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Sativa Outdoor strains are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to wake up with more energy than their regular morning espresso provides. These stimulating herbs are great for social engagements, creative endeavors, and physically demanding activities. Their THC levels can range from an impressive 20 to 23% which means they send you on a psychoactive mental trip. Depending on their terpene profiles and CBD content, normally around 1%, these buds also offer profound medical relief from a variety of common ailments. The sativa genes generally offer wide internodal spacing and long narrow leaves, meaning these marijuana plants often require less pruning and trimming. However, they can be quite tall, so making sure you have adequate space in the garden is a must to help them flourish! When you buy Outdoor Sativa Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through Weed Seeds, know you are getting superior seeds alongside unwavering customer support.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC Percentageup to 24%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield300-400g per square meter
Outdoor Yield350-450g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Fatigue, Migraines, Stress
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Happiness, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Pine, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

Buy Sativa Outdoor Feminized Seeds in the USA

A great addition to any home grow operation, Outdoor Feminized Seeds grow into impressive plants. When looking to buy Outdoor Sativa Photoperiod Feminized online, you want to make sure you are ordering from a company that has great seeds with pure genetics. Weed Seeds is exactly that. We source our premium seeds from reputable breeders. We are dedicated to providing you with the best 420 seeds on the market and, thanks to our storage and transportation methods, these quality seeds are guaranteed to germinate. Our catalog has countless options, and we have a helpful customer service team that can support you along the way!

Outdoor Sativa Seeds For Sale

It has never been easier to order pretty much anything from the comfort of your home, and cannabis seeds are no departure from the norm. Through Weed Seeds, you can buy Female Outdoor Sativa online with ease. Browse through our site to find the perfect strains to meet your unique needs. Our comprehensive catalog is easy to maneuver thanks to its clear categories and detailed strain descriptions. You will notice a small shipping fee, unless you bulk up your order by purchasing several strains, like South Africa Photo Fem or Strawberry Photo Fem to qualify for free shipping. We offer a safe and protected shopping experience by offering secure payment options and unmarked packages. Have your new seeds on the way to your door without even getting out of bed!

Growing Sativa Outdoor From Seed

When you opt to start a grow from seed, you can rest easy knowing that your Weed Seed beans are sure to sprout. Regardless of the method you explore, you will see abundant results in a short day or two. A popular technique is the paper towel method, as it can be done with a few common household items. Scatter your seeds out on a damp paper towel on a plate and cover them with a second paper towel and plate face down. This creates a little dome that looks like a saucer which creates the perfect moisture to help your plants break free of their shells. You can also buy soil cubes that allow for easy transference of the delicate new growth or use germination stations so you can precisely monitor and regulate humidity levels. Whatever you choose, your plants will be budding in no time!

Is Cannabis-Sativa Outdoors Easy To Grow At Home?

Sativa plants are generally quite tall and lanky. They have long, narrow leaves on spindly limbs and can sometimes reach as high as 10 feet. Because of their size, they are better suited to outdoor garden grow ops where they can sprawl freely and reach their full potential. Their laterally reaching branches may need support depending on the strains’ bud development, so adding in stakes to bear some of the weight is wise. These babies will flower over 9 or 10 weeks and yield 400 to 500 grams per plant. You could opt to grow these indoors as well, though you would have to use a Sea of Green (SOG) technique to manage their size. This is where you grow multiple plants in a cluster and expand their canopy to allow better light penetration. This not only keeps their height in check but can also lead to more prolific bud production. An indoor set up could yield between 350 and 450 grams per meter squared.

What Makes Outdoor Sativa Strain Seeds Popular?

There are many reasons these sun-loving, sativa strain seeds are flying off the shelves, one of the main ones being the fact they are feminized. Feminized seeds were created by breeders discovering they could stress a female to the point of producing pollen. By using this pollen to pollinate other females, they were able to cultivate harvests of pure female seeds. This is ideal because the female plants are responsible for generating the nugs we cure and smoke or eat. When you buy regular seeds and grow a mix of male and female plants, you need to weed out the males before they have a chance to pollinate and turn your potential harvest into an abundance of seeds. This requires a little more knowledge and attention, both of which can be avoided by choosing to buy Female Sativa Outdoor online from Weed Seeds.

Sativa Outdoor Medical Application

These Outdoor Sativa strains offer a wide range of therapeutic value. Depending on the strain you select, you can find options with powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can provide support for conditions like arthritis, migraines, and pain. The uplifting, energizing qualities not only relieve you of chronic fatigue but can offer relief from negative thought cycles associated with mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Most strains offer a happy mind and relaxed body which can help manage everyday stress. Each strain has a detailed medical portfolio so you can find exactly what you need. Often, the adverse reactions are limited to dry eyes and cottonmouth. These discomforts can be handled by drinking lots of fluids during your session. Strains grown from 710 seeds with a higher THC content may lead to things like anxiety and paranoia when overused, so just make sure to stay within the recommended dosage!

Effects of Outdoor Sativa

Sativa strains generally offer a more energized high, which makes them well-loved for wake and bake sessions. High THC levels, paired with sativa genetics, will lead to a soaring euphoria and a positive mind. Often these effects are balanced with a wash of deep calm and full-body relaxation that leaves your muscles free of tension and pain. The tranquility will leave your mind clear to engage in whatever tasks lay ahead and you will go about your day with peace and some newly found energy.

Fragrances of Sativa Outdoor

The odor of these outdoor, sativa dominant strains can range across a variety of pleasing scent combinations. You can find options that boast hints of citrus and sweet, others with earthy undertones or top notes of invigorating pine. Some have an aroma of exotic wood and others tickle the nostrils with spice. Each option includes a scent and flavor profile, so you know just what to expect from your new seeds.

Flavors of Cannabis-Sativa Outdoors

The flavor profile can be just as versatile. Some smoke will carry the taste of earth, wood, and pine to the palate, while another will leave the lingering tang of citrus on the tongue. The taste buds might detect things like peppery spice and sweetness, or you may end up with a complex profile that shares a little of each with your mouth. The flavors are thanks to the terpene profile and there are hundreds of terpenes in cannabis, so you are sure to find something that leaves you longing for another hit.

Microview of Cannabis-Sativa Outdoors Seed

These massive, Cannabis-Sativa Outdoors plants come with a wide array of flavor and scent profiles, an assortment of effects, and a diverse range of medicinal benefits. You can easily find the best strain for you by sifting through the meticulous descriptions of each strain option. The fact that each seed you plant grows into a budding female is just one of the reasons these herbs are finding their way into grow operations around the country. The spacious gaps between limbs and leaves also allow for effortless light penetration and airflow. Get some of these babies into your grow op now!

Buy Cannabis-Sativa Outdoors Cannabis Online in the USA

While you can grow these plants indoors, they are meant to be in the warm sun and gentle wind of an alfresco setup. They are big plants with sprawling root systems that will thrive when given the freedom to spread their limbs in every direction. Using organic soil can help the beauties to develop rich terpene profiles which can build their potency and enhance their odor. Buy Outdoor Sativa Feminized online from Weed Seeds and clear some real estate in your garden so you can start building your home grown stash!

Buy Outdoor Sativa Wholesale Weed Seeds

Some folks are not blessed with the possibility of starting a home grow from seed. Sometimes it is due to legal restrictions on having a home grow, while other times it is a simple lack of space to plant. Either way, these people rely on dispensaries to get access to these helpful marijuana strains. If you are someone who has taken it upon themselves to run large-scale grow operations, we have options for you. We have seeds available in large quantities at wholesale prices. You can find great Outdoor Feminized Sativa strains like the sweet, fruity Cali Orange Skunk photo Fem, the gorgeous, purple-hued, Purple Haze Photo Fem, or the delectable Tangie Chocolope Photo Fem. Bring these awesome herbs to your customers to keep them rolling in delightful options!

Outdoor Sativa Marijuana Seeds Online

Doing your first grow from seed requires a little education. When you opt to buy Outdoor Sativa Photo Fem seeds online in the USA through Weed Seeds, you get both premium products, and excellent support. We aim to aid you in having the best home growing experience possible and so we offer a wealth of information to help you on your journey. Browse through our blog for advice on using different techniques, grow mediums, and equipment. Sift through tips on growing in an outdoor space or indoor tent and tricks for growing on a budget. There are recipes for building your own nutrient solutions and articles that delve deeper into common terms like feminized. If you are left with any questions, get in touch and our team will do our best to put your mind at ease! We assure you that your grow will be both fun, and fruitful!

Sativa Outdoor Seed Bank

If you are looking for a spot to meet all your ganja needs, you have found an abundant resource in Weed Seeds. Our online pot seed bank offers 450 different strain options, each with a detailed description to help you find the perfect weed to meet your unique needs. We have strains that meet different levels of growing expertise and require different techniques and equipment including auto-flowering, feminized, photoperiod,  and Regular Seeds. There are tons of Huge THC Seeds that offer a psychedelic ride or CBD seeds that bring therapeutic relief without sending you into a cerebral high. We have a selection of pure indica strains that bring a relaxing quality to your evening, sativa options that will enliven you in the morning, or Hybrid Seeds that offer a perfect balance of energy and peace. Whatever your needs, we have you covered!

Contact Weed Seeds USA to Buy Cannabis-Sativa Outdoors Strain Seeds

Outdoor Feminized Seeds USA Sativa provide an energizing high that is optimal for a good wake and bake session. If you want to get your hands on one of these awesome, sativa-dominant strains, but have some reservations about growing at home, or concerns about selecting the right option, do not hesitate to contact Weed Seeds USA for help. Our knowledgeable team is happy to assist in whatever way we can. You can get a hold of us through our online contact form or over the phone at Call US. We are available between 9 am and 5 pm CST on Monday to Friday. There is even an option to schedule a call back if you are having trouble fitting us into your busy schedule!

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