NL x Chronic Female Seeds

This hybrid – Indica is a genetic mix of two powerful and popular strains, Northern Lights and Chronic. The predominantly indica genes offer a plant that is small, bushy and heavy yielding. They are easy to grow and their buds drip with resin. This sparkling layer holds a high THC content, modest CBD levels and various terpenes that make it a heavy hitter with profound therapeutic value, especially for those suffering from pain. Weed Seeds is a virtual seed bank committed to bringing you premium quality, genetically pure seeds, so you can confidently purchase through us knowing that you will get all you expect from your home-grown herb.

Order Northern Chronic Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

Sativa / Indica / HybridHybrid - Indica
THC PercentageUp to 21%
CBD PercentageLess than 1%
Indoor YieldUp to 600g m²
Outdoor YieldUp to 800g per plant
Flower Time8-10 weeks 8-10 weeks
EffectsCreative, Euphoric, Giggly, Uplifting
Aromas & FlavorsCitrus, Earthy, Pungent, Spice, Sweet
TerpenesOcimene, a-Pinene, a-Myrcene

NL x Chronic Feminized Seeds For Sale USA

Indica strains are notorious for their heavy body melting impacts, and this mix of two powerhouses is undoubtedly going to bring you these characteristic effects. The high level of THC, sitting around 18-21%, instills the giggly, euphoric stone folks long for and the < 1% CBD serves to settle the buzz and increase the soothing physical effects. The parent strains are heavy hitters in their own right, so it is no surprise that the combination would create a bud to be reckoned with. The plants also happen to be easy to grow, making them a cultivator’s dream, as well as a toker’s. They are relatively small and can be tucked into whatever space you have for cultivation, and with a little basic TLC they will offer up some superb yields of mighty marijuana buds. If you desire steady access to NL x Chronic, you will want to start your operation off on the right foot by ordering through the reputable Weed Seeds seed bank. If you are keen, read on to learn how to germinate and grow your new seeds, and to learn more about why they are more than a worthy contester for a spot in your grow.

Germinate Northern Chronic Female Weed Strain

The first step to start any grow operation is to germinate your new seeds. The hard, shiny shells only break open with life when the optimal conditions are met. When the right combination of light, temperatures and humidity are met, your seeds have the best chance at cracking and giving birth to the taproot that you nourish into bud bearing adulthood. This environment can be created in a myriad of ways. First off, the tried and true paper towel technique is a great option. By creating a dome with two plates face to face and placing your seeds between damp paper towel inside, you can easily provide a superb combination of the necessary elements. Soil cubes, where you press the seed into the damp earth and let it sprout, are another tool. These are great because transplanting the plant can be risky in the early stages. This allows you to move the whole unit without having to handle the young seedling. Germination stations are another popular tool. These have controls so you can monitor and adjust the conditions to suit your seeds. Starting out with pure genetics and premium quality seeds will give you a head start, but careful provisions are what will seal the deal!

Grow NL x Chronic Indica Hybrid Fem Strain Seeds

Indica plants tend to stay small in height and to spread more vigorously laterally. This means you can safely plant them in a tent, knowing that they are not likely to grow too close to the hot bulbs. They are bushy though, so basic pruning and trimming to make space for their buds is necessary. Organic soil will help them to develop the full breadth of their terpene and cannabinoid levels and lots of light will encourage them throughout their cycle. They can be grown in or outdoors, but note that photoperiod plants require light adjustments to bloom. These are provided somewhat effectively by mother nature, and a garden operation can yield a generous 600-800g per plant. If you prefer, or are limited to, an indoor grow, you can curate the environment and expect your efforts to result in about 500-600g m2. Using the Sea of Green technique, where you make space for light to move through the upper canopy to generate bud sites on the middle and low limbs, can help you reach the higher potential. Either way, you should have more than enough nugs to last you through your cold winter sessions, especially when their potency requires only a puff or two to take effect!

Why is Fem Chronic Lights Marijuana Seed Popular

This plant is wildly popular amongst home growers and smokers. It is easy to grow, thanks to the feminization of the seeds and the strains pure genetics. Buying premium seeds through Weed Seeds ensures they live up to their potential, and when done right, it will produce generous yields and the buds are both delicious and powerful. When the two award winning parents, Northern Lights and Chronic, combine, it is no surprise that the result is a prestigious strain that is loved for its growth patterns and effects. The recreational toker revels in the ability to uplift and relax, while the medical patient basks in the reprieve from symptoms of depression, anxiety, and various pain conditions. Northern Lights brings an ethereal cerebral buzz to start things off, and the indica genes bring the noteworthy couchlock that culminates in deep sleep. There is nowhere this plant lacks, so long as you can provide the optimal environment for it to thrive and reach its peak potential. Once you have collected your glorious herb, you can store it for your winter sessions. Indulge with respect for the best results and enjoy the glorious ride.

Flower Time For NL x Chronic Feminized Weed Seed

All NL x Chronic cannabis plants grown from seed undergo stages as they develop into the bud producing, adult mothers. The start-up always involves germinating your seeds. Once the taproot is born, you can allow a couple weeks for the seedling to gain its strength. From here, it will move into its vegetation stage, or the period where it grows into its adult size. This process is fuelled by plenty of direct light, which the plant absorbs and converts into the energy required for it to flourish. Once it has reached its maximum height and breadth, the plant is ready to begin flowering. With these photoperiod seeds, the light environment needs to be adjusted to transition into blooming. When you grow out under the natural sun, the dimming light and changing hues of the approaching fall can cue your babies to start producing. However, if you are growing indoors, you will need to reduce their light exposure to about 12 hours of light and dark. Over the next 8-10 weeks, your plants will put their energy into producing their juicy buds. The moment the milky white trichomes start to darken is the exact moment to collect.

NL x Chronic Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

As is true of most indicas, the stone is felt primarily in the body. The first puff will go to the dome and instill euphoria, bliss and maybe some giggles, but not long after, a tingling sensation will make its way to the physical form. Moving from the crown of your head, all the way to your toes, this warmth will release tension, eradicate pain, and soothe your muscles and joints into submission. Couchlock is to be expected, so prepare some snacks in advance so you do not need to break the relaxation. The uplifting cognitive effects are a welcome addition to a long day, but are also capable of supporting various mental health diagnoses, such as anxiety and depression. The deep body melt is perfect for capping off a day filled with physical activity, and can also be applied to chronic pain and inflammatory pain. Tokers who struggle with insomnia may also benefit from this bud, as the sedation is so profound that it has a reputation for knocking out the most troubled sleepers. Be mindful to stick with the recommended dose though, as overindulgence in these high THC strains can lead to some unpleasant effects, like paranoia and insomnia.

NL x Chronic Feminized Indica Hybrid Cannabis Seeds

The Weed Seeds catalog is home to some 500 strain options, and this is just one of the many impressive indica hybrids that we are pleased to offer our loyal customers. Innovative breeders have brought together the genetics of two strains with their own accolades, and the result is a plant that it would be foolish to not add to your collection. With minimal efforts and a small growing area, you can reap the benefits of this herb. A little attention to the light environment will help them through their life cycle, and after a short period, your flowers will be large, resin coated and ready for collection. The bright buds are perfect for an evening session. However, you will want to make sure to not have much on the agenda because once you take your first puff, you will undoubtedly be most content sitting on your couch. The body experience is heavy, but while you melt into the cushions, you will be taken on a psychoactive, introspective cerebral journey. Eventually the bliss and calm will lure you from the couch to your bed, where you will surely get a rejuvenating sleep that leaves you refreshed and ready to tackle a new day!

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