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For a strong and highly productive hybrid – indica, you should look no further than purchasing the Weed Seeds Northern Big Bud cannabis seeds. These seeds are highly potent at levels of up to 18% THC or more, but their true superpower is in their yields. The plants can produce up to 500 grams to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 900 grams to 1200 grams per plant outdoors. Purchasing our Northern Big Bud seeds will allow you to lock in highly potent seeds that make for a great cash crop or a good option to completely fill your stash for the season.

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Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 18%
CBD PercentageLess than 2%
Indoor Yield500-600g m/2
Outdoor Yield900-1200g per plant
Flower Time7-9 weeks
EffectsCalming, Euphoric, Happiness, Uplifting
Aromas & FlavorsWoody, Cheese
TerpenesMyrcene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Limonene, Alpha Phellendrene, Eucalyptol, Alpha Humulene, Phytol, Valencene, Borneol

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These seeds are truly marvels of cannabis genetics, and it’s very easy to tell. The yields of our Northern Big Bud seeds are larger than nearly any other variety, making these seeds qualify as XXL cannabis seeds. The huge yields will almost always be enough for any grower’s stash with relatively little labor or record keeping involved. As long as your plants are receiving enough light and nutrients, they’ll continue producing until they can’t go any further. The potency is very good at levels of up to 16-18% THC, with higher potency possible by providing more nutrients and minerals. With levels of only about < 1% CBD, this strain doesn’t possess very strong therapeutic ability, but many medicinal users still use it for its strong pain numbing abilities. Very high yields are what make this strain a star, and if growing the seeds indoors you can expect to gain up to 500-600g/m2. Growing your seeds outside in natural sunlight will provide even higher harvests of up to 900-1200g per plant. These are fem seeds, which will give you an even higher potential maximum yield, as every plant will be a highly productive female plant. With no males around, you’re also removing the risk of pollination, which can be a disaster for your yields. After your harvest is done, you’ll be left with a bud that has a complex, earthy and sweet flavor profile that will give you one of the most calming smokes you’ve ever experienced. The buds on these plants will be particularly big, making for a naturally large plant size. For a variety of strains, instead buy North Big Bud in our always popular 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack to be able to grow this strain and a handful of others.

How to Germinate Northern Big Bud Photo Fem Seeds

To start growing your own weed at home, there’s a necessary first step to planting marijuana seeds. You must first germinate them before doing anything else, as this can provide them an essential boost for the first stages of their life. It will give them a much better chance of making it to harvest, as planting a seed straight into the dirt without germinating it will give it a much lower survival rate than usual. Germinating takes only about a week, and it will be well worth it for the development of your plants and how much weed you take home from each of them. To germinate your seeds, use the paper towel method, the recommended option for germinating North Big Bud seeds. To do this, start by gathering some paper towel, a surface to put your seeds on such as a dinner plate, and some regular water. You can start by dampening your paper towel and placing it onto your plate. The paper towel should only be wet enough that it’s moist, as any excess water can cause severe damage to your seeds if they are left in it. Once this is done, you can move your seeds directly from the package they came in and place them onto the paper towel. Give your seeds about an inch of space between them in order to stop them from being too bunched up. After this, you can dampen another few pieces of paper towel and place them on top of your seeds. Then, using another object like a mixing bowl, you can cover your seeds and leave them in complete darkness. Place them somewhere that will stay dark and temperate. You can leave them as they are for the next seven to ten days, and you should check on your seeds periodically to see if they’ve begun sprouting.

Growing North Big Bud From Seed From Seed At Home

These seeds are true heroes when it comes to growing, as they produce absolutely enormous yields. You will likely need somewhere designated for storing all the weed you will gather from these plants, as they grow many massive buds that can give you dozens of kilograms of weed in one grow. You may also want to ensure that you have the space required to both grow, dry and cure all this weed, as it can begin to get cumbersome without the proper space. Because these are such massively productive plants, you will have to provide them with a lot of fertilizer and water throughout the growth period. They will need the most NPK nutrients you can reasonably give them, as they will use these nutrients and minerals to grow fundamental parts of their structures such as leaves and roots. Where many strains that have particularly large bud sizes may experience problems with mold, Northern Big Bud is at much less risk of this happening. This strain contains a natural resistance to mold, so as long as the humidity is controlled you have a lower risk of losing your crops to molding. A moderately humid climate with a humidity between 50% and 60% will be enough to keep your plants hydrated. Mild temperatures of between seventy and eighty degrees Fahrenheit will be optimal for growing these seeds, which thrive in cooler environments. They follow a much more indica based growth pattern, which can help save on space. The plants will grow in a shorter and much bushier fashion, although they will still be very large in size. These photoperiod seeds will need to have their age recorded in order for the grower to best tell when they should begin the switch to the flowering period.

Flowering Time For Big Bud Northern Feminized

The massive yields of these plants will in no way affect the flowering time, which can be as short as 7-9 weeks. In order to complete the grow process, you will have to manually switch your plants to the flowering stage. This is because they are photoperiod seeds, and they must detect a change in the season for them to begin budding. You will only need to switch your plants if you are growing them using artificial lighting, so any outdoor plants will not need this done. To switch your plants’ growing stage, just change the timer for your plants to turn on for about twelve hours per day. This will provide more than enough light for them to continue developing, while also telling your cannabis plants that it’s time to start producing big, potent buds. Once this is done, your plants will focus on developing their buds, which is where you will see the most growth happening. You will begin to notice buds becoming much more numerous, larger and denser in size, and they will start to form a dense dusting of trichomes. These are small crystalline compounds that will be covering your buds as they start to mature. Trichomes will also tell you when your plants are ready to be harvested. When the trichomes have reached peak potency, they will take on a frosty white appearance. After you’ve noticed that the colors of the buds become a more solid white, you can begin preparing to harvest your plants. If you think your plants could take a little longer to develop, you can always extend the time before you switch their growing stage or before you harvest them. This will give them a bit more time to grow more vegetation or bigger buds before they are done for the season.

What Makes Northern Big Buds Strain Popular?

There are a few different things that this particular strain does very well, but perhaps its most obvious trait is the yields. This is an extremely high production plant, which will make it a perfect option for those who may be growing in order to make a bit of extra cash. It’s popular because it provides absolutely astounding yields, topping up to 500 grams to 600 grams per square meter if growing indoors, and providing excess of a kilogram or more per plant when being grown outdoors. These gargantuan yields will give you extremely high value per seed, making for very cheap seeds compared to the return you will receive. Beside the enormous harvests, smokers love this strain simply for the outstanding genetics. This variety is bred from two of the most famous strains out there, Northern Lights and Big Bud. Northern Lights is a very well-known indica hybrid that nearly any smoker has had some experience with. It possesses some of the greatest parts of indica weed and is available in nearly any dispensary across America. Combining this incredible strain with Big Bud, a strain that’s known for magnificent yields, creates a strong contender for a crop variety. Northern Big Buds is popular among many large-scale home growers for just how efficient it can use the space that it’s growing in. Aside from these benefits, these seeds are also highly potent with THC levels of up to 18% or more, which will surely be enough to satisfy most smokers. The high is characteristic of a strong indica hybrid, and will provide a rushing euphoria and highly relaxing experience to its users. The parents of this strain, more specifically Northern Lights, have won numerous awards for their effectiveness, flavor and potency as indica hybrid strains.

Fragrance, and Flavors of Northern Big Bud Photo Fem

These are some of the qualities that make Big Bud Northern the favorite of so many smokers. The flavors and aromas you’ll be able to smell when growing this weed will pack your grow room with a scent that you’ll never want to get rid of. They produce strong aromas of citrus fruits, berry fruits and pine from the Northern Lights genes, and also notes of earth, skunk, spices and cheese from the Big Bud genes. The complex mix of terpenes is what gives this strain such a strong flavor. Terpenes are the things that give nature its smells, and many different kinds are produced inside cannabis plants. The smells of terpenes range from plastic or diesel to roses, dill and chocolate, so it’s best to know some of your terpenes. Some of the most recognizable terpenes in this strain include alpha pinene and beta pinene, a couple heroes of cannabis flavors. These terpenes provide a uniquely woody or pine flavor to their strain, as they are most commonly found under the bark of these trees. This flavor can help enhance all the other flavor notes that this variety carries. Other terpenes that you might notice the presence of are limonene and valencene. Limonene is found in citrus fruits, providing a tangy and sour flavor, and valencene can often be found inside of citrus fruits and various trees. Eucalyptol and alpha phellandrene provide a uniquely bold flavor, as they are both related to eucalyptus trees. Terpenes like myrcene and phytol, as well as borneol, will provide the weed with a strong earthy scent, as these terpenes are produced by plants such as lemongrass, mint, basil and rosemary. Beta caryophyllene and alpha humulene can be found in many different bold herbs and spices, which will further enhance the earthy smells of this strain.

Effects of North Big Bud Feminized

When harvested, the buds of these American seeds will give you some of the most fantastic indica effects you can find. Because of the high THC that this strain often possesses, the first few hits of a joint of Northern Big Bud will be an extremely euphoric experience. The uplifting scent and effects of the smoke will cause you to feel remarkably relaxed right from the beginning of the session. As you settle into the high, an extreme sense of happiness will be felt. This giddy feeling will stick around for long after the stone has worn off, which is why Northern Big Bud is a top pick for anyone having a long or particularly rough day. The entire trip will be completely calming, as the very dominant indica genetics take hold and make a hard day much easier. As with many other strong indicas or indica hybrids, this variety is an excellent pick for you if you have trouble sleeping. Many stoners who suffer from insomnia choose this bud to help them put their brains to rest, getting a long night of much needed sleep. This variety is prone to couch locking its users, as the extremely high THC will create a full body high that you might find hard to shake. Because of the typically drowsy effect, this weed is best enjoyed later in the evening where it will be easier to sleep. It’s been utilized by many smokers who suffer from psychological problems, as its ability to lift the spirits and stop the mind from racing is an invaluable tool. Despite having relatively low levels of CBD, the very strong body stone can help many smokers suffering from chronic conditions by helping to relieve their pain as well.

Overview of Big Bud Northern Photo Fem Stats

The overall performance of this strain is magnificent, and while the yields are clearly the biggest gain from this variety, there are many other things it’s just as good at. Starting at the yields, they can be astonishingly large if you choose to give your plants the proper care. A full harvest of Northern Big Buds plants can provide you with up to 500 grams to 600 grams per square meter if grown indoors. If instead you grow these seeds outdoors, you can expect up to 900 grams to 1200 grams per plant. Whether you grow them indoors or outdoors, you are securing yourself at least several kilograms of product by the time harvest comes. As for the potency, this metric is an impressive one as well. THC levels can often be found at up to 18% or more, and if you are diligent about plant care to increase yields, you can expect your potency to be higher as well. This can be done by providing ample amounts of nutrients, minerals and water. With such high THC levels, the CBD levels can be expected to be much lower at only about 1%. The flowering time is relatively quick compared to other strains, at a shorter rate of only about seven to nine weeks. This makes for an extremely quick turnaround, and you’ll be harvesting before the growing season even ends. If you’d like to try other strains along with this one, you can always purchase our 40 Seed Any Strain Mixed Pack, which is a fantastic way to save on seeds while also trying some of the best strains out there. You can pick up to forty of any variety we carry in our inventory, giving you a broad range of genetics, flavors and effects.

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Northern Big Bud Seeds

For a strong and highly productive hybrid – indica, you should look no further than purchasing the Weed Seeds Northern Big Bud cannabis seeds. These seeds are highly potent at levels of up to 18% THC or more, but their true superpower is in their yields. The plants can produce up to 500 grams to 600 grams per square meter indoors, and up to 900 grams to 1200 grams per plant outdoors. Purchasing our Northern Big Bud seeds will allow you to lock in highly potent seeds that make for a great cash crop or a good option to completely fill your stash for the season.

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Northern Big Bud Photo Fem

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