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Many cannabis users try to get their hands on this potent strain for many reasons. A selling feature would be how quick they are to grow, with an 8-9 week flowering time. This is convenient for people trying to grow lots in a small period of time. Another would be how easy it is to grow in a controlled environment. Controlling the humidity and temperature correctly and fertilizing will pay you back in spades with some of the dankest weed around. The flavors and fragrance are out of this world as each toke you take your senses will be overwhelmed making for a very enjoyable toke. The high is a whole other ball game, as it comes in hard and fast smacking you in the face with its 27% THC content. You will feel relaxed yet able to do the daily things in life. Be sure to use it in small doses to save you from an early bedtime. Overall, this strain is top-notch for beginners, expert growers, and everyone in between. Luckily, Weed Seeds offers this strain. Get your Auto OG Kush Fem seeds today and get started on upping your marijuana game. Most marijuana strains from the USA or West Coast are either phenotypes or descendants from OG Kush. Did you know what OG stands for? There are several stories surrounding the origins. Some like to think it is short for Original Gangsta, but it could also mean that is Ocean Grown. The original breeder was experimenting in California and while he tweaked his strain, he pointed out that it was not mountain-grown, but ocean-grown! No matter what version is true, there is no denying that this strain has made a huge name for itself around the world by its super dank effects and potent smells. This strain will not be going anywhere anytime soon, as the cannabis culture is in love and wants more and more of this marijuana.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 21%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield425-500g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time7-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsADD/ ADHD, Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Migraines, Pain, PTSD, Stress
EffectsEnergizing, Euphoric, Happiness, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Aroma & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Pungent, Spice, Sweet, Woody
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, a-Myrcene

OG Kush Autoflower Seeds For Sale USA

One of the top-selling marijuana strains around the world is Auto OG Kush Fem. This 75/25 indica dominant has made a huge name for itself and is super high in demand for cannabis users everywhere. The high THC content that can reach up to 27% gives you a captivating euphoria that will have your body and mind hit the relax button. With a mixture of herbal scents and flavors, this weed is all around a perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful indica. Prices can reflect on how desirable this strain really is, at Weed Seeds you can order Auto OG Kush Fem seeds and have them delivered to your front door in no time. With having the 25% sativa on its side, the uplifting effects of this strain follow quickly after the stimulating properties kick in. Even though it has low CBD content, it still has highly effective medical results. It is used to help treat seizures in patients with epilepsy, migraines, ADHD, ADD, and many more conditions. This impressive strain thrives when grown indoors but they do not fight off pests, mold, or diseases efficiently, so it does make for a more difficult strain to cultivate outdoors. For beginners, we encourage you to start your grow-op indoors to save you from a disappointing outdoor experience. Because these are autoflowering seeds, they have a shorter flowering period making for a quick yet rewarding harvest of compact potent nugs. When you are ready to cultivate these legendary seeds, hit up Weed Seeds for the dankest seeds around.

What Makes Autoflower OG Kush Strain Popular?

OG Kush is a legendary strain that may be possibly one of the most popular strains in the entire cannabis world. A majority of people on the planet have probably made or heard some kind of joke or reference to the term OG Kush without even knowing the implication, and certainly many of those knew what they were talking about. Nearly anybody you ask would have some concept of this famous strain, and it’s for good reason. Despite this strain being having a seat in the pantheon of cannabis, what makes this strain so popular is fairly simple. This strain is potent, clocking in at up to 24%. It’s also typical of this strain to have generous yields, with many plants grown outdoors offering as much as 500g to 600g, and indoor grows yielding up to 500g per square meter. On top of all this, a flowering time of seven to ten weeks ensures that it’ll take no time to get some bud on your hands. Legend says that this strain’s humble beginnings were in Florida, first being formulated by an unknown breeder after a strain from California was crossed with Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and a Hindu Kush strain. It was then whisked away to Southern California by Matt Bubba Berger, another legendary breeder, along with the parent of another strain you might have heard of, Bubba Kush. He handed the young cannabis superstar off to another famous cultivator by the name of Josh D, who made it into what it is today.

Kush Autoflower Medicinal Application

This original Kush is used by many for a range of reasons. It makes for a great strain to lay down and relax after a particularly hard or stressful day, or one of your go-to strains to take as a plus one to a party. It will slow down the world around you to a much more maneuverable pace and allow you to engage in a deep conversation with those around you. It’s been said to be the ultimate weed, giving the user an immense sense of calm and relaxation in both the body, mind, and soul as well. Many medicinal users also claim it as their primary source of relief for any number of ailments. Some users have claimed that this strain rids them completely of difficulties dealing with focusing due to ADD or ADHD, or even of the side effects of related medications which include difficulty sleeping. Some medicinal users report success when it comes to treating pain. Back, shoulder, or leg pains, as well as chronic pains related to long-term illness such as fibromyalgia, and symptoms of PMS can be eased after a session with OG Kush. There’s been at least one case of a medicinal user utilizing Kush OG to great success to suppress tics that they experience due to Tourettes. Other benefits from OG Kush are related to ease moderate to severe anxiety or depression or alleviating insomnia by providing a good night’s sleep.

OG Strain Review

It’s no wonder how this strain became so popular all over the world. OG is a delight no matter whether you buy the finished product, or you want to begin at the start by simply buying the seeds. One of the reasons smokers and growers alike love this strain is that it’s also easy to grow, so much so that this legendary strain could even be grown by first-time growers, like using an exotic car for your driving test. A prime specimen of this strain has all of the classic cannabis colors, boasting a deep green with some yellow, with vivid orange and amber pistils. Some differing phenotypes of OG Kush can present some purple and red tones as well if it’s been cultivated in cold weather. The buds follow the typical indica structure and are usually dense and compact. The terpenes found in this bud are a-myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, giving it a range of aromas that are best described as skunky, earthy, herbal, and with notes of citrus, spices, pine, and other woody elements. This strain is particularly skunky and having even a bit of it on you will have a pungent cloud following you around unless it’s properly sealed. OG Kush’s high is incredibly euphoric, and after only a couple of hits of this sweet and sour strain, your head will be in the clouds while your body is sinking into the couch. This strain is highly recommended for use after dark with good company.

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You haven’t missed the opportunity to get your hands on a piece of cannabis history. If you’d like to try this strain that goes back to the West Coast Hip Hop scene in the 90s, you can buy seeds today that will give you the very same thing. All it takes is starting by creating an account on our website which will give you an easier time checking out in the future. Select the quantity of OG Kush seeds you’d like along with any others that have caught your eye and you can proceed to our checkout. We accept numerous forms of payment such as debit, credit, and cryptocurrencies including Litecoin and Bitcoin, among many others. Whichever one you decide to use, we secure all of our payments with the highest grade of transaction security systems. Your information will never be shared with or sold to anyone. Once your order has been placed, we put the seeds with your name on them in a discreet package that’s not branded to protect your privacy. No matter where you’ve ordered from in the United States, we try our best to get your package to your doorstep in less than two weeks, with most orders arriving sooner. When your order has been made, take the opportunity to set up your growing area and make sure you have all the necessary equipment for a healthy grow to get the most out of these quality seeds.

How to Germinate OG Kush Auto Fem Seeds

There are many different ways to go about germinating seeds, but we’ve determined that the best way for OG Kush is through using the paper towel method. This method is great because it only requires a couple of things that you probably already have around the house. For this method, you need paper towels, a surface such as a tray or a plate, and some plain water. The type of water doesn’t matter either, whether it’s purified, distilled, or just tap water. Begin by dampening a piece of paper towel and placing it on your plate. Move the seeds from the package to the paper towel on your plate. One extra piece of equipment you should use here is a set of tweezers, as this will help prevent any accidental damage or possible sickness to your seeds. Dampen another piece of paper towel and place it on top of your seeds. Check underneath to make sure there’s no water pooling, then place another plate on top to cover the seeds. Place it somewhere dark and warm such as a cabinet or drawer for one to five days. Once your seeds begin to grow small taproots, you can remove them from germination and place them into your preferred growing medium. It might not be rocket science, but it works every time, and that’s why we offer a germination guarantee, so you know your seeds are always sure to sprout.

Is Kush Strain Easy To Grow?

OG Kush is a strain that’s remained very easy to grow for growers of all types. There are only some exceptions with outside growing, where some growers have said this strain struggles with problems such as pests, mold, and infection, but these can be avoided if you give your plants the proper care. If cultivating indoors, you should keep these plants in high light, so a schedule like 20/4 will do well. Since these seeds are auto-flowering, they’ll soon flower no matter what the lighting schedule is like, but they should spend at least the majority of each day under lighting. In addition, these seeds are feminized, which makes it that much easier to grow a massive yield. Feminized seeds will only produce females, which means you’re sure to get a maximum yield. The best way of growing OG Kush is through the Sea of Green (SOG) method, which works best for lower, sprawling plants like these. This method involves training several plants as they grow to have their branches grow into each other, forming one large canopy. This helps your plants take advantage of all the lighting and nutrients possible, which will even help those growers with artificial lighting get the most out of their equipment. It was Dutch marijuana farmers who came up with the SOG method as a way of maximizing crops. The concept is to force the plants to flower when they are very young and small, to push out a sea of green marijuana plants. Growing OG Kush outdoors is much the same as long as some basic pest control is done. They will do best in sunny and warm areas, and a temperature of 70° to 80° Fahrenheit will be best.

OG Kush Seed Bank

While seeds like OG Kush are some of the most popular seeds out there, we carry everything from the stars to some of the most niche seeds. With over 500 different strains, we had to find some way to narrow them all down, so we’ve included several categories to help you find your way. Some of