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This genetic mix of SFV OG and Afghan #1 makes for a High Times Cannabis Cup award-winning sativa leaning hybrid cannabis strain that brings a potent, invigorating high to its users. The consuming aroma of this herb is evocative of a stroll through a berry field, with hints of warm soil and sweet fruit. This delicious smoke delivers a whopping 19 to 25% THC content and around 1% CBD making for a psychoactive, yet healing stream of benefits that relaxes its toker and eventually culminates in a sleepy sedation. This tasty, well rounded and rewarding cultivar can be grown with ease, especially when you buy San Fernando Valley Photo Fem seeds online in the USA at Weed Seeds. These pure feminized seeds effortlessly mature into a field of fruitful females that are hardy and resilient. It is no surprise that San Fernando Valley Photo Fem is popping up in home grow ops around the country.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 25%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield300-350g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400-500g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Migraines, Stress
EffectsHappiness, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsLemon, Lime, Skunk, Sweet, Tropical
TerpenesCaryophyllene, a-Myrcene

San Fernando Valley Seeds For Sale USA

San Fernando Valley Photo Fem is a delicious and potent strain with the ability to soothe the symptoms of a myriad of conditions. When you are looking for cannabis, especially for medical applications, you want to ensure you are getting premium seeds with pure genetics. When you buy cannabis seed from Weed Seeds USA, you are getting stellar seeds. Our Grade A seeds are brought to you from reputable breeders who are dedicated to excellence. We take proper care of these seeds as they are brought from the farm to your door so we can offer you the guarantee that they will germinate. When you choose Weed Seeds for your weed needs, you can breathe easy knowing you are getting some of the best seeds on the market.

San Fernando Valley Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

Another bonus to choosing Weed Seeds is that we provide a safe and simple online shopping experience. There is no need to get dolled up unless you want to, to buy top-quality marijuana seeds. Why travel long distances or talk to strangers when you can sift through our extensive online catalog, purchase your seeds, and wait while they are delivered, all without leaving your couch. We provide secure payment options and discreet packaging to make for the most comfortable virtual shopping experience. We do charge a small delivery fee for this convenience, but depending on the size of your order, it may be waived. Try bulking things up by adding the gorgeous Grandaddy Purple Fem or the infamous OG Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds to your shopping cart!

Growing San Fernando Valley From Seed

Living in the San Fernando Valley offers a unique lifestyle, and it makes sense that a sweet strain would be named after this piece of paradise. When you buy San Fernando Valley Feminized online through Weed Seeds you are assured that each seed will germinate and flourish into a nug-producing lady plant. There is one tried and true germination method we recommend, using paper towels. You lay your seeds out between two damp paper towels and then encase them in a saucer-shaped contraption created by placing two plates face to face. This promotes the optimal humidity levels for your new seedlings to burst forth from their shells in as little as 24 hours! Make sure to transfer these new plants gently so as not to damage their delicate stocks.  It is a pleasure to grow from seed and reap the rewards and if you’re ready to go ahead and buy from Weed Seeds, feel confident that you can rely on both the seed producer and the retailer.

Is San Fernando Valley Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

The addition of the robust, Afghan #1 genetics has made for an insanely easy growth process. The branches are strong and happy to support the large, dense colas and the plants are naturally resilient to pests, disease, and moisture-related issues. If you opt to grow indoors, try growing 4 plants in a cluster and sprawling the foliage to allow better light penetration. This technique is called the Sea of Green (SOG), and can help boost your plants’ bud production! In 8 to 10 weeks of flowering, 300 to 350 grams of nugs will be ready to collect. A garden grow will be most successful in Mediterranean-esque climates, but thanks to the indica genetics, this plant can still produce in cooler climates as well, offering up between 400 and 500 grams per plant. Nutrient-rich organic soil will help the terpene profile develop, increasing the healing potential of this delicious bud.

What Makes Feminized San Fernando Valley Strain Popular?

Female Seeds were created by innovative breeders who discovered that it was possible to stress a female ganja plant to the point of producing pollen, a job normally reserved for the male plants. By using the pollinating female to pollinate other females, they were able to harvest yields of seeds with two x chromosomes. Each seed will germinate and mature into a female plant, which means that you will be collecting generous yields of sticky nugs from every single plant you cultivate. Buying feminized eliminates the need to weed out males to avoid accidental pollination. This extra cultivation ease is just one of the reasons that San Fernando Valley seeds are favored for a grow from seed!

San Fernendo Valley Feminized Medicinal Uses

THC, CBD, and the terpenes a-myrcene and b-pinene mingle to create a healing herb that can be used in the treatment of a range of mental and physical wellness challenges. The cerebral buzz is happy and relaxed which is ideal for those who are plagued with worry, like folks who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic stress. The powerful anti-inflammatory properties held within the folds of these gorgeous nugs can also be useful in supporting conditions like arthritis and migraines. The best part of choosing organic, all-natural health aids is that you do not need to worry about being hit with a plethora of risky side effects. The most common adverse reactions to the San Fernando herb are dry eyes and cottonmouth, which can both be eradicated by staying hydrated!

Effects of San Fernendo Valley

One puff is enough to send you reeling! A wave of euphoria washes over you leaving your mind blissful and full of happy thoughts. Not long after this hard-hitting cerebral stone starts to settle, the indica body buzz will tie you to your couch with thorough, and deep, relaxation. After a few hours of serenity, you can expect your eyelids to become heavy and for it to be near impossible to fight off falling into a regenerating sleep.

Fragrances of Fernando Valley

If you are looking for a herb that is delightful for all the senses, the aromatic San Fernando fits the bill. As you bust up the plant’s dense flowers, your nostrils will be filled with the scent of sweet berries and zesty citrus. The odor of damp soil underlies all the fruity notes creating a perfectly balanced fragrance that you will not be able to resist!

Flavors of San Fernando

Much like the olfactory experience, the taste of this herb on your tongue will lure you into sip after sip of the delicious, smooth smoke. As you inhale, notice a heavy earthiness that is quickly enlivened with bursts of sour citrus and sweet, fresh berries. This sweetness is what lingers on the palate inviting another taste, but be careful! This potent strain is best used in moderation.

Microview of San Fernando Valley Weed Seeds

Fernando Valley is an award-winning strain that exhibits a perfect balance of energizing sativa and relaxing indica effects. Expect to enjoy a happy, euphoric, and psychedelic cerebral buzz before being romanced by a soft, tingling relaxation that spreads through your body soothing tension and stress. This herb grows well inside or outdoors and provides fairly generous yields of beautiful nugs with a thick layer of sticky, aromatic resin.

Buy San Fernando Valley Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Opting to buy Female Fernando Valley online for an indoor grow operation requires a little forethought and planning. These plants are photoperiod bloomers, which means they depend on light to be brought through their life phases. To move from the vegetation period into flowering, the durations of light exposure need to be adjusted. This can be done with bulbs on timers or a little extra attention from their gardener. This extra effort is rewarded with the abundant development of terpene-laden nugs, but if you are brand new to the growing scene, you may wish to select an auto-flowering strain like Auto Northern Lights X Big Bud Fem. Auto strains have ruderalis genes in their genetic makeup so they flower without specific conditions and have natural robustness that helps them withstand other growing blunders as well.

Buy San Fernando Valley Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

Perhaps you have been growing your personal stash for some time, stocking your friends up with home grown bud, and dreaming of the day when you can spend all your time amidst the soil. Well, if you decide to move into large-scale grow operations to be one of the lovely folks who stock the dispensary shelves for those unable to grow at home, Weed Seeds can help you out. When you buy San Fernando Valley Photoperiod Feminized online in bulk, you receive your 420 seeds at wholesale prices. We hope that, with this discount, you will be able to bear the weight of the financial start-up and keep your prices reasonable so your investment quickly reaps its reward. Adding a few auto strains, like Auto Gorilla Glue 4 Fem and Auto Bruce Banner Fem,  to the mix can help you build your repertoire while allowing you adequate space to help San Fernando flourish.

San Fernando Valley Seeds Online

When you buy San Fernando Valley Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through the Weed Seeds online shop, you get more than premium seeds. We also provide you with a ton of helpful growing tips alongside access to our knowledgeable staff. Our blog includes articles that explain how to grow indoors, in the garden, or greenhouses using a variety of equipment and techniques. You can also find information on keeping your grow operation under budget while boosting bud production to get the most out of your plants. Asking questions and gaining an education will aid you in having an enjoyable and productive home grow, so do not hesitate to get in touch if you are left with any concerns!

San Fernando Valley Seed Bank

With continued advancements in the legalities surrounding marijuana cultivation and use, the seed bank options are continually growing. It can be hard to know where to source your seeds, but we assure you, Weed Seeds is an excellent resource to buy Female San Fernando Valley online. Our online shop offers an expanding selection of premium seeds so if San Fernando Valley is not ticking all the boxes, feel free to sift through our catalog of 450 different strains. Clear categories and detailed descriptions make it easy to find the ideal strain, or strains, for your home grow op. Sift through the best THC seeds or our 710 categories. Discover heavy CBD strains that will deliver the optimal blend of effects and benefits. You can choose between indica, sativa or Hybrid Seeds to perfectly pair with the time of day. We have it all!

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized San Fernando Valley

San Fernando Valley Photo Fem is a pot strain more than worthy of a spot in all home grow operations. The heavy yielding plants and their generous offerings of THC-laden, terpene-rich nugs are a welcome addition to your home grown stash, so try not to let doubt creep in and ruin your home growing experience! If you need help along the way, you can reach out to one of our knowledgeable support members. We are accessible through our online contact form or by phone at Call US. Reach out any time between 9 am and 5 pm on Monday through Friday, and we will be happy to answer questions and address concerns so you can confidently approach your grow from seed!

San Fernando Valley Seeds For Sale USA

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