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The strain Onyx might not be a semi-precious gemstone, however, it is a very precious autoflowering hybrid with fantastic yields. The THC content of Onix can reach up to 20%, and with its CBD around 1%, if you are hoping to introduce new smokers to the world of cannabis, this strain will rock their world. Indoor, this strain will yield substantial amounts, with most farmers picking upwards of 500 grams per meter squared. Outdoor has an average autoflower harvest of roughly 110 grams per plant. Weed Seeds is the site for you if you are looking for the ultimate in autoflower genetics.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Sativa
THC PercentageUp to 20%
CBD Percentage< 1%
Indoor Yield200-500 g per square
Outdoor Yield50-110 g per plant
Flowering Time10 - 12 weeks
Flavors and AromaBerry, Citrus, Sweet
Wellness BenefitsEnergetic, Happy, Relaxed
TerpenesOcimene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene

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Onnix is one of the first autoflower strains to become available for the regular grower to purchase. It was first bred in 2007 and is the offspring of AK47, Jack Herer, White Russian, and one of the very first ruderalis plants that were able to crossbreed with cannabis plants. Onyx can grow rather tall for an autoflower reaching upwards of four feet and beyond in some rare cases. This flower has an average THC content of 18-20% and pairing with that is <1% CBD. The indoor yield on this stone-cold flower is stunning, with many growers reporting being able to crop down 500 grams of cannabis per meter squared. If you are growing outdoors, this plant has an average production of 110 grams per plant. Onnix has a slightly above average flowering time for an autoflower, with this strain finishing flowering in 11 weeks. While this strain might be somewhat of an unknown auto, the effects of its powerful parents carry over. This is one of the few remaining true hybrids thanks to its balanced lineage and preservation of genetics. This means that if you are looking for the next all-day smoke, then Onix Auto will fill that role nicely. You can expect to feel surges of energy and a general sense of well-being while under the effects of this diamond in the ruff strain. The aromas and flavors of this strain has been almost like a secret weapon, ready to be unleashed the second you open the bag, thanks to the incredibly focused terpene profile this flower has. If you happen to enjoy fruity flavors in your herb, you won’t want to miss out on this strain. If you are hoping to start a large garden of marijuana plants, buy Onix in our always popular 750 Autoflower Mixed Pack

How to Germinate Onyx Auto Fem Seeds

When you are just starting out learning how to grow the giant cannabis plants of your dreams, one of the most important steps in growing cannabis is germination. Germination is the process of waking up your seeds and getting them ready to grow. For this process, we will be doing our best to copy what the seeds would experience if they were just popped into the soil. To get started, you will need to collect a few household items. The first item will be a flat surface that you won’t mind getting a bit wet, a plate will work just fine. You will also need a few sheets of paper towel and a pair of tweezers. Now grab your plate and lay it down. After that has been completed, take one sheet of paper towel and get it slightly wet. You don’t want it to be waterlogged, so make sure to wring it out first if you find that it is retaining too much liquid. Once you have the damp paper towel, lay it out gently on the surface and get your seeds ready. When moving seeds from the package to the paper towel, it’s imperative that you don’t use your bare hands as the oils that reside in them can damage your seeds. Using tweezers, take each seed one by one and place them on the paper towel. You will want to leave at least an inch and a half space between each seed so that they have room to expand. Once the seeds are placed evenly, lay another damp paper towel over the top and take the seeds into a dark space such as a cupboard or guest room. Leave them to do their thing for three to seven days, or once the taproot emerges.

Growing Onix From Seed From Seed At Home

Growing the lovely Onyx weed strain from seed is almost as simple as growing cannabis can be. If you never grew auto-flowering seeds before, they are almost the same as regular or feminized seeds. The major difference is that autoflowers will enter into their flowering phase regardless of season or light. This is one reason why we recommend novice cultivators start off with an autoflower variety of seeds. Starting off with an autoflower will allow first-time weed farmers to focus on other aspects of the growing experience. Once your seeds have been germinated and planted into the growing medium of your choice, the only thing the novice will have to focus on is making sure the plants are well fed and hydrated. Another amazing bonus that comes with growing autoflowers is that they have built-in pest and disease resistance. The vegetative stage is the most unneutral part in many growers’ opinion, but if it’s your first time growing, it’s the perfect chance to get to know your plants inside and out. If you are growing autoflowers, you will find most auto strains are rather short and look much different than more contemporary cannabis strains. There are always exceptions to every rule, and Onix is one of those. This plant seems to love to grow tall, with most reaching four feet in height, and some grow even taller. Once Onyx has completed its flowering phase, it’s time to reap the rewards. If you choose to grow indoors, you can expect a bountiful harvest of 200-500/m2. Outdoors this strain performs much the same as other autos, with most cultivars able to crop down 50-110g per plant. If you do choose to cultivate outdoors, onyx will grow as easy as a weed making it simple to plant multiple seeds where ever your heart desires.

Flowering Time For Onnix Autoflower

Watching an auto strain like Onnix beginning to flower looks a lot different than the flowering you see from pot seeds. One of the most notable differences is that these strains will enter into their flowering phase without the need for light to trigger it. When autoflowers begin to flower normally, it is much quicker than their regular counterparts. It seems that when it comes to the strain Onnix that there are a few major divergences from the norm. The first major difference between Onnix and other autoflowers is that it grows almost a foot taller. The second massive difference is how long the flowering period will take. Most growers report that this strain flowers in 11-12 weeks, which is much slower than most other autoflowers. While the strain might take a bit longer to finish its flowering, that doesn’t mean that it’s of lesser quality. It actually implies the opposite as what it reveals is the autoflower genes are a bit more dominant. This will leave you with bigger buds and bigger yields. If you want to go the extra mile and increase your output, then it won’t hurt to add some lights to your flowering room. At the same time, autoflowers don’t require light to enter into their bloom. That doesn’t mean that adding some light won’t help increase yields. When cannabis is in its flowering phase, the most beneficial light you can use is a red light or a far-red light. A red light will help increase the amount of bud you receive when cropping down. There have been studies that show when flowering cannabis is only exposed to red light, while the amount of buds increases, the level of THC and CBD actually diminishes. You can combat this by having a blue or white light on for a few hours at a time.

What Makes Onnyx Strain Popular?

Onnyx has suddenly popped back in the scene and has gathered a bit of a cult following. When this strain was first created in 2007, many people had never seen an autoflower before as they had just been released to the general public. This caught the attention of both growers and breeders alike. Since the ruderalis strain that onyx was bred with still remains a mystery, many people think that it was crossed with the Lowrider strain, which was officially the first commercially available autoflower cannabis strain. Word spread around the globe at this cannabis breakthrough. People flocked from far and wide to get a chance to try their hand at growing an auto flower for the first time. Since there were limited autoflowers at the time, Onnyx became an instant hit. Not only did it automatically enter flowering after 11 weeks, which was rather quick for that time, it also had amazing yields of 500 grams per square meter when grown indoors. Many growers took another look at cannabis seeds and decided to switch over to autoflowers after witnessing the success that many farmers had in developing it. In many ways, this strain was one of the trail blazers for helping autoflowers become so popular. Today, autos are as popular as ever, maybe even more so. Since the seeds retain some of the purest ruderalis genetics from way back in the day, this strain becomes quite enticing to breeders who want to produce some of the ultimate autoflowers. Many cultivators also try their hand at growing a classic trendsetting strain. When it first appeared on the scene, the 20% THC content was considered quite high for its time. Even though it’s considered average now, it’s still enough to impress first-time autoflower growers.

Fragrance and Flavors of Onyx Auto Fem

Since Onyx was one of the first autoflowers that the populace was able to grow way back in 2007, the combination of aroma and flavor will teleport you back to the 00s. While this trendsetting strain is growing, the grow room will be filled with a fruity flavor that will remind many old school growers of the berry wave that swept through grow rooms all over the country right before Kush seemed to become the most dominant strain. This berry aroma will linger around your grow space, only becoming more intense as the flowers begin to mature. Once the flowers have been picked and cured, the berry explosion will slowly transform more into a citrus fragrance. This pungent lemon smell will then take over as the predominant aroma that will be the prevailing perfume. This intense citrusy aroma will blast out of any bag you open that has the cured and dried flowers of Onyx in it. If you have ever wanted to travel back in time, the first time you get to taste the sweet flavors that onyx has, you will be reminded of what life was like back in the old days of 2007. Thanks to the parents of this strain, it has retained very delicious flavors that many might recognize if they have been around cannabis for a few decades. If you love sativas, you would most certainly recognize the unforgettable earthy taste of a certain strain named after a gun. While the parents of the stain Onyx have continued to live on their legacy, it’s nice to know that they have imbued it with all the aspects that made them so well known. If you want to grace your garden with a collection of famous high-grade autoflowers, check out our 750 Autoflower Mixed Pack.

Effects of Onix Autoflower

As this rock star of a strain is a finely balanced hybrid, you can expect the effects to reflect aspects of both sativa and indica. This strain is well known for affecting each user differently based on the needs of that user. Some morning larks will have a toke of Onix to start their day and be filled with energetic joy that will last them throughout the day. The same can be said for users who are night owls and are looking for a quick energy boost so that they may enjoy the night. Whereas if the same users were hoping to get to sleep, somehow this strain would know, and the effects would mimic their needs. Many users have found that they feel incredibly relaxed after having a quick puff of Onix. Thanks to this strain’s hybrid feature, no matter if users need a daytime smoke or flower to help them drift off to sleep, Onnix will assist them and let them achieve their stoner goals. No matter what the user’s end goals are for using cannabis, this strain will leave them feeling happy and joyful while allowing a sense of relaxation to wash over them. It is truly one of the more balanced cannabis strains available. Suppose you are looking for a strain to introduce to someone who has never tried weed. Onix is a fantastic strain to allow a novice to test the waters, as none of the effects will overwhelm them. The combination of both indica and sativa effects will allow you to have a quick puff of this strain under any circumstance. This allows more freedom and versatility when it comes to picking the right strain for your needs. The synergistic effects truly make this a remarkable and unique strain that is hard to find with other marijuana strains.

Overview of Onnix Auto Fem Stats

Onnix is a testament to the advancement of cannabis breeding techniques. As this strain is one of the first autoflowers that could be purchased commercially, it has a long and deep history in the cannabis world. As the autoflower market becomes more saturated with all different sorts of strains, it can become important to revisit the classics to understand the foundations on which these new strains were built. When looking at these forbearers of the cannabis world, it’s interesting to note that when this strain first entered the market, its THC content of 20% was considered rather high. To this day, it is still one of the highest THC autoflowers available. Its yields of 500 grams per meter squared indoors are as impressive as some of the newest autoflowers out today. Outdoor yields will be around 110 grams per plant, putting on par with most other autoflowers. The only place that modern autoflowers have this strain beat is in flowering time. Onix has a flowering time of around 11 weeks. This balanced hybrid’s effects are vast and will morph into the kind of high that users need. The flavors of this flower are straight out of the 2000’s, with delicious fruit flavors and deep earthy undertones. The vastness of the flavors is all thanks to the simple but deep terpene profile in this plant. Caryophyllene is a very well-known cannabis terpene and is one of the most common ones found in weed. It comes from black pepper and has been shown to help with panic attacks and anxiety. Ocimene is a lesser-known terpene found in basil and has been used for many centuries as a decongestant. Finally, we have Terpinolene, which is considered by many to be one of the rarer terpenes. It works well as a sedative and can be found in apples and a whole slew of other plants.

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