Sherbet Kush Female Seeds

Affectionately known as Sherbet OG, Kush Sorbet, Sunset Sherbet or just Sherbet. Call it whatever you want, but the reality of this hard-hitting workhorse remains impressive across the board, and Sherbet Kush Female seeds from Weed Seeds USA are here for you anytime you like. This is an indica heavy hybrid that germinates quickly, boasts sweet berries, citrus and skunk, and it is all about being easy to grow. A delectable cross of GSC and Pink Panties, this strain has the genetics to smooth out all your rough spots and bring you to sweet, trouble-free bliss.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 350g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 300g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Giggly, Happiness, Tingly
Aromas & FlavorsCitrus, Herbal, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesLimonene, Linalool, b-Myrcene

Sherbet Kush Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Boasting a THC range of 16-20%, offering consumers a < 1% dash of CBD and rolling in valuable and beneficial terpenes, Sherbet Kush feminized seeds for sale from Weed Seeds should be music to your ears. This sweet and skunky OG rockstar is a multiple award winner. It requires no expert care, and it consistently delivers near 400 gram harvests. This is a reliable seed with a high germination rate, it stays rather small at just five to seven feet, and it likes being trained. A pungent candylike flavor and aroma profile introduces the consumer to the uplifting and euphoric qualities for which this weed is so highly prized. You’ll feel creative and relaxed, inspired and inquisitive, the world becomes a much brighter and broader place, and this leaf delivers confidence to take it on. It is rather sedative though, so enjoy the high while it lasts because the stone is on its way to take you out of the game. Relief from insomnia, PTSD, stress, fatigue, eating disorders and pain are all part and parcel with Sherbert OG. Read on to learn about germination, growing, yield, effects and more reasons for this incredible strain’s peak popularity.

Germinate Sherbert Kush Female Weed Strain

Germinating a Sherbet Kush female hybrid weed strain seed is always exciting. The moment you choose to remove your seeds from their protective packaging and wake them up is the first in a long line of steps to ganja greatness. Kush Sorbet requires low room temperatures, about 60-65℉, and a heavy touch of humidity. Some growers plant a seed directly into soil or rockwool, though many growers tend to employ what is called the paper towel method, complete with an overnight soak. This is the top method for germination and if performed correctly, the most successful. It is imperative and critical to the successful germination of your seeds, that you do not leave them to become saturated. All a seed needs is to absorb a small amount of water to rehydrate, and it only needs an environment of approximately 80% rH with space for airflow. It also needs darkness because roots die in the light, especially a precious taproot. Once the seed shell opens and the taproot is exposed, the wise grower plants that seed immediately and maintains high humidity and balanced moisture so the roots can grow from there.

Grow Sherbet Kush Indica Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

With hybrids you have choices. That’s just one of the reasons growers like Sherbet Kush indica hybrid fem strain seeds. When you have gotten germination down and have awoken your seeds to a new life growing in soil, coir or hydro, the next important step is establishment. Do not feed your seedlings for the first two weeks or until they start growing vigorously and show signs of yellowing at the base. Though it is not necessary to wait this long, it is a good way to judge how long it takes for a particular strain to fully establish and hit the vegging phase. Nitrogen heavy feeds at first, balanced in the middle and phosphorus heavy with little nitrogen at the end, are general feeding guidelines. Train in either Sea or Screen of Green and enjoy fast rotations or improved balance, respectively. After eight to ten weeks in the flowering phase, you’ll harvest anywhere from 250-350g/m2 inside a well-managed environment, or you could see 200-300g per plant in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Lollipop plants to redirect energy to the bud sites and prune any foliage that is overlapping or unnecessary and you’ll do great.

Why is Fem Sherbet OG Marijuana Seed Popular

Female Sherbet OG marijuana seeds are popular for a number of reasons including their growability, as well as the beauty, flavors, aromas and effects, and Weed Seeds has all you need. This strain is famous for its color, which is easy to get into your buds through growing at cooler temperatures. Easy to grow and undemanding of advanced care techniques, Sherbet OG is known as a beginner level bud. It has bagged awards near and far for its flash and pizazz, not to mention the range of impressive psychedelic effects. Though it is not a particularly cerebral weed, it is definitely physical, and the stone runs deep. Genetics include Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, both undeniable stars of smoke. Going back a little further, GSC is a blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison, while Pink Panties is made up of OG Kush and Blackberry Kush genetics. It’s pretty impressive no matter who you are or what your experience is. Able to cure stress and tension with ease, this is a go to bud to cap off a long day. Maybe a bit much for new consumers, Sunset Sherbet is a nug to take it easy with.

Flower Time For Sherbet Kush Feminized Weed Seed

Thanks to the indica dominance running throughout these seeds, the flower time for Sherbet Kush feminized weed seeds is short. Germination happens within two days, sprouts within a week and you can start feeding at the two week mark. How long it takes to veg OG Sorbet depends primarily on how you choose to train your crop. Seas go fast, delivering a crop every fourteen to sixteen weeks. Screens take a bit longer since balancing the energy throughout all the foliage of a plant takes time and dedication. Either way, once you flip the room, it only takes 8-10 weeks before plants should come down. Outdoor growers need a bit more time, since its nature and not nurture that triggers the flower cycle. Those in northern latitudes and cool climates want to start seeds early in a controlled environment before planting them outside. This allows for lengthy development before the weather becomes hospitable, and this makes for much larger hauls. By October, you should be happily trimming up your green for the drying phase. After that, it’s a month here and a few weeks in the jar and your Sunset Sherbet will be mind blowing.

Sherbet Kush Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

There is nothing quite like the potent indica hybrid cannabis seeds from WS, Sherbet Kush feminized, to take you out of the day and deliver you to a peaceful evening. Immediate effects include cerebral exuberance, a racing mind and a blast of intense psychedelia. This doesn’t last long before the indica dominance kicks in and exuberance turns to relaxation, a busy mind becomes focused and intellectual and the psychotropia morphs into sleepy and penetrating tranquility. This weed is also giggly and somewhat arousing characteristics are unusual and precious for consumers. The relaxation continues, relieving tension throughout the body and mind, making tranquil the chaotic nature of the world. Though this strain does have a lot of sativa, it comes in a short burst at the beginning of the experience, stepping aside to allow for those cherished indica traits to do their thing. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the colorful and flavorful nature of this nug. This strain is a bit much for newbies and even experienced tokers lose the battle to stay awake. Dry mouth, dry eyes and overall dehydration are common, so play it smart and keep some water on hand.

Sherbet Kush Photo Fem Review

Sherbet Kush photo fem is a stunning blend of GSC and Pink Panties, both OG Kush based buds. This seed is simple to germinate and to grow, and exhibits hues of every color in the wheel when grown in lower temperatures. It takes only eight to ten weeks of flowering to reach maximum potency and this strain demands protection and ventilation to waylay mold and other infections. Dry this strain very slowly and the flavors and aromas will be incredible. Sweet and skunky citrus and berries with a candylike afterburn make this weed wonderful to any palate. The initial high is intense, and it morphs evenly into the strong indica side Sunset OG is known for. The right environment will see these plants producing up to twelve ounces inside and up to fifteen or more outside. Plants are always small and manageable, so there should be no concern over whether the neighbors are going to complain or not. Feminized at a rate of about 99%, these seeds are male free and consistently deliver all female shows. Stick with Weed Seeds USA for all your Sherbet needs and wherever you are in the US, you’ll get your order in no time.



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