Purple Kush Seeds

Purple Kush is a satisfying and sedating blend out of Oaksterdam California, created through a mix of ancient Afghan and Hindu Kush roots. Known to be a heavy-hitter and truly beautiful bud, this hybrid is highly desirable. The breeders who dedicated a lot of time to creating this strain went a couple of steps further, by breeding it with a ruderalis and feminizing the seeds. Perfect for the beginner or home growers who do not want to have to worry about photoperiods and protection, Auto Purple Kush Fem strain is going to grow anyone big, thick, juicy, purple, trichome, and crystal-covered buds. Intoxicating head highs and sweet and low body stones are what to expect from this ancestry, as well as, flavors indicative of its ancient terroir. Pine, sandalwood, berries, mint, spice, and damp earth are all present. Connoisseurs will most likely take it a few steps further and pluck out notes of leather, graphite, and nutmeg. Just as fantastic as a medicinal as it is for recreational users, this strain is an all-natural elixir that sufferers of all kinds can feel relief with.

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THC Percentageup to 20%
Indica / Sativa / HybridPure Indica
Indoor Yield350-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield50-100g per plant
Flower Time8 - 10 Weeks
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Cancer, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Migraines, Nausea, Pain, Stress
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsGrape, Musk, Sweet
Terpenesa-Humulene, Caryophyllene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

All across America, citizens of all walks of life are finally being granted freedoms and leniencies regarding marijuana. Though not legal everywhere, it certainly is enjoyed everywhere and in many places across the land, people are thrilled to be legally growing their own. Weed culture in the U.S. runs deep and seeds are legal. These Purple Kush strain seeds from Weed Seeds, your American cannabis seed distributor, are perfect for any home grower looking for something simple and small to fit into the corner of a room or garden and deliver some super satisfying smoke. Buy Auto Purple Kush Fem strain seeds online at and they will be at your door, no matter where you live in the U.S.A., in no time flat.

What Makes Autoflower Purple Kush Strain Popular?

The infamous parent to this little auto is a rock star of near unparalleled prowess, both in the grow space and on the block. But the autoflower Purple Kush strain is a hugely popular pot for its own special reasons. The coming together of Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani has made a one hundred percent indica, timeless in its lineage and in its popularity amongst cannabis connoisseurs.

Adding ruderalis genes has decreased the grow times of this mouth watering strain and, though Purple Kush is a cinch to grow, Purple Kush Auto Fem is even more user friendly. Able to fit easily into pretty much any space, this little auto is a dream to home based growers looking for easy weed. Simple to grow and going from seed to smoke in just a couple months, this is a stellar little plant for anyone in need of simplicity. Colors abound in this creature, and all you have to do is plant the seed, add some water, feed appropriately under eighteen to twenty hours of light per day and wait.

Where the OG photo strain can reach THC counts of approximately twenty seven percent, this auto is a bit more manageable at around twenty. Its pure indica ancestry has Purple Kush Auto taking the cake for relaxation, and the spicy, piney, grape, and berry flavors and aromas get you there in sweet and seductive style. Auto fems are the beginner’s dream weed and at Weed Seeds USA, we have all the best.

OG Purple Autoflower Medicinal Application

OG Purple autoflower, known for its stoney seduction and rugged bouquet, is a go-to for many medicinal consumers. Indicas are known for their ability to induce deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. This particular beast has been hailed since it hit the scene as being one of the great indicas of all time, and its on point, tried and true medicinal applications, prove it.

Of course, a high THC indica will, off the top, induce a small amount of anxiety. But as the body is soothed, arthritic and spasmodic joints and muscle groups sated and the weight of the world lifted, stress melts away. This beast is also known to help with loss of appetite, nausea, and digestive discomfort. Purple Kush is known for attacking headaches, intense migraines, aches, and pains. This OG elixir is also an apt therapist. This weed is so uplifting that consumers who have been troubled or depressed find that they have forgotten all about their causes of woe.

Physically soothing and psychologically beneficial, Purple Kush auto isn’t just an easy charge that makes life a little less painful. This amazing breed houses terpenes designed by mother nature herself to be beneficial as well. Coursing their way through the body, myrcene, caryophyllene, humulene, and others can help fight cancer, combat depression, and provide mental focus. There isn’t a whole lot this purple beast cannot do.

Purple Kush OG Strain Review

So we know what makes this beast a popular pot, we know that it boasts many medicinal applications and now, let’s take a bird’s eye view of Purple Kush OG. Originally bred in California, Purple Kush was an instant success. Many variations have come out of breeding over the years, but the original PK weed is known globally as the original cool. This strain is big, colorful, easy to grow, and delivers a twenty percent THC product, internationally recognized for its relaxing nature.

Talking about bag appeal, Purple Kush is right up there with some of the most colorful weeds in the world. Bright violets and mauves, deep purples and pinks with crimson highlights, cotton candy pistils, and big, thick, sexy trichomes, Purple Kush is a showboat. This simple to grow bud boasts a rather rugged quality to her appearance. The leaves of Purple Kush look tough, and the jagged appearance presents as dangerous. But she is a sweetie, and she can deliver up to four ounces per plant in eight to ten weeks.

As for flavor and effect, we know that this strain is tasty and powerful, but let’s break it down. Grape is what you think with Purple Kush. Secondary to the fruitiness of this flower are pine, pepper, spice, herbs, and a tangy bitterness to round the whole thing off. Sedative and munchie inducing, Purple Kush is the queen of sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia and hello to deep rejuvenation after a session with Purple Kush OG.

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Buy Purple Kush Auto Fem in the USA from Weed Seeds! We are the distributors who make a difference in the lives of growers, consumers, product specialists, and we are where it’s at for seeds in America. Every seed in our collection is hand raised in the red, white, and blue, so when you shop with Weed Seeds USA, you shop American.

To access all the seeds you will ever need, make a new account. It only takes a couple of minutes at the most to fill out your information and we promise to never let it fall into anyone else’s hands. When you shop Weed Seeds USA, everything is kept safe. After the basic information, such as name and address, next is to fill out some payment information. We accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Ethereum cryptocurrencies, as well as Zelle, Venmo, debit, and credit, and it’s all anonymous.

After you have set everything up, the vault is yours. We offer Purple Kush Auto Fem, photo fem, and regular strain seeds. Whatever you pursue in the world of weed can come to happy and flowery fruition with seeds from Weed Seeds USA. Shopping is fun, your cart is private, checkout is secure, and we ship right away. Our clients have received their packages of seeds in as little as a week after placing their orders and, when you order lots, there are deals to be had. If you surpass the minimum order you may qualify for free shipping.

How to Germinate Purple Kush Auto Fem Seeds

Once you receive your package of fountainheads of Purple Kush Auto Fem, and once you get over the initial excitement and novelty of your souvenir order, the next step is the germination or the waking up of your seeds. In the natural world, the fall brings seeds, winter stores them, and in the spring, they germinate or come to life. This natural process is easily affected at home, at any time of year, but it is imperative to get right.

Your souvenir Purple Kush seeds arrive intact and viable, and all they need is a bit of warmth and moisture to know it’s time to rise and shine. There are a few germination techniques proven amongst professionals, though all your seeds really need is to be moist without being wet, warm without being hot, and there must be airflow without a breeze. The go-to method of germination is to place your seeds between two moist paper towels, on a plate, and to place that in a cupboard for a couple of days. Once the seed husk breaks open, a taproot will emerge.

For your autoflower seeds though, there is another method that auto growers find success with and that is direct sowing. Since autoflowers are not big fans of being transplanted, we recommend planting directly into their final pots. Living soil works well for automatic seeds and, as long as you maintain moisture, your seeds will germinate and break the surface within a few days.

Is OG Purple Strain Easy To Grow?

What we have here is a one hundred percent pure indica of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani nature. These two mountain-born babies have remained two of the easiest weeds in history to grow and their progeny is no different. Thanks to its ancestry, the Purp OG Kush strain is notoriously easy – moderate to grow, and that this beast is an auto makes it even easier.

When cultivating cannabis of any kind, rule number one is to provide the right type of environment and to maintain that environment as effectively as you can. If the plant has nothing to fear from its environment, it will grow as usual. This looks like establishing well as seedlings and through early veg, it will pack on weight and develop thick, chunky colas, and the trichome and terpene health will be spot on. What this takes is a dedication to controlling ambiance, feeding, and training and, when all of these fall into place, your Purple Kush plants will impress.

Indicas do well in a Seas of Green (SOG) however, since we are talking about autos, a little training is always recommended. Pack them together anyway, but there will be no cloning an auto, nor is there the control you get from a photoperiod strain. A little training for light penetration and some lollipopping for the final stages of flowering will place your room of Purple Kush autos a cut above the rest.

Purple Kush Seed Bank

If this little taste of Purple Kush has tickled all your inner fancies, sparked imagination, grabbed you by the brain, and started to demand more Purps, you need the Purple Kush seed bank of Weed Seeds USA. Purple Kush is a star. This strain is timeless, popular, potent, and proven. It is easy to grow, boasts big bag appeal, and transforms melancholy into marvelous.

Purple Kush regular is the epitome of pure genetics. These unmodified seeds are the real deal for breeders and places of en masse manufacture. Choose your females and harness consistency. Use these pods to create new strains or grow a new generation of wildlings. Purple Kush feminized seeds are free of any male genetics, burst a girl almost all the time, are ideal for the home-based grower and they make marvelous additions to any collection. Our feature du jour, Purple Kush Auto Fem seeds speak for themselves, and every single seed is packed with love for safety and vitality.

Of course, in our Purple Kush seed bank, we offer lots of purple wonders. Mendocino Purple Kush, Critical Purple Kush, Purple Russian, as well as heaps of purple variations are all in there. GDP, Purple Haze, Purple Thai, Purple Punch, Purple Sunset, Purple Urkle, Purple Mazaar, Purple Gelato, Purple Cookies, and so many more are all right here in our vault. At Weed Seeds USA we house the most cherished strains and, when you want purple, by god’s grape gum you’re gonna get it.

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We are an American distributor selling one hundred percent American cannabis seeds. We sell them as souvenirs because that is what they have to be right now. We sell novelty seeds to individuals, and we offer deals on wholesale orders to large-scale grow houses. Your Purple Kush seeds will keep for a very long time, definitely long enough for the law to change. Regardless of legal jargon, our Purple Kush Auto Fem seeds are of tip-top quality and, with Weed Seeds USA, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Purple Kush Autoflower Female Homegrown Cannabis

The Kush family is world-renowned for its satisfying and sedating effects on both the body and mind and Purple Kush is one of those strains that just keeps on delivering. Never has it yet let a user down and has even been named one of the Top Ten Strains by High Times. By crossing Afghan and Hindu Kush, 2 landrace indicas from neighboring regions, breeders from Oaksterdam were able to present us with a 100% indica, amplified and magnified in its potent potential.

One of the oldest, most widely-bred, and highly-cherished strains in history, Afghani landrace indica is all anyone has to say to know that whatever she’s going into is going to turn heads. Growing beyond centuries in a single region will form purity out of pretty much anything and that is what we have with Afghan indica. Like the wine forged of the fruit of so many ancient vines, this undeniable strain brings with it the rich terroir of its homeland. Sandalwood, dried berries, pine, and spice fill the senses and speak to the age of these flowers, cutting through any sense of doubt surrounding their exceptional sophistication. Dark and powdery, rich with the bold scent of fresh hash, Afghan is deserving of every bit of praise and humility. Tokers of all experience levels find this beautiful bud easy to enjoy, ever satisfying, and true to its heritage. As seat holder to a very exclusive lineage, this girl, also known as Afghan Kush or Afghan OG, is one of those timeless weeds which only seems to become more remarkable as time goes on.

For posterity and integrity of ancestry, Hindu Kush became the accompanying parent strain to Purple Kush. From generally the same overall region as the Afghan, elevations, and weather make for some serious differences in what was most likely once the same weed. As geographical placement and weather are thought to have given rise to the different versions of humans we see every day, so too do they affect changes in plant genetics. Hindu Kush has been regarded as a matriarchal strain to many great indicas and hybrids known today and continues to maintain its inspirational status. Boasting large, sticky, trichome-covered buds, and a bouquet of pine, incense, and damp earth and moss, Hindu Kush is a wonderful weed to smoke and has been hailed as most possibly the first weed to have ever helped humans make hash. Though these landrace indicas have reasonable THC levels (around 15-20%), Hindu Kush is known to be quite intoxicating, soothing, and sedating. Recreational and medicinal users alike love Hindu Kush for its ability to uplift and carry cares away, to soothe both body and mind, and for its intrinsic ability to assist in getting a good night’s sleep. Thank you, Hindu Kush!

To put two such strains together shows that someone was paying attention. By utilizing such famous and fantastic specimens, breeding the best of both into one very special flower, it is evident these gurus know their ganja. Purple Kush has become a household name around the world, especially on the West Coast where she was born. That these little packets of love are feminized is cause for another shout out to breeders in Oaksterdam. Feminization is a process through which male genetics are bred out of the seed. This happens by shocking young female plants into producing pollen. When that pollen is ripe, it is used on the seed-crop, effectively producing a male-free seed. To growers, this means an all-female crop, nearly every time. No longer do growers, home or commercial, have to concern themselves with male plants popping up and ruining the show. All anyone has to do with these wicked weed seeds is plant, grow and harvest.

Crossing this incredible blend with ruderalis was one more step toward user-friendliness. Because these strains flourish in those places where little else can manage, they have adapted, over time, to grow without the necessity of shifts in light. For this reason, any great strain bred with ruderalis can be made to autoflower. Whereas most strains of marijuana require a vegetative cycle and a flowering cycle, 18/6 and 12/12 timings, respectively, auto strains do not. These clever plants flower out of maturity. This makes them perfect for anyone who wants to grow weed without the worry. Also, because ruderalis crosses are generally a little more pest, disease, and mold resistant, a little smaller and a little quicker, they make a great strain for smaller spaces and the outdoors. As if Afghan and Hindu Kush were not hardy enough, crossing this blend with rudy, only makes them better equipped to take on the elements.

Overall, we have an incredibly satisfying, easy to grow weed, with an award-winning bag-appeal, bred from some real mountain magic. These marvelous marijuana seeds from Weed Seeds are sure to turn any hobby gardener into a confident cannabis cultivator in no time and provide a rich, juicy smoke, reminiscent of all that a good weed should be.

Flowering Time For Purple Kush Auto Fem

Whether you are using hydroponics or soil, a Sea of Green (SOG), or just have a couple of plants in a tent or closet, your efforts will be rewarded. A SOG is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. It is a system that brings incredible yields, but no matter how you grow this strain, you should expect to see bright green fan leaves with purple hues, sticky, resin-coated buds, brilliant green at the base, shifting into rich, deep purple at the tips and exploding with buttery pistils, twisting outward in all directions. These plants are incredible to watch bloom and the harvest of a healthy specimen can be just as exciting. Indoors, you should see up to 400 grams per square foot in a SOG in 9-11 weeks. When grown outside, in a greenhouse or otherwise, brings around 2 or 3 ounces per plant and, because of its hardy, autoflowering nature, harvests can fall year-round.

Purple OG Autoflower Feminized Cannabis Medical Application

Everything in our bodies is as connected as everything in our minds and how these fundamental structures interact is also the fruit of deep-seated connection. Imbalance and injury can have devastating effects on both the body and the mind and bring many hardships. Through the search for lasting relief, many souls are caught in some pretty vicious loops, making natural medicinals that can be easily and safely grown at home a welcome breath of fresh air for many suffering Americans. For those coping with traumatic maladies like depression, chronic anxiety, PTSD, and the headaches and tension which come with these things, Purple Kush may be of benefit. This strain is so soothing and uplifting that medical patients have reported shifts in mood and outlook so complete that they have forgotten all about any issues for hours on end, suddenly realizing later on that they have been free. This usually happens toward the end of the euphoria, yet the relaxing physical effects continue well beyond the initial high has begun to subside, relieving even arthritis and migraines along the way. Finally ushering the user off to a cozy nap, Purple Kush is generally regarded to have saved the day on more than one occasion.

Effects, Fragrance, and Flavors

A perfect mixture of sweet berries with fresh-cut sandalwood, smoky spices, and rich peppercorn, this is one super tasty strain and an absolutely breathtaking representation of what the right combination of such incredible parent strains can produce. As her smoke fills the room, her powerhouse THC levels fill the body and mind. As relaxing, soothing, and uplifting as she can be for medicinal users, the recreational side of anyone’s Purple Kush experience cannot be overestimated. So intoxicating is her euphoria that smokers of a well-grown Purple Kush are often obviously and measurably transformed to a walking childlike giddiness. As the high wanes, wonder and giggles are traded for curiosity, creativity and focus, serenity, and clarity. As the mind is chilled, the body is too as the 100% indica that is Purple Kush shows the user just what indica means. Within a couple of hours, the novice is snoring as the experienced toker may be heading for the fridge and out for a refresh. Overall, Purple Kush is a fun and friendly smoking experience to be enjoyed with others, so have fun and be safe!

Buy Bulk Purple Kush Auto Feminized Strain Seeds Online

Buy low, sell high! Isn’t that the way of the world of economics? Commercial growing and breeding can be a pricey game. Ordering bulk means that you get more seeds for less money. Weed Seeds is a homegrown company looking not only to get America growing again but to put cash back into the pockets of our captains of the cannabis industry. Mass grow-ops can come with many responsibilities, some of them unavoidable headaches, some of them completely manageable and able to be refined. One of those things which have been a headache for many growers is the search for consistent and reliable seeds and the associated costs. Finding a distributor that can be relied upon, tracking down the right seeds, and constantly going through different payment processes can be frustrating, we get it. We also know that clients like to be sure that they can get a bag of the same weed that they enjoyed last week, the next time they visit a weed shop. When mass producers run out or have to start a new crop, integrity fails, and customers are put out and the whole vicious cycle starts over again. Whether you have a commercial retail growing business or are a breeder looking for an ongoing supply of seeds to splice, we are here for you. All of our seeds are hand-picked and sealed for freshness and viability and we get your order to you promptly and painlessly. Next time you reach for seeds, make sure you have some there to play with.

Purp OG Kush Auto Feminzed Wholesale Seeds

The headaches which come with commercial growing are vast and it can take a lot of pressure off to order one’s weed seeds wholesale. The more seeds you buy at once, the less you pay. The less you pay, the more you end up making. The more you end up making, the happier and more productive you can be, free of the shackles of running out of your number one strain. We are dedicated to bringing you the best seeds, every time you need them, and we want to make sure that, when you need them, they are right there at your fingertips. Say goodbye to running out of seeds and say hello to a healthier bottom line. Buy in bulk and get rid of the headaches!

Purple OG Autoflower Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

The United States of America seems to be in a constant state of turmoil and unrest these days. Threats to our health and safety, policy and politics have brought some neuroses which many did not see coming. For stressful times such as these, Americans all across the nation have turned to staple strains like Purple Kush for decades. These Auto Purple Kush Fem strain seeds from Weed Seeds, a U.S.-based company, are grown by Americans for Americans to grow and enjoy. This highly-prized member of the ever game-changing Kush family may just be the right lovely leaf for this stressed land.

Similar Strains For Sale in the USA

Every now and then, despite our best efforts, we run out of our feature strain. For times like these, we feel it incumbent upon us to provide some alternatives. In keeping with the purple theme, here are some crazy strains designed with purple lovers in mind.

First up is Purple Gelato Photo Fem. This sweet and tangy flower delivers an uplifting intoxication while soothing any user through its sedating body stone. THC levels have been known to reach up to 27%, so newbies beware!

We promise that the things you see happening in our world will not seem the same with Purple Haze Photo Fem. Psychedelic euphoria from this strain trips the user into an almost mushroom-like buzz. Senses and awareness are heightened as the brain swirls and the body begins to doze. We recommend the hit-and-wait method of smoking for this funny flower.

Purple Kush Photo Fem is just the same as our feature but without the ruderalis cross. If you like the sound of what you have read in the previous sections and are equipped to grow photoperiod strains, Purple Kush is one of the great weeds out there!

Purple Punch Photo Fem is similar to Purple Kush with a bit more of a kick. Bred through a combination of Grandaddy Purps and Larry OG, this sweet and sticky blend of blueberry/grape cotton candy and sugary fruit juice is set to deliver on the flavor front as well as provide a deep and relaxing stone.

If you smoked weed in California in the 70s and 80s chances are you came across a Thai stick here and there. Lightyears ahead of where she was then, Purple Thai Photo Fem is one of those ancient sativa heavy hybrids capable of uplifting the lowest of moods and ushering in a creative and focused drive before backing off and allowing her indica traits to soo