Papaya  Female Seeds

Starting off strong, smooth and energizing before moving consumers into a deep and peaceful calmness of mind, Papaya is a hybrid indica bean you just have to try. These female seeds offer high germination rates, they grow lots of sweet and fruity, spicy and peppery buds, and the positive physical benefits are many. Ready in just eight to ten weeks and requiring little more than a full sun environment and the love you have to give, Papaya feminized seeds from Weed Seeds are your next big ticket to mountains of fruity flowers.

Papaya  Female Seeds

Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 25%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor YieldUp to 400g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 700g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Happiness, Relaxing
Aromas & FlavorsFruity, Citrus, Herbal, Pepper, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesOcimene, Terpinolene, Limonene

Papaya Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

There are many strains claiming a fruity flavor and the world has heaps of sedative indicas. The potent effects of our feminized Papaya photo fem seeds for sale are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are nonetheless powerful, and these seeds are available from Weed Seeds USA. A high THC cross of Mango and Afghani, this seed boasts 22-25% and a range of focusing and sedative effects. A CBD count of < 1% is no problem for medicinal consumers as this strain’s terpenes, limonene, pinene, ocimene, linalool and others rain fire on physical afflictions and deliver a peaceful night’s rest. Simple to grow inside or out and only requiring a few short weeks of flowering before it becomes a dream, this is a seed that does well anywhere. Aromas of mango and papaya start to fill the space and the diversity of color can resemble rainbows and auras. Best enjoyed an hour or two before bed, this is no wake n’ bake bean. In the following sections, you will learn about germination, growth habits and unique characteristics. We delve into what makes this strain so special, so incredibly popular amongst its consumers, and we talk about effects.

Germinate Papeya Female Weed Strain

To successfully germinate the Papeya female weed strain seed is an easy task with a simple recipe. But first, let’s take a look at why it’s asleep in the first place. When a seed develops in the cannabis flower, it reaches a point of perfection and when it is collected and stored away from light and humidity, it just remains ready. Keep it cool as well, much like the fall and winter, and the seed falls into a state of dormancy which is naturally reversed in the spring. To get your seed to sprout, you must simulate what happens come the new season. A little bit of a temperature increase and a little moisture from spring showers will wake up almost any seed, and it is this that you must master. The biggest pitfall facing flower farmers is that they soak their seeds too much, oversaturating it. This rots the shell and the embryo and therefore kills the seed. Temperatures which are too high, those above about 65℉, will couple with the moisture you provide to generate spores and your seeds may start to mold. It doesn’t take an expert to walk with Papaya, so once germinated, get those seeds into the ground immediately.

Grow Papaya Indica Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Afghani crosses are usually quite simple to grow, especially those which lean heavily toward the indica side of life. To grow Papaya indica hybrid fem strain seeds is an experience anyone with the right gear or the right natural environment can do, and do well. Indoors, Papaya needs high light levels for eighteen hours a day to veg and twelve hours a day to flower. Reportedly, this strain does well in a Sea of Green (SOG), though it is branchy enough to ScrOG. Though it is fast, Papaya is a steady grower and in ten weeks, you might see up to 400g m2. Outside, this strain can almost double in size, producing a staggering 600-700g per plant. To make this happen you need full sun all day, steady temperatures of 75℉ or higher, really well-built soil and you need to make sure you keep those pests at bay. Ventilation is especially important during later stages of flowering and in greenhouses, and by October you should be swimming in the sweet aroma of drying buds. Around eight weeks, it is important to start watching trichomes, because the vast array of potential effects is best managed through choosing particular harvest times.

Why is Fem Pupaya Marijuana Seed Popular

Bred through Mango and Afghan, female Pupaya marijuana seeds from WS are so striking in their growability, beauty and production that they are quite prized by indica consumers. This seed is popular amongst tokers because, honestly, it’s not an easy task to find a strain so narcotic in its sedative effects. Some people miss out on so much sleep that it disrupts their entire lives, relationships, motivation and potential. The need for rest screams aloud each hour of the day for some, so this strain is not only popular, but it is necessary. Papaya germinates easily and grows fast, so it is a popular seed for new growers and those looking to up their skills surrounding rapid strains. Though it has a relatively average THC count, Papaya is considered one of the most potent strains on the market. Though it hasn’t won any major awards, its sweet and sour, creamy, pungent and almost acrid flavor profile, coupled with vast sedative potential, makes it incredibly popular. This is one of those rare breeds that produces pink pistils, and the range of color you can squeeze out of these buds in cold weather makes for impeccable bag appeal.

Flower Time For Papaya  Feminized Weed Seed

When you have such a sturdy and productive indica as Papaya photo fem, you’d think it takes a lot of work to get it to reach sweet and stinky perfection. However, this seed is a grower and takes only 8-10 weeks to reach maturity from the moment you switch the lighting schedule to 12/12. How you choose to train Papaya is another factor to take into account. Sea of Green growing allows you to veg clones on a four to six week cycle before flipping to the flowering phase, so these rotations, once nailed down, will deliver a harvest every twelve to fourteen weeks. Outside, plants are finished by the end of September, but they need the last few weeks to be ideal if you are to see quality in your twenty four ounce haul. Once your plants hit the eight-week mark, they can be harvested for higher CBG levels, which is important to medicinal consumers, and the high won’t be as narcotic. Harvest on time and you enjoy all the terpenes and cannabinoids that this strain is known for. Chop late and you won’t stand a chance of staying awake.

Papaya Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

The indica hybrid effects of Papaya Photo Fem cannabis seeds should not be underestimated. This strain is cherished for its sedating nature, and this is the primary purpose of consuming this strain. It does at first focus and uplift, and it can even provide some creative and introspective energies for a little while. Nevertheless, the moment inevitably arrives when the user is locked tight into their nest and carried off to a dreamy bliss. It is recommended that those new to cannabis and those who do not regularly use it stay away. This is because the narcotic effects of the Papaya strain are so impactive and the terpene array so incredibly potent that new users can green out in a heartbeat, and that’s never comfortable. For an enjoyable experience with this weed, take it little by little and you may just find an apt new nighttime companion. The medicinal side of Papaya is all physical. The deep and penetrating body buzz is inescapable, but it is just what many consumers need to get through a pain filled day. Dry mouth, dry eyes, headaches, anxiety and paranoia are common with indicas with this grain of gravitas, so be prepared.

Papaya Photo Fem Review

There is much to be said for a strain as potent and sleep inducing as Papaya, and for anyone who needs it, these seeds are ready for swift delivery all across the nation. This strain exhibits THC counts of up to 24%. Though its CBD content is only slight, the broad selection of terpenes contained in these genetics is more than capable of filling the void. Physical aches and pains subside, tension eases and shoulders, back and jaw relax. Energy first, then focus, then sleep tends to be the flow of the high. Papaya plants grow fast, remain only about three feet tall and they are able to support their own weight, even when they are laden with more than twenty ounces of bud. Indoors or out this botanical is able, and it is resistant to mold, though penetrating ventilation is always of great importance. In just eight to ten weeks from the flip your plants are ready for harvest, and it is quite a special deal to get to chop and trim such a colorful and fruity flower. When you want a real, no joke indica to take you cloud nine and leave you there until morning, you want Papaya from Weed Seeds USA.

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