diesel, as well as an intriguing sandalwood scent, captivate consumers. Flavors are hashy, sweet and sour and the exhale brings depth to the already complex puff. There is a lot more to this seed, so read on to learn about how to germinate and grow this tall and slender strain, find out why others think the world of it and learn yield times for planning an effective grow.

Germinate Sour Tang Female Weed Strain

Sour Tangie grows to massive sizes, but certainly not before germination. To germinate the Sour Tang female weed strain, all you need to do is give it a little blanket and a drink. Well, it’s not so simple, but the pattern is the same. To remain in a dormant state, a seed is kept dry, cool and out of the sun. To get it to grow, you add a little humidity, bring it inside where it’s warm and give it a couple days in the dark. As long as your seeds are not sitting in water the whole time or are choked out by too high an rH percentage and lack of air, your seeds should germinate just fine. You can tell things have gone sideways by rotting seeds or dried out taproots. Effective and appropriate germination results in seeds cracking open and a root emerging. This root must be kept moist because it is the foundation from which all other roots grow, but don’t let it keep growing without planting your seeds, or as previously mentioned, it will dry out and die. Sour Tangie is versatile, so a good quality medium or rockwool are both viable options.

Grow Sour tangie Sativa Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Whether you like to grow your ganja indoors or out, Sour Tangie is bound to behave. But this little seed becomes a very tall and slender tree which, if you live in an urban zone or a rural community, is about as obvious as growing can get. However, taking this tree inside offers the opportunity to smash out some amazing cheeba without having to worry about neighbors, environmental influence, and it diminishes the chance of insect infestation. Still, a well grown plant under a full sun is capable of producing 500-650g per plant by early October. The indoor garden, where Screen of Green (ScrOG) techniques make every seed shine to the max, growers squeeze 400-550g m2 out of the grow. This strain is feminized so you rarely encounter a male, and though feminization does tend to weaken the genetics a little bit, Sour Tangie photo fem also delivers amazing mothers that hold their strength for months. This is not a mold resistant strain, so those cultivating their crops outside must think ahead. Keep flowering plants away from rotting greenery, and some protection, along with ample ventilation, makes sure you get through in one piece.

Why is Fem Sour Tangy Marijuana Seed Popular

A cross of two such strains as Tangie and East Coast Sour D are bound to deliver a range of stunning and unique characteristics, and this one never fails to come through for its growers. This strain gets so sticky that buds should be stored at lower humidity than your average green, or you may experience issues with rolling and smoking. The flavors and aromas of this leaf are packed with sour lemons and diesel, sweet tangerine and there is a bouquet of hashy sandalwood notes which are always a nice treat. A primarily sativa structure and long, slender leaves characterize the appearance of vegging plants, and depending on the phenotype you inspect, buds can present as dense and tapered like indicas or fluffy and elongated like a pure sativa. This strain is well known for helping its consumers deal with the pain of depression and PTSD, though it is also capable of nixing physical aches and pains as well. That breeders grabbed Tangie and Sour D to make this monster was a bright idea from thought one, and this feminized seed is one of our most popular amongst a diverse demographic.

Flower Time For Sour tangie Feminized Weed Seed

Once you decide it’s time to wake up your seeds and get growing, it only takes a couple days to germinate, a couple more to see sprouts and the vegging phase is really as long as you need it to be. In a controlled environment, these plants do very well under ScrOG methods, and the vegging period should take no more than three months. After the flip, it’s a rather lengthy 10-12 weeks before your crop is ready to harvest, but the weed is well worth the time. Those who start seeds early in order to grow them in the open air need at least a month or more in cooler climes, and it is wise to top at least three times throughout the season so that you get as many nodes as you can on the go. Sometime around mid-August in the majority of the US, your plants will be naturally triggered to flower, and so you need good weather for another almost three months, or you must provide enough protection from weather that your plants remain unaffected by the fall change, at least for another few weeks.

Sour tangie Feminized Sativa Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Two classic strains, Sour D and Tangie, make enough magic all on their own, but what has happened here with their unity is something truly remarkable. The effects of what Sour Tangie feminized sativa hybrid cannabis seeds ultimately deliver are nothing less than exquisite. Initial pummelling of its consumers is common. Cheeks and ears get hot, dizziness ensues and some experience increased heart rate, vertigo or hallucinations. Deep introspection follows to leave consumers reflective and mellow, though this is just the beginning. An energy sparks to life an exuberance that calls fans to get out and see the world. Uplifted senses of self, surroundings and interconnectivity to all life is common as well, and sometimes this strain can be so overwhelming that tokers become comfortably confused, aroused and sexually stimulated. Apt for creative endeavors where imagination and abstract thinking are necessary, Sour Tangie offers a high that keeps on giving. If you have left your buds to ripen long on the stalk, the next phase of your experience will most likely be lethargy and couchlock. That said, this is a wake and bake strain, a get things done strain, and we recommend newbies take ‘er easy.

Sour tangie Photo Fem Review

We have discussed the genetics of Sour Tangie, the germination, growing, yields and effects. We have touched on the fact that this is one of those rare danks that offers arousal and energy, stimulation of both the body and the mind. It is versatile enough to be harvested early for a speedier experience, or later for an earth shattering stone. Boasting unique lemon, diesel, orange and incense flavor and aroma profiles and a super stellar high, is just some of what this seed has to offer. This is a seed almost anyone can grow successfully. Sour Tangie does well indoors or out, it likes soil or hydro, and for those with the space and privacy, these trees have the potential to become massive. Some may wish to employ a greenhouse to extend their season, since Sour T needs twelve weeks to finish flowering after a few months of vegetative states. Large hauls of over a pound are common and the buds are nothing short of magnificent. Consumers experiencing depression and PTSD, aches and pains find a friend in this strain and the recreational enthusiasts always leave satisfied. For all the high flying Sour Tangie seeds you need, you can always rely on Weed Seeds.


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