Northern Lights Seeds

This beautiful strain, with its purple hued buds is full of awesome benefits for recreational users and medical patients alike. With a complex and delightful flavor profile, high THC levels and potent effects, this strain leaves little to be desired. Thanks to innovative breeders, the thoughtful genetic blend of powerful indica strains and a ruderalis strain make this plant easy to grow. Incredible resiliency makes this herb a perfect choice for in or outdoor growing. Even a novice can easily cultivate their own home-grown stash so everyone can have this award-winning strain on hand at all times. What more could you ask for?

Northern Lights Autoflower Seeds For Sale

Indica / Sativa / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC Percentageup to 19%
CBD Percentageless than 1%
Indoor Yield100-250g per square meter
Outdoor Yield200-300g per plant
Northern Lights Auto Flower Time9-11 weeks
Wellness BenefitsAnorexia, Depression, Pain, Stress
EffectsCalming, Energizing, Happiness, Relaxing
Aroma & FlavorsEarthy, Pine, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Linalool, a-Myrcene

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It is likely you have heard of this strain, as it is well loved the world over and has been for decades. It has taken home multiple awards, including first place in the first ever High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989. It is so popular and effective, it has been used by breeders in other favored strains like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk as well. This indica dominant bud is thought to have been developed in Seattle, Washington in the ‘70’s before it found its way overseas. It was introduced into the commercial cannabis scene in 1985 and has remained one of the best indica strains on the market to date. This strain is a blend of Thai and Afghani indica landraces and a ruderalis strain. It has roughly 90% indica genetics and boasts an 18% THC content. Known as a “Two hits and quit” strain, this potent herb can wipe out even a veteran toker if they do not heed the dosage suggestions. Plan to indulge this bud in the evening as the happy cognitive effects are paired with a heavy body stone that will eventually leave you ready for bed. The soothing effects are also known to have some profound therapeutic potential and can be applied to a variety of mental and physical health conditions as well as just being a lovely way to wrap up a long day. The best part of this strain is that it is easy to grow. With a little TLC you will see fast results and hefty yields of resinous buds. The flavor is complex and intoxicating in its own right, which only adds to this bud’s mass appeal.

Thanks to the addition of a ruderalis strain to the robust indica varietals, Northern Lights is even more simple to cultivate. This genetic contribution lends itself to resilient plants that flower independently of the light adjustments their photoperiod counterparts require. These seeds are also feminized, which means they have pure female genetics and are guaranteed to produce female plants. Why does this matter? Well, the female marijuana plant is the wonder responsible for generating all those massive flowers we use to smoke, eat and turn into other products. Buying feminized eliminates the need to watch for and weed out those males to avoid accidental pollination and the resulting seedy yields. These babies are all sorts of easy to grow!

If you want to make sure you are getting the best quality seeds on the market, shop with us at Weed Seeds. We source our genetically pure seeds from reputable and experienced growers. We have learned the perfect conditions in which to store and transport our seeds to retain their gusto. Our confidence in our process allows us to offer germination guarantees to our customers so they can rest easy knowing they are going to get the most from their purchase. We also happen to have a super well educated and friendly customer service team that is happy to answer questions or address concerns you may have as you embark on your growing journey. Superior seeds and excellent service? Yes, please!

Now let us delve a little deeper into the specifics of what this strain offers and how to best go about cultivating it!

What Makes Autoflower Northern Cream Strain Popular?

When it comes to cannabis, every strain is unique in its own way, and the Northern Lights strain is no exception. Aside from having won multiple awards as far back as the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989, there’s a small handful of reasons why this strain has become so popular. The North Lights have a history that’s both rich and somewhat mysterious, with the cultivation of the first known phenotypes being accredited to Neville Schoenmaker, a legendary breeder who was known for organizing one of the first official seed banks on the planet.

On the growing side, it offers a generous and consistent yield of anywhere between 250g to 400g per plant whether it’s grown inside or outdoors. A short 8-week average flowering time compared to your typical strain will give you a high rate of turnover, and help work out any of the kinks that a new grower might experience on their first few cycles. A moderate plant size makes it easier to grow if you’re short on space, if you would like a higher concentration, or even if you’re working on a covert operation.

When the growing is all done and your product is prepared, this strain is said to provide a high like no other. It evokes feelings of a gentle euphoria, relaxing the muscles as well as the mind but beware that this strain will also sedate even the most experienced smokers in high doses.

North Lights Autoflower Medicinal Uses

North Light is a hit among both recreational and medicinal users. Everyone has different experiences with smoking weed but some of the reviews you can find on this strain are downright impressive. Users report it gave them one of the best highs they’ve experienced. Some swear it helps ease their medical or psychological problems. One of the most well-known strains in history, Afghani Kush, is part of this strain’s lineage. It has been associated with its ability to treat anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and PTSD.

This plant ranks a bit higher on the scale for THC, usually providing anywhere between 18% – 20% THC, and offering very little CBD content, usually less than 1%. While some may correlate this with purely recreational use, the strong head high this strain creates is what makes it so popular with the medicinal crowd. The main effect of this strain will be the ability to put one to sleep. After your initial shot of euphoria, your body begins to relax soon after, and eventually, pain relief arrives. People with problems such as migraines, arthritis, chronic body pain, or just the typical soreness from a busy day appreciate this all-natural healer. Not long after, those afflicted by insomnia, stress, anxiety, or PTSD may find their relief in a relaxing head high that sticks around long enough to get a good night’s sleep. It’s been found that those who have trouble with an appetite will likely also find relief as the munchies start to set in.

North Light Strain Review

The Northern Light strain is delightful. This plant is easy to grow straight from the germination process. This strain is not only versatile but adaptable as well. It can be grown indoors, outdoors, under a grow tent if you’d like some protection, and a more consistent environment for your plant’s cycle, or out in the open for a more cost-effective and organic method. During your growth cycle, you can expect to see thick buds with a brilliant blue-purple hue and perhaps some bright orange coloring as well. Due to the terpenes present in this strain, your harvest will possess aromas of pepper or spices, earthy or barky tones, and some citrus fruit notes as well.

After the growing is done and it’s time to harvest, your product will be consistent with the Northern Lights’ hailed characteristics. Sometimes known as a two-hit and quit strain, the main effect will be a relaxing, full-body high that will fill you with a sense of comfort and well-being. Users who may be more resistant to the THC presence in this strain sometimes find increased focus and creativity, higher productivity, and satisfaction in their creative endeavors. Some people experience the typical negative effects associated with marijuana, such as dry mouth and eyes, and dizziness. Those who overdo it may have some bouts of paranoia or anxiety, especially those who are less experienced in the art of smoking.

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Experiencing Northern Lights for yourself is easier than you think. There is no traveling necessary. We can send seeds straight to your door, no matter where in the USA you live. When you order through Weed Seeds USA, you can take comfort in the fact that you are buying from a distributor that houses all-American, ethically sourced seeds. Our payment platform is safe, whether you use debit, credit, or even Bitcoin. Your payment information will stay secure, and we will never share your details with anyone.

Rest assured that our strains are researched, bred, and grown by American seed specialists, who do their absolute best to ensure there will be no defects or problems with your order of seeds. When you buy from us, you’re supporting a growing industry that’s providing an important cause to so many Americans across the country. Many Americans depend on our services to make a living. By keeping US dollars here, where they can help to strengthen our economy in a time of so much instability in the world you are making a positive impact.

Shortly after using one of our secure payment methods, a package will be sent out to you that will take no longer than two weeks to arrive. This package looks exactly like any other. We value privacy immensely in these matters, and we believe that whether or not your neighbors find out about our services should be only up to you.

How to Germinate Northern Lights Auto Fem Seeds

We try to make the germination process of our high-quality Northern Lights Auto Fem seeds as easy as can be. You will need only a paper towel, a small surface such as a plate, and some water to get started. There are, of course, many different ways to germinate these seeds, such as starter cubes, seedling plugs, or directly planting into the medium, and we encourage you to try some and find what works best for you. However, we’ve found that one of the best ways is also the simplest. The paper towel method will put you on the road to happy plants.

You should first dampen the paper towel with your water and place the seeds onto the towel. Using a set of tweezers to do so will help ensure that your seeds don’t break, get infected, or even dropped and lost. Afterward, place another dampened paper towel onto the first with the seeds between the two. If you check under both of the paper towels and see free-standing water, you’ve used too much, and it’s best to drain whatever water is left over to prevent overwatering. The best environment for germinating seeds is somewhere that emulates being under the soil. A warm and dark area, such as a cupboard or in a drawer will usually work best. Seeds will usually be growing taproots, which are small white roots coming out of the bottom, between 1-5 days after beginning germination. After you see taproots at least half an inch long, your seeds will be ready to be transferred into your growing medium.

Is North Lights Strain Easy To Grow?

Northern Lights, compared to other strains, are very easy to grow. This strain will prefer a longer-lasting, warmer climate like the one its parent strains come from, Afghani Kush from the Middle East, and the Thai landrace of Thailand. You can expect this strain to grow fast and hard, boasting a large yield and multiple flowers per year if grown indoors. It’s a lover of nitrogen, which will boost your plant’s ability to absorb light. A steady flow of fresh air will help your plant in many ways, such as displacing dust and debris and ensuring a high concentration of oxygen. All cannabis plants will benefit from a regular addition of phosphorus and potassium to the soil, which will encourage the growth of large leaves that will deliver more nutrients to the plant and more buds to your stash.

This strain is incredibly resilient but will likely produce the best yield if grown indoors and using some aids such as a grow tent, growing lights, and something to properly circulate air such as a fan or other ventilation kit. The indoor method is made easier by the fact that this strain is typically a much smaller plant, being able to fit much more volume in a smaller space than usual. You can expect flowering in no longer than 9 weeks, which can be spanned to multiple cycles indoors. If you are growing outdoors, make sure to harvest before the first frost, as one of the only factors that slow this strain down is its dislike of cooler temperatures.

Northern Cream Seed Bank

We’re delighted to be able to bring a truly special strain to our customers, and if you’d like to find more like this one, we have plenty more available and even more soon to come. In the Northern Lights family of the Weed Seeds USA website, you will find five different families alone, ranging from the eponymous Northern Lights auto fem to our Northern Lights photo fem, photo reg, fast photo fem, and many other different strains that are derivative of this truly unique strain, such as Northern Cream auto fem, Northern Cinderella photo fem, and Northern Mazar auto fem. All of these including over 500 other strains we provide to our customers will ensure you find a family you’ll love.

We also keep a range of classic seeds for those interested in creating their very own strains. Regular seeds will behave and grow exactly how they were genetically intended to, with no intervention from our growers other than ensuring high quality and no dead seeds or defects. Some of these seeds include classics such as God Bud photo reg, Cement Shoes photo reg, Agent Orange photo reg, and even just regular unsexed Marijuana seeds if you’d like a base to start from. A selection like this is a great opportunity to be able to explore the world of cultivation, get some experience under your belt, teach others, and to be able to truly find exactly what your favorites might be.

Contact Weed Seeds USA to Buy Autoflower Northern Cream

Northern Lights is truly something special, and it sets the standards for a strain that will give you the deep relaxation, relief, and possibly even focus and creative freedom that a great indica is known for. There’s a lot to love about not only this strain, but any other strain that we offer to our loyal customer base. Even if you’re looking for something different from what we’ve just described, we have a strain for what you’re seeking. Such a wide range of effects and characteristics can only be found in a seed bank that is dedicated to our craft, our customers, and our country.

We believe that the service we provide is an important one to many Americans, and we appreciate your support in continuing to do so. Creating an account will help to streamline the process of buying from Weed Seeds USA, whether you’re buying personally or wholesale. If you have any problems with our website or purchasing experience, let us know so we can continue improving our platform. We provide ongoing customer support whenever possible, and if you have any problems at any step of the way to achieving your optimal yield and experience, we’re here to help. We’re glad to help you any time between 9 AM to 5 PM CDT, Monday to Friday, at 1-(844)-807-1234. If you missed us, you can send us an email at Create A Support Request and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Growing Northern Lights Autoflower Female Marijuana

We have already mentioned the awesome genetics that contribute to the ease of cultivating these amazing seeds, now let us delve a little deeper into the best growing tricks and techniques. These plants are moderately sized which makes them great for either indoor or outdoor growing. It is easy to find space in a grow room for these beauties, and they can be tucked away in a garden grow just as well. The plants are sturdy and naturally resistant to fungus, molds and pests which is ideal for any gardener. This strength and resiliency makes these the perfect option for an outdoor operation. However, an indoor grow can yield some awesome results.

If you opt to grow inside, these plants will thrive when grown in a temperature controlled room of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Optimize yields by using the Sea of Green method, where multiple plants are grown at the same time and are lightly stress trained to expand their canopy. This ensures ultimate light penetration and airflow to the entire plant which can increase bud production and health. A short flowering period will yield 1.47 to 1.8 ounces of juicy nugs per square foot.

Northern Lights can also be successfully grown outdoors. Despite their name, these plants prefer a warm, sunny locale. However, the genetic blend creates a hardy plant that can withstand less ideal climates if that is what you have to work with. A successful grow in ideal conditions can yield 7 ounces per plant, though a less favorable environment could yield only 3 ounces. Still plenty for a personal stash!

Northern Lights Auto Fem Marijuana Flowering Time

One of the best parts of growing the Northern Lights Auto Fem strain is the short flowering time. These small, bushy plants will develop their large, resin encrusted colas over 7 to 8 weeks. Not long to wait for these beautiful purple colored buds to become ready to harvest! When growing outdoors, make sure to harvest before the first frost in early to mid-October. The colder temperatures have the ability to harm your crop and undermine your efforts. Because of the short life span, it might be possible to fit two crops into one season. This is awesome, especially if you are growing in a cooler climate that may provide those aforementioned smaller yields.

Medical Benefits of NL Autoflower Feminized Strain

Northern Lights is known for more than its recreational appeal. There is evidence that its use also provides relief for a variety of mental and physical health conditions. It harbors analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which can support conditions like muscle spasms, migraines and arthritis. This soothing, calming body buzz can also help insomniacs or people who experience chronic fatigue to get a restful sleep.

A few puffs off this herb also activates an insatiable hunger often referred to as the munchies. Smoking these nugs can also be prescribed for those with eating disorders to help them to receive much needed sustenance.

The use of this bud also supports symptoms associated with some mental health challenges. The euphoric and relaxing high can be helpful for people who struggle with psychological conditions like anxiety, bipolar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and chronic stress. The strain’s ability to soothe tension and uplift moods makes it an ideal option to combat negative thoughts and provide emotional balance.

The use of medical marijuana is gaining in popularity as the adverse effects are limited, especially compared to the long list of risks associated with traditional pharmaceuticals. A session with Northern Lights has the potential to leave you with dry eyes and cottonmouth. These less than ideal symptoms can be easily mitigated by keeping liquids on hand and make sure to consume lots before, during and after your session. Other negative effects may include dizziness, headaches and mild paranoia. However, these are usually reserved for new users, people with THC sensitivities, or those who do not heed the suggestion of small dosing.

Expected Flavors, Fragrances, and Flavors

Beware, this is a couch locking strain! Small doses will leave even the experienced toker blissed out and glued to the comfort of their seat. It is integral that only a puff or two is taken, otherwise you will just be put straight to sleep. However, using lightly will offer deep physical relaxation and a euphoric cognitive high. A session with this herb is best reserved for evening use, as you will wish to move from couch to bed once the buzz wears off. These effects are best paired with activities like listening to your favorite album or absorbing a beautiful film. Stock yourself up in advance with lots of snacks, as you will be left wanting food but will be too lazy to get up and make it!

These awesome effects are delivered on rich odors and flavors. The pungency is loved by weed enthusiasts and is part of this strain’s claim to fame. The first puff will hit you with the scent of pine mixed with hints of sweet and spice. The flavor is well represented by its bouquet. Pine and wood flood the taste buds and notes of sugar and spice linger on the tongue and lips on the exhale. Delicious!

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If growing large quantities is your jam, whether for personal use or at the commercial level where you are responsible for filling the shelves in dispensaries, we have you covered. We know it can be expensive to buy seeds in larger quantities, so we have a whole section of bulk seeds that are available at wholesale costs. We want weed to be readily accessible throughout the market, so we do our part to make it easy and affordable for every level of cultivation. With our high germination guarantee, you can rest knowing that your investment will be fruitful. When it is so simple and fast to order seeds online, you are freed up to focus on the plants you have or promote your business and explore new prospects. Save on both time and money when you choose to buy your bulk seeds through Weed Seeds.

Buy N Lights Auto Feminzed Bulk Seeds

Check out our section of wholesale seeds to find a ton of strain options that offer different effects and benefits. You can find this fast flowering, easy growing, Northern Lights strain alongside other classics and new to market options. It is just as simple to order in bulk as it is to order a few seeds. Simply choose your seeds, pay and wait for them to be delivered to your home or business.

NL Autoflower Fem Seeds For Sale Online

You probably cannot wait to get your hands on some of these world-renowned seeds, and we are here to help you out! It has never been easier to order seeds online than it is with Weed Seeds. Browse through our extensive catalogue and choose your seeds. Once you have added your selections to your shopping cart, you can purchase safely through our secure payment options. After that, all you need to do is wait while your unmarked package travels from our shop to your home. If you have any reservations about your seed selection, or any questions about the growing process, you can get in touch with us via our online contact form or by phone for support! We look forward to being part of your process in bulking up that home-grown stash!

Similar Strains For Sale in the USA

If you are loving the sound of Auto Northern Lights Fem, but it does not quite meet your expectations or fulfill your weed needs, do not fret. We have a lot of other strains available including some with similar genetics that we will introduce below.

First off, you can always opt to get the photoperiod version of Northern Lights Photo Fem. This strain will offer almost identical effects and benefits, but with slightly different growing requirements. Photoperiod plants rely on light adjustments to start their flowering process. This occurs naturally in the garden as the long summer light wanes to the shorter days of fall. However, if the space you have to grow is indoors, you will need to acquire specific bulbs and timers and give a little extra attention as the plants shift through the different stages of their life cycle. Not a significant challenge for more experienced growers, though it can be expensive.

Purple Kush Photo Fem is an indica dominant option that blends Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. This herb offers long lasting effects that ride in on a complex and enticing flavor profile. Berries, grapes and tropical fruit meld with earth and spice to create a sweet and intoxicating experience on the palate. Similar uplifting and relaxing effects are delivered by this tasty bud. The plants are short, bushy, and joyful to cultivate. Bitter leaves keep pests and parasites at bay, making for a supreme outdoor grow! You can also find this option in the autoflowering variety for extra ease.

Another awesome indica with high THC levels at 21% is the Grandaddy Purple P