Purple Gelato Strain

Purple Gelato is an indica-heavy blend of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet. The intense flavors and aromas of her parent strains come together to form a complex bouquet fit for the most sophisticated of connoisseurs. Instantly uplifting and euphoric, the high presents as giddiness and joyousness before easing into a soothing and relaxing body stone. Growing this one takes a lot of know-how but should not present too many issues as long as horticultural rules are followed and close attention is paid. These magic beans are feminized and available through Weed Seeds, your Purple Gelato seed distributor, for retail or wholesale purchase. Simply call or click today and get growing!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridPurple Gelato is an Indica Hybrid
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield500-650g per square meter
Outdoor Yield400-600g per plant
Gelato Flower Time8-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain, Stress
EffectsCreative, Energizing, Euphoric, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsBerry, Citrus, Pine, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, a-Myrcene

Purple Gelato Seeds For Sale USA

The incredible richness of mixed berry, citrus, and mint flavors pairs with 22% THC and a diverse terpene profile to make a powerful weed fit for seasoned connoisseurs. A cross of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, pairing a fresh fruit salad with a big hunk of mint chocolate cookie dough has really made for one killer bud.

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies is a wondrous phenotype of the OG GSC and, as such, exhibits much of the same characteristic fragrance and buzziness of its parent strain. Durban Poison and OG Kush come together to form one of the most famous strains out there. Bred by Cookie Fam, Berner’s Cookies saw instant fame for its heavy-hitting, psychedelic stone and Wiz Khalifa himself took the strain to another level of P.R. This incredible phenotype, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, is not for the faint of heart and, in this case, she delivers all her delicious, sticky goodness to her offspring. This strain is also gaining in popularity among medicinal users who need that extra kick. Elevated psychoactivity makes for a ride which lays waste to all low thoughts or moods and her weighty indica dominance makes sure that all aches and pains, headaches, migraines, and cramps are flushed right out the window. We are happy to have Thin Mint GSC in this mix and you will be just as pleased with the Purple Gelato strain!

Sunset Sherbet is a fantastic cross of original Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. With genetics like this, it is no wonder that this tasty specimen is bagging awards and dancing a jig on minds and bodies all across the country. Because this strain is an 85% indica, the sativa side is capable of lifting users up for a couple of hours before the heavy effects of her indica side kick in, making for quite a relaxing stone. Berner’s Cookies are already a household name and pairing them with a cross of such strains as Burmese and Florida Kush has proven a smart choice. Tasting of a sweet and tangy fruit and yogurt parfait with an extra drizzle of honey, Sunset Sherbet not only provides a relaxing and elevating buzzy stone but tastes like nothing you have experienced before in a weed.

So, the Cookie Fam is responsible for pretty much all of what we are seeing right now, and they have, yet again, come up with a strain that is right up there with some of the great indica hybrids around today. We are stoked that this mix is on our table and we are over the moon about what this blend is contributing to Purple Gelato.

Feminization is the process of creating female seeds from female pollen and these fantastic feminized weed seeds are available for delivery all across the country. To the home or commercial grower, regular seeds are not ideal. They are capable of sprouting male or female plants and, depending on temperatures and atmosphere at the time of germination, many of your sprouts may turn out to be male. With these feminized magic beans, there is no question whether they will sprout the right stalk or not. Nearly 100% of the time, growers will enjoy a male-free growing experience, released from the stress of sexing their crop.

Purple Gelato is a mix of some of the great strains out there, making for a wicked high, a super relaxing stone, and an overall tasty treat. The only bronze star for this strain is that she is not the easiest to cultivate.

What Makes Feminized Purple Gelato Strain Popular?

Fans of Purple Gelato Photo Fem love this tasty strain. By blending some of the sweetest strains you can find, Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, breeders created a darling in the cannabis community. Through a combination of these strains you have Purple Gelato, which is a separate phenotype of Gelato, sometimes called Larry Bird. Many smokers have said it is one of the best tasting strains they’ve ever tried. Your very first puff of Purp Gelato will bestow flavors of berry fruits, strong citrus, and a distinct, almost creamy quality. This strain has won two third place awards for its stellar characteristics, once at the 2016 Santa Cruz Cup, and again in 2018 at the High Time Cannabis Cup. Just a couple of puffs is all you need to be convinced of its glorious effects. Most tests of Purple Gelato show it reaching up and over 24% THC and around 1% or less CBD. This potent strain has some kick to it, and you’ll start feeling the uplifting and relaxing effects almost immediately. Due to the sheer strength, this strain will also take a while to taper off, so be prepared to have some food or an activity to pass the time. Thanks to its great genetics and the feminization of this variety’s seeds, it is even accessible to brand new growers and can be chosen for a first time grow with just a bit of research.

Purp Gelato Feminized Medicinal Application

THC certainly isn’t the panacea that we’re looking for, but it’s been used in so many different cultures and regions throughout history as a way to ease the suffering of the afflicted. Whether suffering from mental or psychological illness, THC helps to calm the mind and reduce volatility, allowing the user to find peace. The effects of physical illnesses are relieved by THC and CBD through their pain-numbing abilities. Even those affected by viral illness may find temporary relief through cannabis, as peace of mind can aid their bodies in the fight. In fact, Purp Gelato provides its own tools to the body to help relieve the suffering of many. The stronger THC content can be used to fight the effects of many psychological or emotional disorders by bringing the energy down and clearing the mind of negative thoughts. Purple Gelato’s known for putting its users in an undeniably good mood, which can help with things like anxiety, severe stress or paranoia, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder or bipolar disorder. While CBD usually serves a better purpose for many physical pains, THC still serves this purpose well by interrupting pain signals being sent to the brain. If you suffer from physical illness, you already know you’re in pain, so there’s no need for your nerves to keep telling you so. A couple hits of Gelato will have you feeling uplifted and carefree, and a good dose of the THC will ease the pain of many illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia or severe arthritis.

Purp Gelato Strain Review

Gelato Purple is a delight for smokers and growers, no matter what their preferences in cannabis are, and it is fairly easy to grow. It is, however, a photoperiod variety, which many novice growers may consider a new concept, and as such this strain should be treated as easy – moderate to grow. After finishing a grow of Purple Gelato, you can expect a yield of eighteen oz to twenty-four oz per square yard indoors as well as fourteen oz to twenty-one oz per plant indoors. Your buds will have a THC percentage of anywhere up to twenty-four percent. All of this comes with a rather short flowering period, only taking around eight to ten weeks. One of the most remarkable details in Purple Gelato’s profile is its appearance. These buds are typically purple or dark green, and may become a deeper, vivid purple when grown in cold conditions. Pistils are usually bright orange or amber and serve as a beautiful accent to the main parts of the buds. The effects you will experience are a strong euphoria, followed by a heady high, and a heavier feeling on the body will have many stoners looking for a good snack and a better spot to sit. This strain has a particularly strong ability to put its users to sleep, which will help those suffering from insomnia. The aromas and flavors of Purple Gelato Photo Fem are even more impressive. An extremely rich profile of berry fruits, citrus fruits, vanilla, and some notes such as pine or cedar, all go together inside of an earthy, skunky bouquet.

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Buying Purple Gelato Photo Fem seeds is nearly effortless. Weed Seeds USA is here to help anyone with their cannabis seed needs. Whether you’re buying to grow or simply as a souvenir, we’re happy to provide seeds to our customers all over America. While making up your mind on our many seeds may be a challenge, the ordering process has never been made easier with the help of our web team. Once you’ve found a seed you love, choose your quantity and add it to your cart. When you’re done browsing, head to the checkout and begin a transaction. Be sure to check if your cart qualifies for any of the free shipping options we offer. To pay for your seeds, we offer a wide range of transaction options for your convenience. These include credit, which is completed through the Mesh platform, and many cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. If you’d like to pay with debit, Zelle, or Venmo, we have a payment option to get in touch with our team to do so. Once your transaction has been completed, we’ll pack up your seeds and send them off to you. All of our orders are shipped in very discreet packaging so that your privacy is protected. You can order from us no matter where you live in America. We try to make sure that your package will arrive right at your doorstep in two weeks or less, with many orders being delivered sooner.

How to Germinate Purple Gelato Photo Fem Seeds

Germinating Purple Gelato Photo Fem pot seeds may be the easiest part of the whole process. Using a method that’s been shown to be the best time and time again, it takes only a few things you can find around your house, and about one to five days’ time. The things you’ll need are simply some paper towels, a surface such as a tray or dinner plate, and water, whether distilled, purified or just plain tap water. The first step of the legendary paper towel method is wetting a piece of paper towel. Place it onto your surface, in this case a plate. Open up your package of new seeds and place them onto the paper towel. You can add fish emulsion or another rooting solution at this stage to help your seeds along. Take another piece of paper towel then dampen it, and lay it on top of your seeds. At this step you should check underneath your paper towels and make sure there’s no freestanding water underneath, as this may cause your seeds to rot. Place another plate on top of your seeds, then place them somewhere that will stay warm and dark, such as a cupboard or pantry. Over the next one to five days your seeds will begin germinating. Check on them every so often to ensure they stay moist, and once they begin growing small, white taproots, you can remove them from germination and plant them into your growing medium.

Is Purp Gelato Strain Easy To Grow?

There are some things that growers will have to consider when they want to grow a few bunches of Purple Gelato, but overall, these plants are generally easy to grow, even for beginners. The first of these traits is the fact that this variety is photoperiod. The grower will be required to suddenly change the lighting schedule for these plants during the vegetative growth stage to bring on flowering. These plants will not begin flowering on their own, and thus it is up to their caretaker to bring them into harvest. This can be done by providing eighteen or more hours of light per day during vegetative growth, and then reducing that amount to about twelve hours per day. The ideal conditions for Purple Gelato plants is a temperature of about 75° Fahrenheit over the entire grow, with a humidity of 75% throughout vegetative growth. This can be reduced over time down to 40% throughout the flowering stage. Given the indica nature of these plants, even at their maximum size they will stay rather small, and thus a Sea of Green (SOG) will be the best method of growing to use for these plants. To do this, first place several plants close together in their growing environment. As they grow their vegetation, use a combination of training branches, trimming, and topping to form one large canopy. This will simultaneously make the most of nutrients and light, as well as provide the maximum possible yield.

Purple Gelato Seed Bank

Purple Gelato Photo Fem cannabis seeds aren’t the only sweet treat we have in our seed bank. With over 500 other varieties, we provide a massive inventory for our customers to choose from. While it may be a lot to look at, we try to provide as many options as possible to ensure that you have your perfect seed in mind. To navigate more freely, for every seed we feature in our seed bank we create categories and filters for it. You can search through these categories and filters if you’re looking for seeds with a specific trait. This can help growers who don’t have enough time on their hands to fully care for cannabis. This is where auto-flowering cannabis will come in. Auto-flowering cannabis will flower at a certain age no matter what, taking some of the work out of growing. The opposite of this are photoperiod seeds, which will afford growers more control over their grow. If you’re worried about getting a finicky strain, we also sort all of our seeds by their growing requirements. We have beginner seeds as well as intermediate strains. For every one of our seeds we list the terpenes you can find inside that particular strain. You can even search our seeds based on this trait, because we offer a full list of terpenes that you can click to find every strain containing that certain terpene. Select multiple terpenes to narrow down your flavor profile and find exactly the aroma or taste that you’re looking for.

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Weed Seeds USA is one of the best seed banks to buy quality cannabis seeds. We specialize in seeds rather than a range of cannabis products, so all of our attention is put on the quality and reliability of our seeds. We work every day with professional breeders and growers across America to make sure our seeds are of the highest grade. We believe in them so much that you can even find a germination guarantee on our website, so you know that every single one you purchase will be sure to sprout into a healthy plant. If at any time during your online experience at Weed Seeds you happen to have questions or concerns, we’re happy to hear them. Our friendly customer service team is available to take calls. Our team also responds to emails where service over the phone isn’t available. Every method that we make available of contacting our team can be found through the contact form on our website. If you’d like to speak to our team over the phone, you can contact us at Call US, any time between 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. If you’d like to send us an email instead, you can do so any time by sending it to Create A Support Request. If for any reason neither of these methods work for you, we also offer callback options so that we can fit into your free time.

Learn to Grow Purple Gelato Strain with Female Gelato Seeds

Growing this beast is not an easy job, however, with some care and attention she can work wonders. This is a photoperiod strain, so it is important to know when to flip these gorgeous girls into flowering. Though a rich soil will provide a boost for those flavors and somewhat enrich the vast terpene profile, because of this bud’s susceptibility to mold and pests, a hydro setup is recommended. Hydroponic growing places all the nutrients this plant needs right at the roots, in a constant flow. Another positive aspect of growing in water is that there is no mess, no necessity to water and there are no bugs. Couple your hydroponic setup with a Sea of Green (SOG) whereby plants are flipped into veg early, lollipopped, and grown en-masse in order to utilize space. Though this one flowers pretty quickly, overall growth times can be lessened using this technique, allowing for multiple harvests per year. During the vegetation stage, lights should be kept a little closer and a little warmer than during the flowering phase. A 600-watt LED will work great for this strain and some brands have a veg/flower switch, making it easy to flip simply by flicking the switch and raising the lights up to about 3 feet. Temperatures should be kept around 75°F for the duration of the grow with a dip in nighttime temps in order to get those purple hues we all love to see. Humidity should be kept around 75% for the vegging cycle, then dropped to around 40 or 50% for the flowering cycle with an added drop to around 20 for the last few weeks and the flush. This one does enjoy a bit more humidity than some. Sometimes, strains like this one need some extra protection and there are many solutions available through garden centers or online. Just be sure to check your buds daily and remove any lingering or shading leaves, keep on top of testing your water (and soil if that’s your avenue), and make sure that air is constantly moving.

If you are planning on growing this bushy beast outside, rich, free-draining soil is recommended, and it is important to mix in all of your amendments first. Things like rock phosphates, kelp, worm castings, and coco coir all mixed with a balanced nutrient-based soil will make a great start. With your crop sitting in this stuff, there should be no need to add any more nutrients until the last 4 weeks of flowering. At this stage, it helps to top dress with added phosphorus, potassium, and some more worm castings. Allow your babies to feed on this last meal and they should start to fade around the 8 or 9-week mark. Some weeds mature faster than others and every now and then, a flower will take a couple of weeks longer than what the package or professionals say, especially if you are growing outside. Though this strain likes it a bit sticky, added protection may be necessary to ensure the health of your buds and, because she’s susceptible to mold and pests, the game gets busy toward the end.

When to Harvest Purple Gelato Marijuana Strain

If you have gotten as far as a harvest with this strain, we applaud you! Inside, your gorgeous garden should fade and be ready for harvest at around the 9 or 10-week mark. Sometimes they will take longer, but that depends on a number of factors. If all has gone according to plan, any inside job should net around 500 grams per yard, just over a gram per watt. Outside, where things can change rapidly and, assuming that there have been no major issues leaving your crop incapable of a bounce back, harvests can reach 400-600 grams per plant.

Depending on your drying setup, it may pay to clip at the base of the main stalk and hang the whole plant to dry slowly. Clip off all the major stuff and hang in about 60-65 degrees and 50% humidity until the main stalk snaps. It is important to have that snap with most of the soft flexibility dried out of it and the longer the drying process, the longer those chemicals have to convert to THC. If it looks like it will take longer than this, you may need to lower the humidity and up the temperature. When sufficiently happy with the snap, it is time to manicure and jar. Wide mouth mason jars work best as does a slow cure. Keep humidity between 60 and 65 (62!) for the duration, opening the jars up to release some sweat as necessary. As a point of reference, anything being entered in a Cup generally has a 6-month cure, but that is unnecessary for the home grower. What you want is for the active microbes in the weed to eat all the chlorophyll and other gunk, leaving the structure and the potency. As a general rule, when you open a jar and are greeted with pungency and a rock-hard bud, your nugs are ready.

Medicinal Application For Gelato Purp Photoperiod Feminized Cannabis

The anxiolytic and antidepressant benefits of Purple Gelato cannot be overestimated. Because this is a heavy indica blend, Purple Gelato is capable of helping with many horrid bothers. We face demons every day and some of them are pretty cranky monsters. Purple Gelato is capable of clearing the mind of low and dark thoughts and her soothing and sedating side is reported to push out anything from minor aches and pains to migraines and cramping associated with PMS. Taken in larger doses, this weed may produce adverse reactions such as paranoia, anxiety, and headaches. Though dry eyes and mouth may ensue after smoking a spliff of this lovely leaf, staying hydrated will take care of that, for the most part.

Usual Flavors, Fragrances, and Effects of PGelato Strain

Exploding with a rich cornucopia of flavors, Purple Gelato is complex in texture and rife with confectionery compliments. Grape, berry, vanilla, honey, citrus, and spice are all intrinsic to these jewels. Smoke some and the flavors deepen with an added richness of earth and wood, pressed berries, and pine.

Firing these buds up is always a great idea and, when you do, be prepared for a kick. When grown in optimal conditions, this weed can carry a 25% THC count, easily making prey of users of most experience levels. Users report feeling giddy and elevated, creative, and curious. Smoking this weed brings a sense of wonder and fascination, rather open and childlike. This buzzy euphoria soon morphs into a wonderfully relaxing stone while maintaining the joyousness of the high. Rippling throughout the body, this stone stretches from tip to toe, soothing and sating all sorts of aches and pains, tension, stress, and worry.

Buy Bulk Purple Gelato Seeds in the USA

Mass producers of mainstream cannabis love a challenge. We know that the easier the better, but many horticulturists are appreciative when their might is tested from time to time. If you like Purple Gelato, love the fragrances and flavors, its sturdy, bushy nature, and that gorgeous purple glow, then why not buy these seeds wholesale. Start a fresh crop of Purple Gelato, a great photoperiod strain. There are many costs associated with starting a commercial grow-op. This is why we are here to help you with all the seeds you could need. Why spend 10 to make 10 when your business could be seeing much higher returns. Purchasing bulk means that you pay a much lower price point per unit, ultimately counting money that never has to leave your pocket. The money that growers have saved buying bulk has provided them with all sorts of financial freedom. Think about it, if you are buying upward of a few hundred seeds, that price point can be pretty darn high if they are not purchased in a bundle. You could be looking at thousands of dollars in savings right off the bat! Check out Weed Seeds for all the Purple Gelato beans you will ever need!

Gelato Purple Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds Near Me

Regulations around cultivation and consumption are changing rapidly around the U.S., though seeds have always been 100% legal. They are legal for purchase, distribution, trade, sale, collection, and, in some places, cultivation. If you are a large-scale grower looking to add a new magic leaf to your repertoire, try our Purple Gelato seeds. To save time, energy, and money, we offer these seeds in bulk. Paying for individual seeds or small packets of seeds could break any commercial grower’s bank. For all your bulk needs trust Weed Seeds!

Gelato Purp Photoperiod Fem Strain Seeds in the USA

Purple Gelato is a proven strain which many growers all across the country want to grow. With regulations around the cultivation of marijuana ever-chan