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Overall a fantastic strain, capable of knocking you on your butt without taking you too far, Northern Lights Fem is easy to grow and delivers massive yields of dense and sticky buds. This strain is a combination of Afghan indica and Thai sativa landrace strains and her flavours and aromas are distinctly indicative of these two ancients. A bouquet of pine, mint and sweet woods, spice and damp earth, with a hint of bubblegum is trademark and the high is not over-the-top. Mid-range THC levels make for an enjoyable stone and users report feeling uplifted and free of cares before having a snooze. These feminized seeds are available through Weed Seeds, your homegrown American seed distribution company, and can be purchased in small packets or in bulk.

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Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 18%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield450-550g per square meter
Outdoor Yield500-600g per plant
Flower Time9-10 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnorexia, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain, Stress
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Relaxing, Sedation, Sleepy, Uplifting
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Pungent, Spice, Sweet
Terpenesa-Pinene, a-Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene

Northern Lights Seeds For Sale USA

When you want to grow an award-winning weed that is easy to cultivate and delivers massive yields of super sticky buds, set to put lights in your eyes, try Northern Lights Fem strain seeds. This world-famous mix of Afghan indica and Thai sativa landrace strains has bagged Cups all around the world since it showed up out of the Netherlands some time in 1985. Thought to be bred in Washington State and then perfected by the Dutch, this strain became a household name right off the bat. Numbing the lips and tongue instantly, this landrace cross provides users with a manageable high and a wonderfully euphoric bliss. THC levels are not astronomical, averaging between 16 and 20%, though it has been measured as high as 25%. These numbers make for a very enjoyable, even-tempered smoke, without being over-the-top. Northern Lights herself is a strain prolific in birthing world-class offspring. Strains boasting N.L. genes include Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk, both incredible strains known for their soothing and uplifting nature.

Let us talk about the fantastic lineage of Northern Lights. Afghani landrace indica, like its neighbour Hindu Kush, is a matriarch to hundreds of award-winning strains which continue to crush tokers every day. Utilized by Eastern populations in making recreational and ceremonial hash, this strain was being cultivated by the British and Dutch colonies for industry almost 200 years before it was first classified by scientist and bio-evolutionist Jean-Baptiste Lemarck, back in the late-1700’s. Afghan is one of those weeds which we do not have an age for, due to its having grown in the mountains since pre-recorded history. Phenotypes as rugged and resilient as this one are prized by breeders for their ability to add next-level hardiness to any mix and for their sturdiness and growability. Pine, sandalwood, woody spice and dried berries are common flavours associated with Afghan and some buds may even exhibit hints of lavender, leather and nutmeg. Overall a wonder weed with a nice, even stone, Afghan is not going to trip anyone out. Generally sitting at around 17%, strains like this one rarely exceed 20% THC, making for just a really enjoyable smoking experience, easy and uplifted. Afghan, as we have said time and again, is a welcome donor to any cannabis creation.

Considered to be the oldest sativa strain on the planet, Thai landrace has an amazing history. Throughout the 60’s and 70’s, as the Vietnam War raged on in neighbouring regions, visitors and G.I.’s on leave flocked to Thailand for its pristine coastlines and war-free, laid-back atmosphere. There, folks discovered something magical which had been enjoyed for hundreds of years by locals. Eventually, Thai landrace made its way back to America in the form of ‘Thai Sticks’, bunches of small buds pressed on to a piece of bamboo or to its own stalk and tied using a length of string or hemp fibre. After Californians and the Dutch began coming up with potent hybrids, Thai sticks fell out of popularity, considered cheap dirtweed or ragweed. A few years later, as American weed-smokers began to mature, so did their smoking habits and they went in search of less potent strains which they could enjoy throughout a busy day, thus returning to the airy sativas. Since then, Thai landrace sativa has been resurrected and utilized in the formation of some of the most potent and sought-after pots in the world. Thai sativa is energizing and uplifting, inspiring creativity and enthusiasm for activities. Users report feeling focused and collaborative and, as the sativa stone creeps in further, multiple layers of the intrinsically elevating high unfold. With a weed as ancient and prized as this one to go alongside Afghan, it is no wonder why Northern Lights is such a winner.

So, we have a bell-ringer for sure and, with these feminized love-packs from Weed Seeds, your American online distributor of world-class cannabis seeds, there is no going wrong. Feminization is the process through which seeds are bred without male genes. Female plants are shocked into generating pollen-sacs and that pollen is used to spawn the formation of seeds. This male-free exercise effectively ousts all male genetics, making for an all-female seed nearly all the time. Growers everywhere can now enjoy parenting Northern Lights without the hassle of sexing their crop and are freed up to enjoy the glory of all-female cannabis cultivation.

What Makes Feminized Northern Lights Strain Popular?

Northern Light is one of three primary strains used for breeding over the last three decades, and it’s helped change the face of cannabis culture worldwide. Except for a couple of Skunks and Hazes, no strain comes close to the Lights in influence. Since the eighties, smokers, growers, breeders, and patients have all had some experience with the effects of this brilliant bud. This 90% indica-dominant strain is a worldly mix of Afghan indica and Thai sativa thought to be bred in Washington State.

For numerous years it won cup after cup and dominated various harvest festivals. There were even requests to retire this strain, so others could have shots at titles. The vigorous, long-lasting effects of this plant come from modest 16-20% THC levels, which makes it enjoyable throughout the day. THC levels as high as 25% are possible as well. Like the Hindu Kush strain, this matriarch has produced hundreds of other potent, award-winning strains enjoyed today.

This strain has a short flowering period of around forty-five to fifty days, is easy to grow, compact in height, and can produce several ample, worry-free crops per year from seeds. Her frosty buds blend a musky honey aroma with the earthy, coniferous Afghani tones of an indica. It is incredibly enticing when smoked, yet equally enjoyable when growing. This low odor and easy to cultivate strain delivers huge yields consistently, and its outstanding resin production makes it a favorite indica for concentrates and extracts, perfect for connoisseurs and commercial demands.

Wellness Application of North Lights Feminized

This clear indica, feminized strain is a comforting, fragrant, smooth friend that ensures you real relaxation with its heavy, powerful body buzz. Leaving the lips and tongue slightly numb, this landrace crossed strain provides a manageable sensation with a sweet, pleasant euphoric bliss. Northern Lights has anxiolytic effects that have been shown to help people experiencing general anxiety, low moods, and chronic stress. This strain has been applied in the treatment of psychiatric symptoms such as OCD, dependency, withdrawal, and PTSD.

North Lights analgesic properties can help relieve everyday inflammation, aches, cramps, and pain in minutes with a few puffs or rubs from an infused balm or oil. Medical users have reported this pine-smelling strain as having a positive effect when used to treat glaucoma, headaches, migraines, seizures, epilepsy, and tremors.

Adverse effects from this dense, sticky strain may include dry mouth and a case of munchies. North Lights has been used as a treatment for appetite loss, so those affected by radiology and chemotherapy might find it helpful in stimulating their appetites. This strain’s phenotype has been proven a suitable choice for treating nausea, vomiting, and anorexia also.

Weed Seeds USA wants to encourage enthusiasts to live enjoyable, positive, pain-free lives. That’s why we offer Northern Lights Photo Fem seeds to grow healthy females, without worrying about accidentally getting a male into the garden and seeding your buds. If you’re looking to experience the intrinsic, soothing state that natural medicines like this can offer then a healing herb garden is just what the doctor ordered.

Northern Light Strain Review

Growing this technicolor beauty is pretty simple. Beginner and experienced growers will find cultivating this plant an enjoyable experience. Famous since the 80s, this hardy, hearty strain is perfect for northern latitudes like America.

Our Northern Lights Photo Fem can see indoor producers achieving 18 ounces per square meter, in as quickly as seven weeks. Leaving these lovely ladies longer raises the potency of the dense, sticky buds, by allowing for more improved resin production. Outdoor gardens can deliver up to 22 ounces per plant by the middle of September. Proper drying and curing techniques will help maintain the integrity of your freshly harvested recreational or medicinal flowers.

This strain handles fluctuations in temperature and weather well but requires pruning due to its bushy build. Regular pruning also aids light distribution and air ventilation which helps prevent diseases and pests. Find a dry, well-ventilated, sunny location with nutrient-rich soil that drains well, and your beautiful garden will see sensational buds in no time.

Reaching only a couple of feet, these compact plants perform well in soil and hydroponic setups with good humidity control. Using a method like Sea of Green (SOG) forces flowering at a young age with the plants spending only a couple of weeks in a vegetative state, allowing you to harvest much earlier than normal. Our Photo Fem seeds require a reduction in light exposure to trigger them into the flowering cycle. As buds mature, your sea of Lights will shimmer into fruition, minus the super stinky aroma associated with flowering plants.

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Buying in bulk has its advantages, but why should you? Having our top-rated seeds at your fingertips can be incredibly convenient. Commercial growers don’t have to worry about running out or constantly placing orders, saving them time and money. Connoisseurs have the satisfaction of a more robust collection while also having the flexibility to share or trade seeds whenever they want. Time saved means more time spent experimenting or exploring other strains or setups.

All Weed Seeds USA customers enjoy easy access to over 500 hundred strain varieties from wherever they are in the country. Browse through our detailed descriptions to find the perfect seeds for your setup or garden. Easily select your choice, pop them in your cart and check out at your convenience. Using our protected platform to pay with credit, Bitcoin and other payment options ensure your security. We care about our customer’s business as well as their privacy. Weed Seeds will never sell or share any of your information with anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Get our high-grade cannabis seeds delivered anywhere in the United States. We understand how important privacy is to your security, no matter what size garden or grow you have. We also know the importance of not advertising what we pack, to keep sticky fingers from strolling off with your seeds. That’s why our discreet packaging is the perfect way to ensure you get what you paid for. Weed Seeds USA makes sure that our healthy, top-quality seeds also arrive undamaged and viable.

How to Germinate Northern Lights Photo Fem Seeds

There are several methods to pop or start your seeds, but all require moisture, very careful handling, and the right temperatures. Don’t worry. Germination is a straightforward at-home process. To start your Northern Lights Photo Fem seeds you’ll need paper towels, a clean plate, and water.

Moisten a couple of sheets of paper towel, but make sure they’re not dripping wet and place them on your plate. Carefully arrange seeds on the paper towels, making sure to put them at least an inch from each other to allow for growth. Moisten a couple more paper towels, but not too wet, and place them on top. Be gentle, and don’t press on the seeds.

Leave your plate somewhere warm and dark, like a cupboard or drawer. Place another plate on top to create a dome for added protection if you like. Leave the seeds for twenty-four hours and then check to see if the paper towels need remoistening. If so, spray them lightly with a spray bottle to avoid disturbing the seeds.

Once you see taproots emerging from the seeds, very carefully transplant your delicate new Northern growth to your growing medium. You can use tweezers for this, and any nutrient-rich soil or substrate. Water them again with a spray bottle to avoid damaging the tender seedling. Keep your temperature around 70 to 80°F and monitor the soil every day to keep it moist. Within four to seven days, a small stem with leaves should begin peeking from the soil.

Is North Lights Strain Easy To Grow?

Northern Lights isn’t just easy to grow, it’s one of the easiest to grow strains. Although a relatively average plant on the smaller side, she still produces a decent amount of resinous flowers. These girls thrive in balmy outdoor environments. They prefer lots of light and warmth, like a temperate West Coast climate, and flourish in full sun.

Although not a fussy plant to care for, outdoors she’ll need some attention if you want to see up to twenty-two ounces per plant yield. If you live in a northern or mountainous area where it gets below 40°F in the winter, you’ll be harvesting well before then. This is an excellent plant for seed saving if you’re a grower looking for a landrace strain.

It’s possible to harvest this healthy strain in as little as seven weeks, but the average finishing time is seven to nine weeks. In a solid indoor setup, this lovely lady can yield up to eighteen ounces per square meter. Aim to keep your temperatures around 70 to 80°F and humidity low. A SOG or hydroponic method would initiate even more rapid development by vegetating faster and improving the bud quality overall.

This classic beauty has typical indica characteristics including dense structure, tight node spacing, thick branches, and resiny compact colas. She’s a beauty that also stands up well to diseases, mildew, and severe weather conditions. But indoors or out, pruning any unwanted leaves will help avoid mold and excess moisture. These notable qualities make this the perfect strain for newbies to grow.

Northern Lights Seed Bank

Browse Weed Seeds USA’s categories and look through over 500 hundred other outstanding strains. We have regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds of the best hybrid, indica, and sativa strains. And our high THC or CBD seeds are excellent for extracts or infusing with. Cultivators interested in North Light might find a few of these other West Coast strains right up their alley.

Purple Kush Photo Fem is an award-winning 100% indica strain with a whopping 27% THC! Easy to grow, this short purple-leaved lady produces a hefty yield of dense flowers blanketed in white and orange hairs in eight to ten weeks.

Grandaddy Purple Photo Fem lives up to its name because it’s the father of copious varieties of strains. This powerhouse of Purple Urkle x Big Bud will pleasantly put a smile on your face with potent puffs of grape and berry flavors. This traditional indica grows short but bushy branches that bud out with potent flavorful flowers in around nine weeks.

Hindu Kush is one of the oldest and most appreciated strains on the planet. This landrace has a rich, spicy, pine flavor and a sweet, woody taste that results in a spectacular smoke. Her genes can be found in other award-winning strains so she’s a solid choice for breeders and pheno hunters. This stealthy strain stays short, but can produce up to fourteen ounces per square meter indoors and up to sixteen ounces per plant outside! There’s a suitable strain for every occasion and Weed Seeds USA has them all!

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Are you a large-scale grower looking to save energy, time, and money? Or are you a home cultivator simply looking to add magic leaves to your potfolio? We have the seeds you need at reasonable prices, regardless of whether you buy them bulk or not.

Learn to Grow Northern Lights Photoperiod Female

Like we said, growing this technicolor beast is pretty simple. Novice and advanced growers alike can enjoy the beauty of cultivating this wonderful plant. She has been famous across northern latitudes since the 80’s so you know she’s perfectly designed for America to enjoy.

Being that this strain reaches heights of only a couple feet, compact and bushy, it can fit pretty much anywhere and lends perfectly to Sea of Green (SOG) cultivation. After three or four weeks of vegetation, feeding well with the appropriate fertilizer, taking clones along the way, this plant should be flipped into her flowering cycle. Feed requirements then change to a more phosphorus and potassium-based feed designed for flowering. Grow these babies close together under 600 watts for every three feet squared and prune any shading or choking fan-leaves. Humidity should be kept low and temperatures relatively high as these buds get super dense and sticky, sometimes literally dripping with resin. As the buds mature, a veritable ‘sea’ of shimmering colas will come to fruition. This strain is not super stinky like some of its progeny, so there should be no concern over deodorizing the room or employing air filters.

Outside, this strain can do very well and is readily able to handle fluctuations in weather and temperature; however, leaving this one to its own devices is not recommended due to its bushy nature. Regular pruning for light and ventilation is mandatory and some form of protection is also recommended, protection fertilizers being available in most garden centres or online. This one will not do so well in a greenhouse, unless you can ensure dry ventilation, tough to manage on the West Coast where this strain is most famous. Overall, find a sunny, warm, dry location with nutrient-rich, free-draining soil, prune for vigor and protect from winds and rain. Not only will this stellar strain assist in beautifying any garden but will produce heaps of dazzling buds.

Harvesting Northern Lights Photo Fem

Northern Lights Fem strain grows pretty fast. Indoor growers can realistically harvest up to 500 grams per square yard in as little as seven weeks, though leaving this one a bit longer will provide a deeper and more complex stone, not to mention improved resin production. Outside gardens should deliver 600 grams per plant by mid-September, though, like we said, if you have the weather for it, leaving it a little longer will provide a more well-rounded smoking experience. Buds are dense and sticky, resin-coated and ready to deliver, so it is important that this integrity be maintained throughout the drying and curing process. Follow some simple guidelines and you can enjoy a rich harvest of buds ready to be enjoyed by recreational and medicinal users alike.

Original Northern Lights Photoperiod Feminized Medical Benefits

Medicinal marijuana culture has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years and continues to see advances in understanding and cultivation. Whereas this strain does not possess the abundant CBD that some other weeds do, Northern Lights is still well-positioned to provide relief for medicinal tokers around the globe.

The anxiolytic effects of N.L. cannot be denied. Her uplifting and satisfying nature is capable of delivering anyone experiencing low moods and chronic stress to a place of peacefulness and relaxation. So effective are this strain’s analgesic properties that aches and pains are generally gone within minutes of enjoying a few puffs. This strain is also set to treat seizures, tremors and cramping, as well as headaches and migraines.

We at Weed Seeds want to see sufferers get well and enjoy a life free of pain and heartache. Northern Lights, with its manageable THC levels and intrinsic ability to soothe and sate, is a perfect weed for anyone who wants to experience a level of freedom which can only come from natural medicines like this one.

Normal Effects, Flavors, and Fragrances

Buds are dense and sticky, rich with the fragrance of a deep pine wood. Earth, pine, moss, sweet woods, spice and mint, even a hint of bubblegum are trademarks for this type of landrace combination. Breaking these buds open and firing them up reveals deeper levels of these delicious scents, with the pine and mint being foremost on the tongue. The air fills with a hashy, woody smoke and, on the exhale, hardy combinations of spice and hash shine through.

This strain numbs the tongue instantly though the stone comes on slow. This weed creeps a bit, so it is wise, if you are a novice user, to wait a bit after a couple puffs. The mid-range THC levels won’t couch-lock or green anyone out, so there should be little concern there. The high is slow and smooth, uplifting and satisfying and, toward the end, sedating. An even balance of this strain’s sativa and indica pedigree seem to ripple throughout the body and the mind and users report feeling transported from whatever worries they cannot now remember. This is a great West Coast weed, designed to lift users up and take them away from the hustle-bustle of daily life.

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If you are a commercial grower looking to up your production value, buying these Northern Lights Fem strain seeds wholesale may be the answer you have been looking for. Businesses scramble to get money flowing in the right direction and one of the ways this can be accomplished is to re-evaluate use-value. Spending ten to make ten, though definitely a nice gesture, is not in line with today’s capitalist market and people want their businesses to pay. What better way to make a commercial growing or breeding operation pay than to cut the costs of seeds?

Buying seeds wholesale not only ups the use-value of each seed through lower price-point per unit, but it frees the grower up to work at what they love without having to worry about running out of materials to work with. We are aware that many successful operations ensure consistency of product through taking clones and carrying on that way. This is a smart plan, for sure. But what to do when starting a new beast? Buying your seeds in bulk limits time, energy and money output, ensuring that energy can go elsewhere or right back into the grower’s pocket.

Whether you are a commercial or industrial grower, breeder or serious collector, we have all the weed seeds you could ever require just a call or a click away.

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Original Northern Lights Photoperiod Fem Seeds Online

We have talked up a storm about the benefits of Northern Lights to medicinal and recreational users, breeders and home and commercial growers. If you like the sound of this stellar strain and would like to try it for yourself, ordering seeds online is easy and, just in case you were wondering, perfectly legal. Simply click over the contact us section of and tell us what you’d like. We will confirm your order and take secure payment. We will then hand-pick your order and, through our speedy and discreet shipping services, have your order to you in as little as a week, no matter where you are across this great land or ours. For a more personal touch, we can also be reached by phone Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm (CDT) at Call US.

Similar Weed Seeds For Sale in the USA

Okay, so we have given you every reason to be excited about Northern Lights Fem strain seeds. Sometimes, myriad others are interested as well and we run out before we can restock. Though we try to avoid this at all