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The variety of flavors and effects Zkittlez brings is coveted in both the recreational and medicinal world. Winning 1st place at the 2015 Cannabis Cup Awards in both San Francisco and Michigan, this wondrous plant was created by combining Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and an undisclosed third parent which gives this lovely strain its sativa boost. Relatively straightforward to grow, it is best to keep inside, as this plant likes to be in a Mediterranean climate, and only needs a little pruning to grow the best possible bud imaginable. The most favorite technique in growing is the SOG method with keeping an eye on its environment for the perfect growing conditions. This plant flowers for 7 to 8 weeks, with beautiful full purple and bright green colas, covered in white trichomes and draped with yellow pistils. Feel all of your worries magically disappear as this strain stimulates the senses, and promotes a blissful feeling to take away the irritations of your long day. Feel pleasantly relaxed and creatively charged, because Zkittlez will allow you to see the world in a new light. After a few hours, you will slowly drift off into the best sleep of your life.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 20%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-550g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450-500g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress
EffectsCalming, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Earthy, Grape, Sweet
TerpenesHumulene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Skittles Seeds For Sale USA

With a rainbow of flavors promised in every perfect puff, Zkittlez Fem is an intoxicating candy strain that promises to provide hard-hitting effects to slow you down on even your busiest day. Winner of the 2015 Cannabis Cup in both San Francisco and Michigan, this tasty plant’s lineage stems from impressive parents, and combined with a mysterious third party it produces just the right amount of a sativa kick to bring to the party. Grape Ape and Grapefruit shine bright when combined to produce this award-winning strain, that medicinal and recreational users both enjoy for its remarkably dazzling effects.

Grape Ape is a deep plum purple hybrid that has a strong THC level of up to 23%. This sweet and earthy mostly indica relaxes you on even the most hectic of days. Feel a strong and euphoric mental buzz immediately when smoked that will roll its way down your spine for a full-body relaxation to soothe all of the senses. Your aches and pains will vanish, thanks to this strain’s many medicinal benefits and pain killing abilities. If you are suffering from an eating disorder, or just need help to stimulate your appetite, Grape Ape’s effects will allow you to enjoy food, while suppressing nausea. Enjoy this strain in the evening. The indica effects will float you right down into a restful and joyous sleep. Say goodnight to your aches and pains and say good morning to a new and glorious day.

The full-on flavor of Grapefruit is a favorite of avid stoners for its pungent citrus tones that provide a high that will guarantee to send you soaring to new worlds. When smoked, you will immediately taste strong tang and candy tones. The flavors are so unique and poignant that any avid stoner can guess this strain just by the flavor it gives. Feel a strong boost of creativity, because Grapefruit will stimulate your senses so you see the world around you in a new and positive light. Explore the world with your new-found look on life and write a song, or create something, just to see just how inventive you can be. It is impressive in the medicinal marijuana world for its aid in helping depression, chronic pain, and fatigue. It will keep you going and help you through whatever task is at hand.

By feminizing Zkittlez, cultivators made it a fun and enjoyable experience when growing at home. The process of feminized weed seeds is both simple and brilliant, as stressing out a young female plant during its vegetative state will allow that plant to then self-pollinate. Once that plant is matured, it is then used to fertilize the rest of the crop around it. The crop then produces only female seeds with no male genetics. Growers usually want to avoid growing males, as when they fertilize the crop around them, it provides seedy buds with less potency, which is not the most ideal thing when you are just looking to grow potent and gorgeous weed.

Feel your body sink into a world of deep relaxation that will warm you up like your favorite blanket after a long day. A strong THC level and healing therapeutic properties can also act as a pain reliever. Euphoria will take over your mind with positive and uplifting thoughts that will allow you to switch your perspective into a more positive one. Once that sensation has grasped your attention, the high will float down the rest of your body and you will feel an immediate sense of calmness and relief. As your body slows down, your perception of time will slow as well. This strain is a totally psychedelic one that will allow your senses to hear music a little louder, or see things in a new and exciting light, for that little bit of a creative boost every artist needs to help ease a mental block. After a few hours of feeling an intense and stimulating high, your body will sink you further and further down into a warm and relaxing sleep. Get the full night’s rest your body needs to take on the day, as this strain will induce no groggy feeling in the morning. Zkittlez is a winner in both flavor and effects and is here to stay as a favorite for recreational and medicinal users alike.

What Makes Feminized Skittles Strain Popular?

The Skittles Photo Fem strain might go by many different names like Zkittlez, and Skittlez, but its reputation is one of a kind. This spectacular strain took first place at the Emerald Cup in 2016, placed in several San Francisco cannabis cups, and won best indica 2015 in Michigan. Its chunky colas burst in a spectrum of bright green shades and radiate a fruity, sweet, tropical mix of flavors reminiscent of their namesake candy. Skittles’ THC levels have been recorded between 16% and 23%. This strain can achieve higher than average THC content though, with some phenotypes of this indica hybrid being as moderate as 12% and some as elevated as 23%, depending on the growing method, environment, and nutrients.

If you want a small dose of sativa or a chill indica, there’s something for everyone. The Skittles strain is just as blissfully fruity and delicious as the candies. Strawberry, lemon, grape, and berry aromas, will take you over the rainbow after enjoying this fragrant, mouth-watering cannabis. Skittles can be very hard to find in seed or clone form. Luckily Weed Seeds is here with a steady supply of these short flowering superior seeds. Once you germinate our premium photoperiod feminized you can be harvesting this rainbow in just eight to nine weeks. This easy-to-grow strain stays an easy to manage medium size, with moderate ounce and a half per square foot indoor and seventeen ounces a plant outside yields.

Medicinal Application of Zkittlez Feminized

One of Skittles’ best features is its ability to relax the body while allowing users to remain sufficiently mentally focused to continue with a motivated productive day. Despite being indica-dominant, this uplifting strain can be used to help address stress and depression. Thanks to its body high and calming effects it may be helpful to manage stressful situations and maintain a relaxed level of relief that lasts. This mental high may come as a great choice for individuals who are suffering from ADHD and ADD. Deepened thinking and focus allow users to stay on track to complete tasks and avoid becoming easily distracted. Many also report feeling sluggish with other strains, but more elation and motivation after a session with Skittles. Those who suffer from chronic stress have said they prefer this strain because its energizing cerebral effects prove quite useful in helping to control their negative feelings.

The body stone that occurs from consuming Skittles might also make it an excellent strain for dealing with insomnia. As the soothing high develops in larger doses, mellow sleepy effects evolve which can lull you into trouble-free sleep. Another typical effect of taking larger doses than average is an increase in appetite. For this reason, Skittles is often suggested to those who are struggling with appetite loss as a side effect of illness, treatment, or medication. This appetite-stimulating strain might have you eating everything in sight once the encouraging positive high sets on and the munchies kick in.

Zkittles Strain Review

Strains with a similar eighty to twenty indica to sativa ratio typically flower between eight and ten weeks, and the very rare Skittles is no different. Its rarity means there are extremely few variations of this strain making its growth process and its effects much more predictable. This lush plant grows optimally in a hot, humid environment. Depending on your area, Skittles Photo Fem can benefit from being outside at night when the temperature drops bring forth much more vibrant purple hues from the buds.

The normal levels of THC most commonly found in Zkittles seem to measure 15% to 18%, but some of the highest ever tested has reached 23% to 35%! This explains its wide use to infuse and produce oils, concentrates, and other medicinal products. This fun, fruity strain is known for its resemblance to the candy. A strong grapefruit, berry, citrus, and grape fragrance emanates from the buds, making this an easy to recognize strain. The uniquely childlike flavor reflects in the high, making Skittles an uplifting joy to smoke. Densely packed buds have the typical diamond shape of an indica and a distinctive color scope. Its unique flowers are a mixture of radiant greens tinted with plum hues. They are blanketed in luxuriant trichomes down to their stalks, giving the plants a somewhat furry appearance. Small and delicate leaves will also appear, covered in the same white trichomes as those that coat the buds. If grown indoors expect one-and-a-half ounce yields per square foot and around seventeen ounces a plant in the wild.

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Weed Seeds USA understands the value of every dollar our customers spend, from established commercial cultivators to growers just starting their craft cannabis journey. We help cultivators all over the country by offering our superior cannabis seeds at bulk prices. When you order hard-to-find Skittles Photo Fem seeds wholesale from us you save money and time spent searching. Connoisseurs will love adding this rare strain to their collections, while cultivators will love the stunning appearance and mouth-watering fruity characteristics. Weed Seeds provides all the bulk supplies to start exciting strains without worrying about running out of your favorite cultivar.

We aim to supply superb selection, quality service, and dependable shipping to our valued customers anywhere in the US. We know hunting down rare quality marijuana strains can be a drag, and our seeds are hand-picked, carefully packed, and delivered securely to you. We use nondescript unmarked packaging specifically created to withstand damage, preserving the viability of the seeds within. Purchasing these Skittles feminized seeds is easier than buying candy but much sweeter with the satisfaction of privacy and protection. Weed Seeds will never disclose personal or confidential information received from our patrons to any other organizations. Our secure enhanced customer experience allows you to checkout securely using payment methods including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Ethereum, all major credit cards, debit, Venmo, and Zelle. Skittles is a scarce sweet strain that is ever-increasing in popularity thanks to its stupendous attributes. That makes it worth grabbing from our virtual seed vault before it’s gone.

How to Germinate Skittles Photo Fem Seeds

Most cannabis seeds require a few household items and one to five days to sprout, just like Skittles Photo Fem. Every cultivator has a favorite method, but the easiest and most effective for success is the paper towel method. Gather in advance your Skittles seeds, bottled or purified water, two large plates, a few sheets of paper towels, and tweezers if need be. Pour a small quantity of water onto two paper towels until they are moist but not soaking wet. Evenly lay the damp towels on one of the plates. Using tweezers or your fingers, cautiously place the Skittles seeds on the towels, leaving at least an inch between each one. Moisten two more pieces of paper towel and place them over everything. If you notice any excess water on the plate, drain it off, but don’t spill the beans. Remember moist is delicious but dripping wet is sour times.

Place the second plate over the first and leave them somewhere warm and dark, with a temperature between 68°F and 86°F. A cupboard or drawer will suffice for the spectacular seeds to safely remain until germination. Skittles seeds will take between twenty-four hours and up to seven days to sprout. During this time, the paper towels must stay moist because there won’t be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow if they dry out. Once a white half-inch tendril develops called a taproot, the new seedlings can be planted in the growing medium of your choice. Handle them carefully as seedlings are very delicate.

Is Zkittlez Strain Easy To Grow?

Cultivating Skittles the strain is like enjoying the candy. This cultivar is considered easy to grow because of its spectacular yet simplistic attributes. It can be grown indoors and outdoors but prefers plenty of sun exposure with protection from excess rain and humidity. This easy grower has decent resistance to pests and produces respectable yields with minimal effort in just seven to eight weeks. Because feminized Skittles have been known to get seriously bushy, a set of sharp trimming scissors will be vital to preventing any mold issues or rotting buds as the crop increases in size from vegging to flowering. Bushy also means short and sturdy, with branches solid enough to bear the heft of the fruity scented buds. Watch out for extreme weather and plant after the last frost or late March to early April. Feed your Skittles generously throughout the summer, and by late September around eighteen ounces a plant of sticky sweet goodness will be ready to harvest.

Feminized seeds mean no worrying about pollinating males in your soil or hydro setups either. In controlled indoor setups, these plants flourish around 80°F with under 50% humidity. The screen of Green (ScrOG) training method improves density management by spreading the bushy branches across a screen, making it much easier for these beauties to produce better yields. You can anticipate up to two ounces per square foot of finer quality buds from healthier plants. Other than a little fussiness regarding the climate and light conditions, Skittles will grow like weeds.

Skittles Seed Bank

Due to the rarity of our highly sought-after Skittles Photo Fem strain, sometimes even we can run out. No need to get sour though, Weeds Seeds USA sources, sells, and ships over 500 other outstanding cannabis strains from our virtual seed vaults. Spark up a spliff and search through our multiple categories for high THC and CBD seeds to make incredible medicinals and concentrates. We also carry the most popular 420 and 710 seeds. We have tons of premium feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds of your favorites to meet every need. Our vast selection of strains makes it easy to find the new or long-loved indica, sativa, or hybrid to please almost any cultivator, collector, or connoisseur.

If our cannabis shop is all out of Skittlez we suggest a few of these options while we restock. We have heavy yielders, fast flowering, photoperiods, and our categories let you search by not just type, but the growing environment, medicinal use, terpene profile, plant size, growth difficulty, taste, effect, and THC/CBD content. You might like Purple Kush Photo Fem’s stimulating euphoric high of delicious grape aromas. Northern Lights Photo Fem has a refreshing piney and spicy aroma that fills up a room with her potent effects. Hindu Kush Photo Fem is a classic pure indica loaded with sticky resins and strength. It is easy to grow inside or out, and beginners appreciate this old-school strain for its appealing resilient tendencies to thrive without much support.

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Skittles Photo Fem is widely known as being one of the hardest to find strains from the Grape family. Its name is inspired by its intense fruit flavors, enchanting aromas, and vibrant colors that feed its rainbow appearance. Thanks to its uplifting effects, it’s recommended for novice cannabis users and daytime use. If you’re after a happy joyful strain, you’ll definitely want to taste this rainbow! Skittles is an incredibly popular treat that’s worth grabbing whenever you get the chance. This indica-dominant marijuana superstar is a rich feast for all five of your senses, and these greens also do count as dessert!

Weed Seeds USA supplies the foremost quality cannabis seeds this country has to offer. We select the highest quality seeds from our top breeders and bring them swiftly and discreetly to home growers, collectors, and retail cultivators. We keep our online platform secure to ensure the safety satisfaction of our customers. We will do whatever it takes to get you the seeds you want. We aspire to make it as easy as possible for all citizens to obtain viable, first-rate cannabis seeds, with no hassles. Reach out to our friendly, knowledgeable staff with concerns or questions about our products and service guarantees at [email protected] or feel free to call us at Call US from 9 am to 5 pm CST, Monday to Friday, when one of our expert cannabis customer service representatives will be happy to help you. Don’t forget to check our blogs and posts for information, tips, and techniques.

Zkittlez Photoperiod Female Homegrown Weed

Zkittlez grows like a classic indica plant which is small to medium in size, with strong and bushy features. It is exciting growing this strain, and just a little TLC can provide stunning results. This plant is sturdy, which means it can hold its own, and you do not need to worry about providing support. Growing indoors is the easiest way to control your environment, especially if you do not live in the ideal Mediterranean like climate. Using the Sea of Green (SOG) method works best. This involves growing as many plants as you can in a small room, tent, or closet and flipping them over to the flowering stage, by changing your light shifts. It will keep your plants nice and small, allowing your best colas to shine to the top. This creates a sea of beautiful buds that is quite a sight to behold. Planting in the soil is great for this strain. It keeps the flavors pungent, but the hydroponics method is also handy, as growing without the use of soil and having your water and nutrients going directly to the plant is less messy and speeds up production time by 40-60%. Whatever way you decide to grow, it is important to keep this plant’s temperature to 78 degrees Fahrenheit with the humidity level consistently at 40-50%, with light and dark light shifts at 18-6 hours on and off.

Zkittlez Photo Fem: Maximize Your Harvest from Seed

With a little love and care your plant will flower for 7-8 weeks with a potently strong bud that will fill the room with odor, so it is important to keep a fan going to avoid stinking up the whole place. You will find your plant’s foliage will need trimming from time to time, to ensure proper airflow, and avoid mold. Lovely to behold, your thick colas of light green and purple hues will show off their potency, with a dusting of white snow trichomes, draped in bright yellow pistils. If you are growing outside, be sure to harvest no later than September to avoid your plants being ruined by the cold. Although it is best to keep indoors for ideal environmental conditions, growing outside can be rewarding with harvesting up to 16 ounces per plant. Indoors has a generous yield as well, with growing up to 3 feet in stature, your spectacular plant can provide 1.63 ounces per square foot.

Skittles Photoperiod Feminized Medical Application

The medicinal effects of the impressive Zkittlez are unparalleled with incredible anti-inflammatory, and analgesic abilities, thanks to its high THC content. Feel your depression and stress ease away, as this strain engulfs you in a wave of happiness that helps change your perspective on life. For focus with no brain fog whatsoever, this strain is ideal for anyone dealing with ADD. They can find relief and get one thing done at a time, without the heavy medication and numb feeling that other prescriptions can provide. Alleviating pain symptoms like arthritis, migraines, eye pressure, and PMS, this strain is an all-natural healing herb. It is adored by anyone with chronic pain, as you feel an immediate sense of relief, with a full-body sensation. Finally, being able to have a full night’s rest, you will drift off after just a few hours of smoking this strain. An insomnia beating sensation will take hold, which means you get to feel completely rejuvenated.

Normal Flavors, Aromas, and Effects

Avid smokers appreciate the variety of tropical flavors that will swirl through your senses for a crowd-pleasing high that will send you to the moon. As you inhale, a swirl of delicious candies dance on your tongue, and once exhaled, sour citrus, grapefruit, berries, and grapes can be tasted. It is a dynamite combination of flavors anyone can enjoy. The aroma is both fruity and sweet as you smell its tight bud and once ground, beautiful aromas of herb and damp soil fill the air. When smoked, a sweet tropical scent takes over, which is very much like its flavor, which adds to the overall experience of this tantalizing weed.

Imagine all of your tension and pain slowly ease away with just a few puffs of the juicy Zkittlez. Experience the most enjoyable evening high after a long and stressful day. For the first few hours, you will feel blissful and at ease, then you will settle down into a perfect night’s rest.

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