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A phenomenal strain that comes from a proud and illustrious lineage. Skunk
#1 is easy to grow and thrives indoors and outdoors. It will provide robust harvests in soil or hydroponics and showcases well with light green and golden nugs that are glistening with resiny crystals. It will bring a full body relaxation while keeping an active mind. A wonderful state of euphoria starts things off before unleashing a complete and utter calm across all your senses. It is as beloved in the recreational community as it is in the medicinal community.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield250-350g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400-500g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks

Skunk 1 Seeds For Sale USA

The vast majority in the cannabis community have heard of Skunk #1 before and those that have not, most likely have consumed a hybrid that spawned from this illustrious lineage. This iconic strain is an all-around hybrid that has been used as a benchmark for many popular strains that have followed in its footsteps. It has parented many of the most popular strains today that have taken its outstanding qualities and formed an impressive family tree.

Skunk #1 Fem comes from a trifecta of strains that created a fantastic indica hybrid. It comes from the legendary Afghani, which provides the indica dominant effects, and a mix of Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold.

Afghan is often considered the backbone of the cannabis world. It hails from none other than the mountains in Afghanistan and is well known for its potency. It is almost mythical in its abilities to ease aches and pains and provide an intense and profound relaxation that has been passed on to its protege, Skunk #1.

Colombian Gold is a classic landrace sativa strain that is known for uplifting and focused effects. The upbeat mood is going to bring a fantastic happiness to the room you are in. The skunky sweet notes are no doubt one of the many qualities that were passed down to its progeny. Acapulco Gold sits firmly in the rare category of sativa strains. The motivating and energizing effects are sought after but can be difficult to find on its own, which is all the more reason to reach for Skunk #1 when you want these outstanding effects. Many consider Acapulco Gold to be one of the finest strains ever created and the difficulty in sourcing it is a shame. Grab some Skunk #1 Fem stains seeds to get your piece of the action.

It is known for its sturdiness and resiliency when growing. This plant yields fantastic harvests and is a joy to grow. It grows well indoors and outdoors and while it takes a bit longer to flower than some strains, it is most certainly going to be worth the wait. This strain is beginner friendly and is a top-notch choice for anybody wanting to dip their toe in the water of growing cannabis at home. Watching this plant reach full bloom is going to deliver a euphoria that is similar to when smoking this strain and is going to have your mouth watering as the scent wafts over the area.

The incredibly potent and dank aroma definitely delivers on a name that has Skunk right in it! Those that are unfamiliar with the sweet stench on cannabis might find it a bit unpleasant at first but will come to fall in love with it as many have over the years. A sweet honey flavor is going to explode onto your palate with a single puff and be urging you to come back time and time again.

With such a rich lineage, this strain becomes an enjoyable smoke that delivers consistent and dominant effects every time. This indica dominant strain is best used in the evening thanks to its 2:1 ratio of indica to sativa properties. It brings a fantastically mellow stone that uplifts and leaves you feeling happy and downright swell!

Not merely for recreational users though, this strain is highly sought out in the medical community as well. It can provide a rich comfort and allow users to get back to doing what they need to do. It is also fantastic at relieving mental health concerns, lack of appetite and sleeping issues, all without the strong side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

All of these benefits are impossible to ignore as decade after decade this strain remains near the top of the list for growers and users alike. That many people can’t be wrong, so come grab your own slice of the pie and begin growing these outstanding marijuana seeds today!

What Makes Feminized Skunk1 Strain Popular?

Skunk1 has been a cannabis icon for more than twenty-five years and continues to astound marijuana enthusiasts the world over by being the benchmark of quality cannabis. Skunk1 has taken more awards than it took years to stabilize this hybrid! First place High Times Cannabis 1998 Cup winner as cultivator’s choice, then best overall at the 2009 AMEC Cup, and strain of the year 2013, to name just a few. This 65% indica leaning hybrid is known for sedating relaxing effects, and a taste like skunk. The flavor profile is also sour and earthy, making it a unique smoke. While the aroma is the embodiment of skunky, it releases a sharp and sometimes overpowering scent familiar and favored amongst medicinal marijuana patients, cannaisseurs, and recreational consumers.

Possibly due to its hybridization, its effects aren’t so heavy, typically evocative of an indica. And the THC levels aren’t considered particularly off the charts but do average respectable levels for recreation and relief. Its flowering period is relatively good at eight to nine weeks, with harvest outdoors occurring by mid-October. Skunk#1 grows like a typical indica and by flowering doesn’t get much taller than a pure indica would. The wonderful leaves from its Afghan predecessors become darker over time, from fresh lime greens to deep dark mossy tones. This crop is known for being stunning, shining with sugar leaves in light yellow and pale green colors, and a hint of silver gray. All the while, the densely packed buds contain bright patches of orange pistils and a thick trichome coating.

Skunk#1 Feminized Medicinal Uses

Skunk1 is a nicely balanced strain that’s not overly potent or inebriating, making it suitable for daily use by medicinal cannabis patients. It may work exceptionally well at managing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, or stress for some patients and consumers. But despite the modest THC levels, moderate consumption is recommended with this strain for a healthy experience when being employed to treat mood disorders or conditions of the mind. Over consumption of any cannabis strain can be damaging to those with cognitive conditions, specifically because marijuana can increase the possibilities of paranoia, anxiety, or other uncomfortable feelings. Most users can avoid this by knowing their limits and sticking to self-set boundaries.

On the biological end of the spectrum, Skunk1’s soothing effects on the body may offer beneficial relief to those trying to alleviate the pain of headaches, fatigue, migraines, and chronic aches. For these physical conditions, some consumers report having positive results when consuming an increased amount, especially those desiring more rapid results. That makes alternatives such as edibles, candies, concentrates, extracts, tinctures, hash, oils, and gummies a much more convenient consumption method. These offer medicinal marijuana consumers higher doses without smoking, and without exerting more energy on the actual act of consuming in the first place. Nowadays, there are so many alternatives to the traditional method of smoking that can be found online, at dispensaries, and in recreational cannabis stores all over North America. There’s no wrong or right way to enjoy Skunk1, so experiment until you find the most practical application to benefit you.

Skunk Kush Strain Review

Because of its origins in the Netherlands, with its fairly cold climate, Skunk1 was originally developed to be farmed indoors in eight to nine weeks. However, it’s suitable for outdoors with sunny warm conditions where it will finish mid-October. Expect typical to large yields depending on your techniques, just under two ounces per square foot inside, and around sixteen ounces per plant outdoors. Perhaps Dutch roots are the reason for its lanky height, between four and six feet. All in all, Skunk1 is easy to cultivate but can become significantly susceptible to mold later on in the growing stages if not spotted and managed.

THC levels aren’t profound between 15% to 19%, but what makes Skunk Kush so revolutionary and well respected is its utilization as a parent plant to numerous outstanding descendant strains. Along with the telltale aroma, Skunk1 contains hints of earthy sweetness. Some claim it tastes slightly sour but overall has a pleasant flavor. When inhaled it produces thick and creamy smoke which stays true to the skunkiness while leaving a sweet lemon taste lingering on the lips. Skunk1 is a very influential strain and still retains a serious following due to its uplifting, euphoric, creative, and inspiring effects. These repeatable and controlled effects are why it’s used to infuse and create a wide array of concentrates, extracts, and edibles. Skunk1 is physically hardy, full figured, and able to resist unfriendly outdoor conditions. Using our photoperiod feminized seeds, you can develop generous females that bear loads of potent, dense, frosted buds.

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Having our high-quality seeds available anytime is incredibly convenient. Cultivators don’t have to be concerned about running out or reordering, saving money and time. Aficionados have the fulfillment of a more diverse collection with the flexibility to share or trade if they so desire. All Weed Seeds USA clients enjoy easy access to Skunk No 1 and hundreds of other strains in our virtual seed vault, all over the country. Browse our detailed strain descriptions for pure, perfect seeds. Simply select your choice, and check out when you’re ready. When you use our protected platform to complete payment with Litecoin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, all major credit cards, debit, Venmo, and Zelle your security is ensured. Your business is as important to us as your privacy is, that’s why Weed Seeds pledges to never sell, share, or distribute any personal information we receive with third parties, at any time, for any reason.

Our premium cannabis seeds are sourced by experienced breeders and stored under optimal conditions until being handpicked and packed and delivered to you anywhere in the United States. We understand how important privacy is to maintain security regardless of your setup, size, or situation. We also know the importance of using nondescript, reinforced packaging to keep prying eyes from peeping and damaged seeds from showing up. Our discreet, durable packaging is the perfect way to ensure you get what you have paid for by making sure that our healthy, superior seeds arrive undamaged and viable.

How to Germinate Skunk1 Photo Fem Seeds

The beginning of a successful harvest is good germination. Once you’ve bought your Skunk1 photoperiod feminized seeds, follow this tried and trusted technique for best results. Gather your supplies of cannabis seeds, purified or bottled water, tweezers, paper towels, and two clean large plates. Remember to make sure everything is clean and sanitized. Moisten your paper towels so they’re damp but not wet and wring out any excess water. Place two sheets of wet paper towels on one dinner plate. Use the tweezers to place the Skunk1 seeds on the paper towel. They need to be at least an inch apart. Cover them with a few more moist paper towels and discard any excess water. Place the other plate over top. Find a dark, warm place to store your cannabis seeds between 68°F and 86°F for one to five days.

Check on your seeds daily to ensure they don’t dry out. Using a spray bottle with purified water will help keep them moist but not soaked and avoid disturbing the seeds. If the towel dries out, they won’t sprout, and too much water will cause them to rot and die. Once they develop a healthy one-inch taproot, you can very carefully transplant them. A lot of growers use paper cups and soil, but any growing medium will work, such as coco coir, vermiculite, or rockwool. Remember to read our germination guarantee for details to help you have the best harvest and growing experience with Weed Seeds USA.

Is Skunk#1 Strain Easy To Grow?

This indica dominant beauty demonstrates some sativa love through her beautiful calyxes and long pistils. Her habit of ever-expanding flower growth in many directions makes Skunk1 a strain you can’t afford to miss. Despite the hybrid genetics, Skunk1 is easy to grow like an indica. When it comes to cultivating, there’s good news. Skunk1 doesn’t reach over six feet and tends to have thick, sturdy branches able to carry her rich harvests. The colas contain an increased calyx to leaf ratio, which gives the flowers increased cannabinoid and terpene potency. This also means easier trimming after harvest.

These plants get rather bushy, so regular trimming will allow for improved airflow and better light penetration. Lower branches should definitely be removed. In indoor grows, the best yields are achieved by employing a Sea of Green method to boost the overall quality. Lightly stress training the branches to create a canopy maximizes light consumption and airflow, plus helps prevent molds and diseases by focusing on upper branches. Ensure the required temperatures and humidity levels during grow stages and they’ll reach full potential. If you can avoid any nasty surprises, you should be able to harvest just under two ounces per square foot of breathtaking, compact buds after nine or ten weeks. Likewise, growing outdoors with optimal conditions promises a fruitful harvest. Locations with warm temperate climates can yield as much as nineteen ounces per plant, with an abundance of sunlight and tolerable winds. In northern regions, crops will be ready to take down by mid-October.

Skunk1 Seed Bank

Due to the respect and appreciation that Skunk1 Photo Fem has earned over decades, availability can sometimes be in flux and even Weed Seeds runs out. There’s no reason to kick up a stink though, we source, sell, and ship over 500 other incredible marijuana strains from our online catalog. Fire up your bong and browse through our comprehensive categories for amazing high THC and CBD varieties for medicinal uses. We also carry amazing 420 deals and sticky, high yielding 710 seeds for concentrates and extracts. As well as premium feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds in every variety, to meet every demand. Our extensive selection of strains creates an easy way to discover a long loved indica, savored sativa, or new hybrid to please cultivators, collectors, and connoisseurs.

If you’re looking for something similar or something new, we have more than a few suggestions for you. From our heavy yielders to fast flowering varieties, regular and photoperiods. Our vast specific categories feature types, growing environments, medicinal uses, terpene profiles, plant sizes, growth difficulties, tastes, THC and CBD types, and more. Skunk Mazar Fem’s potent effects come through a spicy, sweet smoke sure to satisfy the senses. Its psychoactive buzz comes from a 24% THC content and creates the perfect high for recreational and medicinal consumers alike. Hektal is the sativa dominant combination of infamous Skunk1 and indica heavyweight Mazar. This high yielder flowers quickly, producing gorgeous buds glistening with healing, terpene filled trichomes. These easy to cultivate ladies are a popular choice among many types of cultivators and collectors.

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Weed Seeds USA is committed to providing the most exceptional level of service in whatever we do. We know that collectors and cultivators of all types should have access to superior seeds to grow the healthiest buds they possibly can, at the lowest prices they can pay. Weed Seeds wants buying to be easy whether you’re searching for Skittles or Skunk #1. We have every category of cannabis seed for cultivating or collecting. Our customers are priceless, and we want to deliver superior assistance to them. Our professional, friendly cannabis consultants can be reached Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST to assist with your orders or concerns. Contact our knowledgeable staff when you need a real human to lay out the details.

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Learn How to Grow Skunk#1 Photoperiod Female Marijuana

This is a fantastic strain to begin your growing journey with. This resilient strain is able to handle unfriendly conditions and still provide a reliable harvest that will impress. As you watch your little baby grow and flourish, you are going to enjoy seeing the golden and light green buds form into little gems that are going to be glistening with resin.

These cannabis seeds are great for growing indoors but they absolutely love the great outdoors. They thoroughly enjoy warm and sunny climates like California, Spain, Italy and Australia. Take your time to find an ideal plot with ample access to the sunshine. After that, you can let nature take its course and allow the strain to bask in the glorious sunlight. It will take in this energy and fulfill its potential with ease. While this strain is resilient and hardy, it is best to reap your rewards before the frost rolls in. Do not let these buds go past mid-October and if all goes well, there will be a sizable 16-19.5 ounces of ooey gooey goodness per plant!

While these weed seeds do enjoy being out in nature and taking in the natural energy of the sun, they thrive indoors as well as greenhouses. When growing inside, be sure to set the temperatures between 70 and 80℉ and have adequate ventilation and air circulation to help keep mold away. When following these guidelines, after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering there is going to be a nice yield waiting. Grab the bushels and get ready to pluck 1.47 to 1.63 ounces per square foot. If you really want to impress your fellow smokers, grow them a week longer and it will increase and maximize their flavor.

When to Harvest Skunk#1 Photo Fem Marijuana

When growing these beauties outdoors you are going to harvest before the first comes in, around mid-October. When growing this strain indoors, be sure to pluck it after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

Medicinal Application For Skunk#1 Photoperiod Feminized Marijuana

This strain gets a lot of praise from the recreational community, but it is equally sought after by those looking for medicinal benefits. The balanced hybrid brings an active calm to those that use it and it allows them to regain some of their former glory. Medicinal users love the organic qualities that come from a plant rather than relying on synthetic drugs.

Users who are suffering from debilitating and nagging chronic pain turn to the analgesic properties of this strain. It is said to soothe muscles and bring relief from the constant nagging brought on by such things as arthritis, migraines, muscle spasms to name a few. Those dealing with a loss in appetite may find themselves able to enjoy food again.

Whether the food aversion has come from an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia, or from suffering through chemotherapy, the increased appetite can help you gain the sustenance that you need and re-discover your favorite foods.

All of these benefits are fantastic but the main reason people are prescribed this strain is to combat mental health concerns. The wonderful euphoric feeling that is delivered can help ease the negative thoughts, worries and dread that are brought on by depression, PTSD, or anxiety. The boosted mood and positive outlook are just a few of the benefits. The sheer and utter joy that you will feel is going to make getting through the day a little simpler and restore a quality of life that has been missing.

Usual Flavors, Frangrances, and Effects

Like its predecessor, this strain lives up to its name when it comes to the delicious, dank scent! New smokers could take a while to get used to it but seasoned veterans are going to fall in love from the moment that delightful aroma tickles the nostrils. The musky scent is balanced out by the sweet citrus aroma that will have you coming back for a second whiff. While the aroma is extremely aromatic and pungent, the flavor casts a sweeter side. It has a kiss of honey that is going to linger on your palate and make the toke incredibly enjoyable.

Skunk #1 is a perfect way to end the evening. It brings a euphoric feeling that is going to trigger a cascading effect of relaxation across your entire mind and body. Your stress and tension is going to melt away and leave you profoundly relaxed without necessarily being on the verge of black out. This total body relaxation is further aided by the active state that your mind remains in. You are able to savor and enjoy the serene feelings that are coursing through the body. Mental clarity and improved creativity is going to be present and still allow you to partake in non-strenuous activities.

It definitely lives up to the billing in terms of potency. There is an audible crackling of THC crystals as you puff away with this strain. It is going to be able to go toe-to-toe with the heaviest of smokers and will almost always prevail. A little goes a long way with this strain. While it may not have a one punch knockout ability, if you mess with the beast for too long, it is going to firmly lock you to the couch!

Like many other strains of marijuana, there are going to be some common side effects to keep in mind. First, there is your generic cotton mouth that is easily combated with proper hydration before, during and after your session. Secondly, there will be some dry eyes and that can be remedied with an OTC eye lubricant to keep the supple and fresh. When you ignore the rule of everything in moderation, there may be some dizziness, headaches or increased paranoia and anxiety. Be sure to go slow and find your tolerance level before jumping into the deep end with this strain.

Buy Bulk Skunk#1 Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

Slowly but surely, there is progress being made with acceptance of the cannabis community across the country. More and more often, there are legislatures that are recognizing the benefits of medicinal marijuana and the downsides of penalizing recreational marijuana use. This in turn has led to the need for more commercial cannabis producers. With start-up costs and overhead always consuming a lot of the business expenses, buying your cannabis seeds in bulk becomes a no brainer. Head over to Weed Seeds and check out the amazing discounts to be had when you purchase wholesale seeds. The best part is that these are the same, top notch premium marijuana seeds as our smaller quantities but with a price reduction. Get them today and enjoy the savings that will boost the bottom line!

Not a commercial producer? No worries, anyone can buy in bulk. Expert breeders also have a lot of need for buying in bulk. Sometimes it takes many attempts to get the next, great strain just right so why not have all the weed seeds you will need on hand at all times. Don’t allow a lack of access to your premium marijuana seeds be the reason that someone else gets to slap their name on the next strain to take the world by storm.

Buy Skunk No 1 Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

Whether you are a commercial grower, marijuana breeder or simply someone who loves a deal, buying in bulk makes lots of financial sense. Skunk#1 Fem can be purchased in bulk along with many of our other premium strains. Our dedicated customer care team is going to work diligently to fill your order and help ensure that you no longer experience needing a seed and not having access to one.

Skunk Photoperiod Fem Seeds for Sale Online

One of the most coveted and magnificent strains on the market, this strain can go fast in dispensaries all over the world. This means that when you want to ensure a steady supply of this potent strain, it is going to be best to begin growing these weed seeds at home. At Weed Seeds we are going to work with you to ensure that your premium cannabis seeds are going to arrive quickly, efficiently and freshly right to your doorstep.

Similar Weed Seeds For Sale in the USA

Sometimes the demand for a strain is going to exceed the capacity to produce it. That is the downfall of extremely potent and popular strains that are beloved by the cannabis community. When this happens, fear not, as we have an extensive catalogue of premium marijuana seeds to fill the void. Check out these strains that have a similar THC content if you aren’t able to find any Skunk around.

Banana Kush Photo Fem is a fabulous tasting strain. This indica dominant strain will give a solid night’s sleep after an enjoyable sense of euphoria. This medium sized plant will drop the jaws as it enters full bloom with vivid green foliage.

Purple Haze Photo Fem is blessed with berry and grape flavors with a subtle earthy goodness. This sativa hybrid has been thrilling users with euphoria, psychedelic highs for decades. Many reach for this ultra-feel good strain when they need a pick me up!

Nicole Kush Photo Fem is loved by users for the euphoric high it brings, and growers love it for the ease of growth. This is the perfect strain for seasoned smokers but newbie growers as it is potent enough to handle the consumption tolerance of veterans and easy enough to grow for newbies.

3 Kings OG Photo Fem has a kickass cerebral buzz with a kerosene and citrus scent. It is an instant pick me up as it boosts your focus and creativity. More than just a great recreational strain, it is used to battle stress, anxiety and de