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Purple Punch is an award-winning mix of Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple. Mixing Lemon Larry with the cup-crushing Purpz has birthed a strain that is big, beautiful, tasty, and easy to grow. Berries, grape, pine, earth, and spice are just some of the flavors and aromas consumers can expect with this candy. The buds are deep purple, dense, sticky, and coated in trichomes. The stone is intense, and the medicinal uses of this strain are vast. Assisting in the treatments of multitudes of ailments, this strain can carry users off to a happy place entirely. These peas are feminized and available by calling our toll-free number or by clicking the Contact Us section and placing your order.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 23%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450-550g per plant
Flower Time7-9 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Sedation
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Blueberry, Grape, Herbal, Sweet, Vanilla
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, b-Caryophyllene

Purple Punch Seeds For Sale USA

What do you get when you cross Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple? You get a rockstar, that’s what! Boasting enhanced characteristics of both its parent strains, Purple Punch Fem is perfectly positioned to lay down some seriously heavy vibes. Ranking high amongst the THC all-stars and producing gobs of resin, it is easy to grow and yields some very stellar sticky icky. It is no wonder why this strain grabs attention everywhere she shows up.

Larry OG is a stellar strain, packed with THC and reeking of ripe lemons, pine, and spice. This capable cannabis took home 1st prize for best medicinal indica in the 2012 and 2014 Cannabis Cups, earning it a name of integrity among recreational and medicinal users alike. Hailing from Orange County, California, this cross of OG Kush and SFV OG, though resilient to mold, pests, and diseases, needs a well controlled growing environment. This strain likes hydro and, given it has all it needs, the buds it produces will be potent, plentiful, and dense. Bright green calyxes, mint green leaves, and deep orange pistils make this strain a beauty to watch flower. The trichome production is a clear indication of how well this strain lends to extracts and presses. Measuring consistently over 23% THC, this bud is not for the novice. It has the power to force lockdown on anyone who decides to play chicken. This powerhouse brings a welcome burst of medicinal prowess to this blend, rich heritage, and, because of the hardiness of our second donor, the risk-factor is lessened during the cultivation of our feature strain. What’s next?

Grandaddy Purple has become one of the favorite strains amongst grapey indica lovers up and down the West Coast. This monster boasts an average of 22% THC, packing a wallop capable of rounding off the most seasoned of bud bourgeoisie. Often confused with Grape Ape, this cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud has even been thought to be a phenotype of the prior, but it is not, though similar she is. Bringing the darkness and the light, rich purples, deep and bright greens, fiery saffron pistils and a large frame make this mass yielder a jaw-dropper to witness and a real pleasure to grow. Unlike its counterpart, Grandaddy Purps is reportedly easy to cultivate. With a sturdy frame and competitive resilience, all this plant needs is a bit of support toward the end of flowering. Ancient roots play a major role in deciding this plant’s growability and, provided everything goes smoothly, gardeners are likely to see some of the biggest and most photogenic buds of their cultivation careers.

Larry OG and Grandaddy Purple are two amazing indica-leaning strains capable of stoning anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is probably why these strains continuously rake in awards, making their offspring Purple Punch, that much more appealing. Happy breeders feminized these wonder beans and now they are available for purchase and delivery all across the country thanks to Weed Seeds. Feminized seeds are specifically bred seeds that only produce female plants. Feminized seeds are created by stressing a female plant to produce pollen and using it to pollinate other female plants. The result of this process is female seeds, uninhibited by male genetics. Growers all over celebrate this Dutch innovation that makes growing weed a lot easier.

If you have been searching for Purple Punch Fem strain seeds online, look no further. Weed Seeds is an American distributor of the finest beans in the land. We choose only the best seeds from the most qualified breeders and we are experts at ensuring freshness and viability. Our payment options are easy and secure, and our delivery is quick and discreet. If Purple Punch sounds like the kind of strain you want swimming around in your brain, do not hesitate! For those who prefer to speak human, our experts are as happy as a clam at high tide to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Simply call 1-844-807-1234 or click today!

What Makes Feminized Purple Punch Strain Popular?

Mystery and magic, wisdom, creativity and nobility are just some of the phenomena Purple Punch is known for and this photo fem creation from Weed Seeds USA is a seed capable of almost anything. The rich purple coloration exhibited in indicas is only one of this strain’s champion achievements, and choosing this award-winning cultivar is a decision you’ll be glad you made.

Not only is this prize perfectly purple, but it finishes quickly and delivers pounds of punchy pot. Those familiar with these royal leaves report a simple grow and a space filled with sweet and grapey berry muffin blasts. Of medium height and boasting a classic indica structure, this strain is not only gorgeous but manageable as well. One point of adverse popularity we should mention is that Purple Punch is prone to pests and infection, so make sure you know how to prevent and problem solve these tricky arenas.

Smashing Santa Cruz Cups with its intense fragrances and spirituous and exhilarating effects, producing a massive resin content and buds that go beyond bag appeal, Purple Punch is not just another wonder weed. The mid-range THC content allows for the experience to remain smooth, and a little CBD brings a hit of numbness to the knockout. That these seeds are feminized is the final popular point we would like to add to the equation. If you love the Purps, Weed Seeds USA has them in spades, and having them in your garden is just a few clicks away.

Medicinal Application of Purple Punch Feminized

Purple Punch Feminized Photoperiod pot is a proven grower and continues to please recreational consumers nationwide. Purple Punch also contributes to the creation of new and exciting botanicals for us to master. But no comprehensive resumé is complete without a medical history and this strain has bonus points to boast, thanks to its many medicinal applications. Cannabis contains hundreds of chemical compounds that create a unique harmony of effects, which is primarily led by cannabinoids and terpenes. It is these chemovars that hold the promise of vibrant health and energy.

The Purple Punch strain can soothe and relax sore and tense muscles, provide quick relief to those experiencing insomnia, and is known well throughout many consumer markets to induce deep-seated psychological ease and comfort. Though indicas are often associated with anxiety, this is not a common theme with Purple Punch. This is one indica that does not induce focus. Instead, it delivers more of a cozy fog, so Purple Punch is a go-to for those who struggle with stress and obsessive thinking.

Just as quickly as it can induce penetrating relaxation, couch-locking, and tranquilizing many, parlaying with this Purple is also a source of freedom from migraines, cramps, and other pains. Depression and PTSD are two very sticky situations, and the heavy effects of Purple Punch can assist in balancing out any sativa heavy cannabis regimen. Be sure to consult your physician and/or nutritionist in attempting to decipher the best plant of attack. Since we are not medical experts, it is only safe for us to suggest what we have found and what others have reported, so in no way should our explanations be considered definitive.

Purple Sticky Punch Strain Review

Sometimes known as Purple Sticky Punch, thanks to its gargantuan penchant for resin production, this explosive grapey berry creation has proven itself all over America and beyond. This is an eighteen to twenty percent THC, one percent CBD, 90/10 indica which exhibits breathtaking purple hues, copper pistils, and near glowing chartreuse flowers. Reaching five to seven feet and finishing in just eight to ten weeks of flowering, Purple Punch Photo Fem is a strain worth reviewing in person. Famously easy to grow as it is, this strain does require protection from environmental disturbances, such as pathogens, pests, lighting issues, and general lack of cleanliness.

When grown according to plan, this strain is capable of yielding approximately 500 grams per plant or square yard. Well-grown buds are fluffy and sticky, ideal for extraction or the bong, and the flavors which come out of this weed are a treat indeed.

Dried grapes, blueberry muffin blasts, and sweet and herbal vanilla are all present at the party, and the extreme coloration of these nugs is telltale of the euphoric, soothing, and sedating stone. Weed Seeds USA has everything you’d hope for in a purple pod, so place your order today and turn your world technicolor.

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Your seed starts are always going to be stronger with Weed Seeds’ breeds. Nowhere else will you find a selection of souvenir seeds so seductive in their exhibition and so satisfying in their delivery. These Purpz are easy to master, impressive to anyone they touch, and they deliver some of the most impressive products anywhere in the US. If this sounds like the kind of cannabis you could really wrap your head around, buy Purple Punch Photo Fem online through your secure account with Weed Seeds USA.

Our mission is to procure the most precious pot pods and display them for everyone in North America to see. We offer our seeds to individual and small-scale growers, large-scale producers, and we supply research firms, schools, and both private and public seed banks and collectors. Our online platform is professionally designed to make your experience shopping with us a pleasurable one. We try to provide the types of data that we like to see when shopping for seeds and we are always updating our collection.

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How to Germinate Purple Punch Photo Fem Seeds

There are a lot of different seeds in this world, so many that, over time, growers have come up with quite a few methods of germination. Where some strains like hydro, some like soil and, where some strains demand that they be sown directly, still others require careful planning and preparation. If you have your hands on some Purple Punch Photo Fem seeds, it’s time to get them started.

Germination is simple. All you need to do is soak your seeds overnight in a small glass of water. Throw a couple of drops of rooting hormone in there or other mild trace element type solution and your seeds will thank you for it. Purple Punch develops notoriously fast in the grow space, so you can expect the seeds to burst with a taproot quickly. Fold your seeds into a moist paper towel and leave room for some air circulation. Maintain moisture over the next couple of days or until the seeds break open. Once they do, transplant them to soil or coir-based medium and add a few drops of water.

You will want to use small pots to s