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Weed Seeds USA is home to quite an extensive collection of some very serious cannabis strains, and we are proud of all of them. But when you want a weed with a mid-range THC level, unusually fruity flavors, sweet, earthy aromas and impressive recreational and medicinal effects, Sour Skies photo fem is a heavenly grow. Fruity is one thing and sour can be quite another so join the two extremes and the outcome is a raw and rind-ridden, citrus-cherry blast, which delivers an utterly soothing and expressive stone. Geared toward relaxation, Sour Skies ramps-up the chill-factor, chasing-off the stress and ringing-in calming serenity. As the indica-heavy effects intensify, relief from bothersome conditions such as general pain and inflammation can evaporate. These Sour Skies photo fem strain seeds are a smash hit, so dig into your account, buy marijuana seeds from Weed Seeds USA, and cultivate yourself a crop of chronic you can really kick back to.

Order Sour Skies Photo Fem Seeds Online

Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
CBD Percentageless than 1%
THC Percentageup to 21%
Indoor Yield300-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield550-650g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
Notablescan reach 6ft in sunny warm climates
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Inflammation, Pain, Stress
EffectGiggly, Happiness
Aroma & FlavorsFruity, Citrus, Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Sour, Tangerine
TerpenesOcimene, a-Humulene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

Sour Skies Seeds For Sale USA

Buy Sour Skies Photo Fem seeds online in the USA for reliable seeds, secure shopping and prompt and discreet shipping. Well cared-for Sour Skies Photo Fem can grow 300-400g/m2 after 9-11 weeks in the flowering phase or 550-650g per plant outside by mid-late October. You can expect 18-21% THC and, professional grow op or home grow, your weed will make an impact. Some consumers become aroused with THC levels above twenty percent, while those with a bit more experience can chill right out after a long day. If you have the demand, Weed Seeds USA has the supply. Our online platform is air-tight and that means that every client can shop at ease while enjoying multiple payment options and speedy shipping. If you live in the United States and want these Sour Skies photo fem seeds for your show, get in touch today and get ready, cause the clouds are parting!

Sour Skies Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

We know cannabis seeds, and at Weed Seeds USA, we’ve got all you can handle. Sour Skies photo fem is a mid-high THC strain boasting citrus and cherry, earth and musk, and delivers a series of high-octane effects that’ll have anyone floating in the clouds for hours. These seeds are easy to grow and take just as well outside as they do in a controlled environment. If you want these seeds, Weed Seeds has them, and they are available online every day of the week, any time you like, or by phone or in person from 9-5 CDT, Monday to Friday. If you live in or near Broken Arrow, OK, come on down and introduce yourself. Who knows what can happen through developing professional relationships within our cannabis communities.

Growing Sour Skies From Seed

The Sour Skies plants these seeds can grow into are indica-heavy in nature, yet exhibit sativa-like growth characteristics. Grow ops should know that these plants are not mold-proof, and a dry atmosphere and consistent ventilation are critical to preventing pathogens. Outside, Sour Skies needs a long, sunny season with lots of dry weather. Some basic LST is always recommended for outdoor gardens, as this will increase light penetration, assisting to develop those inner nodes. Indoor growers have the choice to employ either Sea or Screen of Green training techniques and it pays to know that, with a scrog grow, harvests can be increased and bud-health balanced through lateral development. Start watching trichomes at nine weeks and, come week eleven, crops should be ready for the chop.

Is Sour Skies Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

These buds are big, bright and colorful, and any home grown 420 farm looking for something straightforward to grow from seed is in luck. These Feminized Seeds are ready to go at a moment’s notice and produce females nearly every time. Training these plants in a Screen of Green setup will take a lot of square footage, so if you are in a small greenhouse or limited space, you may consider either placing these plants in the garden or employing Sea of Green methodology. Providing high-quality organic nutrients is imperative to this grower, and water quality is important as well. The lower PPM you can get your water to begin with, the easier time your plants will have working with it. This also helps to keep your medium fluffy, rather than compacting it like high-PPM solutions can do. Soil pH should sit around 6.5, hydro growers should aim for 5.8, keep those light levels high and you will rocket your Sour Skies photo fem garden into paradise.

What Makes Feminized Sour Skies Strain Popular?

Finding the perfect marijuana seed to plant can be a daunting task. If you have been overwhelmed at the prospect, Sour Skies is a shoo-in for any popularity contest. Buy Female Sour Skies online and grow a versatile strain, able to produce massive harvests of bright and fruity, skunky buds, which are capable of delivering consumers to pure bliss. Being the lovechild of strains like Sour Diesel and Skywalker OG makes this a popular pot right off the bat, and the intense and uplifting, focusing and relaxing effects hit the mark, every time. Streamlining happiness and improving outlooks everywhere, this crop is also an adept medical professional, geared toward helping those dealing with anxiety, pain and stress.

Wellness Application of Sour Skys Feminized

So, this bodacious botanical is a killer strain, bred through combining some of the most respected cannabis genes on the face of the Earth. Anxiety, pain and stress are just the beginning of what this flower is designed to raze. There are millions throughout this country of ours who have to deal with daily chronic debilitation and who have no other recourse to treating their woes other than cannabis. Sour Skies can decrease joint and muscle tension and increase mobility. Those suffering depression, clinical or otherwise, can find temporary relief through combining this beautiful hybrid with counterpart strains. No matter what your reasons for using cannabis, Sour Skies photo fem isn’t just fun to watch flower and mature, but it is a capable strain, ready to help you through your daily dealings.

Effects of Sour Skys

Sour Skys bud boasts big effects, and from the jump, it lets you know. Intense and giggly euphoria takes hold fast, rippling throughout the body and the mind. Easing users into a calming focus, relaxing happiness and an uplifted sense of wonder is trademark for this bud. As the stone replaces the high, sedation is a guarantee, so get comfy and sleep tight.

Fragrances of Big Sour Skies

Big Sour Skies pot has a very ripe nose. Intense citrus, earth and diesel are first-up and, secondary to the initial blast are sweet cherries, mango, lemon and sandalwood. Buy Female Big Sour Skies online, rear a crop and apply filtration, such as carbon filters, because Big Sour Skies is a truly stinky strain.

Flavors of Sour-Skies

Sour-Skies is just as flavorful as it is fragrant. There is so much going on here that the cherry, earth and mango are just the start. Lingering after every puff is a sour, bitter, rind-like aftertaste. Off the top, consumers can sense diesel-fuel, rotten skunk and over-the-top citrus notes. Also present are hints of pine and hashy woods, rounding the profile off perfectly.

Microview of Sour Skies Strain Seeds

Sour Skies strain seeds produce a rockstar, that’s for sure, but your ganja garden has a lot more going on in it than you might think. Blending Skywalker OG with Sour Diesel was a stroke of genius, and all those landrace and early breeding roots intrinsic to these strains creates a staggeringly beneficial terpene profile. Sour Skies’ b-Ocimene, Terpinolene and a-Pinene, Myrcene and Limonene exact a bouquet which can only be described as medical in nature. Inherently anti-inflammatory and analgesic, this strain kills pain. Anxiolytic and antidepressant, with Sour Skies, darkness turns to light. Cancer-fighting, antioxidant, antibiotic and antimutagenic, infection and cell-degradation can take a hike. Assisting the liver, helping consumers escape insomnia and delivering overall rejuvenation, Sour Skies is a truly wonderful medicinal addition to anyone’s regimen.

Buy Sour Skies Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Grows all across America can get hip to a strain like Sour Skies. If you live in the USA and have the inkling to grow heaps of this country’s number one cash crop, Weed Seeds has your back. In fact, the whole reason we are here is to serve the American population with the world’s highest-quality cannabis seeds. Buy Sour Skies Photo Fem seeds online in the USA and know that you have found a safe harbour for your ship as you navigate the recipe for your next Sea of Green. We are available to serve individual client needs and our experts can assist with any germination questions you may need answered. If you are planning a Big Sour Skies grow, trust Weed Seeds USA to have the seeds and the grow-how you need to rest easy.

Sour Skies Photo Fem Bulk Seeds

Weed Seeds USA offers personal orders of twenty seeds or more, but we specialize in supplying larger grow houses with the wholesale orders they require to keep growing for the masses. Buy Sour Skies Photoperiod Feminized online and stink up your grow operation with the dank and dirty, fresh, fruity and penetrating pungency of Sour Skies photo fem. There is no need to run out of seeds; there is no need to wonder which distributor is going to serve your requirements; and, with Weed Seeds, there is every reason to expect high returns with this wacky weed. Place your bulk order today and receive free shipping on orders over two-hundred dollars, get the custom packaging you need to protect your seeds as you go and grow free with Weed Seeds USA.

Grow Sour Skies Seeds

If you have chosen to grow Sour Skies seeds, germination is easy, organic soil will make the flavors and aromas pop and will increase the medical efficacy of the terpene profile. 65-78F and 40% humidity will provide an appropriate climate and strong ventilation is a must to insure against mold and mildew. A slow dry and a long cure will make all the difference to this strain’s flavors and aromas, and the effects can be intensified with a little extra time in the jars. Experienced indica enthusiasts enjoy a relaxing after-work session and freedom from the day’s aches and pains. Medicinal consumers can look forward to this, as well as other freedoms. When you want Sour Skies for your home or professional garden, contact Weed Seeds USA and let us help you grow from seed.

Sour Skies Seed Bank

Weed Seeds USA is proud of our extensive cumulation of cannabis seeds from all over the world, but today, in keeping with the theme of Hybrid Seeds with similar sour genetics to our feature, we have constructed a Sour Skies seed bank. Some of these strains, like the parents of our feature strain, Sour D and Skywalker OG, are Huge THC Seeds, like Sour Diesel X OG Kush Fem. Some are medicinal strains, like the mighty Cbd Sour Lemon Fem, which consumers rely on for its balanced 1:1 design. Those looking for a mid-range 710 strain, or a strain worthy of confectionery praise, might like the straight-up Sour Lemon Fem seeds, and we house a vast collection of regular and autoflowering varieties, sure to make your mouth water. Of course, the masses have always enjoyed the swift and bitter kick of Sour Kush Fem, and, so far as classics go, Weed Seeds USA carries the pinnacle of Sour Diesel Feminized Pot Seeds.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Sour Skies Strain Seeds

Contact Weed Seeds USA and buy Sour Skies Feminized online by calling Call US from 9-5 CDT, Monday to Friday. Absolutely, you can access your free and secure account any time and utilize our professionally developed eCommerce platform. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and Litecoin, and we work with Waave and Mesh to ensure all citizens in all States can opt for debit or credit transactions. Sour Skies Photo Fem is a killer hybrid strain, guaranteed to uplift and entertain, and which is certain to up the profile of all grow operations, great and small. So come on down to Weed Seeds, find the light of Sour Skies and start growing in the USA.

Sour Skies Seeds For Sale USA

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Sour Skies Seeds

Weed Seeds USA is home to quite an extensive collection of some very serious cannabis strains, and we are proud of all of them. But when you want a weed with a mid-range THC level, unusually fruity flavors, sweet, earthy aromas and impressive recreational and medicinal effects