Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Female Seeds

So purple it’s almost black, covered in a thick layer of resinous crystals, boasting sweet fruit and spicy floral notes, earthy lemon and mint, and known to flatten consumers, Purple Punch x Do Si Dos has it all. Weed Seeds USA is proud to support this seeds’ breeders in their endeavor to bring this mighty strain to market. High THC and a bit of CBD make for a stunning and soothing experience, the terpene array works wonders on the bod, it’s easy to grow and can deliver over a pound per plant.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor YieldUp to 500g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 600g per plant
Flower Time8-9 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Cerebral, Happy, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsSweet, Fruity, Grape
TerpenesLinalool, Alpha Pinene, Limonene, Menthol, Beta Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Humulene, Terpinolene

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Purple Punch x Do Si Dos seeds for sale all across the USA sounds pretty good, and we are here to bring this powerhouse of pot to you in feminized form. Enjoy beginner level growability and a short flowering cycle. Being known to reach 18-22% THC and <2% CBD, is not all that this strain is capable of, but these cannabinoids really do get you there fast. Deep and penetrating relaxation, intense psychedelia, a hypervigilant mind and a perma grin, are just a few of the automatic responses we see from consumers. This fem seed is not choosy, so any medium you want to use, go for it. ScrOG or SOG, this plant has the structure to make it work, and coupled with a short nine week flowering cycle, this starts to paint a pretty picture. Colorful to the max, these genes are famous for being so dark they’ll disappear in the night. Watch resin drip from perfect buds before the cure and know you have a winner. In this article we review what makes this strain popular, how to germinate, grow, and we talk about the genetics of this ultra-special seed.

Germinate Purple Do Si Dos Female Weed Strain

Germinating Purple Do Si Dos Female weed strain seeds is achievable to anyone. These seeds are asleep and need to be woken up, but only gently. This seed needs just a little bit of moisture, lots of airflow, a bit of warmth and it needs to be kept dark. This is the recipe for germinating all seeds, Purple Do Si Dos included, and you can do it at home, at the office, in the grow space or by simply planting a seed. The latter is not as trustworthy as, say, the paper towel method, and even the towel trick can rot a seed under inexperienced hands. The main thing is not to leave seeds soaking or they will die, degrade and decay very quickly. Squeeze your paper towels free of too much water, spread seeds out in the middle and simply lay the top over the seeds. This is all you need to do and in a couple days, there will be a root poking out from each shell. Plant the seed immediately. When you leave a seed to germinate too long, you only weaken the seed’s potential, and ultimately, the grow.

Grow Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Indica Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

To grow Purple Punch x Do Si Dos fem indica hybrid seeds, you need a controlled environment, or at least a couple months of ideal late season weather. Once germinated, a seed can be transplanted to a vegging medium or straight into rockwool for hydro. This plant is not picky, as long as the necessary pieces of the puzzle are in place. It helps growers to know that, with ScrOG or SOG, this bean booms, so train how you like. In a perfectly managed indoor environment, these genetics are capable of producing 450-500g m², and a rare balance can be affected with this beastly bud. Each cola can be identical under the right care. Outside, in the open sky, Purple Do Si can deliver 550-600g per plant, and the flowering time is fast enough that, even in Northern latitudes and cooler climates, you can see this seed through to perfection. Minor pruning is always necessary and, for some growers, a protection plan is a must, especially for our herb lovers in the South. For amazing color, heavy hitting cannabinoids and terpenes and resin to write home about, Purple Do Si Dos.

Why is Fem Purple Dosidos Marijuana Seed Popular

In a world of thousands of wacky hybrids, and with more coming out each year, reasons for a strain’s popularity are plentiful. This Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos cross, however, boasts a few characteristics which set it apart from most other herbs. Bred in Spain and brought to America, the Purple Dosidos marijuana seed has since become a star. It features almost black coloration, thick layers of resinous trichomes which crust up to deliver a mouth watering appearance. The bouquet of this green is packed with mintiness, floral notes, fresh grapes, tangy cranberries, roasted spices, cookies, gas and rich lemon bursts. The high is intense, immediately transforming personalities and painting smiles from ear to ear. There is focus and amusement, and consumers feel like the world is on their side. Long lasting, the high also transforms into a more sedative stone toward the end, leaving consumers wherever they stopped moving. This thing is also easy to grow, demanding almost nothing of even new growers, and the flowering cycle finishes in just nine weeks. Harvests are unexpectedly large, over a pound per seed in many cases, and training these well-behaved plants takes nothing but good old-fashioned grow how.

Flower Time For Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Weed Seed

Those interested in this feminized weed seed will be happy to know that the flower time for Purple Punch x Do Si Dos is a speedy 8-9 weeks. Start this beast from seed and within a few days it will have established and started to grow. Once this happens, it is just a few short weeks until plants reach maturity, and you can choose to train either in a Screen of Green (ScrOG) or Sea of Green (SOG), and either will work. Those who opt for a sea have only four weeks or so until these girls are ready for the flip. Those scroggers out there, who like to make the most out of each grow, will want to train plants for at least a couple months to make sure the screen gets filled with foliage. Once you switch the timing from 18/6 to 12/12, flowers start to show within a few days and then the countdown is on. During the following eight weeks, your grow will transform from all leaves and calyxes to a brilliant fade and buds laden with blankets of big, juicy trichomes.

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos feminized cannabis seeds are of a hybrid indica nature. The indica dominance of this herb makes it soothing and relaxing, uplifting, energizing and definitely fun. Immediately, consumers know they have strapped themselves into a monster. A grin paints itself across the face and stays there, deepening and broadening as time goes on. Feeling giddy and youthful, Purple Do Si Dos consumers are often catapulted into fits of creativity, and what comes out the other side is always inspiring. Needless to say, this strain is euphoric, but it is the deep and sleepy relaxation that kicks in a little later on that takes the cake in the crush department. This flower can be so sedating that consumers suddenly drop off the map. The THC count coupled with the terpene array does have the potential to make users paranoid and dry mouth and eyes are common, so stay hydrated. As long as you don’t use this strain too late before bed, there is no reason to worry about a hangover, but Purple Do Si Dos has the potential to shift chemical balances, so make sure you accompany your Punch with some sativa.

Purple Punch x Do-Si-Dos Photo Fem Review

Breathtaking in every way, Purple Punch x Do Si Dos photo fem from Weed Seeds is a star amongst stars. An indica dominant hybrid by nature, this flower is colorful, hard hitting and fast growing. It takes well to multiple training methods and performs wonderfully in coir, soil or hydroponic setups. In just nine weeks from the flip, big, sticky, fragrant buds are ready for the chop and, once cured, these nugs are so crusty that sometimes resin just flakes off. Put fresh plants through the press and get the most out of the mint, grape, lemon and floral cookie flavor profile, not to mention 22% THC under average conditions. Growers can net over a pound per seed when everything goes according to plan, and though this leaf is not resilient to pests, molds or mildews, it is so fast that it is usually finished before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Still, some regions need to provide protection and this strain will thank you for it. The bag appeal on this black and blue wonder seed is undeniable and so is the high. Drink lots of water before your session or things may get sticky.

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