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Few species of marijuana in this world hold the title landrace and, though it is a three-way blend of Columbian Red, Green Panama, and Panama 74, this stunning strain is one such weed. Growing to 6 feet tall, bursting with bright pink pistils, delivering 350-450 grams per m2 inside and al fresco, and boasting a wonder-filled 13-18% THC, this tropical treat is set to please. Relaxing and energizing consumers the world over through its trance-like buzz, the effects of this hard-hitting sativa should not be underestimated. Trademark for tropical strains, this one punches the senses with lemon citrus and herbal spice bursts and is capable of transforming stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, and fatigue into a walk in the park. There is no denying this powerhouse of potency and production. Contact Weed Seeds USA today to buy Panama Photoperiod Feminized online and see what a must-have strain grows can bring to the garden.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 18%
Indoor Yield350-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield450g per plant
Flower Time10-12 weeks
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Stress
EffectsCreative, Happiness
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Herbal, Lemon, Spice

Panama Seeds For Sale USA

Panama Photo Fem is available through singular or bulk purchases online from Weed Seeds USA. Feel free to shop our vault and send us a message, swing by our Oklahoma headquarters, or give us a ring. Create an account and enjoy all that we have to offer. These Panamanian dream seeds are of top-shelf quality and reliability. The up to 18% THC buds send consumers on a wild thrill-ride of a dreamscape. Prepare for an uplifting, sense-energizing, and creative high that will make you compassionately conversant with the real and the unreal. Parented with love, this strain can deliver up to 450 grams per plant or m2 of loveliness and, because these seeds are feminized it is just one more mouth-watering aspect of their growability. Hop on over and buy Panama Photo Fem seeds online from Weed Seeds today, you won’t be disappointed!

Panama Photo Fem Seeds For Sale

If you have decided you want to grow some cannabis and don’t know what to try, Panama photo fem is a must-have on any serious grower’s list. Those who want to know what an old-school, tropical landrace strain can do buy Female Panama online from Weed Seeds USA. These seeds germinate easily and grow tall and bushy plants packed with bright, rainbow-colored flowers. Those who have successfully cultivated Panama report that it is euphoric, uplifting, calming, and energizing. As a 100% sativa, there is little burnout with this strain, and those who puff her power can keep on going staying focused and creative for hours. Buy some Panamanian power-seeds today from Weed Seeds and find out why people all over the world are shouting Panama rocks!

Growing Panama From Seed

If like us, you love to plant a plot and grow from seed, you can be the master of your organically grown backyard bud thanks to Weed Seeds. With a strain as prestigious and perfect as the beautiful tropical blend that is Panama, your garden can really shine. Grow op or home grow, whatever gets dirt under your nails, you can enjoy the cultivation of a no-bull strain like this perfect landrace sativa. Because of its ancient roots, this strain is pest, disease, and mold resistant grows rapidly and reaches maturity within 10-12 weeks. Flowers are brightly colored, boasting fiery pink pistils and emerald green sugar leaves, all wrapped around big, dense, frosty buds. Germination is easily attained on a moist paper towel or rock wool. To deliver your crop the best start it can get, maintain a humid, subtropical environment and use high-quality, organic nutrients. Growing from seed can be one of the most fascinating experiences of one’s gardening career. To ensure a little tree’s health over months takes effort, time, and love but the dedication it requires and can be highly rewarding.

Is Panama Photoperiod Feminized Easy To Grow At Home?

Panama Photoperiod Feminized weed is relatively easy to grow at home and the incredible harvest this creature can boast makes it known that you are dealing with an OG strain. In a 68-78°F, 55%rH environment, your early flowering stage will thrive. As the buds develop, drop humidity levels for another point of insurance against mold. Spider mites love cannabis when it is in its final stages of flowering and will take advantage of the drier environment, so beware of this little beast. Your Panama plants will benefit from some training, whether it’s scrogging (ScrOG) or left to their own devices outside. Maintain ample ventilation indoors or a wide-open space outside and have fun. This is a stellar and timeless strain and will keep delivering, 420 after 420.

What Makes Feminized Panama Strain Popular?

There are quite a few aspects of this lovely creation that make it a popular pot for puffers everywhere. The fact that it is a pure, 100% sativa, and acts as such, makes it relatable, friendly, and helpful. The restorative effects of this strain benefit medicinal consumers and recreational consumers alike. These nugs have a fresh and fruity, almost tropical bouquet, just one more reason why it is worth growing your own. Grow ops both home and professional can enjoy a reliable cultivation experience, simple cloning, and hardy mothers, never mind the harvest of her offspring. These seeds are feminized as well, making them a shoo-in for anyone tired of sexing crops. Breeders nailed it with these magical pods and Weed Seeds USA has them available for delivery everywhere across the U.S.

Medicinal Application of Panama Canal Feminized

This gorgeous green home grown can alleviate one’s physical pain, pressure, and all the chronic ailments that sufferers put up with daily. Trust a weed so connected to the early cycles of cannabis development in the cosmos to gift us the freedom that this little slice of Mother Nature provides. Thanks to this strain’s anti-epileptic and anticonvulsant properties, muscle spasms, tremors, and jitters can be assuaged. Thanks to this strain’s anxiolytic and antidepressant characteristics, low moods, dark thoughts, and fatigue can be turned on their heads. The stress of dealing with daily physical and psychological pain and debilitation can be given the pink slip and, when arthritis, and migraines keep you in bed this wonder weed can help. With such a versatile medicinal substance that acts everywhere in the body, it is plain to see what makes cannabis such a superb medicinal.

Effects of Panama Canal

This 420 ganja is a perfect strain for either first or last thing, throughout the day or strictly in the afternoon as a bit of a boost. Effects come on strong and fast with Panama Canal, inducing a trance-like demeanor. This lovely strain has vapors that can make you happy, focused and attentive, creative, as well as thoughtful and expressive. Consumers are transported from the painful, tedious and mundane, to another dimension of fulfilling life experience.

Fragrances of Red Panama

Lemon balm and sweet herbaceous notes ring through, while woodiness and a char-like backbone tickle the nose. An air of vanilla can be sensed long after the initial citrus toastiness lingers elsewhere. Red Panama smells tropical, creamy, and fruity and consumers get a large dose of woody, spicy incense-laden haze indicative of the truly timeless toke which is Panama.

Flavors of Panama Red

The flavors of this enticing and seductive strain are wonderful and woody, creamy, and plastered with a rich citrus spice, which can only be described as phenomenal. The fruit cocktail that is this Panama Red cheeba gives way to earthy incense and a strong herbal tinge. Puffing this dank weed is delightful for connoisseurs of all experience levels, but especially nice for those who know what they’re smoking.

Microview of Panama Seeds

All of this strain’s multiple positive effects are due not only to the cannabinoid structures contained within Panama flowers but are thanks as well to little compounds called terpenes. Caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, myrcene, terpinolene, and humulene are all present in this puff and provide an array of beneficial properties. Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, antitumor, anticancer, antiepileptic, and anticonvulsant properties make sure that those who suffer can turn their turmoil into a distant memory. It is recommended that consumers enjoy a broad range of cannabis to ensure they are gaining balanced health benefits. Enjoy these Panama seeds and their harvest responsibly and count on Weed Seeds USA to buy all of your home or professionally grown endeavors.

Buy Panama Strain Seeds Online in the USA

Buy Panama strain seeds online in the USA to get your professional and home-based grow operations off the ground. Weed Seeds is dedicated to locating and protecting the finest strains the US has to offer and we package them up and preserve them for you. We do this so that you can enjoy the magic of parenting pot from pods and reap a harvest like the one this tantalizing strain provides. A 100% sativa, Panama is capable of getting any inner engine going and projecting an ear-to-ear smile on all faces she blesses. Trust Weed Seeds and buy Panama Photo Fem seeds online in the USA and bring Panama home to your garden.

Buy Panama Photo Fem Wholesale Seeds

Weed Seeds USA is a company that looks forward to long-term, professional relationships in which we assist the commercial grow operation to save on time, energy, and money. Our selection of top-notch cannabis seed is sure to have any would-be harvester chomping at the bit to race, not only this big red horse but any number of our hundreds of highly prized and worldly strains. We house rare and cherished landrace and early OG strains, the world’s best indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, auto, fast fem, and regular. Through Weed Seeds USA, you don’t only have the option to buy Female Red Panama online, but the rest of the world too!

Grow Panama Strain Seeds

Grow from seed and see what kind of wonder-weed you can cultivate. If you have germinated and vegged successfully, flowered, and matured your buds according to plan, then you should be sitting at the 12-week mark looking at big buds, coated in rich, milky trichomes. If this is the case, chop and hang in a dark room with solid airflow and a 60°F/60%rH atmosphere for approximately 10-12 days. When the stalk snaps but isn’t bone-dry, cure your nugs in airtight jars. Burp often for the first few days, then slowly start to keep that lid closed. It is important to maintain environments similar to the drying phase inside the jars and, in a few weeks, open and enjoy!

Panama Seed BankPanama Seed Bank

We want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Weed Seeds has the seeds you need, no matter what you are looking for and no matter how large the order. Our collection houses  Feminized Seeds and Hybrid Seeds like Green Crack Fem, Moby Dick Fem, Purple Haze Fem, and Sour Diesel Feminized Pot Seeds. We also boast a booming 710 locker where we store some High THC% Seeds like our regular Bruce Banner. With hundreds of strains to choose from and unbeatable client care and attention, Weed Seeds is here for you. When you want the best, shop the best. Buy chronic seed from Weed Seeds USA to learn that there is a professional distributor ready to make all your seed-laden dreams come true.

Contact Weeds Seeds USA to Buy Feminized Panama Pot Seeds

Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy Panama Photo Fem pot seeds, ready for the grow. We can be reached by phone at Call US, Mon-Fri, 9-6 CST. Drop us a message and, any time you like, you can create an account and peruse our strains. Take a look beforehand so you know what you’re getting into. Any route you decide to take, all of our interactions, and all of your information are guaranteed secure, and deliveries remain top-secret. We are dedicated to your success, so buy Panama Feminized online or try any of our hundreds of high-class strains and get growing with Weed Seeds.

Panama Seeds For Sale USA

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  1. Meadow Sweeney

    Out of all the sativas that I’ve tried to grow, this is one of the easiest and fastest. I like my weed chopped a little early and this strain delivers on all i need it for.

  2. Lily Hartman

    To be honest my first experience did not start off so well. I keeped checking my email to see when my items were shipped. After 2 weeks I decided to send an email on the status of my order. The response I received was that their distributor was behind on one of my items. When I received my email that my items had be shipped they made up for the delay with free feminized items of great Quality. I must say I was and I am very pleased on how it all ended up.

  3. Peter Stacey

    I ordered my seeds on the website, the product info was very clear and after payment i got my seeds delivered on time. They even arrived earlier then i expected, so now i ca start growing my plants!

  4. Chris Black

    5 star and nothing else 🙂

  5. talkaza

    Is there a min. $ per order?

  6. Ben Simmons

    The very best stain of seeds I’ve found to date. The site is very easy to navigate, they also have all the info you’d need on the strain, THC content. Just a great site for all your needs. This is now my go to site when I need to order. Highly recommended.

  7. Andrew Fili

    gotta say that this strain as others would say if a real dream for beginners. These seeds germinated well and the fastest. Very genetics and very adaptable for different growing environments. you cant lose this..

  8. Phil Jones

    You couldn’t supply me with the seeds I wanted so sent me different ones and out of the 3 seeds I got only 2 came up. Overall satisfied.

  9. Ted Mooney

    Very happy with the product, it was delivered on time and promptly I highly suggest for everyone to insterested in growing.

  10. Heidi York

    Entire process went like clockwork. Looking forward to getting in touch again soon.

  11. Benjamin Pace

    Perfect strain for getting lots of work done. This felt like pure sativa to me. People could confuse that with being low intensity but it isn’t. Great for running errands or taking on a huge project.

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