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One of the most famous cannabis strains in the American lexicon today, Purple Haze first arrived on the scene in a blistering blaze of glory when Jimi Hendricks wrote the song ‘Purple Haze’ to his favorite cannabis candy girl. Excuse me while I kiss the sky, whatever it was, that girl put a spell on him. An ode from one great legend to another, Purple Haze has been forever burned into the hearts of American marijuana culture. Now a ruderalis cross, Weeds Seeds USA has taken this lovely, euphoric, 15-17% THC, hybrid – sativa legend to the next level with our new Purple Haze Autoflower seeds.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 17%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor Yield350-450g m/2
Outdoor Yield60-100g per plant
Flowering Time8-9 weeks
EffectsCreative, Energetic
Flavors & AromasBerry Earthy Spicy Sweet Tropical
TerpenesBeta Caryophyllene, Terpinolene, Myrcene, Limonene, Linanool, p-Cymene,

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This feminized, autoflowering, sativa heavy, indica hybrid crossed with a Russian ruderalis pheno, has taken a true legend and made her accessible on a whole other level. Easy to grow with an automatic flip to flower in just two short weeks, it has a super-fast seed to harvest crop cycle. A lovely, balanced 60% sativa, 40% indica gives one those happy, cerebral, energetic and euphoric highs along with the pain killing, relaxing, body inducing stones. The Purple Haze/Auto Purple cross brings the best of both worlds. An intoxicating, earthy, sandalwood and berry smoke, combined with uplifting, even slightly psychedelic highs in one of the easiest growing, ruderalis autoflowering strains on the market today. A great indoor and outdoor cultivar, this one is not fussy, very resilient and holds up well to pests and molds. Her Russian heritage gives this one a high tolerance and vigorous constitution, fast and strong, and no need for complicated or expensive photoflip light cycles. Crop out in a quick 70 to 75 days and you’ve got yourself one energetic, high flying, 17% THC, sativa dream. Oozing market appeal, her famous namesake and amazing reputation is always a top 40 hit, a great cultivar for both novices and commercial growers alike. Get in on the action and buy Purple Haze in our always popular 100 Autoflower Seed Pack, it’s a perfect choice for anyone starting out in the cannabis business or just wanting to try out a legendary homegrown of their own. A fantastic medicinal, exhilarating high, sweet, smooth, berry scented flavor and easy growing, we really can’t say enough good things about this one. Available in Weed Seeds US online 100 Autoflower Seed Pack, give it a try along with some of our other quality autoflowers, we just know you’re going to love it, Jimi sure did!

How to Germinate Purple Haze Auto Fem Seeds

Germinating those beautiful little beaners is a very simple process that can easily be done at home. With just a few simple rules to follow and some basic cannabis botany, those perky little seedlings will be ready to go in no time. When your Purples Haze seeds arrive on your doorstep in their sterile and discreet packaging, be sure not to open until ready for planting. Never handle pot seeds with your bare hands. Use only sterile instruments such as tweezers, and if you must touch them, always don latex gloves and be extra gentle. It’s preferable to just tip seeds straight from the packaging into your grow medium whenever possible. Our seeds are guaranteed to be the highest quality products on the market, with germination rates that will have you smiling from seedling stage to harvest season. Handling seeds with bare hands may cause contamination of diseases or pathogens which can prevent germination, it’s best to not take any risks and always play safe with your seeds. First you will need approximately a two to three week head start, depending on the growing method and whether you’ll be transplanting them indoors or out. Seedlings may take a little more time to acclimate to outside conditions, so time accordingly depending on temperature and growing zone. Choose a germinating medium best suited to the final grow medium you will be using such as peat moss pucks or jiffy plugs for soil in pots, or rockwool cubes for hydroponics. There are options for every method. Place the seeds gently in the germination medium to be used, cover lightly and keep warm and moist but not soaked, until you see those first little root shoots poking out from the seed casings. Place under a low blue/white spectrum grow light once the seedlings start showing vegetative growth and then you are well on your way to some Purple Haze heaven!

Growing Purples Haze From Seed From Seed At Home

Growing Purple Haze Auto Fem is basically a breeze. This one pretty much takes care of itself. The ruderalis addition to this exceptional hybrid has taken it from not just an incredible cannabis specimen in its own right, but now with a new Russian hardiness, resilience and automatic flip into flowering. No need for complicated high tech photoflip systems, separate veg/flower rooms, or dependence on seasonal sun cycles. This new ruderalis phenotype is a game changer in the industry for both novices and pros alike. Faster turnovers mean more crops per year and higher overall yearly yields. That’s more money in your pocket with way less hassle and financial investment. Once those autoflowering seeds become hardly little seedlings they are ready to go. Look for healthy white roots poking out the bottoms, sturdy stems, bright green foliage and they are ready for their forever homes. Being a simple, easy growing autoflower, a basic Sea Of Green (SOG) soil in pots method is perfect for this strain, as a large number of smaller stature plants packed into a tight space will produce a decent indoor haul of up to 350-450g/m2. The simpler the better for this girl, she’s no high maintenance princess. A good organic soil with some vermiculite mixed in for decent drainage, a basic fertilization schedule, and you are on your way to a bumper crop of resin drenched, frosty Purple Haze beauties. After approximately two weeks of vegging the plants will automatically flip into flower on their own. It really couldn’t be simpler. Switch up their feeding schedule to a high potassium nutrient program, a little light pruning for air circulation and let the magic happen. Mold and pest resistant, you shouldn’t have any issues with these babies. The biggest rookie mistake with this one is overdoing it.

Flowering Time For Haze Purple Autoflower

Haze Purple Autoflower not only has a record speed vegetative cycle and flips on its own in only two weeks or less. It’s also a very fast cultivar when it comes to flowering and dense resinous bud production. In just a short 8-9 weeks flip to harvest you’ll be swimming in a sea of sweet, frosty nugs. With such a quick turnover this one is able to crop out two to three extra harvests per year depending on your indoor growing method. Outdoors, it’s great for those shorter northern growing seasons, as it’s been known to pull a nice 60-100g per plant before the season is even over. Also great as a late start cultivar if you are running behind schedule, or chilly, delayed spring onset. Regardless, this one is always a crowd pleaser. One of the most popular strains in our catalog, and now, as an autoflowering hybrid, you can enjoy this beauty quick and breezy style. A strain that will kill it in almost any environment, just be sure to find a spot with high sun exposure as this one loves to soak up the summer rays. Other than that, she can take a beating and holds up incredibly well in colder climates as long as there is an abundance of sunlight. The Haze Purple is great outdoors in the more formidable northern American prairie zones. Also, loving cooler temperatures enables those incredible purple, violet hues to come through. Indoor growers can take advantage of this feature by dropping temperatures 10 degrees lower approximately five days before harvest. This is one stunner of a strain, gorgeous, large, crystalline purple buds that are a sight to behold, definitely Instagram worthy. Combined with her incredible aromatic profile, Purp Haze literally kills it on the cannabis market, you’ll be pulling top dollar for these gorgeous girls guaranteed.

What Makes Purp Haze Strain Popular?

Let’s take a step back in time all the way to say, oh, 1967, the moment Jimi Hendrix released one of his greatest hits, Purple Haze. An icon of that dreamy, sexy, psychedelic era, Purp Haze encapsulated the heyday of the 60’s weed scene. A time of love, rebellion, innocence, pushing boundaries and exploring the deeper aspects of the universe. Without Haze Purple, the swinging 60’s just wouldn’t have been the same. Not only inspiring one of the greatest guitarists of all time, the incredibly euphoric, mind blowing and exhilarating highs will quickly have you flying high, straight towards the heavens. A perfect all-day smoke, its fresh, slightly acidic, blueberry lemon aromatics and spicy-sweet, earthy flavors, is a deep lungful of smooth, timeless bliss. A true American legend, this lovely 17% THC, heady sativa blend really takes that creativity to the next level. How many strains can boast a top of the charts rock classic still as popular today as it ever was. Purple Haze is so famous in fact, that California’s Finest acquired the rights to Purple Haze Properties, allowing investors, cannabis product producers, medical marijuana retailers, cultivators, and marketers to get in on the action with the exclusive Jimi Hendrix line of Purple Haze related products called Jimi’s Cannabis Collection. Featured in High Times Magazine and Cannabis Cup, Purple Haze has won three Cannabis Cups, two for Best Product overall, and is also considered by High Times Magazine to be one of the top 21 worldwide strains of all time. Sir Richard Branson himself is a big fan and investor, so why not get in on the action, join the big boys, and check this legendary 60’s wonder weed out for yourself. Available now as an autoflower in our American seeds catalog, in just a few short weeks, you too can kiss the sky.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Purple Haze Auto Fem

One sweet and spicy lady, Purple Haze has so much flavor and aromatic fruity deliciousness, it’s no wonder this one has become a true legend in the world of weed with generation upon generation of cannabis connoisseurs. A tempting palate of tasty blueberry, grape and tantalizing tropical fruit flavors mixed in with a smooth, sensuous smoky cloud of earthiness and lavender undertones. It’s so intoxicating and rich it almost gets one high before even having taken the first toke of this sweet, smoky heavenly blaze. Just the anticipation of what’s to come sends one into another dimension of flavor sensation and gets those taste buds salivating. Many lovely, powerful terpenes make up this beautiful blend of sensational spices, tropical flavors and entrancing aromas. It’s literally the closest one can get to actually tasting the color purple with its powerfully sweet combination of blueberry and grape top notes. Limonene imparts those potent, citrusy scents of orange, lemon and lime peels. That fresh fruity flavor is perfected when mixed with the aromatic blend of a-Humulenes, rosemary and spicy hints of clove. Beta Caryophyllene adds a rich, earthy, herbal, flowery, sweet scent reminiscent of the first fresh rain on a sparkling, dewy spring morning. Cutting in with its sweet-piney, oily and relatively pungent citrus tones, Terpinolene gives it that powerful piney punch that fills a room. You always know when Purple Haze is in the air as she makes her grand, regal entrance. The perfect blend of fruity sweetness, combined with grounding, balanced spicy earthiness and just the right amount of pungent, piney edge. She weaves a seductive, entrancing web of aroma and taste temptation even the greats couldn’t resist. A true siren, Purple Haze has seduced many a man in worship and reverence to the grand ganja queen she has always been.

Effects of Purples Haze Autoflower

If there is one word that encapsulates this beautifully blended autoflower/sativa hybrid it would be calm. Like the calm of a dark, cool mountain lake of the deepest sapphire blue, in seemingly infinite layers of crystalline azure stillness. Imparting a peaceful sense of blissful relaxation, it takes one to states of euphoria never thought possible. Anxiety, pain, stress, they may as well have never existed as they drift off in heavenly curls of Purple Haze smoke spirals wrapping one in a cloud of pure ecstasy. Actually said to be the MDMA of weed, this one imparts an intoxicating, blissful euphoria not often experienced with other strains. You will instantly feel the energetic, uplifting and creative effects within moments of that first deep inhale, those nervous little neurons will be rewired to a new reality of peaceful, dreamy paradise. An incredible combination of powerful properties, the terpene profile takes this one to another level of curative and healing medicinals. Myrcene, being one of the most abundant terpenes in the genus cannabis, is a highly effective antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Linanool stimulates those serotonin receptors, blasting away any anxiety or depressive states. And finally, there is one of the more rare terpenes that truly takes Purple Haze into the next stratosphere of medicinals, p-Cymene, a key compound found in oranges, tangerines, raspberries and certain spices. It includes powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antiparasitics, antivirals, antibacterials, and antifungals. Used to treat symptoms of diabetes, p-Cymene has been reported to act as a vasorelaxant and neuroprotective agent, also great for mood disorders and PTSD. This is one top terpene healing powerhouse. The strong anticarcinogenic effects are said to be due to the inhibition of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest, preventing tumor growth and cancer cell replication. This is literally a one of a kind, homeopathic, wonder drug.

Overview of Haze Purple Auto Fem Stats

Famous, legendary, a cultural icon, off the charts medicinal, ecstasy filled highs, three time Cannabis Cup winner, and linked to the greatest guitar legend of all time, Purple Haze, forever immortalized by Jimi Hendrix, is a true timeless ganja great. Now an autoflower hybrid, this incredible strain has been crossbred to be accessible to everyone, novices and pros alike. Easy to grow, resilient, cold tolerant, mold and pest resistant, it’s a literal genius genus. This 100% feminized, autoflowering cross between Purple Haze and Auto Purple took a true legend and turned her into a fast growing, potent, 60% sativa heavy, 40% indica and Siberian ruderalis pheno. At a 17% THC, < 1% CBD content, it’s a powerhouse strain that can’t be beat, especially in those northern climates. Phenomenal indoors and out, this one is happy anywhere. Lots of light and bright sunny days is all she needs to shine. Great at a mixer, Purp Haze is one sociable chatty Kathy, cerebral, energetic, happy, talkative and uplifting, she’s definitely a good time party girl. Long lasting, focused, exhilarating highs keep one going all day and more, while still remaining calm and chilling like a villain. A quick turnaround at 350-450g/m2 indoor crop outs and 60-100g per plant in the great outdoors, this gorgeous purple beauty will serve you up a mountain of crystalline frosted nugs in no time flat. Sweet, tropical, blueberry, grapey goodness that makes one’s mouth water along with off the charts curative terpenes are a medicinal powerhouse with curative benefits unmatched in the industry. The earthy, grounding, lavender scented, sandalwood undernotes form a combination that every true weed connoisseur will appreciate. Oozing sex appeal, there is just so much to this passionate purple package of pure ecstasy and mind-blowing euphoria. She’s a cultivator’s dream for both novices and pros alike.

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Purple Haze Autoflower Seeds

One of the most famous cannabis strains in the American lexicon today, Purple Haze first arrived on the scene in a blistering blaze of glory when Jimi Hendricks wrote the song ‘Purple Haze’ to his favorite cannabis candy girl. Excuse me while I kiss the sky, whatever it was, that girl put a spell on him. An ode from one great legend to another, Purple Haze has been forever burned into the hearts of American marijuana culture. Now a ruderalis cross, Weeds Seeds USA has taken this lovely, euphoric, 15-17% THC, hybrid – sativa legend to the next level with our new Purple Haze Autoflower seeds.

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