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OG Kush is an old-school weed of speculative origin, though we all think it’s a cross of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush strains. Famous since birth, this strain continues to wallop consumers over the brain with its hard-hitting and high-flying psychedelic nature. Not super easy to grow, this strain takes a bit of know-how but, once you get the hang of it, few can compare to its intrinsic glory. Known as a backbone strain for a reason, OG Kush is mother and grandmother to many tremendous strains alive today and remains one of the greatest weeds in history. These seeds are feminized so growers can be free to learn the ins and outs of growing OG Kush in a male free environment. These love-nuggets are available through Weed Seeds USA, your American distributor of the finest seeds this great country has to offer. Call or click today to get growing OG Kush Fem strain seeds!

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 22%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield425-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
Wellness BenefitsADD/ ADHD, Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Pain, Stress
EffectsCalming, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Lemon, Pine, Skunk, Spice, Woody
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

OG Kush Seeds For Sale USA

There are some strains which folks generally don’t need to be sold on. OG Kush is one of them. This indica-heavy hybrid, measured at 75/25, delivers a high-impact, euphoric joyousness and sociability coupled with a truly relaxing body buzz. A couple of puffs should show anyone why this incredible flower has been one of the main strains utilized in developing dozens of award-winning weeds we know and love today. Spicy, lemony, herbal fragrances and flavours, dense, sticky buds and middle-high THC make this happy hitter one of the greats. Its parents are thought to be old-school Chemdawg and Hindu Kush landrace indica, though this information is generally regarded as speculation. However, due to OG’s characteristics, fragrance, smoke and effects, it makes sense that these two mighty strains are in the mix. Any way you slice it, OG Kush is one of the great hybrids, highly prized, highly sought-after and, when grown in optimal conditions, certain to deliver that pleasing stone old-schoolers are looking for.

Chemdawg is another weed of unknown origin; however, it has become one of the famous strains, birthing many offspring. With THC levels measured between 19 and 24%, this has proven to be a no-joke weed which is capable of flattening novices and makes a great wake and bake for any relaxed, experienced toker. Diesel-fuel, spice and pine are trademark scents with this weed and a few tokes will deliver a deep skunk and ammonia burst which tickles the sinuses. Right off the bat, this strain hits hard, stimulating and amplifying the senses, manipulating perception. This can seem a bit much for some so the hit and wait method is recommended. Seasoned tokers report feeling blissful and uplifted, creative, curious and conversive, motivated and able to do all things necessary. Thank you Chemdawg!

Hindu Kush is another weed which has been a household name since it arrived to the West in the 60’s, quickly becoming a West Coast favorite. By the 80’s, the Hindu Kush was a household name amongst cannabis consumers and has since been a happy and proud Momma-bear to hundreds of blends. Growing in the wild places for millennia made this an incredibly hardy strain, capable of escaping pests, disease, mold and able to handle mild temperature fluctuations. Being a 100% landrace indica, this incredible strain is soothing and relaxing. The flavours are of wood, earth, pine and incense, indicative of the region she is indigenous to. Light these nugs up and the pine deepens into a mix of sandalwood and spice with a grapey, pine-sap finish. THC levels trademark of landrace strains sits between 17 and 20%, so there should be no worries about greening out. This is simply a sophisticated and relaxing smoke which compliments the Chemdawg perfectly and makes for a killer nug in OG.

These feminized seeds from Weed Seeds USA are guaranteed to blow your mind, and not your budget. Whereas growers of the past have had to sex their crops, this is now passe through the process of feminization. Soaking a young female plant with colloidal silver or silver thiosulfate tricks the growth hormones into thinking that it’s a male. The female plant then produces pollen, and the ensuing fertilization of the seed crop produces all-female seeds. As if growers didn’t get excited enough about OG Kush and its crushing potential, now you never have to worry about an annoying male screwing up the tent, room or garden. Weed Seeds sources only the best U.S.-grown seeds from top-notch American breeders and we deliver all over the country. When you want OG Kush Fem strain seeds, look no further than Weed Seeds USA!

What Makes Feminized OG Kush Strain Popular?

The true genetic makeup of OG Kush isn’t entirely known. It could be a combination of Lemon Thai, Old World Pakistani Kush, and a Chemdawg variant from the early 90s. Some believe the OG stands for Original, others think it means Ocean Grown and it might even be initials of an infamous site. Either way, cannabis lovers of all varieties are fans of this feisty plant. The heavy, powerful aroma has the slightest whiff of sweetness hinting at a tangy finish. The taste on the tongue lingers playfully and despite being mostly indica at 70 to 75%, it feels a lot like a sativa. This gangly ganja takes about eight weeks to flower and delivers about seventeen ounces per square meter. The plants fill out nicely as they mature, and reach about three and a half feet. Expect thick buds generously covered in sticky, potent resin.

OG is often called one of the top strains of all time and it has won numerous Cannabis Cups. It’s no surprise to see it frequently used as a medicinal strain. Kush can be taken by those suffering from PTSD, Parkinson’s, depression, and anxiety. With THC levels anywhere from 19% to 26%, this hard-hitting mental buzz can be sedating and may lead to lethargy. This weed is widely touted around the globe as a best seller. Its flavor is unmistakable, while its strength and effects guarantee a superior stone. Even experienced smokers will feel the impacts of OG’s outside average THC levels.

Medicinal Application of OG Kush Feminized

OG Kush is a mighty relaxant and often used to influence a happy, chilled-out state of uplifting euphoria. This is why it makes a great tool for anyone looking to unwind after a long or strenuous day. Because of THC levels that reach the higher end of the spectrum at 26%, tokers have been known to experience getting stuck in a couchlock. This strain is reported to enhance flavors, and the desire to eat. This may make it helpful to anyone looking for an appetite stimulant. The reliable strength of the THC levels leads to its popularity and recurring recommendation as an aid for an array of ailments. Relaxation is the beginning, and in the end, it may alleviate the discomfort of deep muscle pain, headaches, migraines, and nausea.

This legendary strain is popular with those suffering from physical pain because of its CBD levels of 0.30%. Aches and pains typically recede within a few minutes of finishing a smoke session. When pain is relieved, so is stress, opening all sorts of doors of perception. As old low thoughts disburse and negative moods move aside, you become free to enjoy life. Pains of the day may not seem so painful, and concern can become a thing of the past as serenity slips over your state of being. A few hours of solace might be the answer to a depressive day or waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Stay hydrated to avoid cotton mouth, take it easy toking, respect yourself by respecting the weed, and have fun!

OG Cush Strain Review

OG Cush Fem boasts a strong earthy musk scent, unique and familiar to its roots. The smell alone will indicate to cultivators how soaked in resin the dense, sticky buds are. A hint of lemon and a general citrus smell may be picked up as you tend to the crop as well. Some people say these plants make their grow shows and greenhouses smell like a forest full of pine. This is an indication of how distinct, not to mention potent this strain is. Kush has a taste that matches its fragrance. It is fresh and earthy, while the woody taste carries a little of the spicy flavor. Some people have even described the taste as something that came from a barbeque. The mix of all these sweet notes and lemon-lime scents creates a unique blend that keeps it in high demand.

This strain does its best when grown in carefully controlled and optimized settings. Because it has a low resistance to diseases and pests, it can become susceptible to powdery mildew, mold, or bugs, so you’ll have to keep humidity low indoors and rooms spotlessly clean. For outdoor success, it should be provided with a tropical hot climate to encourage maximum growth. THC levels are generally around 22% but have been measured at an outstanding 27%! That’s why the effects of this plant are as potent as its decadent bouquet. This impressive THC level naturally makes it a top choice for producing concentrates like rosin, shatter, or wax.

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Kush is one of the strains that will do well if you’re a commercial grower looking for a staple variety. When you purchase seeds in bulk you save big, and saving money means higher-paying crops. Experienced cultivators know OG is a timeless strain, a cinch for professionals, and a no-brainer for cannabis enthusiasts. Weeds Seeds USA is your homegrown American distributor for the finest seeds our country has to offer. We’re serious about taking care of our seeds, so they always start for you. Browse our online catalog or contact us with your order and we’ll quickly respond to confirm. Payment with our platform is easy and secure, and we ship orders quickly and discreetly.

Our pages are packed with information about products, so you know everything you need to make an informed choice. Our secure online platform means your information will always stay confidential with us. Our hemp experts are available to answer questions and handle concerns by phone, or email for more convenience. We have all the Kush Fem strains you need to succeed. We know that switching over to a new crop can be time-consuming and expensive. But planting a seed is a simple, quick way to start a strong phenotype, and that’s one reason to buy in bulk. We guarantee each seed’s viability, so you won’t be let down come time to germinate. Weed Seeds ships all over the US, so we can assure you a no-fuss experience with us.

How to Germinate OG Kush Photo Fem Seeds

Feminized OG Photo seeds need to sprout to be ready to plant, and germination is a fairly straightforward process you can do at home to cultivate your new life. Prepare a clean plate (avoiding paper), grab the seeds, some paper towels, bottled water, and tweezers. Moisten the paper towels but don’t oversaturate them. Spread one of the paper towels on the plate. Place the seeds with your fingers or the tweezers. Make sure to do it gently and give them at least an inch of space from each other. Cover the magic beans with another paper towel. You can add a little water to the plate, but make sure you pour off any excess liquid.

After you have completed these steps, just leave your seeds somewhere warm and dark. A drawer or closed cupboard works fine, and you can even place another plate on top to form a dome for extra protection. Check on your cannabis seeds every twenty-four hours to ensure they stay moist. In about two to five days, they should sprout and a small white thread will start protruding. Remove any of the popped ones using tweezers and transfer them to the growing medium of your choice. Loose soil works fine, just make sure it has enough nutrition to feed your seedling for the first couple of weeks. Germination is pretty easy, but if you feel unsure at any point visit the germination guide on our site. It has visual aids and detailed explanations of all the steps, ingredients, and terms to assist you.

Is OG Kush Strain Easy To Grow?

Growing this classic beauty can be a pleasure. This easy to grow strain might improve your learning curve. She’s stocky and short, sporting a mass of branches, so several cultivation methods work well with her. Large-scale growers will appreciate the Screen of Green (ScrOG) technique for a few reasons. When only having to vegetate the plants until they fill the lower screens, flowering can be triggered faster. And by manipulating the branches during flowering, light is spread more evenly through the crop. This also improves airflow to the buds and their quality overall. The Sea of Green (SOG) is a similar method for small spaces, where the plants can be kept tightly packed and form a similar canopy. Taking clones is easier during the veg stage, and the turnaround time of this technique rivals autoflowers.

Unlike other Kush varieties, these plants are easily affected by mold, bugs, and diseases, and don’t tolerate temperature shifts. A 75°F environment is recommended indoors. If you’re growing outside, make sure these ladies have lots of sunlight and protection. Pruning helps ventilation, and no matter what situation you’re growing in that’s a must for a healthy harvest. It also improves the light getting to your plant but be careful not to stress the plants out by over-trimming. It’s advised to give these girls extra micronutrients and make sure your pH is balanced. This strain needs a little babying but overall, it is not too demanding. If you educate yourself, it will lead to successful results.

OG Kush Seed Bank

Maybe you’re already familiar with OG Kush and want to try something similar. Weeds Seeds USA has over 500 other fabulous cannabis varieties online in our catalog. Search our category sets for high THC and CBD, first-rate feminized, outstanding autoflowers, and proven photoperiod seeds. Our extensive selection means there’s an indica, sativa, or hybrid to make any collector or connoisseur satisfied. Try our OG Kush Auto Fem for the same sweet skunky goodness, without the fuss of changing light cycles to start flowering faster. For a slightly different speed, try the Sour Diesel x OG Kush Photo Fem. Its immense yields and heavy-hitting 22% THC levels make this cannabis a fan favorite all over the country.

Don’t let the name of Black Demon OG Photo Fem scare you. This special and stunning weed is a perfect blend of earthy, citrus sweet, and spice. At 20% THC, the mind and body are eased into euphoria, while the 0.5% CBD extends the soothing effects. Blood Diamond OG Photo Fem is a contemporary take on a world-famous feature strain. It is a little prettier, more powerful, and more potent! The generous glaze of unmistakable crystals and trichomes boasts an impressive 24% THC, making her a clear choice for aficionados. Fire OG Photo Fem combines OG Kush’s cool trademark flavors and aroma, with San Fernando Valley OG’s heavy-hitting power. It’s been voted one of the strongest in the whole Kush family numerous times. Whatever you choose from the myriad of marijuana varieties out there, trust Weeds Seeds to deliver the goods.

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Our expert breeders provide Weed Seeds USA with the superior pot seeds professional cultivators and green thumbs appreciate. Our genetically pure seeds are stored securely and guaranteed to sprout once they arrive. Immaculate seeds require good care, and we provide just that. Purchasing premium hand-picked seeds has never been simpler than from our virtual seed vaults. You’ll access some of the finest seeds available in America and exceptional customer support for your cultivation endeavors. And successful seed viability takes the anxiety out of a part of the experience. Our wonderful team of weed representatives is educated and excited to aid you. We’re here to help make purchasing enjoyable and your home grows more bountiful.

Any commercial cultivator will understand the importance of planting without the fear of running out of seeds and more delicious profits from lower price points. An abundance of information is always available on our blog. We post tips for different equipment, techniques, and tricks for improved health and greater yields from your garden. If you still have questions or concerns about our products and services give us a ring. We’re always available 9 am to 5 pm CST Monday to Friday at 1 844 807 1234 to assist you. If your busy schedule makes it hard to get a hold of one of our friendly staff, you can send us an email instead at [email protected] We’ve got you covered from choosing the perfect seeds to curing the smoothest weed.

Growing OG Kush Photoperiod Female Pot

Growing this little beast is a pleasure, though not necessarily for the beginner. Short and stalky with a mass of branches, a number of methods of cultivation will work well with this strain. Commercial growers will most likely rely on a Screen of Green (ScrOG), whereby plants are left to veg until they begin to fill the lower screen. When flipped into flower, branches are manipulated and spread throughout screens to maximize light penetration. Those looking for a quicker turnaround will utilize Sea of Green (SOG) techniques, where the veg phase is knocked down to 2 to 4 weeks so plants can be kept small and tightly packed together. This is a great method for taking clones and the turnaround can be comparable to autoflowering varieties. Those growing personal weed at home in a tent may employ a combination of low-stress training (LST) and high-stress training (HST) in order to maximize single-plant yields. If this is the case, bend the plant over and spread out branching as it develops. Some guy-wiring is generally necessary to keep branches separated. Continue to spread branching apart throughout the vegging stage and the improved light penetration will make for some powerful and balanced bud-nodes. Come flower time, complete defoliation of the lower third will ensure all that power is going just where it should.

Unlike its parent, Hindu Kush, this plant is quite susceptible to mold, pests and disease and does not tolerate shifts in temperature. Controlled 75 degree environments with matching RH are preferred; however, if you must plant this beast outside, make sure it has full sun and lots of protection. Ventilation is always important, no matter what your growing situation and this one will benefit from some extra micronutrients and a balanced pH. As with any grow, minor defoliation is necessary to ensure light penetration and it is up to you how far you take it. Overall, this strain needs to be well taken care of, almost babied, so it pays to know your weed before attempting to tackle this strain.

Flowering Time For OG Kush Photo Fem Pot

In a Sea of Green, this one should be done in 3-4 months and produce up to an ounce-and-a-half per plant. Screens may see a yield of up to 500 grams per square yard at the 10th week of flowering and outdoor grows, if managed appropriately, should produce anywhere from 300-450 grams by the end of October. These buds are beautiful, bright green and rich with powerful trichomes. Spicy and sweet, woody fragrances fill the room as bright orange pistils reach for the sky. How one decides to harvest this plant is up to the individual; however, the drying process is incredibly important to get right. Generally speaking, drying should take no more than 14 days, though with most buds, 10 or 12 days is preferred. The point is to allow the microbes in the bud’s time to eat the chlorophyll and tailings in the weed, making for a tastier and smoother smoke. When buds are a bit crunchy and stems snap without breaking the fibres, the buds are probably ready. Throwing a couple in a jar with a hygrometer to check humidity is a good idea and meters should read approximately 55%. Curing your weed is just as important and takes practice. 62% humidity is considered perfect and there are a number of products available to ensure curing consistency. Complete these tasks correctly and you could have some truly remarkable weed.

Original Kush Photoperiod Feminized Pot Medical Application

Though not considered a medicinal marijuana, there are a number of gnawing troubles which OG Kush may assist with. Aches and pains generally recede within minutes of finishing your smoke and users are instantly uplifted, old low thoughts and moods cast aside. When stress is taken out of one’s life, all sorts of doors begin to open up. Suddenly the pains of the day don’t seem so painful, concerns over other health issues turn into an acceptance and a serenity involving the wisdom of knowing one is doing everything they can and is free to enjoy life. Those who have been long-time depressive types can find a few hours of solace. Though it is recommended that users rely solely on weed as a ‘fix it’ tool, it certainly comes in handy when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Adverse effects can ensue from overdoing it and they are never fun. Mixing this weed with another of similar or more powerful terpenes can induce illness and lethargy. Overtoking OG Kush can induce paranoia, anxiety and couch-lock. Munchies are common so make sure you have some healthy snacks, and it is always a good idea to stay hydrated. This is a plant based drug after-all, no matter what some folks may say, so take it easy, respect the weed, respect yourself and others and have fun!

Flavoring, Fragrance, and Effects

A little spicy, a little woody, a little piney with a hint of lemon, OG Kush is an absolute delight to the senses. Breaking a fresh bud open releases these scents and firing them up simply deepens and enriches these profiles. Sweet pine, earth and lemon is one of those combinations which can only be described as heavenly and connoisseurs all around the world know exactly what we mean.

Effects of this potent plant are just as rich as the bouquet. THC levels have been measured at an absolutely annihilating 27%, though this is uncommon, and users can generally expect somewhere in the 22% range. Regardless of these numbers, the high experienced from this strain is supercharged and users report trippy psychedelics before being forced to the couch. An instant change in mood is apparent to any onlooker, trademark of these early super-strains. Generally uplifting and elevating, the high from this weed quickly turns to a stone and even advanced tokers may find themselves on the couch with their favorite bag of cookies before nodding off for a quick snooze.

Buy Wholesale OG Kush Photo Feminized in the USA

Though most commercial growers rarely plant a seed anymore, sometimes it is a necessary evil. Switching over to another crop can be expensive and time-consuming, especially if one has to go out and source clones. Planting a seed is sometimes the quickest way to begin developing a strong phenotype and, when this needs to happen, there is every reason to buy bulk. Many companies out there tell you they have all the power and know-how to ensure seeds’ viability only to completely let you down come germination time. We guarantee our seeds so there should be no question as to whether they are viable or not, whether they are going to germinate or not. We are not in the habit of wasting our time and money and we most certainly don’t want to waste yours.

Businesses can be expensive to run, crops important to ensure, and time and energy important to manage. When you order wholesale through Weed Seeds USA, you are assured to have a no-fuss experience every time. Trust to deliver the beans you need, when you need them!

Buy Kush Photo Feminized Bulk Seeds

OG Kush is one of those strains which will always do well among the retail population. If you are a commercial grower looking for a staple strain which you know people are going to jump at, purchase our American seeds in bulk. You professionals know what the deal is. You know that OG is one of those timeless strains, a cinch for professional cultivators and a no-brainer for the masses. Buy bulk and save money on that next high-paying crop.

Original Kush Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

Weed Seeds USA is a 100% homegrown distributor of the very best seeds of the very best strains this country has to offer. We are trained in taking care of all of our seeds, so all you have to do is add water. Simply contact us with your order amount and we will get back to you to confirm. Payment is easy and secure and shipping is quick and discreet. Our info-packed product pages are designed to tell anyone all they need to know, and our happy experts are available 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday to answer all your weed seeds needs. Call Call US or click today for all the OG Kush Fem strain seeds you could ever hope to grow!

Similar Marijuana Seeds For Sale in the USA

If you like OG Kush and would like to try some similar strains, we have chosen a few which have proven favorites amongst tokers everywhere.

We know that OG Kush Fem is a great strain, timeless and loved. For the same sweet and stinky goodness in an autoflowering package, try OG Kush Auto Fem. This green is guaranteed to flower fast without the fuss of photoperiods making it perfect for the home grower!

If you want to try something truly spectacular, attempt the beast that is Sour Diesel X OG Kush Photo Fem. Massive yields and a one-and-done nature have made this heavy hitter a fan favorite the country over. Don’t overdo it though, cause that 22% THC count can be mean!

Black Demon OG Photo Fem is a unique and beautiful weed which is a perfect blend of what good weeds should be. Earthy notes with sweet lemon and spice make this a tasty blend. While 20% THC levels drown the mind in wonder and euphoria, 0.5% CBD brings a longevity to the soothing relaxation.

Looking for something a little more contemporary? Try Blood Diamond OG Photo Fem. This newer take on our world-famous feature strain is a little prettier, a little more powerful and a little more potent. Glistening with a generous frosting of cap