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This redheaded stepchild of the famed OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG union is named for its famously flaming red, hairy, trichome covered nugs. OG Fire Kush is the proverbial burning bush, a fiery red blaze of potent, euphoric, body bending, couchlock causing stones such as you’ve never felt before. Buy Fire Kush online at Weed Seeds USA today and leave the stratosphere behind with just one puff of this passionately potent pot. Fire Kush is one of the strongest and most powerful indica hybrids produced by that crazy, chronic Kush family to date. Said to hit 25% THC levels, this one is for the pros.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 22%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield300-400g m/2
Outdoor Yield300-400g per plant
Flower Time9-11 weeks
EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing, Sleep-aid
Aromas & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Sweet
TerpenesAlpha Cedrene, Alpha Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Citral, D-Limonene, Eugenol, Fenchol, Linalool, Nerolidol, Orange Terpenes, Phytol, Terpinolene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Cadinene, Eugenol, Farnesene, Humulene, Myrcene, Ocimene

Buy OG Fire Photo Fem Online

This passionate red headed wonder and potent powerhouse is the result of old school hybrid – indica crossbreeding down a long line of its killer Kush genetic ancestry. It packs a serious punch and it’s definitely recommended to take this one slow, especially if you are a newcomer to the Kush hybrids. These will knock you on your proverbial butt for a solid and long-lasting three to four hours after a brain blasting, body melting, baked beyond belief blaze session. If you want to literally leave this world, buy OG Kush Fire in our always popular 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack and prepare to be on your way to the next dimension in marijuana experiences, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. THC levels of 18-22% are not to be trifled with, she’s deadly. Best to start slowly and work your way up, a good nighttime, sleepy strain, just a little will send you quickly into dreamland. With some solid knowledge of cannabis botany anyone can cultivate this baby, but it’s generally recommended for the more advanced grower, as she can be a bit finicky at times. Definitely worth the extra effort, this powerhouse of cannabinoids and tantalizing terpenes is one hot mamma! Try some out in WSUS 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack and see if this strain’s for you. You will be amazed by the results once you’ve mastered this fiery fury of killer Kush cannabis strains. Not only a fantastic off the charts brain blaster but this one will make you very, very hungry. Make sure the pantry is well stocked, otherwise you may find yourself on mission impossible hunting for munchies in the middle of the night. A great appetite enhancer, pain annihilator and all around super chronic, checked out body high mixed with amazing blissful states of euphoria, it’s worth taking a run at this one.

How to Germinate OG Fire Photo Fem Seeds

When it’s time to fire up those little seeds and get them growing, germinating your Fire OG Kush seeds is a rather simple process. Our seeds have a satisfyingly high germination rate, and we ensure every seed is top quality and arrives on your doorstep in optimum condition every time. When the time for planting has come, whether that be springtime for outdoor cultivators, or the end of your last indoor crop cycle, you will want to get approximately a three week head start to ensure your seedlings are ready for transplant. Time your germination accordingly, and then simply decide which medium is best suited for the final transplant medium you will be using, whether that be outdoors, soil in pots, hydroponics, water bath method or for mass production. There is a medium suited to every situation depending on your style of growing and the system you are using. Peat moss pucks work best for soil and outdoor growers, rockwool is a good hydroponic starter, and perlite is ideal for mass production operations, even a few damp paper towels can work in a pinch. The one hard and fast rule of weed seed germination is to never touch those delicate little beans with germ infested bare hands. This is the one thing that can cause the most issues with failed germination rates. We carry contaminants on our hands that may pass pathogens on to the seeds and future seedlings, causing disease or stunted growth, so just don’t risk it. Be sure to don sterile latex gloves, or handle the seeds very delicately with sterile instruments such as tweezers and the like. Pop them into their designated germination medium, lightly cover, keep them wet but not soaked, add a little light, warmth and voila, your mini magic beanstalks will be sprouting in no time.

Growing OG Kush Fire From Seed From Seed At Home

Being a Kush strain genetically predisposed to Middle Eastern desert and mountainous climates, this one can be a bit touchy when it comes to ideal growing conditions. If living in an area conducive to the Kush family, go for it, a bumper outdoor crop can pull a heavy 300-400g per plant. Otherwise, indoors is best where one has much stricter control over the plant’s environment. Generally, Kush is best left to the more experienced growers, but with the right set up and some solid cannabis botany research, anyone can cultivate this fiery fiend. The most important aspect to indoor cultivation of OG Kush Fire is keeping optimal temperature and humidity levels, mimicking that dry desert climate with temperatures between 68F to 77F and low humidity levels, is ideal to prevent molds and other pathogens from forming. Also, make sure there is decent air circulation, and you shouldn’t have any issues. Purchasing our female seeds will also save you time and stress trying to weed out any boys that may have snuck into the bunch. Sea Of Green (SOG) and Low Stress Training (LST) techniques work well for this one. A large number of plants packed into a small space, slowly trained along wire supports and trimmed for optimal utilization of space and light. After the fast-growing vegetative cycle is finished and those large, light soaking fan leaves have developed, they are ready to be flipped into the flowering phase. Once in flower, LST and some simple topping to prevent the plants from becoming too leggy will enable those large dense colas to form along the main branches. This one takes a little extra work but when those fiery red trichome covered nugs develop into a massive crop out of killer OG Kush Fire colas you will be glad you put in the extra effort.

Flowering Time For OG Fire Kush Feminized

These glowing, fiery red wonders flower into some spectacular looking ginormous buds with heads of flaming red, flashy, golden orange, resin drenched trichome hairs. It’s a sight to behold. What a feeling when you finally hold your first bright red crystalline OG Fire Kush baby in your hands, and that’s before you’ve even blazed one up. Pulling a deep hit off one of these potent powerhouse nugs, you’re definitely in for a real treat. Next stop, Mars. Being a Kush hybrid, like every passionate redhead, she will need a little extra TLC. But not to worry, she’s slightly high maintenance, but not out of the realm of a beginner grower if you are prepared to put in the work. Generally a better indoor cultivar, Fire Kush does well utilizing Sea Of Green and LST growing techniques. All things on point, she will produce some next level bombastic, massive colas and huge yields of up to 300-400g/m2 in approx 9-11 weeks flip to flower. The results of a little extra effort and elbow grease are definitely worth the pay off with this spectacular strain. Once those little green girls reach approx ¾ their final harvest height it’s time to switch them into flowering mode. A few basic changes and you’ll be on your way to some dank, dense, resin drench chronic buds in no time. Going from an 18/6 day/night cycle to a 12/12 flip is the first step. Switching out your lighting from the blue/white spring spectrum to a red/blue summer-fall color spectrum flips those little ladies into instant nug budding machines. Changing the nitrogen rich feeding schedule to a low nitrogen, high potassium flowering fertilization routine is the last step in the process, and you are on your way to a heavenly harvest in up to 11 short weeks.

What Makes Fire OG Kush Strain Popular?

Not to be underestimated, Fire OG Kush is super potent, maybe even the strongest of the Kush strains, and that’s saying a lot. We can’t stress enough the importance of taking this one slowly for novice smokers, this is not a starter strain. Work your way little by little and eventually you will hit the pinnacle of extraordinary OG Kush experiences. There’s always a new OG strain being pushed on the cannabis seeds market today, but don’t be fooled, this is the ultimate indica chronic Kush, a true kick in the face when it comes to its sometimes 25%+ THC compounds and off the chain potent terpene profile. Less subtle and smooth smoking than other more mellow varieties, you can taste the intensity from the very first pull off that bong. To mellow out that skunky, citrus, lemon pledge edge, we suggest the bong method for partaking of this baby. Pro tip, add a little ice to your bong water and you’ve got a nice cool, smooth, smoke sensation minus the harshness, but with all the same deadly, dank, twice baked, benefits. Topping the terpene list is Linalool which lights up those serotonin receptors and helps with conditions such as anxiety and depression. Then, Alpha Pinene to increase attention, alertness and focus. Though not offering the smoothest of taste and aroma sensations, they offer some off the charts medicinal benefits. Spectacular cerebral heady highs, intense euphoria, and unparalleled body stones that last for hours, this Lemon Pledge powerhouse imparts some extremely potent and long-lasting, blissful bake sessions. OG Fire Kush, a proven physical and psychological curative, well-known chronic pain-reliever and powerful mind and muscle relaxant, along with helping to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Always start with a lower dosage to slowly gauge your tolerance level when first trying this intensely potent, icky-sticky strain.

Fragrance, and Flavors of OG Fire Photo Fem

OG Fire boasts an earthy, musky, lemony citrus flavor profile. Very herbal, spicy and pungent, it’s not the smoothest smoke and can be somewhat harsh on the lungs, but the burn is worth the reward. The strong showing of Terpinolene among the huge and varied line up imparts an intense, woodsy, pine, almost oily texture to its aroma profile. The sweet-piney scent can be relatively pleasant and is often used as an aromatic in citrusy, pine scented products such as lemon pledge. Alpha Cedrene is another powerful and potent terpene found in cedar, juniper, cypress trees and of course, cannabis. The aroma is fresh, woody and sweet but can be very overpowering. D-Limonene and Orange Terpenes are also quite prevalent in Fire Kush, mainly responsible for its strong citrusy, burnt orange peel essences. It’s quite the combination of extremely intense and powerful terpenes that make for some very skunky, dank and potent aromas. A long list of varied and sweeter undernotes show up in the other less prevalent terpenes to give that bit of balance. Nerolidol is often used as a sedative and sleep aid, but its earthy, sweet aromas of rose and apples add a soft freshness to the more piney terpenes such as Camphene with its woody, earthy notes. Humulene adds some spice to the mix, while Eugenol imparts a pleasant hint of cloves. Found in green apple skins, Farnesene offers some fruity, sour-sweet notes which tie in nicely with the fresh basil scent of Fenchol. Beta Caryophyllene is a lovely aromatic blend of rosemary and cloves which again adds to the already strong herbal flavors of OG Fire Kush. Lastly, Ocimene leaves a wisp of light lavender, but unless you harbor a very advanced cannabis palate, this one can get lost in the overwhelming piney, herbal, earthiness of its main terpene make up.

Effects of OG Kush Fire Feminized

OG Kush Fire is one super hard-hitting bullet train of a strain, she comes on hard and fast and holds you in her grip for hours on end with a slightly psychedelic magic mushroom type high. If you love couchlock, you’ll love this one. Along with the uplifting euphoria and blissful states of calm and serene focus, it’s a full body relaxation heavy stone. Anyone that’s been around the Kush strains for long will recognize this one. Not recommended for the first timers out there, work your way up to this fiery flame with a slow burn. An incredible sedative and sleep-aid, taken in smaller doses it also has a very calming, relaxing, and comforting effect. A long list of medicinal terpenes gives it its incredible curative profile that’s said to have very positive and powerful effects on mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, insomnia and stress, migraines, nausea and more. Myrcene makes a big appearance as a highly effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and analgesic, alleviating a multitude of ailments, aches and pains and arthritic discomforts. Alpha Terpineol helps with IBS, an anti-hypertensive and has powerful cancer fighting properties. Borneol could be said to be a medical miracle all on its own, the list of healing benefits this terpene brings to the table is miles long. A few of the many are potent in pain alleviating properties, with additional effects such as antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-ageing, relief from anxiety, and a powerful anti-carcinogenic and neuroprotective. When you need an effective muscle relaxant, Citral imparts a deeply calming and relaxing effect. Phytol is another off the charts terpene when it comes to a varied and hard hitting medicinal. Similar benefits to Borneol, this one adds anticonvulsant and tumor fighting capabilities to the mix. Cadinene imparts its earthy, patchouli scented, energizing highs and anti-inflammatory agents. OG Kush is clearly a great addition to any homeopathic regime.

Overview of OG Fire Kush Photo Fem Stats

For those professional tokers out there, this is your potion, the holy grail of Kush indica hybrid killers. If you think you’ve experienced them all but haven’t yet tried this fiery red rager, you have no idea what you’ve been missing. The deadly 22% THC and < 2% CBD master blaster highs are your ticket to paradise. Fast and furious, this redhead comes on like a rocket launcher, notorious for passionate, powerful personalities this flaming trichome beauty is no different. If you are a virgin to the Kush family, this is not the place to start. Tread carefully with this one, she’s a wicked weed, and a fan favorite among those with an already high THC tolerance. One of the first OG Kush phenotypes to become available from seed Weed Seeds US, we are now offering this one in our extensive seeds catalog. Check out our quality cheap seeds and see if Fire Kush OG is right for you. Kush genetics are some of the most famous and sought-after strains in the marijuana lexicon, and once you’ve mastered your growing techniques you won’t have any problem pumping out some top notch, 400g/plant, potent pot unmatched in the industry today. Its euphoric, deeply relaxing, sleep inducing and powerful pain killing properties impart a level of relief unheard of in the allopathic medical establishment. A bit harsh on the lungs, an icy cool bong water bath will fill your lungs with a smooth smoking, piney, sweet haze of 20 plus magical, medicinal and flavor boosting terpenes that go straight to the brain and body. Instantly eliminating those stresses and ills, Borneol and Myrcene alone are rife with endless medicinal benefits, let alone the rest of its power packed, curative terpene line up. Work your way up to this fiery golden God, and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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  1. Clark Bates

    Total fire here, people! You gotta try this weed if you like that sweet earthy kush profile. Round two coming next.

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OG Fire Seeds

This redheaded stepchild of the famed OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG union is named for its famously flaming red, hairy, trichome covered nugs. OG Fire Kush is the proverbial burning bush, a fiery red blaze of potent, euphoric, body bending, couchlock causing stones such as you’ve never felt before. Buy Fire Kush online at Weed Seeds USA today and leave the stratosphere behind with just one puff of this passionately potent pot. Fire Kush is one of the strongest and most powerful indica hybrids produced by that crazy, chronic Kush family to date. Said to hit 25% THC levels, this one is for the pros.

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