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At up to 25% THC and capable of a broad range of recreational and medicinal effects, San Fernando Valley photo reg is a high-impact California special you won’t want to miss. This hybrid ganja seed is known for claiming all the prizes, including 3rd place in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. This treat grows like a dream, can deliver over a pound per plant and boasts such a broad array of flavors and aromas that it can confuse the tongue, time and again. Hard-hitting, this strain elevates perception, disguises the causes of an array of pains and helps to forge new neural pathways to freedom. OG and Afghan #1 have made quite the special little baby here, and females are not all the grower gets. Male genetics in these seeds make sure any breeding efforts you dream, you can do. Growers who know a real-deal seed when they see one buy cannabis seeds from Weed Seeds USA.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 25%
CBD Percentage< 1%
Indoor Yield350g m/2
Outdoor Yield500g per plant
Flowering Time8-10 weeks
WellnessAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain
EffectsHappiness, Relaxing, Sleepy
Flavors & AromasLemon, Lime, Skunk, Sweet, Tropical
Terpenescaryophyllene, a-Myrcene

San Fernando Valley Marijuana Seeds For Sale USA

There are plenty of reasons to buy San Fernando Valley Photo Fem seeds online in the USA, but the XY nature of San Fernando Valley Photo Reg is a breeder’s dream. These marijuana plants grow quickly, and females can produce 350g/m2 in the right indoor environment or 500g per plant outside in 8-10 weeks from the flip. Males are packed with virile pollen, which explodes from beautiful white flower clusters. Growers have many options with these seeds such as feminization, seed harvesting, pollen-collection, mothering and cloning. The list really is limitless when you consider these genetics. Call Weed Seeds at Call US or swing by the office weekdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm CDT. Online shopping is easy by simply using your private account. All the details you need to move forward are in there, so don’t hesitate, pick up some San Fernando Valley photo reg seeds today and grow your dreams.

San Fernando Valley Photo Reg Seeds For Sale

Grow operation managers looking for the perfect old-school weed know all about San Fernando Valley. These are High% THC Seeds, boast male/female genetics and are about as simple as cake to raise. Weed Seeds USA prides ourselves on our selection. We take care to defend the viability of each seed by making sure they are stored correctly and experience no great shifts in atmosphere. We offer hundreds of strains either for individual or bulk purchasing and we ship exclusively within American borders. Buy San Fernando Valley Photoperiod Regular online, by phone or in-person from Weed Seeds USA and start your SFV garden right.

Growing San Fernando Valley From Seed

Grow op or home grow, when you are all set to grow from seed, these San Fernando Valley OG photo reg seeds from Weed Seeds USA are some of the most awarded and highly prized anywhere. Growing Reg Seeds takes a bit of effort, though endeavors are often richly rewarded, and the options one has through raising them are many. Unless you want seeds, males need to be separated as soon as they show their sex. Ideal female specimens can be chosen and mothered-on, clones can be feminized or simply flowered and, because of the branchy indica structure, we recommend a Sea of Green. These methods turn what would take a couple extra months of vegging into a couple of extra weeks and they maximize available space, delivering more weed per square foot than any other training regimen. Faster rotations mean faster money and, due to the sizable hauls available to growers, the return on investment from each seed can be astronomical.

Is San Fernando Valley Photoperiod Regular Easy To Grow At Home?

Those hoping to home grow pounds of potent pot will jump for joy at the ease of cultivating San Fernando Valley photo reg seeds. If you have the space to manage both males and females, cloning and vegging tents, rooms of flowers, then you are going to be just fine. Those who choose this regular seed must have something special planned. In order to utilize these genes to the max, choose which males and females you use wisely. It is imperative that unintended girls are not exposed to even the slightest amount of your magic dust, or you may have more kids than you bargained for. These plants do not require an atmosphere any different from any other OG, so follow Kush grow guides and you’ll be fine. Simply remember that, come time for the boys to show their sex, they must be quarantined or disposed of before the sacs develop.

What Makes Regular San Fernando Valley Strain Popular?

These 420 seeds are more than just a good time! Male/female genetics make these San Fernando Valley strain seeds wonderful and popular examples of nature’s way. Though feminized plants tend to take a little better to training, when you are breeding for future Cup crushers, size doesn’t matter, and any botanical endeavor with SFV photo reg is going to go well. Consumers, both recreational and medicinal, enjoy the 710 results achievable with this seed. Sweet and tangy, tart and piney – there are so many flavors within this leaf that, whether you opt for sweet or savory, these flavonoids will do the job. Whether you like this seed for its history, it’s versatility, whether you want to buy Male San Fernando Valley online or need females for flowers, this seed has the entire cannabis universe contained in its clutch. When you need a pot to pound every popularity contest, SFV photo reg just might be the ticket.

Wellness Application of Franando Valley Regular

Hybrid Cannabis Seeds tend to offer a bit broader of an array of medicinal applications than their sativa or indica counterparts, and Franando Valley Regular is at the top of its game. This strain has been soothing consumers for years, even claiming prizes as a truly magical indica. Those having to deal with the daily torture of chronic anxiety can be soothed; those starving for relief from painful arthritis and fibromyalgia can rest easy; anyone lost in a sea of depression gets a spot of sunshine with this strain; and, things like insomnia and migraines are yesterday’s news. Take these things one by one and it’s not too fantastic but combine these effects and marry them with a rich terpene construction crew and you have something truly marvellous. For those who may not have the time, energy, strength or patience to manage a regular seed, we offer auto, fast and feminized options as well.

Effects of Franando Valley

Franando Valley plants build bursts of happiness and are relaxing, helping consumers get a good night’s sleep. But a 25% THC content is a hell of a lot more than some simple happiness, and you can rest assured that this weed is not for the newcomer.

Fragrances of San Fernando

The well-grown San Fernando garden boasts some seriously complex olfactory combinations. Sweet and sour, skunky, tropical musk is a common description and, a couple weeks into flower is when these aromas start to dig into the grow-space. Smoke is penetrating and to breathe these vapors releases new levels of stink.

Flavors of San Franando Valley

The San Franando Valley blend of tangy lemon-lime combined with a tropical rot makes for a truly skunky flavor profile. Pine and spice, herbs, citrus and musk are all there, so you can imagine what types of amalgams can be produced here.

Microview of San Fernando Valley Seeds

Taking a micro view of San Fernando seeds is a thrilling trip through how this plant is so healing. Hailing from OG Kush and Afghani #1 genetics should be reason enough to believe in this bud. But it is the terpene array which really takes the cake, and the compounds, Caryophyllene, a-Myrcene, d-Limonene, Linalool, alpha-Terpineol and L-alpha and beta-Pinene make noise. Take the pain away, take the stress away, remove the causes of being forlorn. Make a day brighter through the anti-inflammatory and antibiotic nature of these properties. Anxiolytic, antioxidant and cancer-fighting, anti-epileptic and antibacterial – there is literally nothing these genes can’t do. We do, however, recommend that consumers take it easy with this weed. It is very strong and the rush of endorphins can leave one later in want.

Buy San Fernando Valley Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Grow ops of every sort need to plant seeds sometimes and these San Fernando Valley strain seeds are available for swift purchase and speedy delivery to every house in America. Those who know their weed and know that they do not want to spend the myriad efforts necessary to raise a regular seed can buy San Fernando Valley Photo Fem seeds online in the USA as well. Weed Seeds is proud of the diversity contained within our selection. Because we know no two growers are the same, no two weeds are the same and that whole different strokes for different folks thing, we offer selection upon selection. Make your last stop Weed Seeds USA and dig into a vault you could get lost in.

Buy san fernando valley Photo Reg Wholesale Seeds

Houses dedicated to breeding this country’s newest and most exciting strains never have to look any further than the Weed Seeds catalogue. Those who opt to buy Male San Fernando online will get more than they can handle. These seeds sprout boys and girls at a fairly balanced rate, so phenotype hunting can be fun and exciting. There are many professionals working wonders with these seeds, and we bet that you can too. We offer wholesale options, including shipping deals and finer price points per seed. Never run out of seeds or options when you choose to partner with the professionals at Weed Seeds USA, and we are always here to help when you need us. Make your last stop Weed Seeds USA and you’ll be swimming in praise over your efforts in no time flat.

Grow San Fernando Valley Strain Seeds

In order to remain at the top of their game, grow operations are always in need of a good plan, and a good plan needs great genetics. This seed grows with all the vigor of an OG army, and its produce is considered amongst the most cherished on the planet. When you choose this beast to grow from seed you are choosing a slice of American breeding history and Weed Seeds is here with the seeds you need to see ongoing and increased success, every day you grow. Temperatures and humidity levels, just like every other strain, should be kept between 68-78F and around 55% rH, respectively. Drop humidity, as you would any other strain, come flower, having already separated males. If you choose a good female specimen, clones can be feminized and seeds grown-on unimpeded by male genetics. Whatever you choose to do, have fun with this amazing animal.

San Fernando Valley Seed Bank

Today, the San Fernando Valley seed bank at Weed Seeds USA is offering a selection of regular strain seeds, so that you, the grower, can get a taste of the types of stellar genetics which are available to assist you in your breeding efforts. Moby Photo Reg,  Somango Photo Reg and Mochalope Photo Reg are all fantastic examples of what a regular seed can do. These are award-crushing buds, and they can be yours, even with your own special twist. Hindu Kush is one of the most famous and friendly strains on the market, has been for generations, and Hindu Kush Photo Reg delivers every single option you could hope for. For those who know the efficacy of Canadian breeders, BC God Bud Photo Reg should need no introduction. This strain rewards consumers with a honey-lavender bouquet, backed by fir forests demonstrating a wonderful example of Northern breeding.

Contact Weed Seeds USA to Buy San Fernando Valley Cannabis Seeds

Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy San Fernando Valley Regular online and the glory of OG Kush x Afghani #1 genetics could be yours for the splicing. San Fernando Valley Photo Reg cannabis seeds grow fast and are non-binary, they deliver balanced hybrid effects and beautiful, resin-caked buds. Call Call US between the hours of 9am and 5pm CDT, Monday to Friday. We love hearing about your success, and we make ourselves available to offer assistance where necessary. When you shop Weed Seeds USA, you are partnering with the American-born distributor you can rely on time and again.

San Fernando Valley Marijuana Seeds For Sale USA

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San Fernando Valley Seeds

At up to 25% THC and capable of a broad range of recreational and medicinal effects, San Fernando Valley photo reg is a high-impact California special you won’t want to miss. This hybrid ganja seed is known for claiming all the prizes, including 3rd place in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. This treat grows like a dream, can deliver over a pound per plant and boasts such a broad array of flavors and aromas that it can confuse the tongue, time and again. Hard-hitting, this strain elevates perception, disguise