Sherbet Autoflower Seeds

If you’ve never experienced the awe of beholding a well grown Sherbet, you are about to with these automatic seeds from Weed Seeds USA. Our Auto Sherbet is a high THC indica strain offering sharp, silly and focused effects and a host of health and wellness benefits. Feminized for simple growing and running on a supercharged thirteen-week life cycle, you can rely on these Sherbet seeds. Where each plant grows up to 90 grams, a well trained m2 produces more like 400. Sweet and fruity Kush profiles abound in its bouquet, and whether concentrated or in a good old joint, Sherbet delivers.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 21%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield450-500g m/2
Outdoor Yield60-90g per plant
Flowering Time10-13 weeks
EffectsFocus, Euphoric, Cerebral, Relaxed
Flavors & AromasSweet, Fruity, Kush, Earthy
TerpenesMyrcene, Ocimene, Humulene, Alpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Terpinolene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene

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Buy Sher bet in our always popular 1000 Autoflower Seed Pack or, if it’s a lower cost combination you seek, add a bunch of our cheap seeds to your Weed Seeds shopping cart and give a new meaning to saving a buck. This hybrid – indica award crusher comes through a mysterious combination of what is thought to be GSC, Pink Panties and an unknown ruderalis. Whatever the mix, Sherbet auto boasts 17-21% THC when ideally cultivated, and hits < 1% CBD. This low medicinal count is more than made up for by a noble host of beneficial terpenes, including myrcene, humulene and terpinolene, all prized for wellness applications ranging from treating cancer to sating muscle spasms, migraines and other stressful circumstances. These seeds are easy to grow. The plant doesn’t take up much space and this strain goes from start to finish in just thirteen weeks of an eighteen-hour light cycle. Each plant is capable of yielding upwards of 500 grams per m2, a large number for an auto, and the fact that every grow is male free means that you get maximum output from every foot of space. The calming and creative energies these buds supply are outshone only by Sherbet’s incredible sweet and tangy fresh fruit bouquet. Large and dense flowers grow to exhibit a vast array of coloration when exposed to cooler nighttime temperatures during development. Trichomes swell to huge sizes and coat every surface of the buds. When trichomes become milky, your plants are ready for the harvest. Purchasing these seeds is simple through our secure platform and variety of payment options, including Mesh, Zelle Venmo and cryptocurrencies. No matter how many seeds you need, Weed Seeds USA has you covered, and our shipping is always speedy and discrete.

How to Germinate Sherbet Auto Fem Seeds

Germinating Sherbet Auto Fem seeds is a little piece of growhow you can take with you into all your auto endo endeavors. Sitting pretty amongst our top 20 auto flowering seeds, Sherbet prefers a different plan of attack than your average photoperiod strain. Where photoperiod plants require multistage germination and transplanting before they hit flower, these autopods simply like to be sown directly into high quality soil, coir or rockwool for hydro operations. Of course, a little overnight soak in distilled water and rooting hormone never hurt any auto seed. However, since Sherbet Auto Fem puts out roots fast and needs every boost it can get if you are to see those massive hauls, starting it off where it will end up is the right move. This autoflower doesn’t like to be disturbed and needs all its energy for growth, so it has none for rebounds and reinvigoration. This means don’t top your Sherbet auto plants and do not transplant or perform any heavy pruning. For soil-based grows, pick a high quality two to five gallon pot and fill it with your chosen medium. Remove a fist sized clump from the middle and fill it with a non-nutritive starter mix. Make a small impression in the centre of the soil and place your seed inside. Cover only slightly with your medium, add an ounce or two of water and maintain low moisture. It helps to water seedlings radially away from the root systems or potential root systems. Those roots having to work a little will strengthen them faster and prepare them for the nutrient rich soil sitting beneath. Within three to five days, your seedlings will emerge and, as soon as they do, you are ready for the vegging stage.

Growing Sher bet From Seed From Seed At Home

Growing Sher bet from seed at home is one of the easiest and most enjoyable botanical pursuits you may ever experience. Autoflowering in nature, this seed needs eighteen to twenty hours of light per day for the duration of its life. That this Weed Seeds special is feminized means there is no reason to fear accidental pollination or having to lose half your crop to male genetics. Plant these seeds into rockwool or a two to five gallon pot of your favorite medium, add water and a balmy Mediterranean environment. Sher bet autoflower is on a timeline, rather than a schedule, so any disturbance, such as transplanting, topping or other major pruning will stunt the development of your crop. To make the most of each seed, apply low stress training (LST). This includes tucking fan leaves out of the way of bud sites, removing only those leaves which touch the soil surface, and it means bending and tying or pinning branches horizontally as they extend. The vegging stage happens within the first five weeks and the flowering phase creeps in gradually and consistently. Every now and then, as calyxes develop, Sherbet autoflower will put out male pollen sacs. This happens very rarely and, when it does, it is generally isolated to a single spot. Simply pluck these off before they mature and continue growing as usual. These plants don’t require a lot of space or time, but they do require all the gear inherent to growing any photoperiod strain. High quality LED or HID lighting, ventilation, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, all the meters, nutrients and a dark enclosure are necessary. Add Sher bet to our 1000 Autoflower Seed Pack and grow an entire army of autos, so you have a weed for every occasion.

Flowering Time For Sherbert Autoflower

Depending on what type of cannabinoid content you are in the market for, the flowering time for Sherbert Autoflower marijuana seeds varies. Since this seed develops on a timeline, rather than at the whim of the grower, the job of the autoflower farmer is to cater to the needs of each stage appropriately, so that the plant is in a perfect position to move forward. During the first four or five weeks, Sherbert is germinating, establishing and stacking up some structure for its budding phase. Once maturity strikes and you see calyxes developing, generally around weeks four to seven, flowers start to develop as well. As your plants grow into your lights and you continue to train, a stretch will occur between weeks six and eight. This is the last push of the vegging period, and it is imperative, if you are limited for vertical space, to pay close attention to distance from lights and correct accordingly. If you have chosen to leave your plants, either in the garden or in a controlled environment, to go untrained, you can expect anywhere from 60-90g per plant. If, however, you have dedicated yourself to effective training methods, that number can more than quadruple. Between 10-13 weeks from seed, your crop will be looking ready for the harvest. Because of the high THC content of this strain, you can harvest early for a whopping CBG count, or you can let it go the full thirteen for a more physical and sedative experience. Ideally, growers harvest their crops when the resin glands or trichomes have swelled and present like milky plastic. Sherbert is considered a twelve week strain, so that extra week will make a huge difference to consumers in need of medical strength and physical relief.

What Makes Cherbet Strain Popular?

The popularity level of the Cherbet strain is undeniable. Not only is our auto’s photoperiod parent one of the most prized in live resin markets, but it has been hailed as one of the tastiest strains of all time, winning the coveted Medical Cannabis Cup. Though this strain commonly exhibits a 17-21% THC count, it has been clocked as high as 24%, placing it amongst our higher THC strains. The effects of Cherbet are immediately intense, intoxicating and physically relaxing. The medical side of this plant lies in its ability to soothe muscle spasms, nausea, migraines, cramping and PMS, tension and both acute and general pain. Easily stuffed into any corner, Cherbet is small, and because of its automatic nature, it demands little of its keepers. Though each plant, left to its own devices puts out just 90 grams of its sweet sticky icky, Cherbet is capable of delivering 450-500g/m2 in a well-managed indoor environment and specific training. Fantastic cultivation experiences aside, the vast popularity of this beast comes primarily through its bouquet. This is one of the finest amalgams of fresh and fruity flavors to be found anywhere in cannabis and this botanical is easy to see success with. This little autoflower takes only twelve weeks from seed. In that time, it transforms from a shiny little pod to a big, beautiful cannabis animal, packed with award winning buds. Feminization makes these seeds male free, though they are susceptible to confusion and therefore need stability in the grow space. Manage moisture, humidity, nutrient delivery and training according to its needs and Cherbet Auto Fem thrives under any hand. When you want popular pods guaranteed to please, Weed Seeds USA has all the stunning seeds you need.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Sherbet Auto Fem

The fragrances and flavors of Sherbet Auto Fem are primarily what make this strain so uber popular. The sweet fruitiness you sense right off the top of an open bag is a delectable foreshadowing of what’s to come. But, before we get there, Sherbet exhibits an entire world of aromas. As this auto develops through the flowering stage, the grow rooms fill with trademark Kush scents, earthy and pungent woods, mild fruit notes and skunky weed. There is a rich and lovely spiciness which pervades every molecule of air, calling for extraction and filtration. As flowers mature, they become fruity in fragrance, offering notes of berries and mixed tropical fruits like guava, mango and papaya. As buds stack up, and especially through the curing process, the fragrance turns to mixed fruits and shaved orange peel, with a big, spicy, woody and berry back end. The Kush ancestry contained within explodes out of freshly ground and freshly fired up nugs. A hashy citrus and skunky woodiness is common to Sherbet smoke and it is undeniably cough inducing, much like its distant cousin, Strawberry Cough. The aromas of the thick smoke billowing off this wonderful puff can be acrid, boasting a rare and chemicalesque melange in its vapors. Tingling in the nose and the triggering of erratic breathing only contributes to the intense highs associated with Sherbet strains, and this auto is no exception. As more exhales start to fill the surrounding air, the sweet and hashy aromas, like musky char to the toker, are sweet like a holiday cocktail to people passing by. Which leads us to the part about toking with care, especially in some states where enjoying a joint in public is still taboo.

Effects of Sher bet Autoflower

Where one can always count on the skunky, woody, hashy and berry citrus bouquet of Sher bet Autoflower to raise eyebrows, this strain’s range of recreational and medicinal effects are just as impressive. Hailed as an apt weed for the evening, Sherbet auto fills consumers with focus and a euphoric and cerebral rush. This strain is a creeper, so be prepared for the high to keep building. As it does, it becomes more and more physical as time wears on and consumers become relaxed in every way. The mind relaxes into an almost brain-dead state where staring at the television or focusing on an art project are about all you can do. Some report Sherbet as being energizing off the top then floating freely into a different type of chill. It all depends on what kind of combination you are used to, but overall, this is a heavy strain. Many newbies report it pushing them over the edge. Some experienced tokers even agree that there is a sudden and acute arousal at first, which slowly mutates into a lust for the couch. The terpene profile is really where the rock stars are hiding. Myrcene makes this weed sedative and citrusy, the expectorant ocimene clears respiratory function and humulene and terpinolene fight cancer. Alpha Cedrene fights tumor growth and combats infection, as do alpha pinene and beta caryophyllene. Alpha Terpineol is famous for its amalgam of neuroprotective, antioxidant, anticancer and antibacterial benefits. Borneol is known for helping circulation and digestion, detox and other gastral avenues of ease. Finally, camphene decreases stress, is antibiotic and antifungal, fights infections and can even halt the spread of cancer. There is always tons going on in your weed and Weed Seeds USA’s got the goods.

Overview of Sherbert Auto Fem Stats

Sherbet Auto Fem is clearly a fantastic flower, favored for its simple growability and impressive delivery of approximately 15 ounces per m2. It is celebrated for its exceptional berry orange and musky and skunky citrus flavors and aromas, and for a sweet and hashy back end. Housing up to 24% THC and boasting an array of terpenes aimed at impeccable progress in the health and wellness department, Sherbet is a strain deserving of respect by both recreational and medicinal enthusiasts alike. As a matter of fact, Sunset Sherbet has won top Medicinal Cups and won 3rd best coffeeshop flower in the 2017 Amsterdam Cannabis Cup. This plant remains small, about two feet, and lays claim to some of the simplest cultivation in cannabis, including for those who experience physical debilitation. Simple to train, easy to manage, boasting rich purple and orange coloration and almost melanistic features, Sherbet is a sight to behold. As if the fragrance, flavor and visual presentation of this nug weren’t enough, it boasts a range of effects nearly unparalleled in cannabis. Intense and intoxicating, physically and psychologically soothing, dreamlike and with a long, slow burnout, there are few indicas like it. Weed Seeds USA proudly offers this and many other Sherbet strains, autoflowering, fast flowering, photo fem and regular. We offer this seed 24/7 through your private account and we accept multiple forms of payment, including crypto, Mesh, Zelle and Venmo, so anywhere you are in the US, we have you covered. This seed arrives intact and virile, so as soon as you get your hands on it, it is ready to go into production. When you want some of the tastiest and most fragrant weed, simple growability and a classic indica stone, trust the award-winning Sherbet Auto Fem from Weed Seeds USA, where we guarantee your satisfaction every time.

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Sherbet Autoflower Seeds

If you’ve never experienced the awe of beholding a well grown Sherbet, you are about to with these automatic seeds from Weed Seeds USA. Our Auto Sherbet is a high THC indica strain offering sharp, silly and focused effects and a host of health and wellness benefits. Feminized for simple growing and running on a supercharged thirteen-week life cycle, you can rely on these Sherbet seeds. Where each plant grows up to 90 grams, a well trained m2 produces more like 400. Sweet and fruity Kush profiles abound in its bouquet, and whether concentrated or in a good old joint, Sherbet delivers.

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